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March 27, 2011 by  
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From: Belle

Monday, October 2, some Monkees songs will be aired and talked about on
KBOO 90.7 FM, Portland, Oregon. We are doing a variety spoken word &
music special from 10-11 PM, Pacific Time. You can tune in online at It will include some stuff from the Headquarters sessions
and from Missings Links. My boyfriend & I fortunately have the
opportunity to design our own show this week in place of the usual
“Talking Earth” program run by Barbara LaMorticella. Feel free to give
your feedback during the show at 503-231-8187, and after the show at
503-750-5431, or e-mail me at Let me know how
it sounds!


From: ESME

I was checking out the latest issue of Rolling stone with Goldie Hawns
daughter, the girl from Almost famous. Well anyway, in the magazine there’s a
little blurb on the new book that rolling stone came out with. Well they
showed some pictures that the book has and one of them is the monkees. Its
quite funny, its them as monkeys, nez has these big monkey ears and the wool
hat. a funny picture.

ok thats it,



From: “Band 6”

If you are looking for the Monkeemobile plastic model by AMT/ERTL then check

They are selling it for $8.45 + postage – cheaper than ebay

Postage is $5.50 for USA and you need to email them at for the cost of air mail postage to the UK

Kirk & Sue


From: dave jones

I don’t know if anybody else listens to Danny Bonaduce’s (Partridge Family)
syndicated radio show, but this morning, just as I’m pulling into work, I hear
the name “Davy Jones”. Shore ’nuff, some girl named Jennifer Jones (not
the talk-show gal) wanted Davy to sing “Daydream Believer” to her, and Davy
called Danny’s show back to oblige. Boy, it sounded like Davy wanted to get
it overwith quick, he sang about 10 seconds starting with “Cheer up sleepy
and it sounded like he just woke up. A half-hearted effort, but at least he
did it.

Nice way to start a Monday morning, some live Monkee music!


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