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Teen Idols, Get your Mojo, Davy Tickets

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: +++Meg

Tonight, the VH1 show “20 to 1” is counting down the top 20 Teen Idols. I
don’t know if the Monkees are DEFINITELY going to be on the list, but I think
it is relatively safe to assume they are since they were pretty big teen
idols. The show is an hour long and is on VH1 at 9pm central time.



From: Rhino Handmade

The Archivists Have An Important Message For You About
The ‘Headquarters Sessions’ Package You Received At:


From: Steven Bradley

i am a big fan of the monkees,and a new subscriber to your news group. i
live in cheshire, england.
sorry if you already know about this;
the september issue of UK music magazine “Mojo” (with the Who on the cover)
features a review of the “HQ Sessions” box set, a brief micky dolenz
interview, an interview with julie driscoll including her memories of
33+1/3, a picture of micky and samantha on “top of the pops”, and reviews of
the reissued Nilsson cd’s.



From: Stefanie

If anyone is having problems finding a phone number to order tickets for
02-24-2001 Reading, PA show, here are two phone numbers. The phone number
information gives out for the Rajah Theater has been disconnected in error!
(this is per Full Circle Entertainment, the company that booked Davy for this
show) The INCORRECT phone # is (610)375-0180. The CORRECT phone numbers are:
(610)371-371-8820 or 1-888-375-9124

Tickets are on sale now!!



From: “Davy’s Dream Web”

Hi everyone,

A book signing has been added to the festivities at the Oktoberfest
Zinzinnati. For more info see the fan club page

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