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New Tour dates – Canada!

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From: Brad Waddell
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Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!


Dec 1 Bentonville, AR

Jan 11 Casino Rama Rama, Ontario Canada
Jan 12 Casino Rama Rama, Ontario Canada
Jan 25 Grand Casino Onamia, Minnesota

Mar 21 Clyde Auditorium Glasgow, Scotland
Mar 23 Newcastle, UK Newcastle Arena
Mar 24 Sheffield, UK Sheffield Arena
Mar 26 Manchester, UK M.E.N. Arena
Mar 27 Birmingham, UK N.E.C.
Mar 28 London, UK Wembley Arena

Apr 10 Scottsdale, AZ Fairmont Princess Hotel

Apr 14 Boston, MA Weston Copley Plaza Hotel


From: “Lora Keyes”

Attention Monkees fans!
I called Casino Rama yesterday and they told me that the Monkees were not
confirmed yet. Now today I went onto and sure enough
they are selling tickets for the shows Jan 11 and Jan 12! Their web site has nothing on it at all regarding The Monkees. Both
shows are at 9:00pm and tickets are $35.00 CANADIAN so about $24.00 in US
dollars, very cheap!
Casino Rama is about an hour north of Toronto in the province of
Ontario. Toronto is less than 2 hours from Buffalo, NY if that helps anyone.
The hotel there is not yet finished as far as I could see (was there 3
weeks ago) so if you are having problems finding a place e-mail me and I’ll
help you out best I can.
The closest airport is Toronto’s Pearson Airport and is about an hour or
more from there.
Hope to see you there! I’ve got 2nd row and 5th row, so you’ve still got
time to get good seats!
Lora Keyes


From: Mary Jo Chrabasz

Just found a new show while exploring — it’s called “Battle of the
Bands” and the description is as follows:

“Dean Corrin’s comedy about matrimony, middle age, and
the Monkees. When Steve’s brother’s marriage hits the
rocks, he needs a place to stay — and wants Steve to
dust off his electric guitar and “get the band back
together.” Watch what happens when marriage and
family are threatened in this garage rock comedy.”

It will be playing at the Victory Gardens Theater in
Chicago, previews beginning March 22, 2002, opening
April 1, 2002 and running through May 5, 2002.

Lenora McCoy

Mary Jo Chrabasz

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From: ladychong

Hi! I was watching TRL today and they were discussing the new Incubus
video for “Wish You Were Here”, which had to be remade because the
original version showed the band running from screaming girls and
jumping off a bridge a la HEAD. Anyway, the lead singer told Ian
Robinson that the original video was a tribute to HEAD and he spent a
little bit explaining the movie HEAD, and then MTV showed about 30-40
seconds of the beginning scene in HEAD when the boys were running and
jumping off the bridge, which amazed me because I thought MTV “banned”
anything Monkees, and also, they showed this during TRL, the most
popular show on MTV. Cool stuff!


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