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New Nesmith Updates

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From: “Steven Bradley”

the new UK cd compilation, ‘The Definitive Monkees’, entered the UK album
chart at number 15 this week. it’s success has been helped by advertisments
on TV and in the national newspapers.


Review of Michael Nesmith album “Live At The Palais”

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Live At The Palais is one of the rare concert recordings=

released by Michael “Papa Nez” Nesmith. In the early =9190s, when the r=
est of
his back catalogue was being issued on CD, Nez refused to allow the disc to=

be included in overhaul =97 citing dissatisfaction with the performance. Du=
to the demand of enthusiasts worldwide, consent was granted to not only
reissue the disc, but also to compliment the package with nearly a
half-hour of additional music. The material covered here is primarily
derived from the half-dozen albums Nez did on RCA Records in the early =917=
=97 the singular exception being “Capsule” from the cryptically titled=

Infinite Rider On The Big Dogma long player. A majority of the tracks are
refugees from one of Nesmith’s most fertile creative periods in the late=

=9160s, just prior to leaving the Monkees. “Calico Girlfriend”,
“Propinquity”, “Some Of Shelly’s Blues”, “Crippled Lion” and =
“Listen to the
Band” =AD are all tunes Nesmith recorded as both a Monkee and solo artist=
. On
Live At The Palais, Nesmith’s folk-tinged originals are replaced by
electric and decidedly more emotive renderings. While much of the folksy
spirit remains, songs such as “Calico Girlfriend” and “Some Of Shelly=
Blues” have matured =97 featuring the essence of the Southwest Americana =
Nesmith’s music so aptly depicts. The bonus material is as strong as =97 =
not arguably more potent than =97 the Palais performance. From a 1981 show =
the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas comes another, albeit
heavier, version of “Grand Ennui” as well as the only live version of t=
previously mentioned “Capsule”. The other pair of bonus tracks is from =
concert sponsored by Gretsch Guitars in 1995. Incidentally, Nesmith owned
one of only three electric 12-string Gretsch guitars manufactured in the
mid to late =9160s. His affinity is obvious and translates into some
outstanding music ranging from the tender “Crippled Lion” to the raucou=
“Listen To The Band.” Live At The Palais is only available through
Nesmith’s on-line mail order site. =97 Lindsay=

1. Grand Ennui (Nesmith) – 7:24
2. Calico Girlfriend (Nesmith) – 4:57
3. Propinquity (I’ve Just Begun to Care) (Nesmith) – 6:12
4. Joanne (Nesmith) – 7:09
5. Roll With the Flow (Nesmith) – 6:17
6. Some of Shelly’s Blues (Nesmith) – 5:35
7. Silver Moon (Nesmith) – 6:39
8. Nadine (Nesmith) – 6:50


Review of Michael Nesmith CD “Live At The Britt Festival”

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Some might recall Live At The Britt Festival as a
performance video released in 1992. This two-disc set is basically the
audio track of that programme. The sound is opulent; accurately recreating=

the organic acoustics on opening night of the 30th anniversary Peter Britt=

Festival in Jackson, Oregon. Nesmith states in his liner notes he feels
“ever fortunate that [he] had the good sense to record this show.” That=
an understatement. Like others stops on the brief =85 tropical campfires =
tour, this performance offers a stellar sampling of material from every
phase of Nesmith’s diverse musical career =97 including his first Monkees=

side “Papa Gene’s Blues”. However the vast majority of the show spotl=
his post-Monkee solo career. The timeless nature of Nesmith’s composition=
has served them well. Songs such as “Propinquity”, “The Upside Of Goo=
and the lilting “Two Different Roads” take on a matured persona =97 wit=
h the
folk wisdom that only comes from experience. The =85 tropical campfires =85=

tracks have a tremendous intimacy about them that is only achieved by the
right group of musicians performing the right music for the right crowd.
This is certainly the right group of musicians. Desert Rose Band string-man=

John Jorgensen and percussionist Luis Conte are brilliant and their
individual talents are underscored on tracks such as “Laugh Kills Lonesom=
and “Silver Moon” =97 the latter being one of many highlights. Live At =
Britt Festival is highly recommended for the avid enthusiast and curious
alike. =97 Lindsay Planer

1. Two Different Roads (Nesmith) – 3:49
2. Papa Gene’s Blues (Nesmith) – 4:50
3. Propinquinty (Nesmith) – 5:53
4. Some of Shelly’s Blues (Nesmith) – 3:17
5. Joanne (Nesmith) – 6:52
6. Tomorrow and Me (Nesmith) – 4:25
7. The Upside of Goodbye (Nesmith) – 3:32
8. Harmony Constant (Nesmith) – 4:23
9. Silver Moon (Nesmith) – 5:06
10. 5 Second Concerts (Nesmith) – 1:53
11. Yellow Butterfly (Nesmith) – 5:52
12. Moon over the Rio Grande (Nesmith) – 5:43
13. Juliana (Nesmith) – 6:08
14. Laugh Kills Lonesome (Nesmith) – 4:01
15. I Am Not That (Nesmith) – 2:31
16. Rising in Love (Nesmith) – 4:34
17. Rio (Nesmith) – 5:51
18. Different Drum (Nesmith) – 2:40
19. I Am Not That (Reprise) (Nesmith) – 2:43


VideoRanch is Michael Nesmith’s Company:

From: Videoranch Foreman

[VIDEORANCH NEWS] Videoranch News

Hi there,

Here’s a little Videoranch update for you!

New Reviews: Thanks to all of you for voting yes on the re-release of Live=

at the Palais! We thought you’d like to see what reviewer Lindsay Planer
had to say about the new Live at the Palais on CD in a review for All Media=

Guide, the world’s largest and most comprehensive entertainment information=

database for music, videos, DVD’s and video games. Click here to go
directly to the review of Live at the Palais. Purchase your very own copy
at Videoranch. You can also check out reviews of Live at the Britt here and=

the Timerider CD soundtrack review here!

New DVD’s: We now have Live at the Britt available on DVD! We’re also
anticipating the release of Tapeheads on DVD. If any of you saw the
recently released movie High Fidelity and enjoyed it, you won’t want to
miss Tapeheads. The DVD comes with a great commentary and a CD single of
the song ‘Ordinary Man’. Make sure to watch for Skip…

Imports: We should be getting the new Nevada Fighter/ Tantamount 2 on 1 CD=

any day now. It’s already been released in the UK and we’re looking forward=

to getting it here.A must have for collectors, BMG has done a beautiful job=

and added a never released track which sounds great!

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