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From: Brad Waddell

Nothing from the promoters yet, but Monkees Summer tour dates are slowly
leaking out. We have heard about them doing more US dates and then the UK -=

who knows where they will show up next? Stay tuned!

The Vegas show was way too short, and the audience was dead. I was glad we=

went to the Phoenix show, the concert in the round with the spinning stage=

was great, and they put 3 Nez songs back into the set, as well as For
Pete’s Sake, an excellent show – though I can’t get used to “I’m a
believer” leading into the acoustic set, unless there is a break in
between. Great show as always! Happy to meet all of the fans!




I’m a HUGE fan from Lexington, KY who recently had the amazing opportunity=

to see the guys at the Columbus Palce Theatre show and thought that would
be my last chance this year. However, in my local paper they have THE
MONKEES listed to appear at our new local Lexington Legends Ballpark on MAY=

27th SUNDAY and this is confirmed on the Kentucky Connect Website!!! Is
anyone aware of additional dates being added to the tour!?! I am presently=

trying to obtain additional info and will let you know, but if anyone has
heard anything, please email me and let me know!!!
Becki Hogsten


From: “Robert P. Scaglione”

Hey Brad and everyone!

Brad, I sent an e-mail to you yesterday saying that I heard on the radio
that the Monkees and the Beach Boys were going on tour this summer. Well, I
e-mailed the DJ that said this and here is what he wrote back:

At this point it’s just a rumor, but it looks like there will be a Beach
Boys/Monkees tour this
summer. Beach Boys are in Sarasota June 7 for two sold-out shows, then
they’re off for a tour of
Europe. Don’t have any details, but will let you know as soon as they’re
available. Thanks for the email, and thank you for listening.

I just wanted to pass this along! I hope the concerts are great and
everyone if having a blast! My fingers are crossed for a summer tour!

Laura Scaglione


From: Knos

Did you know that the brand new CD: ONCE AGAIN is now available by Peter To=
and James Lee Stanley. It can be ordered through Beachwood Recordings.
Here is one of the links:
The Official James Lee Stanle=”>”>The Official James Lee Stanle=
y Web
Let me know if you need more info.


From: “Valorie Winn”

Screen Gems is airing an episode of The Monkees on Friday the 20th. I
went to their web site to look at the schedule, but they didn’t have
one. So I don’t know which episode or if it will be on again, but i
just wanted to make sure that everyone knew.


From: Estrella Lee

The following is an article I found from the
Albuquerque Journal that contains a telephone
interview with Peter about The Monkees’ concert.
Here’s the link to see it in a better format:


– – –

Friday, March 30, 2001

Be a Believer

By David Steinberg
Journal Staff Writer

The bubble-gum pop group that started out life as a
made-for-TV boy band is coming to Albuquerque almost
35 years after its first episode aired.
Well, at least three-fourths of the aging,
ageless Monkees =97 who spawned the hits “Daydream
Believer,” “Last Train to Clarksville” and “I’m a
Believer” =97 will be at Kiva Auditorium for its concert
Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork, three
of the original Monkees, will be there.
Michael Nesmith, the fourth Monkee, hasn’t gone
on the road with the band since the late 1960s, except
for a 1997 tour of England and Ireland.
Are they aging?
Tork, for example, just turned 59. “I’ve had a
bit of a cold recently. I’m fighting it off with
echinacea and Vitamin C,” Tork said in a phone
interview from Columbus, Ohio.
“But my voice seems to be doing OK…. Overall,
my voice is probably in better shape than it’s ever
been. Mickey is singing way better than he’s ever
been. He’s an astounding machine if you just want a
pure pop singer who can do almost anything with his
“And Davy sings pretty little ditties that get
the hearts aflutter,” Tork added.
Are they ageless? Do graying guys still get
Tork had a quick sociological take on the
Monkees’ audiences.
“There are screaming young things, screaming
middle-age things and a few screaming old things,” he
“Some of the original Monkees fans are now
mature, responsible adults. They’ve brought their
children and some their grandchildren. There are a
substantial number of kids in single-digit years, an
awful lot of teen-agers and a lot of attractive 20s,
30s, 40s and 50s. It’s really an astounding thing.”
What may be just as astounding is that the
Monkees keep going out on tour and fans keeping paying
to see them.
After tours in 1967 and ’68, the Monkees took a
tour break through the next decade. The Monkees sans
Nesmith returned to the road in 1986, ’87 and ’89,
then up and out again in 1996 and ’97.

Tork loves this business of touring. “It has its
compensations like nobody’s business,” he said. “Right
now I’m reclining in a kingsize bed in a suite in a
hotel in Columbus, Ohio. I’m sipping French roast
decaf, which is my favorite stuff, and I’ve got three
TVs in the room.”
Nice gig.
The peripatetic life of a musician is still
entertaining for Tork.
And he keeps his hand in other musical projects.
He performs with the band Shoe Suede Blues, which
opens for the Monkees, and is in a pop-music duo with
his singer/songwriter friend James Lee Stanley.
Tork, a Washington, D.C., native who lives in Los
Angeles, said he’s a born entertainer. Truly.
Even before he was in school, Tork said he
remembers thoughts he had about being in show
business, or at least wanting attention.
“I remember, age 4, I didn’t know at the time but
I did notice it was pretty much, ‘Hey ma, look at me.’
I really wanted to be seen. Getting attention is part
of what I am,” he said.
Tork studied piano from age 9 to 14. By that time
he had learned to play a guitar and a five-string
banjo. In high school and in college, Tork played
French horn.
A few years later he migrated to the Greenwich
Village folk scene playing bass in clubs and coffee
Whether Tork, nee Thorkelson, was being
threatened with eviction from the city or whether it
was a fantasy for something much less sinister, he
indeed left New York for the West Coast.
“I was instructed to leave town by agencies
unknown, unseen, unheard but I understood very
clearly…. Whatever it was, I was given to know it
was time,” Tork said.
By the end of June he was in Los Angeles and
within six weeks of having arrived, Tork was
auditioning for a planned TV show called “The
The NBC-TV show debuted on Sept. 12, 1966, with
him in it.

As Tork gently approaches 60, he isn’t shy about
dressing up in outrageous outfits for this reunion
tour. And he will get heaps of attention.
He comes out on stage in something that might be
from an old Monty Python episode: “I wear a
three-quarter coat of red velvet and big brass buttons
cut in the continental version of the American
Colonial era. And red brocade pants. There’s an
anachronistic touch of red patent leather, gum-shoed
Dolenz, Tork said, walks out in a Johnny Cash
three-quarter-length black coat, black slacks and
black boots.
As for Davy, why he’s striding out in a gray
sparkle suit. Ooo-eee.
During the course of the show, however, the
winsome threesome change into something comfy =97
And comfort is what Tork finds on stage, perhaps
now more than ever.
“We’re insulting to each other in a really
friendly way,” he said.
“Davy has sometimes been an amazing improviser,
but as a whole we’re so much more comfortable,
laughing and goofing off and doing tunes.”


From: “Grant Taylor”


Slated for release on 22nd May, 2001 is Rhino’s first DVD of The Monkees
television series (apart from the already available “Our Favorite
Episodes”). The first DVD will carry Volumes 1 & 2 and retails for $19.95.

Episodes contained are as follows:

Here Come The Monkees / Picture Frame / Alias Micky Dolenz / Hillbilly
Honeymoon (Although 6 episodes per disc would have been nicer!!)

Catalogue number: R2 976025


Grant Taylor


From: “Michelle”

From: “William Naylor”

I’m writing from BBC TV in England to let you know about a major 8 part
documentary series on the history of 20th century popular song. The last
programme in this series – to be shown on BBC2 on Saturday 5th May (at 8.15
pm) – will open with a sequence on The Monkees. Unfortunately, there’s
nothing new in the way of Monkees footage but it does feature part of an
interview with Micky Dolenz.

The series is titled ‘Walk on By – The Story of Popular Song’ will be shown
(possibly under a different title) later this year on the Bravo channel.

I hope you might have a way, via your website, of alerting Monkees fans of
the series. I think they might find it of interest.

Many thanks
William Naylor


From: Niall Hood

On Tuesday, April 24th, dren records will release:

Pap Nez: A Loose Salute To The Work Of Michael Nesmith.

A tribute album that recognizes the songwriting and arranging of Michael
Nesmith’s career as both a solo artist and as a member of The
Monkees. Stylistically, the album’s foundations are in alt-country, powe=
pop, and that early seventies southern California sound. The album will be=

available exclusively through Miles of Music ( for the=

first month, after that, it will be available elsewhere, such as at

“Michael Nesmith ain’t some Monkee. Well, he was, but he’s also a pi=
of country rock and of music videos, and a visionary television and film
producer. To paraphrase one of his many hits: Listen to the man.”
-Ben Fong-Torres,
Former Senior Editor; Rolling Stone
Author; Not Fade Away and Hickory Wind: The Life and Times of Gram Parsons

Some of the artists and bands paying tribute to Nez:

John Jorgenson: of The Hellecasters and The Desert Rose Band, session
guitarist for Bob Dylan, Elton John, etc.

Western Electric: includes Sid Griffin, formerly of The Long
Ryders; “trippy with a twang” L.A. Times

Simon Raymonde: formerly of The Cocteau Twins

The Mary Janes: includes Janas Hoyt, session violinist for John Mellencamp

John Beland: session guitarist for Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, Arlo
Guthrie, Dolly Parton, etc.

The Heavy Blinkers: “the baroque style of Wilson and his co-composer Van=

Dyke Parks” MTV, Asia

Last Train Home: ” a very likable mixture of bluegrass, country and
folk-rock” -Chicago Sun Times

Frog Holler: “the ensemble playing is exhilaratingly organic.” No Depressi=

Sixty Acres: “some of the best rootsy rock” Washington Post

Some of the songs on the album:
Different Drum
Listen To The Band
You Just May Be The One
The Girl I Knew Somewhere


From: Carlisle Blessing

I was visiting today, and in the ‘video’ section, there=

is a clip of Tim playing Song to the Siren from the Monkees episode MIJACOG=

just passing it along,

“Reebersacken Reebersacken Elephants…. Chickens…” – Davy Jones


From: “Sally Carpenter”

Some of the reviews for the new “Josie and the Pussycats” movie make
comparisons to The Monkees. By the way, the actors in that movie not only=

don’t play their own instruments, they don’t even do their own
singing. The vocals are dubbed in by Kay Hanley.

From the LA Daily News (April 11): “The girls basically run around,
squeal and frolic through cheesy montages and what could very well be a
record number of brazen product placements. Some of this
short-attention-span cinematic shortcutting is redeemed by an infectious
giddiness that evokes pleasant memories of The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s
Night” or less pleasantly, The Monkees’ “Head.”.

From Daily Variety (April 9): “Borrowing a few pages from Peter Watkins’=

dead serious “Privilege” (1967) and Bob Rafelson’s comic-fantasy “Head”
(1968), Kaplan and Elfont [writers-directors] imagine a world in which
pre-fab pop stars are manufactured and sold to masses of pliable, trend
conscious teens, while shadowy government-corporate co-conspirators
manipulate those masses to maintain social order and, more important, a
booming economy.”


From: Shempster1

There is a new Nesmith interview on a show titled “Video Killed the Radio
Star” on VH1. Check their website to see if it will air again. He talks
about when he started “Popclips” which inturn became the idea for MTV. Che=
it out. It is has pretty good clips and interview stuff all about the star=
and continuing phenomenon of MTV.

“only a whimsical notion”


From: Tiffany Spiecker

Folio Weekly, a news and opinion magazine available for free throughout
northeast Florida, has an article called ‘Guilty Pleasures’ in its April
10th issue. The author, Danny Kelly, polled several of northeast Florida’s=

musicians regarding music they’re embarrassed to admit liking. Mr. Kelly
contacted my sister for her response and here’s what was printed on page 31=

Anastasia (singer/songwriter): My favorite bad song is “Daydream Believer”=

by the Monkees. The piano at the beginning kind of catches you, and the
melody is goofy, but it’s still well done.”



From: Laura

‘ello ‘ello!
I picked up a copy of “Guitar World: Acoustics” today.
(No. 41) They have a big thing in it about The Beatles
White Album. (With John, Paul, George and Ringo on teh
Inside the magazine, on page 59, there is E-Z Guitar
notes for “I’m A Believer”. And on pages 61-63, is
more complicated (?) guitar notes for the same song.
I don’t play guitar, so, it’s probably not too
Just thought the collectors might like to know about
it. 🙂
Peace and Love,


From: “Sally Carpenter”

On Sunday, April 7, the Los Angeles Times ran an obituary for Larry
Tucker. He passed away on Sunday in Los Angeles from multiple sclrosis and=

cancer. He was 67 years old. The obit reads in part, “Tucker and Mazursky=

developed, wrote and produced the mid-1960’s TV series `The Monkees’.” The=

complete obituary can be read at

Larry Tucker; Film and TV Producer, Writer

Larry Tucker, 67, producer and writer of such films as “I Love You, Alice
B. Toklas” and “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.” Born in Philadelphia, Tucker
had an eclectic career working as an actor and a prolific writer and
producer for motion pictures and television. After working with humorist
Mort Sahl at the Hungry i music and comedy club in San Francisco, Tucker
joined Paul Mazursky and began writing for such TV staples as “The Danny
Kaye Show.” Tucker and Mazursky developed, wrote and produced the mid-1960s=

TV series “The Monkees” and followed that success with the movies “Alice B.=

Toklas” in 1968 and 1969’s “Bob & Carol,” which was nominated for an
Academy Award. Tucker’s more recent TV shows as writer and producer
included the 1980s series “Mr. Merlin,” “Jennifer Slept Here,” “Teachers
Only” and “Stir Crazy.” As an actor, Tucker appeared in such films as the
1962 “Advise and Consent” and the 1971 “Angels Hard as They Come.” On
Sunday in Los Angeles of complications of multiple sclerosis and cancer.


From: “~*~* Izzy *~*~”

Hi. I just wanted to let you and everyone know that the Monkees’ pilot
episode will be on TV. The date I have is Friday, April 20 at 8:30 a.m. on=

UPN. I live in Connecticut, so you might want to check your local listings=

if you do not live in that state.

Pilot Episode
30 min.
In the series pilot, the group auditions for the Sweet Sixteen Party—and=

Davy falls for a sweet 16-year-old. Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork.=

Rudy: Bing Russell. Vanessa: Robyn Millan. Russell: Richard St. John. Jill:=

Jill Van Ness.

– Izzy


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Guys,

I can’t remember if I sent this information before I left
for the Monkees’ AZ & NM shows, so I am going to post it
again to make sure no one gets lost in New York:

Chicago Blues is located on 73 8th AVENUE not Street. This
is really important for people to know because the addresses
are in two totally different parts of the city. I just
received the official paperwork back from the venue, saw the
different address & confirmed the correct one with them.
Please let anyone you know who is attending the show on
April 27 & 28 about this change. Thanks!


Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
Spring Tour! April 20-May 6, 2001


From: Kim

The Trouble Network is showing the Monkees at 1:30pm GMT and 9:30pm GMT.
This may be Monday to Friday only, or it may be also airing on the weekend.


From: “Anissa”

For anyone who is interested . . .

Invisible Mom 2 on Showtime East with Micky
Friday, April 13 1:00 PM
Thursday, April 19 3:00 PM
Monday, April 23 4:35 PM

Before They Were Rock Stars on VH-1 with Mike
Saturday, April 14 5:30 PM

Before They Were Rock Stars on VH-1 with Davy
Friday, April 20 4:30 PM

All information from



From: Althofft

Regarding Broadway musical comedy classifications and names.
In the past there’ve been a number of famous productions (Certainly Olsen &
Johnson’s Hellzapoppin’ is one).

I’m partial to:
Ziegfeld Follies (Monkees Follies?)
Broadway Brevities (various years)
Dumbell Review of 1922 (my grandfather was in that one)
Broadway Blackouts
Midnight Follies

or since they’ve been compared to the Marx Brothers sooo often why not:
Monkee Soup (or Soup to Nuts)

Monkee Business

Monkeeing Around

Bananas (with appologies to Woody Allan)

or perhaps “No No Nez-ette” (No-No Nanette)


From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Hi there. It’s me, Slim.

This email is intended for serious Nez collectors. Last week we Ranch hands=

spent 3 days going through the Nez archives down in Los Angeles. We found a=

Nez goldmine. Perfectly itemized, organized, and packed original LPs from
the 70s. Beautiful picture-sleeved 45s. 8 Track tapes (Laugh away – we
actually sell some to collectors). I believe we even found some 1960s
Michael Blessing 45s, but don’t hold me to this.

Examples of stuff we found:
Cruisin’ 45s
Shrink-wrapped Wichita Train Whistle LPs
I Fall to Pieces 45s.
Velvet Hammer (Red Rhodes) LPs
Television Parts Key Chains

Rather than list all the stuff we found, we’d like you to email us if
you’re interested in anything in particular. Is there something you’ve been=

wanting for a while? Let us know. You want a list of available 45s? Let us=

know. It might take us a day or so after your request to do the research.
We will get back to you with availability and prices. We can also scan
items and email them to you so you can have a look at them.

What about prices, you ask? Depends on the piece. And, we can only sell a
small amount of these, because we must maintain the archives.
We’re really excited Nez has allowed us to sell a few of these excellent
items. We hope to find them good homes.

To celebrate our discoveries, we’re going to sell “The Prison” LP, signed
by Nez, for half price ($50.00) for one week beginning today.

Oh, and you can also call us toll free at 1-866-727-2639 for more info.

Get out your turntables!
Sincerely, Navajo Slim
Videoranch Archivist


From: “rhurt”

Hi Brad,I first want to tell you how much I love the Monkees site and the
mail alert service!! I have started my own business, a music collectors
magazine called Inner Groove. Below I’ve listed our website and email
address. Our first issue which will go out in early will be a Monkees
special issue!! Here’s where I need some help to make sure it’s a great
issue. Could you please mention it in your next Monkees email alert?? I
need fans to contribute the following on the 2001 tour, if possible I’d
like to cover all the shows I can. I need concert reviews, stories, photos,=

ect. Anything related to the tour. We want to let the people who really
know about the artist to write about them. I feel that mags like Goldmine &=

Discoveries tend to get too clinical sometimes and you loose that warm real=

fan feeling. So as I said we want the REAL experts to handle alot of the
writing for a change. Our website has all the info on how to subscribe and=

info on upcoming issues of I.G. I can really use your help to get the mag
off to a good start. So please help me if you can. There is a printable
form online to subscribe, or anyone who would like one we’ll mail them our=

flyer if they email us there address and also if they mention the site we’ll give them a free 25 word ad when they join!! I want=

to offer you a free subscription for helping me out if you’d like to
recieve I.G.
I want to thank you in advance for any help you can give us here at
I.G. , below are our web address and email.Again thank you.



From: “Videoranch Foreman”

Hi everyone,

We’ve had so many email responses regarding the items in the Nez archives
that it became necessary to send out another email to the Videoranch
Mailing List. Sorry for not getting back to those of you who wrote us

We went through a lot of what we have and inspected the pieces very
closely. We took some time to research the market and get a sense of what
these items are worth.Below is an inventory of items we are allowed to
sell. It’s first come first serve. If you’re interested email us or call us=

at 1-866-727-2639.

NOTE! Nez will sign any of these items, if requested, except the Michael
Blessing 45. Keep in mind, the shrink-wrap would have to come off in order=

for him to sign. These items have never been played. Everything’s first-han=

LP’s: All of these LP’s come in their original shrink wrap.
Compilation $150.00
Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma $150.00
The Prison in a cardboard sleeve $100.00
The Prison in a box, currently on sale for $50.00
Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash $150.00
And The Hits Keep On Comin’ $150.00
Live at the Palais $150.00
From A Radio Engine to a Photon Wing (has “Includes the single “Rio”
sticker on the shrink wrap) $175.00
The Michael Nesmith Radio Special $200.00
Wichita Train Whistle Sings $150.00

45’s: All of these 45’s come in a plain white sleeve, unless a picture
sleeve is noted.
Rio/ Casablanca Moonlight with picture sleeve of Nez in tux with Rio
Dancers $125.00
I’ve just begun to care/ Roll with the flow $45.00
Rio/ Fat ‘n Sassy from Pacific Steele with Red Rhodes doing Rio and JayDee=

Mayness doing Fat ‘n Sassy $50.00
Magic/Dance $50.00
Cruisin’/ Horserace $50.00
I Fall to Pieces, Some of Shelly’s Blues, Silver Moon, Joanne Picture
Sleeve close-up of Nez’ Face $100.00

Cassettes: All of these cassettes come in as is condition. They are still
in their original shrink wrap and although we haven’t had any problems
getting them to play, we cannot guarantee they all will. They’re pretty old=
From a Radio Engine to a Photon Wing $25.00
Live at the Palais $25.00
Compilation $25.00
Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma $40.00

8 Tracks: The 8 tracks also come in the original shrink wrap.
From a Radio Engine to a Photon Wing $40.00
Live at the Palais $40.00

Michael Blessing:
Colpix Records Promo 45 . Has “Not For Sale” on Label. Does not have a
sleeve. “The New Recruit” on one side and “A Journey with Michael Blessing”=

on the other. $500.00

August 14, 1981 BAM Magazine issue #110. Nez on the cover and the cover
story with pictures. The story is called “Michael Nesmith A Video Visionary=

Leaps into the Future”. $100.00
Medium Black Nez t-shirt from 70s. It’s the Photon Wing graphic of him in
the space suit with the cowboy hat and above is “Papa Nez. Never worn.
Excellent condition. $50.00
Poster. 30″ wide by 23 1/2″ tall. Nez in full makeup and white suit from
Rio video sitting at a table. Very stylized. Very special. Very rare. Good=

condition. $400.00
Poster. 3′ by 3″ Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma. Same art as the LP
Cover. Good condition. 200.00
Tapeheads yellow Medium t-shirt. Very cool. Never worn. $35.00

We have not gone through everything. There might be a few more Michael
Blessing pieces, some Quad 8-tracks, some Mike John and Bill 45s and some
Pacific Steel or Velvet Hammer LPs. We’ll email you when we have that info.

We got a lot of inquiries specifically about the Television Parts keychain.=

We also found a pin. We’re probably going to auction these. We’ll let you k=

Yours truly,
Navajo Slim


From: “Kampert, Pat”

Brad: Thanks again for all your help. I was flooded with Monkee fans.
The article is done and posted at:


By Patrick Kampert
Tribune staff reporter
April 10, 2001

Britney Spears, Eminem and other young music stars have competition for the=

hearts and minds of kid fans — and the rivals are old enough to be their
Retro music, especially ’60s music, is a hit with kids. Leading the charge=

are the Beatles and the Monkees, but they’re not the only bands basking in=

the adoration of a new generation.
Tiffany S., 14, of St. Augustine, Fla., says her room is filled with ’60s
memorabilia, and she has met -some of her musical heroes, like the Monkees,=

Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits, Paul Revere and the Raiders, the
Buckinghams and Gary Puckett. They play at smaller venues and are more
accessible than today’s megastars.
“My friends think it’s cool that while the closest they’re able to get to
their idol is seeing him on TV or reading an interview, I’m able to meet
mine,” Tiffany says.
Justin C., 11, of Lanham, Md., likes many of the same bands that Tiffany
does, though he adds the Association, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, the
Beach Boys and the Dave Clark Five to his list. So why do kids like music
from way before their time?
“Music from the ’60s is mostly fun, catchy and upbeat tunes that really can=

get your foot tapping,” Justin says. “It’s really cool because it’s almost=

like taking a trip back in time.”
He also likes the lyrics from the era.
“It’s a nice break from today’s music, the majority of which is loaded with=

curse words and stuff that if you said would get you in trouble,” he adds.
The retro groove today is also about remaking old songs, like when Britney=

Spears sings the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” and the A-Teens from Sweden=

redo Abba’s “Dancing Queen.” Also, new songs are built around old ones. For=

instance, samples from John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane” are a key part of=

recent hits by Samantha Mumba and Jessica Simpson.
“Kids pick and choose. They rework the old stuff,” says sociologist
Stephanie Coontz, author of “The Way We Never Were: American Families and
the Nostalgia Trap.”
Anne C., 13, of Mill Valley, Calif., doesn’t limit her listening to ’60s
music; she also likes current punk bands such as MxPx and 311. But she says=

retro music seems more genuine and earthy than much of today’s top pop.
“I’m a drummer, and computer-generated music has really turned me off to
today’s music,” she says.


No retro group can compare with the Beatles’ success (7 million copies of
the recent “1” disc sold), but another big band from the mid-’60s has been=

touring this spring and finding young teenagers crowding the stage: the
“I was at a Monkees concert two weeks ago,” says Bethany L., 14, of
Pittsburgh. “I jumped on stage near the end of the show and Micky [Dolenz]=

hugged me — a major moment in my life.”
The Monkees are now made up of Dolenz, Davy Jones and Peter Tork (original=

member Mike Nesmith hasn’t rejoined them). They have a big advantage over
other old bands: Their TV show has aired repeatedly since its debut in the=

’60s. Katie P., 16, a student at Niles North High School, discovered the
Monkees’ old TV show on VH1. “I fell in love with the show and the band
instantly,” she says.
Some fans say the Monkees’ positive pop lifts their spirits in a way that
current hits don’t. “Every time I am down, all I have to do is listen to
‘Daydream Believer,’ and the same goes for my friends,” says Sean B., 14,
of Freehold, N.J.
Most of the Monkees’ recent tour was sold out; the band reportedly was
testing the waters for a full-blown summer tour.
Here they come …


What current artists will be the retro faves of YOUR kids? Here’s how we
see it a few decades from now:
Pearl Jam: A quarter-century after their peak, the kings of angst will
return with the hit “I’ve Been a Depressed Millionaire for 30 Years,” a
duet between a weeping Eddie Vedder and his electric guitar.
Christina Aguilera: The singer will leap back into the spotlight by
announcing that she had never been a real person; she was a hologram
modeled after “I Dream of Jeannie” star Barbara Eden. “The ‘Genie in a
Bottle’ song was a hint, but nobody got it,” Aguilera says.
Snoop Dogg and the Baha Men: Sometimes it helps to be a team. So these 2001=

hip-hoppers will join forces for the new smash “Who (Forgot to) Let the
Dogg Out — It’s a Mess in Here and I’m Not Cleaning It Up.”


TV shows are part of the retro rage too. Take “The Brady Bunch.” The ’70s
show about that very perky family is Nick at Nite’s most popular show among=

The number of young fans surprises actor Barry Williams, who played oldest=

son Greg Brady on the series. He says that when he does signings for his
book (“Growing Up Brady”), half of the fans who show up are kids.
“They ask me things like ‘What’s your favorite episode?’ ‘What happened to=

Tiger?’ and ‘Is Marcia still a fox?’ ” Williams says with a laugh.
Williams thinks kids can relate to the tales about growing up in a family
(getting braces, fighting over the bathroom, stuff like that).
“It’s non-preachy and unthreatening,” he says. “It’s about communication.
It’s about our super-groovy fashion statements.”
Sociologist Stephanie Coontz says that while adults take nostalgia
seriously, kids like to have fun with — and sometimes poke fun at — the
retro fad. She says: “On the one hand, kids in blended families can relate=

to a blended family like ‘The Brady Bunch.’ But on another level, it lets
kids say, ‘We’re cooler than the Bradys are.’ “


From: “Kellie Arrowood”

Davy in Morganton NC

Finally the day I have waited for for months came…
My mom and I went to see Davy. I was very impressed at the energy he had
after being on tour with the Monkees. I have loved the music (solo and
group) of the “pre-fab four”. Davy did songs from the play “Oliver” I
remember being involved with my local theater production of Oliver when I
was in high school and I really enjoyed the songs. The band was quite a
cut-up too. The drummer and keyboard player were a riot and Davy’s stories=

kept the audience laughing. My mother is a diabetic and she got weak and
fell after the show so I didn’t realize Davy was signing autographs. We
got into the lobby and there was a line but I decided to wait. I was told=

when I bought my ticket that they had to catch the red eye back to Las
Vegas so I hadn’t really expected Davy to have time. I am very glad he
did. I bought an 8X10″ black and white photo for him to sign. They were
in a rush and a girl in front of me wanted a hug. A man standing next to
Davy said the line had to keep moving and there wasn’t time but she begged=

for a quick hug and Davy obliged. That, I think shows his true
character. Finally it was my turn… I had my mom to take my picture while=

Davy was signing my photo…Then I looked at him and told him “I just
wanted to thank you for taking time out of your life to bring pleasure to
mine” I kind of stumbled over the words, but he looked at me and said
“Thank you so much” he really sounded as if it really touched him (I meant=

it from my heart) and then out of nowhere he reached across the table and
put his arms around me and hugged me very tightly. I never expected him to=

hug me and I kind of got weak in the knees. Later I told my mom I should
have stuck him in my pocket and brought him home with me. ha ha. I really=

do appreciate the efforts that my favorite musicians put forth to entertain=

me. To live your life in a fishbowl at the expense of the strain on your
private life is commendable. I grew up watching the Monkees and the music=

has stuck with me and I hope Davy, Mickey, Peter, and Mike live long enough=

to realize what they really mean to someone like me who is not a groupie
but truly grateful at their hard work and sacrifices to entertain the publi=


From: WendyThe1

albuquerque concert

Hi Brad and everyone,
Just got home from the Albuerque concert. All I can say is “WOW”. My famil=
and I drove from Houston, Texas for this concert. When we arrived I called
all the radio stations to find out how to get backstage passes. They were a=
handed out already. Well it wasnt going to stop me! We arrived at the Kiva
Auditorium an hour early. I talked to everyone I could trying to get passes=
I spoke to the dj from the radio station that was sponsoring the concert an=
he said he would see what he could do. We had second row seats and I couldn=
have asked for better seats!! We were 5 feet from the stage. Peter’s group =

Shoe Suede Shoes opened up. They were terrific. My children who are 8 and 5
even enjoyed them. Some people in the audience didnt even realize it was
Peter up there as he was not introduced as Peter. He was the man from
Washington DC. Afterwards they auctioned off a guitar that the three monkee=
had signed. It went for $2500, and 3 were sold. They were also selling
autographed pictures before the show for $25 (which I bought one). Then
finally at 845pm the Monkees came on stage. It was nonstop entertainment ti=
10 something. The crowd in Albuquerque is just like in Houston, everyone ju=
sits there and listens and claps at the end of a song and waits for the nex=
one. ( I am originally from New York and this being quiet during a concert
drives me nuts). But anyway, finally at the encore the first row stands up
and I move their chairs and grab my kids and stand by the stage!! Then some
others follow. They sang all the songs that everyone has mentioned at the
other concerts. Even got to hear the tarzan joke. After the show I take my
daughter and stand by the door to try and get backstage. I keep telling the=
that I drove all the way from Houston and would really like for my kids to
meet them. Well after groveling to enough people we got to go backstage. My
kids were the youngest ones there. There were only 25 people there. Peter
came in first he autographed 2 pictures that I had and the monkey that my
kids bought before the show. Then we got a picture with him and my kids and
I. Then came in Micky, he did the same as Peter. The came in David and he
also autographed our stuff and we also got pictures. Then as we were leavin=
my son went up to Peter to give him a hug, which was on the leg as he is on=
5. Peter looks around and says what is that. He looks down and sees my son,
my husband tells him that he just wanted to give him a hug. So Peter picks =
my son and gives him a hug!! Of course, my husband didnt get a picture of
this. It happend so fast. So then we got our last picture of the Monkees wi=
the backup band and then everyone left. We watched the Monkees walk down th=
corrider to their hotel and we went down the hall to the parking garage. Th=
my two kids who were soooo tired all of a sudden it hit them as to what had
just happened and were wired the rest of the night. Of course so were my
husband and I. We had seen the Monkees in 1986 in New York but never got
backstage. It was really a nice touch to our trip. Almost forgot, we talked
to the promoter and he said that they are in negotiations with Pace concert=
for a summer tour. So hopefully they will come to Houston. He was even aski=
our advice about our pavilion here. All that excitement lasted awhile until
our long drive home hit us. We went to Roswell and went to the UFO museum a=
then had to take a long round about way home due to a sand storm. So we
finally made it home and have made everyone here jealous. Can’t wait to see
them again!!!!



I saw the monkees at the star plaza theater on March 25 & it was the best
monkees show I have ever seen & I have been going to see the monkees since
the firsts show’s back in 67. The best set list ever they played everything=
more. I hope woolhat saw it because even he would be impressed.


From: PenguinMV

I saw the Vegas shows Friday and Saturday night and snuck backstage hidden =
the group of Monkeemen on Saturday night. It was so much fun, but I’m kind=
angry at the guys for not coming out. My friend and I waited until nearly =
AM both days before someone told us they were gone (and believe me, we trie=
every ploy to get near them) and our only chance to see one of them was whe=
we got backstage. Peter came out for a few minutes and left, and then we
were told to leave, that Davy and Micky had been escorted back to their roo=
and we had to clear out. It was a great show and was the best night of my
life, but I’m awfully frustrated with them. We even wrote them a note
explaining we had to leave and all we wanted to do was shake their hands, a=
we couldn’t even get a response with that. We asked Peter and he said he
never saw it, although we got our new bud Ben from Natural to give it to on=
of them and he said he handed it right to Davy. It was a great show though=
really fun and I’ve got the complete story with pictures up on my page!

— Anne


From: “Steve Swenerton”

April 5th concert in Albuquerque, N.M.

I just saw the concert at the Kiva Auditorium and I am so impressed I felt=

the need to write. The concert was worth every penny and then some. I
imagine the thrill of performing is not as exciting when the audience is 30=

and above…but the fellas performed as if it were 1967! They demonstrated=

they’re musical vocal and musical talent by vocalizing and playing their
own instruments (although I’m not truly convinced that Davy really
plays…sorry Davy). Davy is a ball of fire and enthusiasm and truly
appears to be enjoying himself as do Peter and Mickey, but Davy seems more=

sincere. I may be wrong…just my impression. Peter is musically gifted
playing numerous instruments and after hearing him sing I wonder why he was=

not allowed to sing more often on the weekly show. Mickey is the best with=

his humorous, relaxed style. These gentleman are not the talentless jokes
so many have enjoyed portraying them as but three extremely talented lads
with talent to spare. If the Monkees travel back this way I will definitly=

see them again. The bonus this time is that I wanted to see Shoe Suede
Blues and I was able to enjoy both bands. It was fun to see Peter hidden
under a white hat playing as singing as the member that he is of SSB but
not making who he was known. I hope most of the audience realized that we
were able to enjoy Peter with his past and his future bands.
I am so happy to have finally seen the monkees, a band that I wanted to see=

since I was 13 and they were in their 20’s.
Thank you Peter,Mickey and Davey for making one of my long time wishes come=

Ps: Peter is my favorite(always the flower child).



Hello From Phoenix!

From Ray Powell

Saw the Monkees concert last night and thought
it was wonderful! They did a lot of music,covering their entire careers- ev=
pre and post Monkees! I thought they all sounded great and their musiciansh=
has even gotten slicker.The band was loud, but tight(Could’ve lived without
the dancing brass section though!), and it was nice to hear songs like”Take=
Giant Step”,”She Hangs Out”,”The Girl I Knew Somewhere”, and “Porpoise Song=
They looked like they were really having a good time,and it rubbed off on t=
audience-We had a blast! I don’t know what happened to the group that had
been touring with them-Natural,but I think what we got was much better! Pet=
and his group Shoe Suede Blues opened the show, and they were great! What a
treat! Peter’s guitar playing is quite good, and the whole group was very
talented. The concert as a whole rates as a 10 with me, and I certain=
hope that this is not the end of their careers as Monkees! I’ve been a
Monkees fan all my life(at least since I was just 3 yrs old in 1966-my olde=
sisters had all the records), and last night they made me very proud to be =
fan. Love & Peace to all, Ray


From: “Janis G. Fontana”

I know I have posted this a couple of spots…but if ANYONE has any
pictures from the Wallingford, CT show at the Oakdale Theatre, please
email me at
I am especially interested in anyone who may have shot a pic of my 14
yr. daughter ( who was wearing a leopard cowboy hat), handing Davy a
copy of her own Demo CD as he sang “It’s nice to be with you” at the
edge of the stage. Please contact me if you have a picture of this!



From: “Anna …”

Please post this….

I know it’s a little late to be asking, but if anyone else went to the
Wallingford, CT show on March 10th, and got any good pictures, could you
please email me? I had a camera, but it was awful and I was too far away to=

get any good pictures. Thanks!


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