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From: Brad Waddell

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

We are all upset over the terrorist tragedy in New York and DC. Our best
wishes to everyone during this time of stress and sadness.

I have gotten many e-mails, and have heard that Micky, Davy and Peter are
all in California now and not directly harmed by this tragedy. I have
written to find out about Michael, but he is likely at one of his western
homes and also unharmed. There is no news about any concert cancellations.
If there is any other news you find, send it along and we will pass it
along to the fans.

Regarding the radio interview, it was obviously postponed, but is expected
to be on tomorrow on BBC Radio Shropshire, 96FM – please tune in, and tape
it if you can. Thanks!

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From: lina_barbieri

Dear friends,

I have just returned from a charity event for Peta (People for the
Ethical Treatment of Animals) in New York and was proud to find out
that our guys had donated a signed drumhead* to be auctioned for the

You can find details on
and please, keep those bids coming. It is for a great cause! They
even featured in the event’s programme as members of the Honorary

*Signed in Black Marker by the Monkees 2001: Davy Jones, Micky
Dolenz, and Peter Tork; Remo Weatherking Coated; CS – Controlled
Sound; Made in USA; 15″ Diameter.

Lina Barbieri


From: ManfromMW

Bensenville concert

This was my first Monkees concert
and I loved it…even with the absence of Peter they put on a wonderful,
energetic, comical music filled show. I didn’t think it would be as great
without Peter there…but it was awesome, they sang songs like Goin’ Down,
Listen to the Band, and told about themselves when they were younger and how
they started out. If there is a 40th reunion tour I’ll defiantly be there!
I was wondering if anyone else who reads this was at the Bensenville concert
and took pictures…I took some but used film that wasn’t good for night
pictures and they aren’t to visible. If anyone has some really good pics of
Bensenville could you please e-mail me at


From: Mirandagem

The Lone Star Park show on Saturday was awesome!!!!! I got there at 3:30pm
and ended up in a long line but was able to get front row. They sounded great
as always and I didn’t even notice that Peter was missing sorry to say. After
the show I headed out front to the parking lot and happened to hear someone
calling out Micky’s name. He was getting into one of the white vans and
unfortunately wouldn’t sign anything. A few of us waited around for Davy to
come out. The trombone player,Greg, was hanging around and I got a pic with
him and an autograph. When Davy came out he said he had to hurry but he still
took the time to sign autographs for us. I had my camera and took a bunch of
pics of him up close. At one point he was standing in front of me and I
reached out and touched his back( I couldn’t help myself). It was really kind
of him to take the time to sign autographs for us even though he was being
told to hurry up. That’s what makes him special. I traveled to Texas from
Florida to see them and would do it all over again if I could.

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