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From: Bonnie Verrico

Hello all,
Here’s an update on the whole SHOE SUEDE BLUES “SUMMERTIME BLUES” Tour
which starts this weekend. There’s been a few minor changes:

* July 9, Hemingway’s, Stevensville, MD, 410-643-8825
Tickets are $5.00 each which will be donated to “CRUISE FOR KIDS” — a
local Easter Seals charity project that takes children with disabilities
for a day on the Chesapeake Bay aboard boats. This was originally
slated as a “no-cover-charge” event, but the owners of the venue are
very active in local charity and decided to use this gig as a charity

TUNE IN TO 103.1FM from 11am-Noon on Sunday — Peter and the boys will
be live on WRNR’s “Sunday Brunch” award-winning radio show, talking and
(maybe) playing!

* July 10, Upstairs at Tierney’s, Valley Road, Montclair, NJ,

* July 12, Benefit for Habitat for Humanity, Vernon Township High School
Auditorium, Route 565, Vernon, NJ, 914-355-3024.

* July 13, The Legendary Tannersville Inn, Route 611, Tannersville, PA,
NOW TWO SHOWS!!! Due to overwhelming demand, there will be TWO shows at
this venue on Thursday night: 7:00-9:15 and 10:00-12:15. Tickets are
$10.00 per show, and there’s a special dinner & show combination package
For $28.00 you can see either the 7pm or the 10pm show in the club PLUS
have full dinner either before or after the show (your choice). Kitchen
is open til 1am! Call Tannersville Inn, 570-629-3131 for tickets and
details. There will be a short opening act (an Atlantic City comic)
for each performance. Keep in mind that Pennsylvania has a fluky law
about people under 21 being in
a bar after 10pm – MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
The earlier show may be the answer to this situation for the under 21’s
coming on the tour.

* July 14, Backstage With The Boys fan party at Briggs Farm Blues
Festival, Nescopeck, PA, 1-3 pm, A LIMITED NUMBER OF TICKETS ARE STILL
AVAILABLE for this special function. Tickets are now available ONLY
from Briggs Farm 570-379-2003 (NOTE: THIS IS A CORRECTED PHONE NUMBER –
too late to mail tickets to people, your must call and put your name on
the list for access. Tickets will be waiting at the gate and must be
paid for in cash (sorry no checks or credit cards at the gate).

* July 14, Briggs Farm Blues Festival, Nescopeck, PA, 5-7 pm,
570-379-2003 (Again, note corrected area code)

* July 15, The Rusty Nail, 2580 Haverford Road, Ardmore PA, 610-649-NAIL

See you on the road!

Shoe Suede Blues (with Peter Tork)
Summertime Blues Tour, July 8-15, 2000
Info @ &!


From: “Band 6”

Here is some news for UK fans

The Albums And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ and Pretty Much Your Ranch
Stash will be released on one CD at the end of July by Camden (74321
773822). Michael has written the sleeve notes for this release.

A spokesperson at Camden said that they have an unreleased track that they
may include on the next 2-on-1 CD release

You can win a copy of the CD now:

Head is being shown in the UK on Film Four on Monday 24th July at 4.30am

Kirk & Sue


From: Krystyn

I saw a commercial today on ESPN during the home run derby showings of years
past. It is a SportsCenter commercial about music entertainers becoming
agents for sports figures. Among several others, Davy Jones is seen yelling
about how the negotiations for someone should be approached. Then it flashes
to someone else, and back to Davy who yells some more and slams the palm of
his hand on the table. I only saw them run it twice while I was watching.
Keep a look out.



From: Debbie

I got this from AOL news a few days ago. I was wondering how well it did,
and thought others might want to know too.

VH1 Original Movie Premiere ‘Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story’ And
Special Monkees Programming Score A Hit With Viewers

6.2 Million Viewers Tune In For June 28 Monkee Marathon

NEW YORK, July 6 /PRNewswire/ — Over 6.2 million viewers tuned in to VH1 on
Wednesday, June 28, for a night of Monkees mania capped by the debut of the
network’s original movie “Day Dream Believers: The Monkees Story.” The
evening (8pm-3am ET/PT) included airings of “The Monkees: Behind the Music”
in addition to the movie.

Of the total 6.2 million viewers who watched the Monkee-thon, the audience
included 5 million in the VH1 P18-49 target demographic.

Through the five weeks of VH1 “Movies That Rock,” a summer festival of
original and acquired films presented on Wednesday nights, the network has
seen a 76% increase over last year among P18-49.

“Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story” tells the dramatic true story of the
four young actors-musicians who were cast in the phenomenally popular 1960s
TV series, and the problems that eventually arise when they start believing
they’re the real thing. George Stanchev, Jeff Geddis, L.B. Fisher, Aaron
Lohr, Colin Ferguson and Wallace Langham star in the film, which will air
again on Saturday, July 29 at 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT).

VH1 produces and programs a wide variety of music-based series, specials,
live events and acquisition-based programming that keep viewers in touch with
the music they love. VH1 is a registered trademark of MTV Networks, a unit
of Viacom Inc. MTV Networks owns and operates the cable television
programming services MTV: Music Television, MTV 2: Music Television,
Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, TV Land and VH1 as well as The Suite from MTV
Networks, a package of ten digital services, all of which are trademarks of
MTV Networks. MTV Networks also has joint ventures, licensing agreements and
syndication deals whereby its programming can be seen worldwide.

Debbie’s Country Cookin’
Where you can find good, down home recipes


From: Bill

On the Set of the New Monkees Movie

It had snowed in Toronto just days earlier, forcing the beach volleyball
scene in Daydream Believers: The Monkees’ Story to be filmed on wrap day,
April 14. The sun was out, but it was chilly. Still, the teenage extras
had to sit for hours in bikinis on Lake Ontario’s Sunnyside beach. For
the discerning viewer, only their lily white skin betrayed the fact that
this was not Los Angeles, September, 1966.

“Amazingly, Toronto has not only stood in for California, it’s stood in
for Manchester, London, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Hawaii,” marvels the
film’s director Neill Fearnley(Escape From Mars, Dogmatic, Johnny 2.0),
who is making the film on a budget of $3.4 million.

The cast — Canadians George Stanchev (Davy Jones) and Jeff Geddis (Mike
Nesmith), alongside Americans L.B. Fisher (Peter Tork) and Aaron Lohr
(Micky Dolenz) — are assembled on a blanket for the Beach Pavilion
dialogue scene in which they discuss the craziness of the past year.

“The show’s not even on the air yet and every teenager girl in America
wants a piece of him,” says “Mike” of Davy.

“Davy” complains about a girl who breaks into his dressing room. “I found
her naked on my couch.”

The made-for-TV movie is produced by Toronto’s Pebblehut, a division of
Montreal’s Muse Entertainment Enterprises, which acquired the rights to
the Monkees’ music in 1999 from Rhino Records as well as to the Harold
Bronson book, Hey Hey We’re the Monkees, on which Ron McGee’s screenplay
is based. “The genesis is from that book,” says Fearnley, “and then we’ve
added other things.”

Many viewers will be surprised to learn that Jimi Hendrix opened for the
Monkees and Jack Nicholson wrote the band’s psychedelic full-feature
release Head. The cast also discovered some idiosyncrasies that
personified the original actors.

Lohr (Newsies, Mighty Ducks 2 and 3) was given leeway by the director to
improvise in the movie, such as wearing the baby’s hat or putting toys in
his mouth, because Micky was so playful. “I wanted to capture his
essence, his charm and child-like qualities,” Lohr explains.

Stanchev, who has his own pop album out on Bulgaria’s Ka Music, had to
master Davy’s dance. “Everybody [on set] started comparing it to Axl
Rose’s little sway thing,” he laughs.

Apparently Peter had a dual personality. “There was a difference between
Peter Tork, the character, which was the dumb, fun-loving guy, and Peter
Tork, the person, who was the serious musician, the intellect,” says
Fisher, whose acting credits include Felicity and ER. “He also smiles a
lot and wore his belt buckle sideways, so it didn’t scratch his guitar.”

On a darker note, Geddis, who plays the first victim in Friday the 13th
Part 10, due in October, reveals that there is a bit of blood shed in
Daydream Believers. “I do one scene where I punch a hole in the wall and
I’ve got a little bit of blood on my knuckles,” he says.

The story follows the prefab Sixties pop group through the audition
process for the TV show, its cancellation, the creation of the box office
disaster Head, and, finally, the foursome’s realization some months later
that it had been a fun ride.

“So it ends on an up note,” says Fearnley.

The film is scheduled to air in the summer of 2000 on VH1 in America, and
on TMN/Superchannel in Canada.

(April 22, 2000)


The part of Hendrix is being played by famed Toronto guitarist Tony
Springer who played Hendrix in a tribute band called FIRE for years. He
would go on to a luke warm solo career under the handle Wild T. And The
Spirit…but made headlines when David Bowie saw a Wild T. video on
MuchMusic one day and invited Springer to be the guitarist for the “Black
Tie…” tour.

(Jaimie Vernon)


From: drpam

I haven’t seen any mention of this on the list:

Has anybody seen this week’s Examiner? It has a headline: “Charles
Manson tried to be a Monkee” and a picture (ca.1966) of Davy, Micky and
Mike, but instead of Peter there’s old Charlie himself. Inside the
rag, uh I mean *mag* there’s an article rehashing the rumor, complete
with some psychobabble from a Dr? Jane Greer. There’s also another
picture with Charlie inserted.

It’s all pretty tasteless, but I nearly peed my pants laughing,
especially at the pictures.

Back to lurking.


From: Videoranch Foreman

July 6, 2000

Hello from Videoranch!

Thought we’d better tell you about KPIG.

It’s a radio station out of Central California. It started out in the 70’s
as KFAT, then turned into KPIG. It’s one of the most respected stations
among artists like Bonnie Raitt, John Hiatt, Dwight Yoakam, and, of course,
Nez. The DJs only play the music they love. They’re not swayed by
advertisers or trends. And they have amazing taste in music. The format is
Texas Blues, Memphis Blues and Country Rock. They play Nez all the time and
have been supporters and fans of his music since the early 70s.

They also have comedy bits and “Hog Calls” from listeners trying to sell
things like old tires, row boats and bird baths. Plus, they have very funny
commercials (people find themselves actually turning the volume up to hear
the ads). One of the commercials is Nez talking about Videoranch (he was a
good sport and agreed to do the voiceover for us).

KPIG was the first radio station in the world to start streaming their
broadcast over the net 24 hours a day and have become the most listened to
radio station on the net. If you like Nez’ music and his comedic
sensibilities, then I highly recommend you take a listen to KPIG.

And remember you can listen to KPIG while you1re in Videoranch 3D too. Just
look around for KPIG speakers (they’re all over the place) and click on
one. It1s a nice thing to listen to while you’re taking a stroll. One of

Take a listen

Genuinely yours,
Navajo Slim
Assistant to Bubba Crutch, Foreman of Videoranch


From: Videoranch Foreman

Hi again. Some people who received our newsletter yesterday about KPIG
emailed us that the links were not “hot” and couldn’t be clicked on within
the email. So, in case you had this trouble, I’m resending the addresses to
Have a great weekend!>>.html

Sincerely yours,
Navajo Slim
Assistant to Bubba Crutch


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playing all across the country in a package called the Screen Gems Network.
Please see your local listings or: for
more details. thanks!


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