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Season One DVD Set! TV Appearances!

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The Monkees Memorabilia Price Guide & Reference Calendar 2003

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Great product.

From: Bruce John: Yes, Brad, I received the calendar. What great
service! I thought the calendar was very well done, looked
professional, and included many items I did not know existed. I liked
the Monkee dates on the calendar also, such as the dates of their
children’s birth. I hope you continue with the calendar each year.

From: Sheila Dowling: I received the calender i cant wait to put it
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From: Anthony (

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List–

**Monkees On TV**
Davy Jones’ famous 1971 appearance on the “Getting Davy Jones”
episode of “The Brady Bunch” will air on January 19 at 8pm & January
20 at 3pm EST on TVLand. Also, “Bubblegum Babylon,” which features
new interviews with Davy Jones & Peter Tork will air on VH1 on Jan.
17 & 19, both at 1pm & on Jan. 22 at 5pm EST. The Monkees will be
featured on the “100 Moments That Rocked TV” special that airs on VH1
on Jan. 16-18 & Jan. 23. The Monkees made #27 on the list and will be
part of the “40-21” episodes. Check local listings for specific times
in your area. – An official Monkees site
that is your one stop on the web for Monkees news, bios, history,
mailing list & more!


From: “Maggie McManus”

Hi, guys!

I just got off the phone with a couple of my old sources at Rhino. I
don’t want to throw a damper on everyone’s fun, but I just wanted to
warn everyone that the Monkees DVD Box Set is *NOT* coming out
January 28 as it says on PlayCentric’s site. I started to get a
little suspicious of the release date when I could not find any
mention of the box set’s upcoming release on Rhino’s own website or
on the other top online stores for DVDs, and Ed Reilly was telling me
there are a few sites he checks regularly for release dates of all
forthcoming DVDs and the Monkees were not mentioned, so I made the

Even Rhino’s video department does not have a confirmed date, but
they offered me a *tentative* date of April 22, which could change to
a later date still between now and then. Because the release date is
so far off, they have little in the way of details on the “extras”
for us. It’ll be 6 discs priced at $89.95, and some “guests” have
already recorded commentary tracks for certain episodes. The Season
2 box is expected sometime between August and November.

Really, Rhino’s not purposely dragging their feet, but they did just
move the whole company physically to a new location in Burbank, so
I’m sure that’s delayed more than one project!

I have ordered from PlayCentric in the past, and their prices are
good and their shipping is quick, but it will be interesting to see
what they and their competitors can do for us price-wise as we get
closer to April 22!!!



From: “Kenny Pearson”

I found this info on

Feb 1 2003 8:00PM Davy Jones John Ascuaga’s Nugget – Celebrity
Showroom Reno, NV USA

thanks-KennyP from Ohio


From: “Nancy”

Brad-Hi. It’s Nancy. I sent an email to Famous Homes and Hideaways
because I
couldn’t find any Famous Homes and Hideaway’s schedule. There were
problems with the website when I tried to pull the schedule. Today I
got an email from Famous Homes and Hideaways that said that Davy’s
appearance is scheduled for the week of Feb 3.

I looked again at Famous homes website and now there is a schedule.
Here’s the link

DAVY JONES appearance is scheduled for the week of FEB 3 and the re-
airing is scheduled for the week of JUNE 16.


From: “Rose Eckhoff”

Group Hotel Rates for DAVY JONES Fans @ EPCOT’s Flower Power

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Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Rates: $95.00 + 11.5% Tax/per night (Per ROOM) (1 to 4 persons per
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Dates Available: APRIL 22 – MAY 1, 2003 (High Season)

To Book: CALL 1-800-348-3765 (Direct to hotel)

Hotel Group Name: DAVY’S DARLINGS (Must give name of group when

Location: WDW HOTEL ROW (used to be called the WDW Village Hotels)
which leads you to Downtown Disney & Pleasure Island

Amenities: Rooms recently refurbished, Coffee Maker, Hair Dryer, King
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Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island), Heated Pools, Convenience
Store, Gift
Shop, 2 Restaurants, 2 Lounges, Customer Services Desk for Purchasing
Park Tickets (WDW does not offer group rates or special Flower Power

Extra Info: Hotel within walking distance of several fast-food &
chain restaurants plus many hotels.

For Further Questions/Info: ROSE ECKHOFF, Group Leader @ (407)-894-
6619 (Orlando) or


From: “Kathy Carter”

Not sure if this is old news, but Monkees fans in the UK can buy
Warner Home Videos 1-5 from the UK chain ‘Past Times’. They seem to
be on sale at the moment too – 15 episodes for just =A335!!! The
perfect way to spend the new year…


From: “Keith U.”

The Monkees TV show debut is listed at # 27 in TV Guides Top 100
Music Moments that Rocked TV. It is in the January 11-17 edition.


From: “Sally Carpenter”

Now that the holiday rush is over, here’s the full story of Micky at
Liverpool Days Beatles Convention in Pasadena.

Micky was scheduled to speak late on Sunday, so I spent the afternoon
browsing the vendor tables. I was dressed in my usual fan finery:
Idols tee-shirt (Micky’s picture), Monkees watch, and Monkees hat
buttons. A simple yet stylish fashion statement. In the vendor
room I
saw a fair amount of Monkees items, probably so fans could buy
for Micky to autograph. Rhino had a table, as well as Marty Ecks
with some
high priced collectibles on display, such as original Monkees board
for $100-150. Another vendor, Ron, had many Monkees buttons for sale
and a
huge stack of 8X10 Monkees photos, including poses I’ve never seen.
told me he sold his wares at the LA Monkees Conventions in 1996 and
[are those the correct dates?] and mentioned Maggie’s name. He said
fans were berserk then and bought everything in sight. Several fans
go after one item and throw money on the table to get it. He had
original card sets that sold out in an hour. Another vendor was
chased to
his car by fans looking for more things to buy. He made a good
during those cons!

I bought an issue of Goldmine (newspaper for record collectors) dated
August 15, 1986, with two positive articles discussed the Monkees
albums/singles, the auditions and filming the TV show. In reading
the magazine at home, I found an unexpected extra: a favorable
review for
Nez’s “Television Parts Home Companion” video!

The guest speakers were in another large room set up with many
chairs. I
arrived an hour before Micky’s time to get a good seat. Pete Best
first, and I saw some fans standing right in front of the stage. So,
before Micky came out I slipped closer to the stage so I could take
photos. When Micky came out, one of the stage hands brought out a
bench for him to sit on. People who wanted to ask questions were to
up behind a standing microphone, but some of the people standing down
raised their hands and shouted questions at Micky as well. The MC
said the
questions were to be about the Beatles, so naturally most of the
were about the Monkees. I might add that some of the following may
be out
of order, as I couldn’t write notes until after the session.

The first thing Micky said was, “I don’t know where Davy is, so don’t
ask!” He spoke about taking an autograph book along when he met Paul
the first time during the Sgt. Peppers recording sessions. He knew
after Ringo moved to Los Angeles, and he hung out with John during
infamous “lost weekend.” Recently Micky had found an old table cloth
his belongings, from a restaurant in Sherman Oaks he had owned. The
was old, moldy and “covered with every kind of food and chemical
known to man.” On the cloth were Nilsson’s drawings from “The Point”
musical and a large autograph “To Micky from John Lennon” and some of
John’s drawings [note: how much would that fetch on ebay?] He told
Nilsson would call him on a Wednesday “let’s go to lunch” and three
later end up in Tucson.

He told how after the Monkees were cast, they were taken to a Beatles
concert and told “how would you guys like to be up there [on
stage]?” To
prepare for the show, the producers had the guys watch Laurel and
Marx brothers, film comedy. He said “you all know the story” about
the TV show, and said The Monkees was “an imaginary band in an
house having imaginary adventures.”

Someone asked about “the recent movie about how the band started”
Believers] and if it was accurate. Since I had just re-watched this
night before, it was fresh on my mind. Micky said that regarding
some of
the stories of how the band started and took over the music were
accurate. He did say that Schneider and Raefelson requested that
they not
be named in the movie, “Bert Schneider doesn’t consider himself a
figure,” and so a composite character was created. Micky couldn’t
the character’s name, so I helped him out and shouted,
“Van! V-A-N! Van!” Micky didn’t think Don Kirshner was in the film
and I
said, “yes, he was.” He concluded by saying he had only seen a half
or so of it, “I don’t like watching shows about me.” [note: since he
recorded an audio commentary for the DVD, he apparently has seen all
of the
movie.] Later on he said he hasn’t seen the recent DVD of the
Anaheim concert.

Someone else asked if his hair was naturally straight or curly.
laughed and said, “I don’t know what’s my natural hair, now it’s not
lot”. About how his hair got curly he said, “I don’t know, maybe I
comb it.” His hair was straight when he was young, then became wavy
his father’s [note: you can see this in George Dolenz’s old films].
his hair was bleached for Circus Boy and the roots grew out. Then
style was the “Tony Donohue” look with pompadours and all. For the
pilot his hair was a mess and he “had to comb it down.” Next he
Davy’s hair and tried to copy that, then he copied Michael’s hair.
not sure how his hair got curly. Micky said maybe it was after an
night party when he was laying on the grass watching the trees grow
when he got up his hair was messed up, and he left it “natural.”

He said he doesn’t listen to music much, and when he does it’s
show tunes or Beatles “these songs are burned in my brain”. He
can “hear a
Beatles song and know the next album cut” on the American record
doesn’t know the UK albums). Micky doesn’t have a favorite Beatles
but his favorite Monkees song is Pleasant Valley Sunday which ends
“notes that only dogs can hear.” It’s more challenging musically
than most
of the Monkees songs, pop songs that have good melodies but are not
demanding vocally.

I asked Micky which of the Las Vegas/MGM Grand performances were used
the “Live at Las Vegas 2001” CD. He didn’t have a clue. “I don’t
the night, I probably forgot where I parked my car”. He didn’t know
they did the Vegas shows, and some of us in front of the stage
back, “April!” He said one of the guys in the back-up band knows
show and every venue they play.

He was asked about his “Micky Braddock” stage name that a fan saw in
early Monkees advertisement, and his first acting jobs. “Circus Boy”
his first paid acting job, and before that his first job was a pilot
“Rings of Saturn” where his hair was dyed black and his father
coached him
on how to speak like a Mexican boy. His character had a big
magical bull that fell from Saturn. The pilot was never filmed.

To the question if the Monkees had any influence on any Beatles
songs, he
said “I doubt it.” He said many Beatles lyrics were obscure, about
specific, although he would “be pleased” if there had been an
influence. When asked how he felt about outselling the Beatles, he
that “only lasted a couple of weeks, a minute” but it “felt great.”

Someone down front showed Micky a photo of a Monkees tribute band.
said he doesn’t go to tributes, but “imitation is the most sincere
form of
flattery.” A fan asked Micky to do his “Jimmy Cagney” impersonation,
he obliged. He said perhaps that was his “Jimmy Cagney tribute.”

A fan mentioned that they had seen him “take the dive” into the pool
at the
Hollywood Bowl show [1968?]. Micky laughed and asked if the fan had
pictures of that. He remembered jumping into the pool and throwing
the mike at the last minute so he wouldn’t be electrocuted.

When asked about his relationship to the other Monkees, Micky said
they are
“closer than friends or co-workers, more like brothers. Sometimes
really love your family and sometimes you don’t.”

A fan asked which musical instruments Micky can play. He feels he’s
on acoustic guitar and that’s what he plays with the Monkees [note: I
he means rhythm guitar. I saw him play an electric guitar at a solo
show]. He plays a little piano, mainly when writing tunes. He was
on classical piano and classical guitar, which he still plays a
. As for drumming, he admitted he’s passable (or adequate–I don’t
the exact word used) on the songs he knows, but he couldn’t go into a
studio to play for other bands or read notes. He isn’t good enough
drumming session work which he admitted is “hard”.

He told about meeting some of the Monkees songwriters who worked in
“Brill Building West” on Sunset in Hollywood. It was an old
building converted into offices. Lester Sills took him in one day,
knocking on the doors and introducing him to the writers. Micky also
mentioned he had several day jobs before The Monkees auditions,
what sounded like Wallick (Wallach?) Music Store (I didn’t see such a
listing in the phone book, so it may no longer exist or have changed

Somehow Ami’s acting career came up, and he gave a ad for Ami’s
school, Theatricks, and mentioned the webpage address. He encouraged
with children and teens to take their kids there for acting lessons.

Regarding the Monkees songs, he told how he used to record three to
lead vocals in one night after working ten hours in the studio. He
feel he always did a good job on the vocals, and today when he
listens to
those recordings he says, “hit the notes, schmuck!” Some of their
songs now sound a bit silly “when you’re a 58 year old guy. These
were written for a 16 year old guy singing to 14 year old girls.” He
improvised a silly pop song, “let me walk you home from school, carry
books” and said an older man could get into trouble singing that! A
asked about “Gonna Buy Me a Dog” and Micky said they had tried to
that for a concert once, but it just didn’t work. He didn’t remember
singing “I Wanna Be Free” and I shouted, “there’s a fast version of
singing that.” He seemed puzzled and I said, “yeah, it was released,
one of the Missing Links albums.” He didn’t know that [note: it’s on
Missing Links 2, and he also sang it during a 1981 Japan solo
tour]. However, he does remember recording “The Girl I Knew
because it was the “first song recorded when we were allowed in the
studio.” Micky had shot a home movie of that event, but now he can’t
find it!

After the session, Micky left the stage to sign autographs [note:
signature was free, whereas Pete Best charged $20!]. For some odd
he did autographs standing up, not sitting at a table. A
looking videocamera recorded the signing. At one point, Micky left
introduce the Beatles tribute band, then returned. In the line ahead
of me
were two young, pretty girls whom I recognized from the Peter Noone
Park concert from last summer. Apparently they followed Noone and
the Teen
Idols tour extensively. This must be where Micky had met them,
because he
greeted them and hugged them as he returned to his signing. When it
was my
turn, I gave Micky an 8X10 photo of him I had taken this summer at a
show. He didn’t say a word as he signed, not even “hello” or “thanks
coming.” I asked him to sign a set list I had taken from the Anaheim
concert. He seemed surprised I had it and said, “Oh! You got one!”
wanted to quickly mention I saw Ami’s play last year, but he turned
and went to the person behind me. It was a rather abrupt ending to
otherwise Pleasant (San Gabriel) Valley Sunday.

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