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New Monkees Live CD – Tork dates

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: “Shane Worden”

Hey everybody,

I was snooping around the net tonight, and stopped at the King Biscuit
radio site…just to see if I could find anything on the Anaheim show, (the
last concert with Peter), that is supposed to make it to CD shortly. Low
and behold I found some info!

A new, live Monkees CD is scheduled for February 26 release!

You will be able to preorder the disc at this site. Preorders will be
shipped on or about February 11th! So you will have plenty of opportunity
to listen to it before it becomes available to the public.

The show was recorded on August 31, 2001, in Anaheim California. I will
post more information as soon as it becomes available.

I heard a rough mix of the performance, and it sounded fantastic. As soon
as I confirm the track listing, I will post it here.

The ensuing dialogue on the KB message board hinted that the CDs will be
able to be pre-ordered on or about January 1st, but stay tuned to for all the details as they become available!



From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Shoe Suede Blues has added a few more dates to their Spring 2002 tour.
Here is the tour schedule as it now stands:

Wednesday, March 13, 2002
The Cutting Room
19 West 24th Street (between Broadway & 6th Avenue)
New York City, NY
Tickets TBA

Thursday, March 14
The Hungry Tiger, 120 Charter Street, Manchester, CT
Phone 860-649-1195, web
Tickets $15

Friday, March 15
Bodles Opera House, 39 Main Street, Chester NY
Phone 845-469-4595, web
Tickets $22.50

Saturday, March 16
Sit N’ Bull Pub, 163 Main Street, Maynard, MA
Phone 978-897-4663, web
Tickets TBA

Sunday, March 17, 2002
Time TBA
Mexicali Blues Cafe, 665 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ
Phone 201 836-9404, web
Tickets $12.00

Thursday, March 21
The Tin Angel, 20 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA
Phone 215-928-0978, web
Tickets $18.00

Friday, March 22, 2002
Time TBA
Grico’s River Street Jazz Gafe
The Cross Valley Center
665 North River Street
Plains (Wilkes Barre), PA
Tickets $10.00

Saturday, March 23
Club 66, 207 Edgewood Road, Edgewood, MD
Phone 410-676-8966, web
Tickets TBA

More dates will be added, stay tuned!


Don’t just sit there… check out
Shoe Suede Blues w/ Peter Tork!


From: Melhi

Those of you on Brad’s announce list probably saw the statement from the TV
Land spokesman, complaining that (s)he keeps hearing there are “tons of
fans” who would watch the Monkees if the series was added to the TV Land
schedule, but that, if we fans exist, TV Land doesn’t know it because we
aren’t posting on AOL’s or TV Land’s Monkees message boards and that on the
web boards they checked, nobody was posting about wanting to see the series
on TV Land. The spokesman went on to say, pretty much, that if we want
any hope of seeing the series on TVL we’ll have to join and participate in
the AOL and TV Land Monkees boards.

I am not a member of, nor do I have any plans to join either board. I’m
not alone, most Monkees fans don’t happen to hang out on those two boards.
A lot of fans aren’t online, at all and we online fans have done a really
nice job of establishing a rather sizeable online fan community of our own,
which includes dozens upon dozens of lists, boards, websites & chats, of
all sizes and activity levels. If they *really* looked for us, they’d find
nearly 3500 fans on Brad’s alert list, nearly 450 of us on my discussion
list and countless more of us on AMM and all the other Monkees lists on

Whether we’re not posting to those two boards by choice, because we didn’t
know they existed or because we can’t, we are fans and many of us who can
would watch the series if it aired on TV Land, we’re just not whining about
it on every board on the ‘net. So, I have a little suggestion that’s
better than feeling forced into joining and participating in those two boards:

If you get TV Land and you would watch the Monkees series, if it was added
to their schedule, drop them a short friendly note to let them know that…
just *one* note, let’s not mislead them about our numbers or pester their
poor postmaster enough to get the series banned from their line-up, forever!

The TV Land address is:

Address your note to Postmaster Steve. The TV Land website says they’ll
read every message, but not to expect a reply because of how much mail they
receive, each day.

Good luck!

Nothing succeeds if prankishness has no part in it

Melhi 101:


From: glengreen2552

Hi Brad I Have just seen on ITV a very small clip of Davy Jones on
Coronation Street now I think you should put on the newsletter that “The
way they were” life after the street is going to be on ITV on friday 7th
Dec at 9 30 pm I dont think fans would want to miss this! get your video
recorders at the ready!

see you Pam Gregson.


From: “Sally Carpenter”

The play “Bleak House” with Ami Dolenz has received several favorable four
star reviews in the Los Angeles newspapers. The LA Times review of Nov. 30
says, “Meriting special commendation…are the compelling presences of Miss
Wendy Gough as the noble parentless heroine, Miss Ami Dolenz and Mr.
Matthew Vipond as her fellow orphans…”

A restaurant scheduled to be open soon in the new Hollywood & Highland
shopping complex (which includes the Kodak Theatre) in Hollywood CA is
called “Monkees Seafood Restaurant.” This restaurant has nothing to do
with the guys. A friend told me it’s actually two Chinese words, “Monk”
and “ees” put together. It’s described as a “full service, fine dining
Chinese restaurant specializing in seafood.”


From: Miss Tatum

I was at the Dorough Lupus Foundation concert in Arkansas on Dec.1, like the
person who told of it earlier>>Katherine, is that her name? Well, YES, girl
you ARE obsessed! But I like it…I was one of the people that was taught by
Barry Williams the goofy, um, I mean groovy, Brady Bunch dance on stage. I was
slightly embarrassed…but it was all good. My friend dragged me up there with
her bcos she is a mondo-“Greg Brady” fan.
Anyway, the Tyrones definitely could have been left out of the show. I mean,
it started at 7 and it didn’t end until like 11:30. And of course by that time
it was like “GET THE FRIGGIN MONKEES OUT HERE”!!!!! They also could have left
out the Brady Bunch slideshow and why the heck were there four 10 minute
intermissions?!?! Geez!
Well, I didn’t see Deborah Gibson signing autographs but I got an autograph
from Barry and a pic with him. He was a really nice guy but he is soooooooo
riding the Brady Bunch wave! I was disappointed that Davy and Micky didn’t
sign autographs after the show…but here is where my story comes in….

My friend and I, after pics with Barry, went outside the Walton Arts Center
where we saw a white stretch limo parked at the side entrance…so of course
we’re like “Monkees”!!! So we went over to the limo…there were about 15
other people there also…and we waited like 20 minutes for someone to come
out. Well, finally Micky came out…then he started going back in…and our
little crowd started crying “Micky Come Back”! so he turned around and threw
up his arm and was like “I’ll be back”! So about 5 minutes later….here comes
Micky again walking towards us and I must tell you….I think my heart just
about stopped beating at this point….I mean stopped pounding. hehe

Anyway, he was like 4 feet from me….it would’ve been less had there not been
these other two girls in front of us. Nonetheless, he started siging
autographs and asking us if we liked the show, etc. I held out my Monkees
“Who’s Got the Button Book” for him to sign…and he took it (he TOUCHED it)
and mumbled…”ohhh, it’s our old book…” and then after siging it handed it
back to me. I just stood there thinking, “Micky touched my book” hehe, I am
wayyyyy to giddy when it comes to cheesy 60s groups but I love them sooooo!
Davy never came out…we supposed he had already left, which you’d think HE
would be the one who would be like , “Show me the fans”! but anyway….then
Micky got into a big white van with tinted windows (the limo was for the
backup band-go figure). Just as the van was leaving my friend and I were in
her car and we followed it. We lost it…but then we thought…if we were the
Monkees…where would we stay in Fayetteville, AR? The Hilton (now known as
the Radisson) of course! So we drove over there and sure enough>> there was
the van!

Well, after much discussion, we decided it was pointless to go in, so we took
a picture of the van instead. =)
Of course now I wish I HAD gone in….just for a thrill ….oh well!

Just thought I’d share my Monkees story>> I mean it’s not everyday that the
Monkees come to ARKANSAS (of all places!) hehe*****

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