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New Nez CD and reissue – Micky Cruise

March 27, 2011 by  
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From: “Videoranch Foreman” (Nesmith company)


Television Parts Home Companion: The Television Parts Home Companion is now
available on VHS for $12.95, plus shipping and handling. It’s a Videoranch
exclusive. Only in the “Home Companion” will you find “The Voyage of the
Kona Tiki”, rare documentary footage of one man’s valiant attempt to cross
the Pacific in a Polynesian Restaurant. Guaranteed to make you laugh, get
one while they last.
Click “>>Click
here to order.

Tropical Campfires CD: We now have an all new Tropical Campfires CD! The
cover art is finally as Nez had originally intended (he did the work
himself), and it looks great. This is going to be a must have for Nez
Click here “>>Click here
to get your copy now.

Live at the Palais: Thank you all for an overwhelming “yes” in response to
our query “Should we put Live at the Palais out on CD?”. We had no idea so
many people felt strongly about that album. Nez went along with it and it’s
official: we’re going to put it out. We have no date set for it now but
we’re hoping to have it available in time for the holidays. We are going
to add 4 or 5 never before released live tracks. These tracks will be from
concerts spanning the early 70s through the 90s. We’ve been going through
recordings and found some great stuff. His early 80s concert at the
Armadillo World Headquarters is unbelievable. We’ll choose at least one
song from that show. KPIG radio will be happy about this release because
they insist Palais has the best version of Rio on it.

Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks: Speaking of Nez concerts, Dan Hicks and the
Hot Licks used to open for Nez in the 70’s. Their new album, Beatin’ the
Heat, is fabulous. It’s their first album in years and they’ve still got
it. Very sophisticated with a good sense of humor. It’s another of KPIG’s
picks and we’re sure you’ll like it. We’ve been singing along with it all
day here at the ranch.

You can also listen to samples by going to the KPIG Sty in VR3D. Click
here to “>>here to
buy the CD.

Here’s a little piece of Nez trivia: One of the Hot Licks, Sid Page, is a
fiddle player and violinist. He played violin on The Garden with Nez.
Listen “>>Listen
…real pretty, huh?

The Story of Me: A new little movie by Michael Panes. This film is a
humorous piece about a man who chronicles his relationship with his wife on
his laptop as it occurs. You can watch “The Story of Me” by going to the
Formosa Diner page on “>>Formosa Diner page on
the 2D site. You’ll need Real Player to play it and you can download that
from there. We’ve also got it playing in VR3D. Just click on the Rocket TV
floating at the entrance to the Connection Corral. If you need to download
VR3D software click here.”>>here.

Thanks for your interest in Videoranch. We love working here. It’s nice to
facilitate getting an artists work directly from him to you. Please email
us with any requests you might have and we’ll be sure to ignore them (just
kidding – making sure you’re actually reading our newsletter closely).

Asst. to Bubba Crutch
1807 2nd Street Unit #22
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(866) PAPA NEZ
(505) 988-3034


From: Derek

Michael Nesmith is reportedly working on a new music CD called Nez Rays. No
word yet whether it is a soundtrack for the Fried Pies movie he is working
on, or whether he will sing on this CD.


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Micky Dolenz Fanz Cruise / November 2001

Micky Dolenz will appear on a cruise in the fall and out of Florida. I’m
getting the flyer put together. E-mail me at the address: or call (407)-671-8378 with any questions.

Rose Eckhoff


From: “Elmore, Deborah”

Gotta get up early for this one. Micky Dolenz stars in Invisible Mom 2 on
Showtime. Fri. 10/13, 6am and Sat. 10/28, 6:20am PST. See your
local listings for channel in your time zone.


From: “Kellie Arrowood”

The message about Mickey Dolenz’ comments in TV Guide was incorrect. The
TV Guide dates were wrong. The comments are in the Oct. 14-20 issue with
Melina Kanakaredes on the cover.

Kellie Arrowood

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