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The *New* New Monkees – Do we have to do this all over again?

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(editors note: Thanks for all the submissions on this story! It was
everywhere today. I think this has already been done once, but what do I
know? Now that The Monkees logo and name are owned by AOLTimeWarner,
anything goes. I noticed that all of the stories had the same misspelling
of Micky’s name. I think that this will trigger comments from The Monkees
themselves, so watch the TV entertainment shows!)

Starmakers heat up TV series plans

Tue Jul 23,10:05 AM ET

Bill Keveney and Gary Levin USA TODAY

PASADENA, Calif. — American Idol producers Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe
are busily fending off would-be competitors by cloning their biggest hit.
The new versions:

* Fox, protecting its own Idol turf, will offer Dream Duets next summer, in
which would-be crooners are matched with well-known singing stars, from a
list to be assembled by series producers.

* NBC is negotiating for a real-life remake of the late-1960s Monkees TV
series, in which four newcomers — cast through an on-camera audition —
would live together in a house and offer viewers a goofy mix of comedy and

* And ABC, which passed on a pitch for Idol, is now in advanced talks for
Supergirl, another talent competition that goes beyond singing.

”Each of the shows has differences,” Lythgoe says. ”The Monkees is
scripted, and Supergirl is also about intelligence, beauty and athletic
ability, not just performance,” And unlike Idol, which limits contestants
to ages 16 to 24, Dream Duets will let anyone from ”1 to 80” to try out,
Lythgoe says. ”The only reason we wouldn’t allow 90-year-olds is they
might die on stage.”


From: “Samantha”

I thought you would want to share this with your list!

‘Monkees’ Redo in View
Tue Jul 23, 4:04 AM ET
By Michael Schneider

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Hey, hey, “The Monkees” may be returning to NBC.

The network is in discussions with the creator of “American Idol” to revive
the format, featuring a new American boy band in the roles made famous by
Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork. NBC would ready
the project for a fall 2003 launch.

Simon Fuller, who also created and managed the Spice Girls ( news – web
sites), has secured rights to the “Monkees” concept and name. “The Monkees”
also served as inspiration for Fuller’s teen band SClub7, a pop group of
seven members who starred in their own international TV show, released a
number of hit records in the U.K. and even designed their own clothing line.

SClub7 has sold 10 million albums worldwide.

The updated “Monkees” would include sketch comedy and music elements
featuring four handpicked male stars, similar to the original series, which
aired on NBC from 1966 to 1968.

The original show continues to hold cult status, while two original members
are touring under the Monkees moniker. “The Monkees” was previously revived
in 1987 as the short-lived syndicated comedy “The New Monkees.”

Fuller currently serves as an executive producer on Fox’s hit reality series
“American Idol.” The original U.K. format, “Pop Idols,” was created by
Fuller’s 19 Entertainment banner.

Each of these links has photos of The Monkees included in it:


From: “Sally Carpenter”

I looked up the site that was mentioned in your last news
alert. I wanted to point out that the “Monkees scripts” on the site are
not actual scripts, but simply transcriptions of the dialogue from the TV
show. First, these scripts on the net are not in standard script format
and don’t contain scene slug lines or set description. Second, I compared
the net script with my authentic script of “Devil and Peter Tork” and they
don’t match. The actual “Devil” script contains many lines that do not
appear on the TV show–either the lines were revised or cut. If fans are
looking for REAL scripts, I suggest they contact Script City, 8033 Sunset
Blvd., Suite 1500, Hollywood CA 90046, tel. 213-571-0707 (they probably
have a web site). They sell copies of the actual shooting scripts for
around $20-25 each. The last catalogue I saw listed 20 or more Monkee
episodes, including the Pilot that contains a large number of scenes (with
Rudy, the manager) cut from the final show.


From: “mary P”

Hi Brad,

I’ve been asked to pass this along.. David will be doing a booksigning at
the Hamilton Place Mall, 2100 Hamilton Place Blvd in Chattanooga, TN on
Saturday, August 3rd from 1-3 PM. Most likely he’ll be in the Center Court.
The mall is having it’s 15th Anniversary and had contacted David to be part
of the celebration.
Everybody who can make it please come on out and support David! I’ll see
you there!!

Dedicated to Davy

“Take Chances..Live a Full Life!”

Davy Jones -2001


From: “Anne O’Reilly”

For anyone interested in seeing Micky and Davy at California Adventure, in
August I found this great special!
Disney Online are offering a 3 day Park Hopper Tickets for $90 (20%less –
Adults at kids prices). Tickets must be purchased on-line to receive discount.

Monkeemaniacs Australian Fan Club


From: Magnolia Simms

Yes, Tadg Galleran and SSB have parted ways…
it’s true. This is the letter from the guys in
the band to the fans:

To our Shoopies,

We regret to announce that Tadg Galleran and SSB
will be parting ways. We are all sad about this,
and sorry to lose Tadg’s services, however his
departure allows Tadg to pursue his interests
while we continue on our path. Tadg is a friend
and a great entertainer. We hope that he thrives
in whatever he chooses to do, and hope that you
will all have the chance to see him when he
performs. (When you do, say hi for us!)

We thank you for your continued support and love.

Best wishes,
Peter, John, Michael and Richard

Peace Love and Bananas

“I think dead people should be shot out of cannons.” – Paul Sabourin doing
his impression of Jesse Ventura

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