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SSB Tork Article, Davy Book Review

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From: Sarah Durako

This appears on the, a local
newspaper’s website, and speaks briefly about Peter
and Shoes Suede Blues playing at the Nescopeck Briggs
Farms Blues Festival, for those interested.

Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
to play Briggs Farm Blues Fest

By Jerry Kishbaugh
Citizens’ Voice Entertainment Editor

It appears Peter Tork may have gotten the Monkee off
his back.

Yeah, that’s right, the former member of the Monkees’
pop group is now immersed in the blues.

In fact, Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues will be
headlining the third annual Briggs Farm Blues
Festival, which will have a two-day run in July.

For those of you who haven’t attended the previous two
blues fests at Briggs Farm in Nescopeck, this is one
of the best music events of the summer. The two-day,
outdoor concert takes place on the bucolic environs of
the spacious and beautiful Briggs Farm. In addition to
offering a great line-up of blues’ artists, the
festival also boasts some of the finest food
concessions around (including mouth-watering roasted
sweet corn).

Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues will kick off the third
edition of the Briggs Farm Blues Festival on Friday,
July 14, at 5 p.m. For those old enough to remember,
Peter Tork was a member of the world-famous 1960’s pop
group the Monkees and one of the four stars of the
popular television series, “The Monkees.” In addition
to Tork, the other Monkees were Mike Nesmith, Mickey
Dolenz and Davey Jones.

Following the Peter Tork contingent at 7 p.m. on July
14 will be Australia’s leading blues band, Harper,
currently in the midst of its fifth tour of the U.S.
Closing out the festival’s fist night of blues’ fare
will be vocalist Melissa Reaves, who is making at
return engagement at the Briggs Farm get-together.

Day two (Saturday, July 15) of the blues’ fest will
kick off with another returnee, the Susquehanna
Delta’s own Krypton City Blues Revue, which is one
hell of a dynamic band. The Krypton City boys will
take the stage at 5 p.m. Next up will be B.C. & the
Blues Crew, a hot blues unit that is slated to perform
at 7 p.m.

Concluding the blues’ festival with a set beginning at
9 p.m. will be JSP recording artist Johnny Rawls.
According to “Blues Access” magazine (1999), Rawls
offers “some of the best Southern soul music of this
or any year.”

If you’re a fan of the blues and like to camp in the
country, don’t miss the opportunity to kick back for
the whole weekend at Briggs Farm. There is plenty of
camping space available on-site.

The third running of the Briggs Farm Blues Festival
also will feature a 5-K trail run at 9 a.m. on
Saturday, July 15, blues hayrides, fresh roasted corn
and other tasty delights, and, of course, great music
in a serene setting. Also on tap for Saturday night
will be a give-away of an Epiphone Special II electric
guitar provided by Schoolhouse Music of Danville.

Simply put, the outdoor Briggs Farm Blues Festival is
a great way to spend a summer day or weekend.

Briggs Farm is located four miles north of Interstate
80 exit 38 on Route 93 in Nescopeck Township.

For more information call 379-2003 or check out the
web site at


From: “rlj9”

Davy Jones Daydream Believin’ book review from 4/28/00 issue
Somerset/Pulaski News Journal, Somerset Ky.

Daydream Believin By: Davy Jones. Hercules promotions p.o. box 9539
metairie La. 70055.

Imagine living in your own apartment in New York City at the age of 15;
performing to sell out crowds on Broadway, and being told by Judy Garland:
“after tonight, this city is yours”. That was only the beginning for David,
(soon to be Davy) Jones of the Monkees.

This book (Daydream Believin ) tells more of a personal account of these
times and many other stories in Jones truly fascinating life. Going from
class clown to stable boy; in a near instant to superstardom as the artful
dodger in “Oliver!” Without giving too much away here, Jones takes us
inside Monkeemania, (when the band outsold the Beatles and The Rolling
Stones combined) to the groups slow demise, the struggling years after the
fame, going back on the acting stage, and then back on tour during the
Monkees Mega comeback in the late 80s, to present day operations as a
singer/songwriter/recording artist with devoted fans the world over.

This book reads fast, as Davy talks to the reader as if you were setting in
a cafe with him sipping a bottomless coffee. Many personal photos included.
I recently had the opportunity to chat with David after a Daydream Believin
book signing in Nashville, which was recorded digitally for an exclusive
radio interview. Until then, I m sure Davy would like you to visit his
website: Ask about the book at On Cue. It s a classic
story of a classic rock legend.

C. Brian Jasper
News Journal/Web DJ”>>

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