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New Monkees Documentary Saturday Night in UK

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From: “Cindi”

Here’s some info from the Peter Tork/Shoe Suede Blues Myspace blog.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Making The Monkees Documentary

“MAKING THE MONKEES,” a documentary Peter Tork, David Jones and Micky
Dolenz filmed in the fall of 2006 and early 2007 for BBC4 has been
completed. The official premiere air date is:

Sunday, June 3, 2007
United Kingdom

Michael Nesmith makes an appearance via footage shot in 1997.

Also appearing in the film are: Bobby Hart, Don Kirshner, Bob Rafelson,
Jeff Barry, Eric Lefkowitz and Andrew Sandoval.

Archival footage from The Monkees TV series and film, Head is also featured.

Watch closely for very brief appearances by: Aviva Maloney, Donna Dolenz
and Marilyn Ingram.

The film will continue to air during the summer on BBC4. “Making the
Monkees,” is a production of DoubleBand Films of Northern Ireland for BBC4.


From: Hooloovoo

Any of our UK folks heard about this?,,2001320029-2007240035,00.html

Article mentions a new C4 documentary called “Making the Monkees”
possibly set to air on June 3rd.

If that’s true – I’d love to get a tape from someone!


Hooloovoo —
Eagles may soar, but weasels aren’t sucked into jet engines.


From: “Richard Burckhardt”

Check this out.

If anyone does get to record this, yell! I wanna copy!



From: “bobirene13”

Here is the email I got from Dr.Rhino today about the release date
of the next 2 deluxe sets…
Dear Bob,

These titles are now scheduled for a July 10 release. I do not have
track information available at this time. Please stay tuned to for any developments.

Dr. Rhino


From: michael s nason

They just started offering a Monkees show from 8/24/01 in Los Angeles on
the Wolfgang’s Vault website. The actual link is:|7602

The sound is excellent, the song selection is great and the boys are in a
festive mood. You can listen for free on the website (signup is free) or
you can download the show for $10. Only thing missing is Mike!


From: “diana_spickler”

I just saw an Pa.magazine artical on Davy Jones.
I was wondering; did he get married? In one of the
pictures he playing a guitar and he’s wearing a ring.
Keep up the great work with the site.It’s very
Thank you,


From: radiophile7777

Thought you might find this interesting. It’s from the on-line radio
“trade publication” All-Access:

“CBS Oldies KRTH (K-EARTH 101)/LOS ANGELES’ morning show host GARY BRYAN
has started a petition to get THE MONKEES into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of
Fame. The first person to sign the petition was Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame
songwriter and artist BRIAN WILSON of the BEACH BOYS. While THE MONKEES
already have a star on the HOLLYWOOD Walk of Fame, they have yet to join
the honorees of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Their TV show, “THE
MONKEES,” aired 58 episodes during 1966-67 and left a lasting impression on
a generation with a series of hits including “Last Train to Clarksville,”
“I’m A Believer” and “Daydream Believer.”

BRYAN noted, “THE MONKEES are a significant part of rock n’ roll history.
The huge response from their fans is not surprising since they sold 150
million albums and toured worldwide as a real band.”


From: Joseph Cooper

This was printed in the Columbus Dispatch this past


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Induction of Monkees in limbo
One man’s veto keeps chart-toppers at bay, Tork says
Sunday, April 22, 2007 3:53 AM
By Joseph Dionisio


Peter Tork
“So you better get ready,” shouts the theme to the
Monkees’ 1960s TV series, “we may be comin’ to your

Unless your town is Cleveland.

Peter Tork says the Monkees merit consideration for
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but that one man
opposes their induction.

“The only person . . . holding a grudge is Jann Wenner
of Rolling Stone,” the former Monkee says. The
magazine editor “has never written a gracious word. He
personally has the veto power to keep us out.”

Not the Animals, the Rascals, the Lovin’ Spoonful, the
Dells, Del Shannon, Frankie Lymon or Black Sabbath has
more top-20 singles than the Monkees’ 10.

Bands as disparate as the Sex Pistols (Steppin’
Stone), Run-D.M.C. (Mary, Mary) and the Church
(Porpoise Song) have covered Monkees songs. Even
Radiohead’s Go to Sleep eerily channels Micky Dolenz’s

“I’m convinced that Micky is one of the great singers
of our time,” Tork says. “He’s always been something
of a genius.”

One notable fan is Michael Stipe, who reportedly vowed
to bar R.E.M. from the hall until the Monkees got in.
Stipe declined to comment, but, in 1994, he did tell
Rolling Stone, “The Monkees . . . meant a lot more to
me” than the Beatles. R.E.M. was finally inducted last

Wenner — who didn’t reply to an interview request —
allegedly denounces Tork, Dolenz, Davy Jones and Mike
Nesmith for not playing their own instruments on the
band’s earliest albums.

In this American Idol era, when acts are
“manufactured” like toasters, fewer critics crucify
the Monkees for being a TV show that spawned a band.

“I’ve not heard the slightest murmur about the Monkees
being fake,” Tork, 65, says from his Connecticut home.
“Everybody’s forgotten it except Wenner. He’s been

Backed by producer Don Kirshner’s songwriting stable
— Carole King, Gerry Goffin, Neil Diamond, Neil
Sedaka, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart — the band
unleashed four straight No. 1 albums and three
chart-toppers. The singers eventually penned their own
catchy pop, albeit with less chart success.

Tork — who plays guitar, banjo, piano and bass — is
touring with the Shoe Suede Blues Band, which includes
guitarist Richard Mikuls, bassist Arnold Jacks and
drummer Jeff Olson.



Hi Brad!

Interestingly “timely” article about THE MONKEES and their odds of ever

Don’t know if you read our complete series or not … but if you think some
of your subscribers might be interested in seeing it, please let them know
that it will be available again sometime in May to a whole new mailing
list. (Our THIRD Mailing already!!!)

LOTS of press on this so far … I have already done SEVERAL radio shows on
this topic and THE MONKEES have the support of a large number of
fans. Unfortunately, this means absolutely NOTHING in the eyes of THE ROCK
AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Nominating Committee … and THAT’s the problem that
our series addresses!!! (And it’s not just THE MONKEES either … a
virtual Who’s Who of recording artists made our DESERVING AND DENIED List!!!)

Anyway, it may make for some interesting food for thought. Anyone
interested can simply email me at and ask to be added to
our list. In addition, we’ll be rerunning our TOMMY BOYCE AND BOBBY HART
Series later this year with BRAND NEW commentary from BOBBY HART himself!!!

Please let THE MONKEES fans know that we would LOVE to have them on our
FORGOTTEN HITS Mailing List. Thanks!!!

Kent Kotal


From: “bluemasque”

The April ’07 issue of Guitar Player Magazine features a cover
article, “40 Greatest Guitar Albums of 1967”. The 2nd album listed
is “More of the Monkees”, with a list of some of the session men,
styles of playing, and Louie Shelton’s gear.


From: Mzhelenp

Jerry Renino

Jerry has been the bass player working with the Monkees individually
and collectively for many years. He started out in the ’80’s with the
Peter Tork Project, with Peter, Derek Lord (who wrote “Vagabond John”)
on drums, and Scott Avitabile on guitar. Then in 1989 Jerry was the
bass player on the Monkees tour. After that his band, Breakaway,
became Davy’s band (Jerrry, Steve Avitabile on keyboards, VJ Riccitelli
on drums, Rory Gordon on guitar with the addition of Steve Barlotta on
tenor sax). The band then added Wayne Avers (guitar) and Jimmy
Riccitelli, VJ’s brother, on keyboards.

Over the years Jerry performed with Davy, with Micky, with Peter, with
various combinations of 2 or 3 of them, and then worked with a lot of
other artists such as Peter Noone.

Jerry was a terrific guy – always quick with a joke, very considerate &
patient with the fans. He came from a very musical family – all 4
brothers AND his sister play instruments. Jerry went to SUNY Oswego as
a music major, which is why we thought establishing a music scholarship
in his name would be a wonderful way to honor his memory. His family
is thrilled, and extremely grateful for any and all contributions –
even $5 or $10 will help build the scholarship up to eventually become
fully endowed.

Once again, if anyone wants to contribute, make checks payable to
Oswego College Fund, Inc. and send to:
Jerry Renino Memorial Fund
SUNY Oswego
Development Office
219 Sheldon Hall
Oswego, NY 13126

I’m sure a lot of people here on the list have stories of their own to
tell about Jerry. He was a great guy, and will be missed….



From: Mzhelenp

Diane Medas had the idea to pay a lasting and on-going tribute to Jerry by
setting up a music scholarship at Jerry’s alma mater, SUNY Oswego, in his
name. So, it’s been done! Every year a music major will receive a
scholarship in Jerry’s name.

It takes $10,000 for a “fully endowed” scholarship, which means that the
fund earns interest and the interest is awarded every year. Until we can
reach that amount, the fund would only be able to give out about $100 per
year, so please spread the word to everyone you know who might be
interested in contributing. I’m sure his family would be thrilled if we
could raise the entire amount from his fans and friends.

Checks/money orders should be made out to:
Oswego College Foundation, Inc.

Mail to:
Jerry Renino Memorial Fund
SUNY Oswego
Development Office
219 Sheldon Hall
Oswego, NY 13126

Even if it’s just $5, every little bit helps towards the goal. Thank you!

helen, Cathy & Diane


From: Mzhelenp

Jerry’s funeral was warm, touching, funny and filled with enormous love.
I’m sure he’d have been overwhelmed by the love in the room.

I know many people are looking for a way to pay tribute to the man. Stay
tuned here – we’ll have details within the next day or two about a way to
carry on Jerry’s music legacy, pay tribute, and please his family.



From: “lfedick”

Jerry Renino has left this life. We buried him this morning with a very
moving and dignified service. He was surrounded by people who not only
loved the man, but also his imperfections.

Jerry was a loyal and steadfast friend, employee, employer, and most
importantly a very genuine, creative and gentle human being. He was a rock
for many individuals, myself inclued.

To continue to speculate regarding the circumstances which lead Jerry to
leave us far too soon cannot bring him back. The continued spread of rumor
and misinformation will only serve to tarnish the wonderful legacy that he
has so deeply embedded into all of us who were fortunate to have known him

“Bad Luck” shadows those who are unprepared, and this is certainly not
something that could be said of Jerry Renino.

Please, let’s celebrate the life of this wonderful man and hold his memory
with the dignity and respect of which he is so deserving.

Lisa Fedick


Rock quick hits

Rob Zombie has posted photos of some of the cast members from his remake of
Halloween at the movie’s MySpace page, including a shot of actor Malcolm
McDowell in the key role of Dr. Loomis. Zombie also announced that Mickey
Dolenz of the Monkees has joined the cast of the controversial film, which
is now five weeks into shooting.


From: “Mary-Jean Valenzano”

Guess you might know this already but Davy Jones is playing at Penns Peak
in Jim Thorpe, PA on June 22nd. Tickets went on sale today and I got my
seat already! Can’t wait to see the show!

MJ Valenzano

Mary-Jean Valenzano
JDL Computers


From: thephotolady

Just found out that Micky is going to be in 2 concerts in the Toronto
area. June 15th is in Mississauga (Ontario) at the Hershey Centre and
June 16th is in Hamilton (Ontario) at Copps Coliseum. Tickets wont go
on sale til 4-6 weeks before the date apparently. These concerts are
usually more than 2 or 3 acts but so far Micky is the only one on the
bill. The promotors also said they were having two members of the
Monkees but no venue will confirm that.
Lora Keyes


From: WeebleSue

Hey – take a look at this cartoon! It’s WONDERFUL – Monkees vs Beatles!

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when your puppy is wagging her tail at you.
Susan Cannon
July 15, 2006
(or as it often comes out, “as she is tagging her wail at you!”)


From: “robynapelt20002001”

micky in money magazine march 2007 issue photos
photos of micky georgia and micky at rockers 2007 on from


From: Wanda Perez

Last night(2/17/07) Davy gave a great concert at the
State Fair in Tampa, Florida. His show lasted almost 2
hours including his encore. After the show he signed
autographs but was unable to pose for pictures with
the fans due to the long line of people waiting. I was
lucky enough to pose for a picture with one of his
band members and get some of their autographs as well.

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