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Tour Updates – New Blast From The Past Game

April 3, 2011 by  
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Tour dates update:

17 Aug Sat North Shore Music Theatre North Shore, MA
21 Aug Wed Disney’s California Adventure Park Anaheim, CA
22 Aug Thu Disney’s California Adventure Park Anaheim, CA
23 Aug Fri Disney’s California Adventure Park Anaheim, CA
30 Aug Fri Sam’s Town Live Las Vegas, NV
7 Sep Sat Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
8 Sep Sun Norwalk Oyster Festival Norwalk, CT



TV Land has just released volume 2 of their computer game “Blast from the
The game features 20 classic TV personalities answering trivia
questions. Davy Jones is again featured as one of the celebrities. If you=

pick Davy and win the game, you get to hear an exclusive interview with
Davy. Volume one had a hilarious story about Micky kissing a guy, he
thought was a girl. Volume two has Davy telling the story of the Monkees
audition process. Not as funny as volume one, but interesting.
The cost is $14.95 and it can be found at most discount stores.

Also, for those of you attending the Monkees concerts this month at
Disney’s California Adventure, the park has just changed the concert
times. The guys perform on Aug 21st-23rd at 5:30pm & 7:30pm. Disney moved=

the concert times up because people have been baking at the concert set
up. The stage is on the lake, and there was no sun protection for the
crowd. The guys will perform for 45 minutes each set.

Jeff Gehringer


From: “Sally Carpenter”

The showtimes for The Monkees concerts at Disney’s California Adventure
have been moved later in the evening to 5:45 and 7:45 pm on Aug. 21-23. I=

talked to some people who have recently attended DCA and they say an
outdoor stage has been specially constructed for the summer concerts. The=

people don’t recall seeing any chairs, so my assumption is seating might be=

standing room only.


From: Tlchumley

Tom Chenoweth here,

Just thought I’d send you my piece of monkees history. My
sister worked for a food service that catered to movie sets.She catered to
the monkees JUSTUS video set. All four of them were there. This is her
report: “Micky Dolenz was a very nice guy, Peter Tork was a very nice guy,
Mike Nesmith was aloof, Davy Jones was embarassing!” She’s not a fan the wa=
we are but I’d thought I’d share that with you



From: “Sergio R. Lopez”

I did not see the show myself but my 13 year-old son saw it and told me
about it.
Comedy Central showed a couple of days ago a “Spyography” of Austin Powers.
This is a lampoon of the Biography TV series that undoubtedly is being used=
promote the upcoming Austin Powers movie. Peter Tork appears in the show a=
says that Austin Powers was being considered to join “the band” but then he=
frozen and preserved for the future. I guess the show is likely to be
broadcast again
since the movie will be opening soon and so I thought I would pass the word=

to Monkees fans.
Sorry, I do not know for sure when (or if) the show will be broadcast.

Sergio R. L=F3pez-Permouth

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”
– Albert Einstein

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


From: carlisle

Updated Shoe Suede Blues Appearance Schedule

Hey everyone! There have been a few changes made to the guys’ schedule, so=

here’s the updated line-up:

24 August, Saturday
Temple, PA
29 August, Thursday
The Double Door Inn
218 E Independence Blvd
Charlotte, NC
Tickets: $15.00
30 August, Friday
Alley Katz
10 Walnut Alley
Richmond, Virginia
Phone: 804-643-2816
Tickets $10 – $12
31 August, Saturday
Outback Lodge
917 Preston Ave
Charlottesville, VA
Tickets: $10 advance/$12 door
1 September, Sunday
Greenbelt Labor Day Festival
Greenbelt, MD
More Info TBA
(this is the link from last year’s festival – as soon as they are set
up for this year, the new information will be posted)

4 September, Wednesday

5 September, Thursday
The Stephen Talkhouse
161 Main Street
Amagansett, NY
phone: 631-267-3117

6 September, Friday
Historic Pattenburg House
512 Rt. 614
Pattenburg, NJ
phone: 908-735-2547
Tickets: $20 adv/$25 door

7 September, Saturday
Yorktown Grange Fair
Grange Fair Grounds
Moseman Road
Yorktown Heights, NY
phone: 914-962-3900

8 September, Sunday
Ramapo Valley Brewery
122 Orange Avenue
Suffern NY 10901
phone: 845-369-7827
Tickets: $15.00

24 September, Tuesday
The BackBeat Night Club
777 Lawrence Expressway
Santa Clara CA. 95051
phone: 408.241.0777

25 September, Wednesday
The Pound
Pier 96, San Francisco
phone: 415-273-1169
Tickets: $12

27 September, Friday
The Boardwalk
9426 Greenback Lane
Orangevale, CA 95662
phone: 916.988.9247
tickets $10-$12

28 September, Saturday
McNears Mystic Theatre
21 -23 Petaluma Blvd. North
Petaluma, California
phone: (707) 765-2121
tickets $10


From: Cin1967


In regards to what Sally Carpenter posted about Monkees scripts…Script
City does have a website. Go to, and you can check out
what merchandise they have.



From: “nat_475”


My name is Natalie and I did a few years ago post 8-)to the original
list. (some of you may remember me) anyway I have been lurking,
seeing as I’ve just read an articel in one of our local newspapers
concerning the ‘new’ monkees I thought I’d send another article which
talks about Davy’s sister Linda, who lived in Loddon, Norfolk, UK
which is about 30 minutes down the road from me.

“Last Train to Loddon.

Davy Jones might have spent a lifetime jetting across the worls
stage, flashing his dimples and tambourine, but he always found time
for his family.

The diminutive ex-jockey, who first found the limelight as Ena
Sharples’ grandson in Coronation Street, was regularly spotted
visiting his sister Linda in Loddon. He would visit her Leman Grove
council home three or four times a year in the late 1960s and early
1970s. On one occasion, in 1967, he was besieged by schoolgirl fans
as he tried to wash his car in the street outside. Davy had stayed
the night with his sister and her husband Alex Moore and, according
to the town’s rumour-mill, was in the area looking for a boat to buy.
Though Davy and his sister were born and bred in Manchester, Linda
moved to Loddon when Alex’s career in local government took him to
South Norfolk Council.

Confirmed Monkees fan Maureen Larkin 57, worked with him at the
council offices and lived nearby. She remembers Davy’s visits
well. “If the word got out that Davy was visiting his sister, a large
collection of people would gather outside her house. He always tried
to stay incognito but I remember he would turn up in a flash car
sometimes. “He went down to the local pub, the King’s Head, and I
would say hello to him. He was typically confident young man but
always smiling, happy looking person – never big headed.”

From Esatern Daily Press 25th July 2002.

Best wishes

( was also know as Natsie the Burmese Tree Spirit)


From: Tom & Megan Small

I was a little confused when I heard the Monkees “Name” got sold. I wondere=
what this would do to Rhino releases…those out, and those that might be
coming out in the future….so I wrote RHINO and asked them:

“Now that the Monkees “Name” has been sold to someone else to produce a new
show, what will that mean for the Monkees when it comes to Rhino?

Should I buy all the things I need now because you can’t put out their
albums anymore?

Will we never see anymore cool Monkees releases from you guys?

Thanks in advance….”

Just got a response….RHINO wrote back….

“We have not sold our rights to the Monkees name and are continuing to sell
and release Monkee products.

Dr. Rhino”

Maybe everyone else knew this, but I wasn’t sure, but thats the word. A goo=
word at that!

Thanks for everything Brad!!!



From: Nancy752

Hi Brad,

Just wanted to pass on a new date that the monkees will be performing at.

On Sunday Sept. 8th from 6:00pm – 7:30pm the boys will be performing at=

the 25th year celebration of our local Oyster Festival located in So.
Norwalk, CT.

This show is general seating outside. Admission is $8.00 which covers
entrance to the festival and the concert. I have been attending this
festival every year and it is a wonderful 3 day event. There are food
booths galore, tons of crafts vendors, sailing ships tours, Kids rides and=

games and lots of other events. There are a lot of hotels in the area but=

book early. Also, there is no on-sight parking. They have different areas=

in town where you can park your car and take a shuttle bus to and from the=


You can get further information at: I hope a lot of fans
will be able to attend.

Hope to see a lot of members there.
Nancy Cohen


From: me

Don Kirshner is BACK!! He is the CEO of Kirshner International and he’s got=

Ron Dante with him! “Ah Honey Sugar Sugar..” This could really be=

great Mark. I found Don’s website too, you won’t
believe some of the cool pics!

Love You!


From: cin1967

Don’t know if this date’s been posted yet, but Davy and Micky will be playi=
the Electric Factory in Philadelphia on Sept. 7. Tickets go on sale August =
at 10 am EST.



From: Crazy Chrissy

Alright here’s my review….

Many people write reviews of Monkees concerts or what happens to them
backstage. This is a slightly different review. Sure people know what
happens during the concert or afterwards but not many know what happens
before hand. Well my friend Tanya and I do now. About a year ago we met
Dave Alexander after their March show at the Star Plaza in Merrillville,
Indiana. He then later got us tickets and backstage passes for their June=

concert in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. So fo course when they came back to
Merrillville this year we of course had to go. He got us the passes but we=

got something extra special this time. If we were to get to the theatre by=

4 then we would be able to sit in on the sound check. However when we
arrived we could not find Dave anywhere. We spent about 1 – 1 1/2 hours
looking for him. We finally found him and they had still not started the
soundcheck. Dave took us through the backsta! ge door and introduced us to=

Jerry. He told us to sit in an inconspicuous spot. Well, the spot we
chose asn’t that inconspicuous. The beginning of the soundcheck is kind of=

boring because it’s basically Roger the soundcheck guy testing
everything. Occasionally one of the band member will come out to check
their instruments. After all the intruments were checked Dave came out and=

talked to us. Then, Barry Williams walked by and waved to us. We didn’t
recognize him and had to ask who he was. We felt kind of stupid when Dave=

told us who he was. Finally Micky came out and they started playing actual=

songs to check the sound system and voice levels. However, there was one
problem, there was no Davy! We were wondering where he was but had no
clue. So when they wanted to sing “You and I” Dave had to sing Davy’s
part. When you thinka bout it that’s kind of funny because if you know
Dave A,. then you know t! he size difference between the two. He still did=

a good job though. Finally, Davy shows up and they sing “You and I” about=

twenty times. What was so wierd about it was that even after performing
for so long, both Davy and Micky had questions about when to join in or
about where they should move to. They also still had to tell the back up
band when to join in and when to sing. It just goes to prove that it isn’t=

the same old job over and over and they are still doing their best to
improve each new show. After they were both somwhat satisfied, Barry
finally came on and sang a couple of his songs. We thought he was very
good and we also thought we were going to have heart attacks when he sang
one of his songs because his voice was so low and sexy. It was very very
good. After singing almost his whole set, Dave was finally able to come
back out to us. He had told us before the soundcheck that we would be able=

to go get ! a bite to eat with us after the soundcheck because he didn’t
have to be back until 7:30. To bad for us because the soundcheck didn’t
end until about that time. We rushed over to Arby’s and grabbed a bite to=

eat, knowing that the concert definetly wouldn’t be started on time since
the soundcheck had ended so late, and because Dave told us it wasn’t going=

to be. We finally decided that Davy must have been so late because of his=

flight. They had all flown in seperately since they had been on a short
break. Although, we never found out for sure. I hope you all enjoyed this=

review on what goes on before the show. I have more about hanging out with=

Dave afterwards but I figure none of you really care about that. Hope you=

enjoyed! ~ Chrissy

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