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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List=97

October 30, 2003

**New Monkees CD**
A new Monkees CD called “Extended Versions” has recently been
released. This is a “budget” version of the “Live Summer Tour” CD
and features 10 songs from the concert at less than $8, including
the previously unreleased performance of “No Time.” Purchase your
copy at
The following is the CD’s tracklisting:
1. Last Train To Clarksville
2. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
3. Mary, Mary
4. Can You Dig It?
5. Daydream Believer
6. Goin’ Down
7. (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone
8. I’m A Believer
9. It’s Nice To Be With You
10. No Time
About 15 songs still remain unreleased from this concert, but all of
them will be available on the “Monkees – Live Summer Tour – Extended
& Uncut” DVD that is available for pre-order now at

**No New Monkees**
“The New Monkees,” a remake of “The Monkees” TV show and band that
was first announced in July 2002 and was set to premiere on NBC this
fall has apparently gone sour. After casting problems, this project
may not get off the ground. (Thanks Laura)

**New Davy Dates**
Davy Jones will be performing on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship
from March 8 to March 16, 2004. Davy’s shows on the cruise begin in
Hong Kong, China & end in Singapore. This is a 48 day trek, but Davy
will only be performing on the specified dates above.

**On TV**
Davy Jones’s appearance on “Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In” will air on
TRIO on November 23 at 9am EST. For all upcoming airings of Davy
hosting “Meet The Royals” and additional showings of Micky on “Rock
Gardens,” click the “All Upcoming TV Appearances” link on the news

November 2, 2003

**More Monkees: Season Two Features**
Even more extra features have been announced for “The Monkees:
Season Two” DVD set that will be released on November 18… Brian
Auger commentary on “33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee,” Bob Rafelson
commentary on selected episodes, photo gallery, “Glen Cambell Hour”
footage, NBC News archives, Gerry Sheppard interview, episode
trivia, and play all romps, as well as bonus material with Butch
Patrick, Billie Hayes, Ruth Buzzi and Coslough Johnson. Also, it has
been confirmed that Mike Nesmith’s commentaries on the set
include “Fairy Tale,” a classic episode that is widely loved by
Monkees fans where Nez dresses in drag as Princess Gwen. Pre-order
this set at”>
(Thanks Aaron & Nez Friends)

**Tork & JLS Tour**
Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley are reportedly working on putting
together a tour for the near future on the east coast. There’s no
word on exactly when the tour will take place at this time. (Thanks

**On TV**
Like announced when the show originally aired, Micky Dolenz’s
segment on “Rock Gardens” will re-air on November 8 on HGTV at 5pm
EST. For all upcoming airings of Davy hosting “Meet The Royals,”
click the “All Upcoming TV Appearances” link on the news page.

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From: Brad Waddell

Monkees guitarist show Wednesday in Nashville (11/5):

Wayne Avers, Avers is most known as the guitarist for The Monkees,
Atlantic Starr and Broadway shows; a mix of pop, R&B, blues and even
a little surf music, 9 p.m. at The Five Spot, 1006 Forrest St., 650-


From: “Starcollector”

For those of you who heard about the southern California wildfires,
Micky/Donna’s house wasn’t affected. They live outside the areas
that were burned and/or evacuated.


From: “Frev3”

Hi all,

I just got back from the November 1st Beatles/Ed Sullivan event at
the Museum of Television & Radio in New York City, and it was a
wonderful evening. The festivities started at 7pm where guests
signed in at the door and received numbered tickets for a surprise

There was a reception with drinks and munchies served. Folks mingled
and talked with fellow fans. I met Bruce ‘Buy My New Beatles Book’
Spizer at the reception, who had an advanced copy of his
upcoming ‘The Beatles are Coming’ book with him. The book looks
great, and I plan on getting the soft cover version of it.

Soon, some familar faces started showing up. Louise Harrison,
George’s sister arrived and charmed everyone with her friendliness.
Billy J. Kramer was there as was Beatles expert Martin Lewis who was
the master of ceremonies. Andrew Solt, the producer of the Ed
Sullivan DVD’s was mingling amoung the guests, as was Beatles
promoter Sid Bernstein. Soon, another familiar face showed up,
former Monkee Davy Jones who had performed with the Broadway cast of
Oliver! on the same Ed Sullivan show the Beatles made their debut
on. It was a nice surprise to see Davy there.

Soon the guests were led to the main screening room where Martin
Lewis began the festivities with some words about the release of the
Ed Sullivan/Beatles DVD’s, giving tribute to Ed Sullivan, Brian
Epstein and the Beatles. Then on the large screen was shown edited
highlights of all four Ed Sullivan/Beatles shows. Everyone applauded
during the Beatles performances. When a very young Davy Jones
appeared on screen with the cast of ‘Oliver!’, there was first a
gasp of recognition from the audience and then wild applause which I
know Davy appreciated.

After the screening of the highlights, there was a panel discussion
onstage featuring Sid Bernstein, Louise Harrison, Billy J. Kramer,
the executive producer of the Sullivan show whose name escapes me at
the moment, Davy Jones, Bruce Spizer with Martin Lewis as moderator.
Martin asked those on stage questions about their memories about the
Beatles and the Sullivan shows. Sid gave a very eloquent and
touching response about the love generated by the Beatles which the
audience applauded. Davy was very funny about his memories of being
on that debut show, which was his US tv debut too. Everyone on the
panel shared their memories with the audience, and Bruce gave a very
informative talk on the events that eventually led up to the
Sullivan shows.

After the panel, everyone returned upstairs where more food and
drinks were served. Another famous face showed up too: Little Steven
Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band as well as the
Sopranos! Steven was very friendly and signed autographs to the
fans. I asked him about Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five, who is
currently very ill and paralyzed from the waist. He and Paul
Schaffer plan to do a benefit concert for Mike soon, details which
will be forthcoming.

As for the numbered tickets everyone who attended were given, when
we turned them in at the door, we were given a FREE copy of the Ed
Sullivan/Beatles DVDs! I got my DVD package signed by most of the
special guests who attended. What a night, mingling with fellow
fans, meeting famous Beatles folks, and getting a free DVD to boot!

Later, as the party was winding down and the guests were starting to
leave, me and my friends lingered a little longer and the folks at
the museum had extra copies of the Sullivan/Beatles DVD’s which they
gave to us! This makes up for me having to buy the earlier version
of the DVDs TWICE earlier this year! (One which I sold on Ebay.) Now
I’ve got a Christmas gift to send to one of my brothers!

Overall, it was a great and memorable evening, and a splendid time
was had by all. You should have been there.

Old Fred

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