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Season One DVD Set News! Videoranch Update!

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List=97-

**SSB Dates Cancelled / On TV**
Both of Shoe Suede Blues’ performances (7/18 & 7/19) at the 6th
Street Grill in Ft. Worth, TX have been cancelled. The reasoning for
the cancellations is not known at this time. Micky’s appearance
as “Gordon” on the “Band On The Run” episode of “Boy Meets World”
will air on the Disney Channel on April 20 at 4:30pm EST. Also, the
teen idols special, “Bubblegum Babylon,” will air on VH1 on April 14
at 1am & April 22 at 8pm EST.

**Extended Live Summer Tour DVD**
For the past few months, Monkee fans have rallied together to show
their interest in a limited edition extended “Live Summer Tour” DVD
which would feature the whole uncut concert performed on August 31,
2001. The DVD that is available now only includes 18 of over 30
songs & comedy spots that were a part of this historic concert.
Recently, I got an update straight from a King Biscuit Entertainment
representative on the status of the DVD. I was told that it
is “definitely a possibility” that they will release it, but also to
keep in mind that it is “considered a future project.” “So while it
is a possibility, there is no scheduled production and probably will
not be (if it happens) for at least a few months,” they stated. So,
if you want this DVD, which would include all the parts missed in
the original DVD, such as “Your Auntie Grizelda,” “Long Title: Do I
Have To Do This All Over Again,” “No Time,” “Since I Fell For
You,” “Lucille,” “It’s Nice To Be With You,” “The Porpoise
Song/Listen To The Band,” “I Wanna Be Free/I’ll Love You Forever,”
Peter’s Bach piece, the opening overture, all comedy skits &
dialogue, and more… visit
requests on their homepage as well as email messages!

For more of this newsletter, visit The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site at – An official Monkees site”> – An official Monkees site
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From: “Chris Coyle”

Just got this from a buddy who’s a DVD distributor

Street date 5/13
$89.95 srp

Entire Season 1 in chronological order
32 episodes on 6xDVD
5.1 audio
Ep 1- director James Frawley, Davy Jones
Ep 3- Peter Tork and Robert Rafelson (seperate commentaries)
Ep 10- Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork
Ep 12- Nesmith
Ep 14- Frawley
Ep 15- Jones
Ep 32- Nesmith, Tork, Bobby Hart (all separate)
16mm version of pilot
Memorabilia gallery
Kelloggs commericals

Chris Coyle


From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Hello from Videoranch!
The Wichita Train Whistle Sings MP3: The Wichita Train Whistle Sings
is now available in its entirety as an MP3! Click here to purchase
all ten tracks of this album as one downloadable MP3 file for $8.00.
This album consists of unusual arrangements of songs such as ‘Nine
Times Blue’, ‘Don’t Cry Now’, ‘Papa Gene’s Blues’, and ‘You Just May
Be The One’ (this arrangement was played by a marching band in the
Rose Parade in the late 60’s).

New Nez Album Review: We recently read a great review of Nez’ early
work. Click here to read the review.

SALE! We have 3 new sale items this week:
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The Prison CD is $10.95, regularly $16.95.
The Prison/ Garden 2 CD set is $19.95, regularly $29.95.

Plus, for the month of April, if you buy a Blossom Special CD you
can choose 14 songs for the CD, instead of usual 12.

And, get a free VHS of Timerider when you buy any of the long-
sleeved or short-sleeved Timerider T-shirts Buy the t-shirt(s)
first, and you will be offered the VHS when you check out.

Stop by Videoranch and check out the updates to our site, including
some new photos of Nez in the studio with percussionist Luis Conte
and drummer Gregg Bissonette.

The Videoranch Staff


From: “Cory Snyder”

Hi. I’ve never sent to this alert-list before, but I wanted to let
you know that “The Brady Bunch Movie” (with Davy, Micky, & Peter) is
due on DVD June 10th (widescreen, but no special features) & that
the complete series of “The Ben Stiller Show” (featuring “The
Monkees” parody “The Grungies” & a cameo by Micky) is due on DVD
June 3rd.

Also, the Disney documentary “Hey Hey We’re The Monkees” is
available on DVD via the Sam Goody website & on Ebay. It is an
import from Holland, playable on U.S. players, but, sadly, has no
special features (none of the bonus footage available on Rhino’s
video edition) – not even a menu screen! Chapters are randomly
assigned & the colors seem faded compared to versions we’ve
previously seen. It’s relatively cheap (under $20), but I’d
recommend holding out for a Rhino DVD reissue.


From: “Abigail Maddison”


TV for Britain Monkees wise 5th April – 11th April:

Not much as such but there is proper Monkees.

Vanilla Sky is still being shown on the PPV channels all week.

UK Gold & UK Gold 2 are showing The Weakest Link at various times
through out the week watch out for the Monkees questions that have
been used.

Sky One starts showing Batman at 7am Monday through out the week may
have the eppi that Micky did voice on.

Paramount starts running King Of Queens again from the 9th watch out
for the eppi with Peter as the band leader, it has been shown
before, I managed to catch it.

9th April – Sky Movies Premier 3 1.50pm & 7pm Shrek

11th April – Sky Movies Cinema 2 5.25pm Head

Notable mention has to be BBC2 showing the Three Stooges bio film on
the 11th April as it was directed by none other than James Frawley!



From: “Melhi”

The Monkees 36 All Time Favorites 3 Pak from Timeless Music that was
mentioned in the latest Alert was released in 2002. I’ve had it
listed in the Monkees Music FAQ discography for quite some time and
I’ve been seeing it for sale at Sams Clubs and online through both
Timeless Music’s website and Timeless Music’s Ebay auctions for
several months.

It has been out long enough that if a particular Sams Club or Costco
location doesn’t have it in stock, it’s a safe bet that the title
has sold out at that location. In that case, ask a manager whether
they’ve ordered replacement copies, try another Sam’s or Costco
location or buy it direct from Timeless Music, online.


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