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From: Brad Waddell

The Monkees on CBS Early show is reported to now be on May 30 or 31 –
Probably Thursday because the Backstreet Boys are scheduled on the 30th.

Welcome all new members! We have just rocketed past the 3000 member mark,
making this the biggest fan group for The Monkees anywhere! This is your
forum, whenever you see something happening with the Monkees appearances,
shows, products or whatever, please send it to us for the newsletter! We
will add as much as we can.

By the way, we don’t normally send out news of commercials with Monkees
songs in them because it happens so frequently! But watch for a MGD beer
commercial featuring the original recording of “Stepping Stone”, it’s a
good one. I saw it on the Late Late show with Craig Kilborne.


Monkee Business Fanzine Monkees News Update
updated May 27, 2001

The Monkees (Micky, Davy & Peter) will be resuming
their 2001 reunion tour for the summer months. Below
is the concert schedule as we now know it. DATES ARE
SUBJECT TO CHANGE—please confirm with the individual
venue and please contact the venue for ticket information.
MBF will issue further updates as we receive them from
David Fishof Presents. In between, you can check,, and www.ticket- for updates.

To kick off promotion for their summer tour, the guys
will appear Tuesday, May 29th, on the syndicated
“Live With Regis and Kelly”.
And on either May 30 or 31, they will appear on CBS’s
“The Early Show”.

May 26, Great American Rib Cook-Off, Burke Lakefront
Airport, Cleveland, OH, 800-498-RACE,
May 27, WMMG-radio concert, Applebee’s Park,
Lexington, KY, 859-252-4487, 859-281-6644,
June 1, Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL—The
Monkees will be among several acts
performing at the Dorough Lupus Foundation
benefit, run by Howie Dorough of the
Backstreet Boys, 407-351-LIVE for info.
407-839-3900 or for
June 8, Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO, 314-534-1111,
June 9, Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO, 816-471-8600
June 10, Lied Center for Performing Arts, Lincoln, NE,
402-472-4747, 800-432-3231,
June 12, House of Blues, Chicago, IL, 312-923-2000
June 13, Embassy Centre, Fort Wayne, IN, 219-424-5665,
June 15, Red River Valley Fair, Fargo, ND, 701-282-2200
or 800-456-6408,
June 16, Midwest Wireless Civic Center, Mankato, MN,
June 17, Steamboat Days, Burlington, IA, 319-754-4334,
June 18, Nebraskaland Days, North Platte, NE,
302-532-7939, 888-313-5606,
June 20, Coronado Theatre, Rockford, IL, 815-968-5222
June 22, Country Jam USA, Grand Junction, CO, 800-
June 23, Greeley Independence Stampede, Greeley, CO,
June 24, Pikes Peak Center, Colorado Springs, CO,
June 28, Kewadin Casino, Sault Ste. Marie, MI, 906-632-0530,
June 29, Freedom Hill Amphitheatre, Sterling Heights, MI,
810-268-5100, 810-979-7010
June 30, Allegheny Fair, South Park, PA, 412-243-FAIR
July 1, Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA, 800-863-3336,
July 3, The Bay Center, Dewey Beach, DE, 302-227-3888
July 5, House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC, 843-272-3000
July 7, Harbor Center, Portsmouth, VA, 757-393-5327
July 12, PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, 732-335-8698,
July 13, Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis, MA, 508-775-9100,
July 14, Hatch Shell, The Esplanade, Boston, MA (free)
July 15, Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY, 631-888-9000,
July 16, Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY, 631-888-9000,
July 19, Pines Theatre, Florence, MA, 413-584-5457
July 20, Meadowbrook Farm Musical Arts Center, Gilford, NH.
July 22, Wolf Trap Filene Center, Vienna, VA, 703-218-6500,
July 26, King Center, Melbourne, FL, 321-242-2219,
July 27, Barbara Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers, FL,
941-481-4849, 800-440-7469,
July 28, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota, FL,
941-953-3368, 800-826-9303,
August 3, Johnny Mercer Theatre, Savannah, GA, 800-351-7469,

An August leg of the tour is being put together for the West Coast.

Natural will reprise their appearance as the Monkees “guest band”
on the tour, beginning with the June 8 show. Natural has an
appearance of their own coming up June 3 at Planet Hollywood,
Orlando, FL. Their new website is
Natural already has an exclusive promotional deal with Claire’s,
the national chain of accessories stores,

Tentative U.K. dates:
Oct. 20, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
Oct. 21, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
Oct. 22, Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, ENGLAND
Oct. 23, Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, ENGLAND
Oct. 24, Telewest Arena, Newcastle, ENGLAND
Oct. 25, NEC, Birmingham, ENGLAND
Oct. 26, Wembley Arena, London, ENGLAND

Micky has several irons in the fire this year professionally—he directed a
movie in January—but he still finds time to tour with the Monkees and
in his own solo rock’n’roll show of Monkees hits and rock classics, backed
by his band and his sister Coco on vocals:
August 25, Lincoln Park (Greyhound Dog Track), Lincoln, RI, free concert,
800-720-PARK, with Bobby Sherman & Peter Noone
Nov. 21-28, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, sailing Nov. 18 and Nov. 25
Jan. 13-20, Costa Victoria cruise ship, sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, FL,
with Peter Noone and Paul Revere & The Raiders

Peter Tork and his Shoe Suede Blues band will play the following dates:
August 9, Skagit County Fair, Mount Vernon, WA, 360-336-9453
August 10, Issaquah Full Scale Festival, Issaquah, WA, 425-392-6342
August 11, Centennial Theatre at McCosh Park, Moses Lake summer
concert series, Moses Lake, WA, 509-766-9240 or
August 12, Nisqually Red Wind Casino, Olympia, WA, 360-412-5000

Michael Nesmith is working on his movie, “Fried Pies”, a second novel, The
America Gene, and he has just moved his company Videoranch to Monterey,
Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing some of Nez’s films on DVD for the
first time—“Tapeheads” and his concert video “Live at the Britt” are already
available, and “Timerider” is expected in 2002.
Nez’s company Videoranch has reissued his “Live at the Palais” concert album
on CD, complete with bonus tracks.
Check out for details and updates.

Rhino Handmade’s newest project, released May 9 by mail order only, is a
collection of live concert recordings from the Monkees’ 1967 tour—
check it out now at
Last year, Rhino Handmade released a 3-CD set, “Headquarters
Sessions”, chronicling the making of the Monkees’ album “Headquarters”.
The compilation makes use of unreleased demos, backing tracks, studio chatter,
song fragments, and early versions of tracks.
On Feb. 13, 2001, Rhino retired the “Listen To The Band” Monkees 4-CD
boxed set and replaced it with “The Monkees Music Box”, an updated 4-CD
set which includes some unreleased alternate versions of Monkees
tunes from tapes which have surfaced since the release of the previous box
set. See for a detailed track listing.

Maggie McManus (
2770 South Broad Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08610-3622
Four issues per year, $14 per year.
Make check/money order payable to Maggie McManus.
Want to try an issue first before subscribing?
A selection of MBF back issues are available at:




From: “Cindy Large”

Hey all!
Went to the Cleveland show last night at the big Rib Cook-Off with a couple
of good friends () and am still flabbergasted!
The weather was fine until right before the guys came out; a huge dark
storm cloud started moving in, so the guys started the show a half-an-hour
early, hoping to possibly beat the storm, I think. After the first song or
two, the rain began to come down, and then a tremendous gust of wind hit,
blowing the promo banner from the back of the stage and knocking down
several instruments, Peter’s keyboard among them. The guys left for several
minutes so that the water could be cleaned up from the stage and the
instruments could be secured, and then much to their credit, they came back
and played for another hour and fifteen minutes or so, even though it
rained the entire time.
They kept thanking all of us for sticking out the bad weather, but I just
want to applaud them because a lot of bands would have taken one look at
the rain and lightning and cancelled the concert, but they didn’t. They
stayed and as always, put on one hell of a show. 🙂 Can’t wait to see them
again in Sterling Heights next month!



From: “Nicole Fisher”

There’s one line from “I’m A Believer” that has been going through my head
for the last few days. It’s the one that says, “When I needed sunshine, I
got rain.” How appropriate for all who braved the rain & attended the
outdoor concert in Cleveland on May 26th! The foul weather was not
unexpected. It had been raining steadily in Ohio for the entire week, but
that didn’t discourage fans from going to the show. They danced, they sang
& they held their “We Love The Monkees” signs, seemingly oblivious to the
inclement weather. When lightening illuminated the sky, one girl remarked
that if she had to get struck by it, she couldn’t think of a better place
to die than at a Monkees concert.

Despite less than cooperative weather, The Monkees gave yet another stellar
performance. There was an unscheduled intermission early in the show when
strong wind & heavy rain forced everyone off the stage which, by the way,
had a roof but no backing. After the equipment was covered for protection,
the band took the stage once again & played without interruption for the
rest of the night. Gone from this show were Davy’s renditions of “The
Brady Bunch” theme & “Girl” as well as his Broadway show tunes. Years of
smoking have taken their toll on his voice. While I wouldn’t go as far as
saying that Davy’s vocals were raspy, I do think that their quality has
degenerated over the years. For lack of a better phrase, I’ll say that he
didn’t sound as smooth as he did when he was younger. However, his
rendition of “I Wanna Be Free” was his best live performance of that song
that I’d ever heard.

Also absent from the concert were Micky’s renditions of “Purple Haze” & his
tunes from Micky & The One Nighters. However, he managed to mesmerize the
crowd with “Goin’ Down” & “Randy Scouse Git”.

One song that didn’t get cut from the show was Peter’s version of,
“Lucille”. This was rightfully so since he genuinely seemed to enjoy
playing it & the crowd certainly enjoyed hearing it. Peter’s enthusiasm
was evident throughout the show. It was obvious that he enjoyed being
there which added a great deal to the concert.

It was unfortunate that the horn section didn’t get cut from the
performance, or at least medicated with Ritalin. For those who have not
seen them, they’re three dorky twenty-somethings who bounced around like
idiots regardless of whether or not they were playing instruments. They
were nothing more than distractions from the show & if they were trying to
be funny or cute, they failed miserably. However, neither rain nor an
annoying horn section will keep this fan from her Monkees.


From: “Jeffrey G. Harper”

As most of you no doubt already know, The Monkees performed in Cleveland on
May 26th at the Burke Lakefront Airport. Without a doubt, this concert is
the first one I’ve ever been to that was held at an airport. In Detroit (my
hometown), we normally do concerts in concert venues, and usually fly planes
out of airports. But, I guess the folks in Cleveland just need to feel a
bit different! In addition to the unusual locale, it was also the wettest
concert I’ve ever attended, with the rain starting just a few minutes into
the show. Another first for me was having a concert with a “rain delay” —
the rain burst in with a blast of wind, knocking over amplifiers, equipment,
etc., so the group had to take a 5 minute break while the equipment was
reset! The water, however, did not put a damper on the fun. This concert
was the third time I’ve been to a live Monkees concert, and I maintain that
they put on one of the most enjoyable shows that I’ve seen from any rock
group. In addition to the great tunes we all know and presumably love, they
mix in subtle and not-so-subtle humor. The other Monkees concerts I
attended were in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Puyallup, Washington. Of the
three, this crowd was the most “into” it. Despite the rain (or perhaps
partially because of the rain?), this crowd seemed to be having a ball. I
know I was! I was a little surprised (although certainly not disappointed)
that the music was heavily weighted towards music from Head. Does anyone
know if there is any particular reason? Is there, perhaps, a re-release of
Head in the works? Just speculation on my part, of course! Considering how
much fun these concerts are to attend, I hope The Monkees will decide to do
more tours in the not-too-distant future.

From the Rockin’ Roller Coaster Rider,
Jeff Harper
(I also attended an amusement park on the day of the concert in order to
ride some coasters!)


From: laurabetha

I went to see the Monkees in Lexington, Kentucky on May 27, 2001. It was a
great show! I had never seen them in concert (I am 36) and was curious as
to how good a show it woulld be…..I was not disappointed! The guys
played for 2 hours and covered enough Nesmith material (and even gave him
credit) to satisfy this Nez fan! They did and great job and seemed to
really enjoy themselves. I was suprised as to how entertaining and
talented that Peter Tork was and wished that he had sang more solos! Micky
was Micky, funny and energetic! Davy still had the moves, although I think
that he is the least talented of the four, but had the most on-stage
time! There were few songs left unperformed, but I could have stayed even
longer! They performed in a baseball stadium and we were seated (or stood)
on the ballfield. People of all ages were dancing and having a great
time. They said that this the first time that they had every played
Lexington and I am very glad that they did!

Thank you for this mailing alert list that enabled me to know about the
concert and attend!

(ed: you are welcome, it’s why we are here!)

I am outside the Lexington viewing and listening area and the Louisville
stations did not promote the show at all! Thanks again and to all those
Monkees fans out there who are thinking about seeing one of the shows, go
it is great fun!

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