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Tork on CNN! Micky in AIDA & Davy Solo Reviews!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**On TV / Tork On CNN**
Davy Jones will be featured on VH1’s “50 Greatest Teen Idols of All
Time” special on August 4 at 2pm EST. Peter Tork made an unexpected
appearance on CNN on July 19. He sat down for a four minute
interview to promote Shoe Suede Blues’s latest album & current tour.

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From: “Marie”

Hi, My dad just got back from Maple Grove race track in eastern PA
with gift for me :o) a monkee mobile, 4 mini monkees and a monkees
VW van. (did a van ever exist?) I just wanted to let you all know
that this was available. I think you can probably go to the web site to find out where to get them. Also on the
boardwalk in ocean city NJ at the surf mall in the back they are
selling monkees bobble heads, similar to those that were at Spencers
last year but all four in one box. Just wanted to let you know.


From: Anthony

Davy Jones – July 19, 2003 – Westbury Music Fair

As part of the Westbury Music Fair’s “Hot Summer Night” package
concert, Davy appeared as the headline act. At 8pm, before Davy and
his band came on were The Buckinghams, who played an entertaining
half hour set of their hits, The Grass Roots, who surprised me by
putting on one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, and The
Turtles, whose show didn’t seem to fit in the family/oldies theme of
the night.

Finally, after over two hours, Davy’s band set up the stage and
started off the show with the musical introduction of each band
member, which I first saw last September. Following Dave Alexander’s
announcement that Davy was about to take the stage, I was expecting
Davy to run onstage with his usual energy. Instead, we saw him
yawning as he walked down the isle in his nightwear with a blanket
and pillow! He looked around with a confused face, staring at what
looked like a sold out crowd and after about a minute finally
exclaimed, “I was a teenager when this show started!” and asked “Why
don’t we just call it a night?” After a loud response from the
crowd, he took off his pajamas and began what seemed like a five
minute stand up comedy act. He said “I was late coming to the show
and saw flashing lights. When I got here, the police officer asked
me why I didn’t stop. I said ‘My wife left with a cop about two
years ago and I was afraid you were coming to give her back!'” After
a few minutes of joking around, he asked if we wanted to hear any
Monkees songs. After a roar from the crowd, the band started into “A
Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You,” followed by “Valleri.” Toward the
end of “Valleri,” when Davy throws his arm around & around,
guitarist, Dave Robicheau, went right along with him. Dave brings a
lot of animation, energy, and excitement to the shows and it seems
like the rest of the band enjoys being on the road with Davy. When
the song ended, Davy jokingly said “They don’t make songs like that
anymore…thank God.” Next, they played “(Look Out) Here Comes
Tomorrow” and the song made famous by Davy’s 1971 appearance on “The
Brady Bunch,” which is, of course, “Girl.” Before the song, Davy
took Dave Alexander to the front of the stage for him to do his
Meatloaf impression. When he was through, Davy joked about how most
people think he married Marcia Brady. But, he said “I wasn’t
interested in her at the time, because she was 15 and I was about
21. Now, I date the younger girls. Ya know…the ones in their 40s
or early 50s.” After they finished “Girl,” Davy told us “One of the
good things about being in The Monkees was that I got to sing those
little ditties like this,” which was “It’s Nice To Be With You.”
Keeping the show rolling, Davy said “You know that dance I used to
do on ‘The Monkees?'” “I still do it!” he responded to the cheers
from the audience as they began “She Hangs Out.” Next, Davy brought
Dave Alexander back to the front of the stage along with drummer,
Sandy Gennaro, to do their “All In The Family” skit, before an
excellent version of “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone.” Like most of
the songs in the show, the musical arrangement for “Steppin’ Stone”
was very similar to what was used on The Monkees’ 1986 reunion tour.
To close out another outstanding show by Davy & the band, they
performed two of The Monkees’ most popular songs… “Daydream
Believer” and the finale, “I’m A Believer.” The energy level
couldn’t of been higher for both the crowd and everyone onstage at
the end of “I’m A Believer.”

By the time it had all ended, Davy’s show lasted 45 minutes & the
whole night went for about 3 and a half hours. The concert was much
of the same that I’ve seen from his past Monkees & solo concerts,
but Davy was in a great mood and added some entertaining new
elements, such as the pajamas bit & some jokes I’ve never heard
before, to an already amazing show! Pictures from the show are
available on my site.


From: “Cecilia Goodbody”

Saw Aida last night. It was wonderful. They have Micky playing the
part of Zosor. His son is betrothed to a princess. His son falls
in love with Aida(who happens to be of the wrong color). It takes
place in Egypt. He marries the Princess, but was too much in love
with Aida. The princess has them burried alive in a tomb together.
Boy what a way to go. The costumes and settings were excellent.
They had Micky wearing a white wig. He looked kind of strange. The
music that Elton John wrote for this was exceptional. I bought the
CD. Talk to you soon.

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