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New Nez Release in UK – Micky Review

March 27, 2011 by  
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We have gotten many reports on the venues for the Monkees tour not having
confirmed dates and not knowing when tickets will be available. We don’t
know what the problem is but we have asked for more details on the dates
and will let you know as soon as we find out anything. thanks!


From: “Bandsix”

Hi guys

“Magnolia Sue Waller” from Band 6 here.

I just got a phone call from a record company here in London to say that
the week after next they are releasing Nevada Fighter and Tantamount To
Treason as a double CD. Nez has edited the liner notes for it and there
are THREE BONUS TRACKS included. One is Cantata in Fugue (instrumental),
one is Smoke Smoke Smoke (a song about the “joys” of cigarette smoking) and
the other is Rose City Chimes (previously released as the b-side of a vinyl
single but never before on CD).

Because of licensing laws they are currently only allowed to sell within
the UK.

Liner notes and photo of the cover will be on the Band 6 website within the
next day or
two. “>>



From: “Steven Bradley”

attached is a review of micky dolenz on ‘the 100 greatest no 1’s of all
time’ from uk tv
on saturday jan 6th 2001.
please feel free to use it.

Micky on `The 100 Greatest No 1’s of All Time’, Channel 4, January 6th

This marathon 4 hour programme was the result of votes cast by people in
the music industry as well as around 100,000 ordinary members of the
British public. The programme ran down the top 100 hits in reverse order,
the only criteria being that it had to have been a UK No 1 single. I
expected `I’m A Believer’ to feature early on – that is, at the lower end
of the 100 – as in the UK the Monkees profile is currently low, and their
reputation with the public generally is as simply a `manufactured band for
TV’ when of course we know there was more to them than that!

I was pleased, then, that Micky didn’t appear on the programme until we had
reached number 17, the respectable placing in this poll for the Monkees
only UK chart-topper. “OK, ready, everybody?” announced an excited Micky,
“here they come” he yelled, sticking his fingers in his ears as 60’s
footage started of the boys playing the song. It was the ‘performance’
(gold shirts) rather than a ‘romp’.

“The Monkees wasn’t a band, the Monkees was a television show about a band.
An imaginary band that didn’t exist” explained Micky, “and still doesn’t
exist”. It seems to me that whenever Micky is working with the Monkees, he
is proud of the group, but when he is pursuing other projects, he dismisses

Accompanied now by a creative compilation of `romp’ footage, Micky went on.
“The Monkees was almost like a musical on television, cast in much the same
way” he suggested. “It was film tests, vocal tests…it went on and on and

On filming the series, Micky recalled with a smile that “We’d come out of
our dressing room after just partying! Eight o’clock in the morning, we’re
already going `Hey, what’s happening! Alright, party! Camera! Hi, camera!’
” as he looks directly into the camera, grinning.

Moving on to the recordings, Micky remembered that he would be “Going out
of sessions, like the `I’m A Believer’ sessions, and humming the songs,
which is always a good sign”. Accompanied by continuing film from the romps
and the opening titles, Micky told us “I did so much recording so quickly
and I listen back now, to like even `I’m A Believer’ and I go `Oh my God!’
– it was probably two o’clock in the morning. My voice is cracking on the
high notes. God, that vocal sucks!” You do yourself a disservice, Micky,
and I’m sure the 10 million or so who bought the record would agree.

Micky concluded his reminiscence of the classic hit. “This was an imaginary
group that, fortunately I think, in the long run, we actually had the goods
to back it up”. Just when you though you had escaped from the old Star Trek
joke.”You know, the Monkees becoming a real band, I’ve often said, is like
Leonard Nimoy really becoming a Vulcan”.

The song and the performance (especially Micky’s vocal) are
magnificent, and it was refreshing to see it do so well in a nationwide
poll, 34 years after it’s initial success. By the way, The Beatles `Hey
Jude’ was number 3, Queen’s `Bohemian Rhapsody’ at 2, and John Lennon’s
beautiful `Imagine’ was voted the best UK No 1 of all time.

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