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New Monkees DVD is hilarious – More Peter Tork dates

April 3, 2011 by  
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I have just seen the new DVD for “Daydream Believers – The Monkees Story”
which was just released Tuesday and it is hilarious – the three
commentaries by Davy Peter and Micky are great, but especially the one by
Micky which is fall on the floor funny, the others are more subtle but also=

priceless. There are also live video interviews with the three in the
studio where they recorded the commentaries. It’s great – highly recommende=

You can buy it now here:

thanks! Brad


Monkee Business Fanzine Monkees News Update
updated January 16, 2002

Micky Dolenz & Davy Jones have the following
concert dates coming up:
January 25, Grand Casino Mille Lacs, Onamia, MN,
1-800-626-LUCK for info, tickets through Ticketmaster
March 21, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
March 23, Telewest Arena, Newcastle, ENGLAND
March 24, Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, ENGLAND
March 26, Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, ENGLAND
March 27, NEC, Birmingham, ENGLAND
March 28, Wembley Arena, London, ENGLAND

For the summer of 2002, Micky and Davy will take their
Monkees concert show on the road as part of a package
tour featuring the Osmonds and Barry Williams (“The Brady
Bunch”). Tour dates will be announced. Stay tuned to
David Fishof’s site for tour date

Peter will perform with his Shoe Suede Blues band
as follows:
March 13, The Cutting Room, New York, NY, 212-691-1900
March 14, Dave Glicker’s Downtown, Farmingdale, NY, 516-293-7700
March 15, Bodles Opera House, Chester, NY, 845-469-4595
March 16, Sit’n’Bull Pub, Maynard, MA, 978-897-4663
March 17, Mexicali Blues Cafe, Teaneck, NJ, 201-836-9404
March 20, TBA, North Haven, CT
March 21, Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA, 215-928-0978
March 22, Grico’s River Street Jazz Cafe, Plains, PA, 570-822-2992
March 23, Club 66, Edgewood, MD, 410-676-8966
March 24 (afternoon), fan party, Club 66, Edgewood, MD, 301-843-2448
March 24 (evening), Bayou Blues Cafe, Whitemarsh, MD, 410-931-2583
March 27, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, 216-383-1124
March 28, Union Bar & Grill, Athens, OH, 740-592-9987/740-594-6163
March 29, Thirsty Ear Tavern, Columbus, OH, 614-299-4987

Micky has several irons in the fire this year professionally—he directed =
movie in January and will be directing a pilot for the Disney Channel.

Micky had been scheduled to perform on an upcoming cruise on the
Costa Victoria cruise ship—he has now CANCELLED his plans to do so.

Michael Nesmith is working on a new album, “Rays”, due out in 2002,
his movie, “Fried Pies”, a second novel, The America Gene, and he
has moved his company Videoranch to Monterey, California.
Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing some of Nez’s films on DVD for the
first time—“Tapeheads” and his concert video “Live at the Britt” are alre=
available, and “Timerider” is expected in time for Christmas.
Nez’s company Videoranch has reissued his “Live at the Palais” concert albu=
on CD, complete with bonus tracks.
Check out for details and updates.

Rhino Video has pencilled in a release date for a DVD box set of all 58
Monkees episodes for May 2002.

For the further adventures of Natural, the Monkees’ tourmates through
most of 2001, consult

Maggie McManus (
2770 South Broad Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08610-3622
Four issues per year, $14 per year.
Make check/money order payable to Maggie McManus.

Want to try an issue first before subscribing?
A selection of MBF back issues are available for purchase at:


From: “John or Bonnie Verrico”

Hello Everyone,

Another date for Shoe Suede Blues’ March tour has just come in!

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
Beachland Ballroom
15711 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH
Tickets: $10 advance/$12 door

NOTE: There will be 2 local opening bands at this show.



From: “Erica Davies”

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the zany 60’s quartet with this new set
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is represented in the set of molded vinyl
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T4314 $49.95 (regularly $54.95)

Peace, Love and the Monkees & Shoe Suede Blues,
Erica ~ Davy’s Jacuzzi Girl

Visit my site at:
Vote for my site at:

“You can tune a piano, but you can’t tune a fish.” ~ Tadg Galleran and
Peter Tork at the Portland, ME SSB concert on April 24, 2001

Micky: “Where’s that guy who’s mother invented liquid paper?”
Peter: “Oh, you mean Mike?”
Micky: “Mike, yeah.”
Davy, Micky and Peter: “He’s gone!” ~ various concerts during the 2001
summer tour


From: “John or Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Gang,

Shoe Suede Blues has just gotten a date to perform right outside of
St. Louis, MO (about 2 minutes away!) Here’s the info:

Saturday, March 30, 2002
1403 Mississippi Avenue
Sauguet, IL
Phone 618-274-6720, web
Tickets: $10 advance / $12 door
NOTE: This show is being billed as an ‘all ages show.’

This date will be the final performance on SSB’s March tour. There
are a few dates still open between March 13 and 30 that have to be
filled, so keep tuned for further updates.

Take care,
Shoe Suede Blues w/ Peter Tork
March 2002 Tour Info!


From: “Jake & Nancy VanElswyk”

Hi Brad

Thanks to the e-mail that I get sent to me from you, I found out that the
Monkees were playing at CasinoRama.
I immediately went out to get tickets and after 35 years I
finally got to see my beloved Mickey in person.
I must say though, that I have a whole new respect for Davy, he was just
awesome at the concert, as was Mickey, of course.
I thought it was so great of them to sign autographs after the show and I
waited in line for one and I was about half way there when it was announced=

that they would only be signing for 15 more minutes…( I was panicked )
I made it though (thank goodness!) but there was only one downfall, they
actually posed for us for a picture but our flash didn’t go off..just our
luck. But we did get a couple of pictures.
I’m still in awe that I was actually 5 feet away from Mickey!!
Thanks for your e-mails, without it I probably wouldn’t have got to see
them. Please keep them coming and I’ll keep my eye out for them coming to=

Ontario again!

Thanks again,


From: Linda Mathers

I so wanted to go see Davy and Micky at Casino Rama, but I was just too
sick to go. It would have made a perfect birthday present for me too,
since my birthday was January 4th. I have been reading the reports from
some of those who did make it to see them though and it sounds like I
missed another great show. I do have memories of seeing the guys in
person though. I never got to see them when I was a teenager back in
the sixties, but in 1989, they came to a local venue in Kitchener,
Ontario, called Lulu’s Roadhouse, and my high school friend and I
finally got to see them after waiting more than 20 years. The show was
great, but unfortunately, we were only able to leave with pictures and
our memories of seeing them. Little did I know that in 1990, Davy would
be returning to that same venue for a solo concert. This time I took my
15 year old daughter Tammy with me (she had gone from Motley Crue to the
Monkees!!), and after the concert, as we were about to drive away from
the parking lot, we saw a limo drive in, so we followed it behind the
place. What luck! We managed to be in the right place at the right
time, and there we were, outside the back door of the building waiting
for Davy to come out. We talked to his driver for awhile, and the
driver asked us if we wanted to drive Davy back to his hotel. If I’d
known where the heck it was, we would have taken him up on the offer
(although I’m sure he was joking). Anyways, Davy finally came out, and
he was soooooooo cute. We talked to him briefly, got his autograph and
a hug and he left. We were so excited, that I had forgotten that I had
my camera in the car! But we were destined to meet Davy in the same
place, again! Two years later, he was back, and we knew just where to
go this time after the concert. This time, a man (I think possibly a
body guard) asked us if we wanted to meet Davy. Of course we said yes!
This time, we came prepared. I remembered my camera. We got talked to
Davy again, told him how much we loved the show, and he autographed our
copies of “They Made a Monkee Out of Me”, we got a hug and a kiss, and
then we asked another fan who was also there, if she would take our
picture with Davy for us. After we said our goodbye’s, just as Davy was
getting into his car, my daughter spoke to him again, saying only his
name, “Davy!”, he didn’t hear her at first, then she spoke it again,
“Davy!”. This time, he turns and looks at her, and says “yes?”. Tammy
then tells him “you’ve got a nice bum!”. He politely says thank you and
gets into his car and leaves for his hotel (now we know where the hotel
is). Both of those occasions were very special to me because my
daughter was sharing a life long dream I had of meeting Davy. It is
sure to be a story that will be told to my grandchildren one day, and it
is a memory that I will keep close to my heart forever.

Linda (aka Ima B. Leever)
Drumbo, Ontario

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