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Two Man Band Updates! Uncut Live DVD Review!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

January 17, 2004

**Two Man Band Live CD**
According to James Lee Stanley, the new Two Man Band live CD that he
& Peter recorded in November is expected to be ready by March. When
asked about the possibility of more concerts later in the year, he
said “Most definitely… Peter and I seem to be really enjoying
playing and hanging together. So we’re both up for it.”

**Davy Appearance**
Davy Jones will appear as the narrator for the Hudson Vagabond
Puppet Company’s presentation of “Peter & The Wolf” on February 21
in Williamsport, PA at the Scottish Rite Auditorium. Tickets are not
required for this free event. Visit the Williamsport Symphony
Orchestra’s official site

**On TV**
TVLand will be airing a “Backstage Pass” special from last year’s
TVLand awards ceremony on January 28 at 10pm EST. As a presenter &
award winner last year, look for Davy Jones to be shown in the new
special. For all upcoming airings of Davy hosting “Meet The Royals,”
click the “All Upcoming TV Appearances” link on the news page.

January 23, 2004

**Two Man Band To Tour With Aura3**
Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley are planning to extend their winter
2004 tour into the spring and fall! This time they’ll have the North
Carolina-based trio, Aura3, on the road with them as their special
guests. The purpose of the joint tour is to promote the upcoming Two
Man Band live CD, as well as Aura3’s latest album, “For Pete’s
Sake,” which Peter & James recently appeared on. So far, two dates
have been confirmed:
5/15/04 — Danville, VA — Festival in the Park
9/18/04 — Dobson, NC — Grape Jam Festival

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From: Brad

Since the recent announcement that Michael Nesmith has decided to
release his new album, “Rays,” by internet downloads, many fans that
do not rely on the internet for music have become concerned with
possibly not having access to the new music. I asked Videoranch
about the possibility of CD singles for each of the songs and they
said that while it hasn’t been discussed, we shouldn’t rule it out.
Also, each of the “Rays” MP3s that will be available for download
will be of CD quality and encoded at 128Kbs and 44HZ Stereo. They
will also be eligible to be added to Videoranch’s custom mix CDs
when the new songs are released.


From: “Bernita”

Another Two Man Band concert has been added to the schedule!

James and Peter have added a House Concert:

When: Sunday, February 1 at 2:30 – 5:30 PM
Where: at the home of: Brad and Bernita Myers
Pittsburgh PA 15208

Limited seating, so you must pay in advance. Cost: $15 (all proceeds
go to
the performers)
First come/first served!
Pay by Paypal ( or Money order

Email Bernita for directions, plus a
list of
hotels, sightseeing attractions, etc.

There’s not much time so sign up now! Hope to see you!


From: “Videoranch Foreman”


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We’ve also changed our email address to
The rest of our contact information will stay the same.

The Staff at Videoranch
8 Harris Court, Suite C1
Monterey, CA 93940
831-373-3100 phone
831-373-3103 fax
866-727-2639 toll free


From: Anthony


The long-awaited limited edition “Monkees – Live Summer Tour –
Extended & Uncut” DVD has arrived! Fans will be delighted to hear
that the picture & sound quality are excellent and even better than
the original “Live Summer Tour” DVD that was released in November
2002. Also, those songs that were on the first DVD are presented
here with different camera angles to give us another point of view
than what we’re used to. With a running time of 1 hour and 54
minutes, the added songs and footage give you the feeling of
actually being there in person for Peter’s final Monkees concert,
with the best seat in the house.

This historic performance begins with the backup band’s
popular “Monkees Overture.” This medley of Monkees classics, which
lasts for about three minutes, certainly increases the excitement
level leading to The Monkees’ entrance. Although the music is what
the fans came to see, we also got that trademark Monkees humor we
remember from the 60s TV series, which was absent from the original
DVD release. Some of the uncut DVD’s best moments occur when Micky,
Davy, & Peter get together and joke around like the old-time friends
that they are. Despite this being the last concert before
Peter’s “firing,” no bad feelings are shown and their chemistry is
at its finest. This is perhaps best portrayed during the part of the
show where Peter performs “Bach’s 2-Part Invention #8 In F” with
Micky & Davy gathered around the keyboard next to him. The backup
band shows their comedic talents as well, with Sandy Gennaro & Dave
Alexander’s funny “All in the Family” scene. Davy even stops during
th e middle of one song to see if an audience member who was
wandering out of his seat was lost! Some of the many musical
highlights of the DVD include a rockin’ rendition of “No Time,” the
best version of “(I’ll) Love You Forever” to ever be recorded, and
the rare presence of Peter’s “Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All
Over Again,” in addition to many others.

It’s a shame that Micky, Davy, & Peter’s petty differences often get
in the way of keeping a high-quality tour like this on the road for
more than a few months. Although we don’t know if The Monkees will
ever get together in any form again, we will now always be able to
travel back in time to August 31, 2001 whenever we feel the need to
bring back the memories & re-live the magic of The Monkees LIVE in

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