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New SSB Date! Tork/Stanley Christmas CD!

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From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Online Mailing List–

**Tork & JLS Rehearse For Show**
Peter’s good friend & musical partner, James Lee Stanley recently
gave me latest scoop on what he & Peter have been doing to prepare
for their upcoming concert on November 23, which will be recorded
for a future live album. He said they have been practicing songs
from both of their album releases and will chose the set after
they’ve played everything for a few days and determine what will
work best. They have rehearsals again this week as well as everyday
during the week of the show. “It should be the best we’ve ever
been,” he said. They will also be performing solo segments during
their concert. Although James isn’t sure what Peter has setup for
the fans, he has all new songs & stories for his solo set.

**Extended Versions CD**
Contrary to what was previously reported, “Extended Versions,” the
shortened version of the “Live Summer Tour” CD does not include “No
Time,” but instead features an edited version of “Long Title: Do I
Have To Do This All Over Again?” (Thanks Barry)

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From: “Carlisle”

New Shoe Suede Blues date:

November 14, 2003
The Jungle
4712 South County Road 45
Owatonna, Minnesota 55060
Phone: (507) 444-9890
Tickets: $10
The Rock Factors will be opening for Shoe Suede Blues at 9PM. Shoe
Suede Blues will go on at 11PM.


From: Brad Waddell

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Radio Beat: It sounds like ’90s music could be the next big format
on Seattle dials


“Rock and Roll Time Machine” at 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Sunday includes an
interview with Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees.

P-I reporter Bill Virgin can be reached at 206-448-8319 or


From: James Lee Stanley

just a heads up to let you know that peter and i (along with my
sister pamala and the estimable tom paxton) have created a wonderful
twelve song christmas cd that will be available next week. among the
mostly new songs are peter’s choral arrangement of masters in this
hall. he played the harpsichord, the french horn and did all the
voices. it’s quite a piece of work. and i myself finally recorded my
infamous blending of the words from deck the halls with the music
from the dance of the sugar plum faeries for a pretty amazing choral
piece. lots of beautiful music and this is a four panel fold out
cd. the biggest package that beachwood has ever released. and there
are tons of photos. the price is the usual $15 plus $3.50 s&h. it’s
easiest to purchase on my website,
it’s on the opening page.

check it out and have a great holiday season.


From: “Videoranch Foreman”


For years now we’ve been getting requests for a Michael Nesmith
Songbook, and we hope to have one available in time for the
holidays. In the mean time, we have made a few of the songs that
will be in the Songbook available as MP3s. You can go to the
Videoranch Products Page and you’ll see the new MP3s listed in the
MP3 category on the right-hand side. Light, Harmony Constant, and
Juliana will all be part of the new Songbook.

We no longer have issues of the Tokion Magazine available through
Videoranch although you can purchase them directly from the Tokion
website if you would like a copy. The September-October issue of
Tokion was dedicated to the ‘originals,’ and Nez finds himself in
great company. There were interviews with Stan Lee, Jim Jarmusch,
Debbie Harry, and plenty of others. We’ve transcribed the article
and posted it at the ranch for those of you who haven’t yet had the
chance to read it.

We’ve also begun production of The Television Parts Home Companion
DVD, and hope to release the soon DVD very soon. We’ll keep you


The Videoranch Staff


From: Wayne Avers – Monkees Guitarist

Monkees guitarist Wayne Avers will be appearing this sat 11/8 at the
Flying Saucer in downtown Nashville. He will be playing with the
Lauren Ellis Band. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Lauren Ellis is a
former member of Peter Tork’s Shoe Suede Blues band, and also served
as the guitar tech on the Monkees 2001 American tour.


From: “The Monkeegirl”

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big hits.

Prize 3. The Monkees: Our Favorite Episodes (DVD). The boys pick
their favorite episodes, which are all on this DVD.

Prize 4: The Monkees: Head (DVD). Newly remastered, full-length
movie in full frame format. With 8 minutes of trailers. “

Full details at

The Monkeegirl


From: “Kevin Baldwin”

Bobby Hart and I are developing a musical based upon his
collaborations with Tommy Boyce. There’s a section of the musical
that’s totally devoted to their involvement with the Monkees.
There’s a lot of buzz building about this project, and both Bobby
and I recently got interviewed by Worcester Magazine on how this
project came about. I thought it may be of interest to you and the
other Monkees fans out there.

Last train to Popsville
Kevin Baldwin revives the music of Boyce & Hart
By Brian Goslow

It’s just after 1 p.m. on Saturday, and director Kevin Baldwin is
calling out the names of children who are performing in Hot Rod Hot
Dogs, K & K Productions’ upcoming theatrical presentation. He gives
each a copy of a CD bearing the number they’ll be performing on the
St. Matthew’s Parish stage this weekend while wife Karen (the other
K in K & K) measures them for their stage costumes. The rehearsal
begins to the sound of “Journey of Love” by Bobby Hart =97 as in Tommy
Boyce and Bobby Hart, the songwriting duo that gave us many of The
Monkees’ greatest hits, including “Theme from the
Monkees,” “Steppin’ Stone,” and “Last Train to Clarksville.” They
also penned “Alice Long” and “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight?”
(Top 40 hits under their own names) as well as the theme music
to “Days of Our Lives,” which has resulted in 40 years of royalty

It takes an obsessively devoted fan to create a theatrical
production based on his favorite musical heroes and that’s exactly
what Baldwin is doing. Hot Rod Hot Dogs is the first step of a
larger project =97 Sunshine Pop: The Story of Tommy Boyce and Bobby

“I’ve been a Monkees fan and a Boyce & Hart fan going back to high
school,” Baldwin explains. “I approached Caroline Boyce [Tommy
Boyce’s widow =97 he committed suicide in 1994] in April about what it
would take to acquire music to their songs which hadn’t been hits.
She said she had been approached by a number of people about using
the hits but they wanted to focus on his suicide. I told her my
interest was in the music and telling the story of how they got
together, before they got together, and after they were together. I
told her I didn’t want to touch areas that have nothing to do with
the music they produced.”

She agreed with the proposal and arranged a conference call between
Baldwin and Tommy Hart. “He loved the idea,” Baldwin says, “and we
worked on the script over the summer and have been hammering and
tweaking it ever since.”

Hart, speaking from his California office, says he had to give
Baldwin a course in ’60s lingo. “He’s from a different generation so
I had some reservations about the dialogue. It was just about the
way we spoke back then.”

As part of his research, Baldwin has talked with Keith Allison, a
Boyce & Hart cohort best known for his role with Paul Revere and the
Raiders. “He said Tommy was pure pop with a surf side while Bobby
was into R & B and the blues.”

In the midst of his research, Baldwin received a Boyce & Hart Holy
Grail =97 a CD compilation of their pre-Monkees-period solo records
that had been compiled by a Japanese collector. The songs on the
disc are the soundtrack to Hot Rod Hot Dogs, a 1950s-based story of
a racetrack/dragstrip diner that an evil major wants to pull down
and turn into a golf course. “The kids are trying to save the
restaurant,” says Baldwin, whose five-year-old daughter Amanda has a
role in the 15-song show, which features bobby soxers, cheerleaders,
hot rods, jukeboxes and poodle skirts. The music will be arranged by
Jim Perry of the local rock band Hothouse.

“It’s kind of amazing that someone would be that interested in the
music 40 years later,” says Hart of Baldwin’s devotion to the
project. “He’s immersed himself in our careers.”

Baldwin hopes the kids have a good enough time with Hot Rod Hot Dogs
that they’ll bring their enthusiasm to the production of Sunshine

“The hope is to reignite interest in Boyce & Hart,” Baldwin
says. “Why they aren’t in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the
Songwriters Hall of Fame is beyond me =97 that’s the premise of
Sunshine Pop =97 a reporter interviews them with the intention of
beginning the process to get them inducted.” If things go as
planned, Sunshine Pop will have its world premiere in Worcester in
the fall of 2004. “I’d sure love to be there,” Hart says.

Brian Goslow may be reached at

Take care,
Kevin T. Baldwin
K & K Productions, Inc.


From: “Katie Rasmussen”

I go to Carleton College in Northfield MN, which I’m sure many of
you know, is where Peter went for a little while. I was reading The
Voice (our alumni magazie) today and there is a ‘Great Big Carleton
Quiz’ and number 42 is “Peter Thorkelson ’64 left Carleton to join
what musical group?” The answer, of course, is the Monkees. Our game
room on campus is called “The Peter Tork Game Room” because he
supposidly spent more time there than in classes…which doesn’t
make sense because the game room wasn’t there when he was here. But
it’s still entertaining. 🙂

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