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New Monkees Collectibles – New Nez collection

April 3, 2011 by  
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Hey, my wife is selling off a majority of her Monkees collection, and I
wanted to make sure that the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter members were the
first to learn of it.

The items will be auctioned off on, with one or two items opening
each day at 3pm eastern, noon Pacific time for at least the next 15 days in
a row, and hopefully longer, and they will close 7 days later. We started
posting them on Saturday with a 2001 Tour booklet.

The items will range from small items like backstage passes and buttons
starting at 99 cents, to T-shirts, all the way to the ultimate collectable,
the entire TV series on 24 VHS video tapes, in like new condition in the
original box with the book detailing each episode and the special bonus
Monkees watch all included. This item has been out of print for years!

Please visit our web site at:

You will be directly linked to the items currently available on ebay. I
think most of you will see some things you have never seen before, so check
it every day. Also, we have obtained some items from the 2002 tour and they
will be available on ebay as well, particularly the live CD recorded in

Write to me and let me know what kinds of items you are interested in
seeing, and we will keep you informed as to what items are coming available.

Thanks for your support of the Monkees.Net web site and this newsletter!



New Michael Nesmith collection CD just released in the USA:

“Silver Moon” – Michael Nesmith
Release date: July 16, 2002
Label: Audio Legends
Format: Audio CD
More Info or to purchase:


1. Silver Moon
2. Listen To The Band
3. Different Drum
4. Some Of Shelly’s Blues
5. Mama Nantucket
6. Harmony Constant
7. Grand Ennui
8. Bonaparte’s Retreat
9. I’ve Just Begun To Care
10. Lady Of The Valley
11. First National Rag
12. Keys To The Car
13. Two Different Roads
14. Nevada Fighter
15. I Fall To Pieces
16. Rainmaker
17. Calico Girlfriend
18. Nine Times Blue
19. Little Red Rider
20. Conversations
21. Joanne
22. Beyond The Blue Horizon
23. Hollywood
24. Bye Bye Bye
25. Crippled Lion


From: Onlythruth

You probably already know this but I just found out about it. If you go to and type in Monkees then click on The Monkees –
hosted by
Monkee Television it has 4 Monkee scripts!! These scripts include “The
Monkee Mash”,”The devil and Peter Tork” , “One Man Shy” , and “Monkees In A
Ghost Town”. Thanks alot for letting me share my Monkee excitement. Thanks


From: Aaron Handy III

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Character actor Phil Roth, who appeared in One Flew
Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and Catch-22, died Monday of colon cancer. He was 74.

He appeared in various stage roles before landing guest TV shots on such
shows as Get Smart, The Monkees, Charlie’s Angels, Barney Miller and Cagney
and Lacey.’

Among his film credits were What’s Up, Doc?, Harry and Tonto, and the role
of Woolsey in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. His last appearance was in
the independent film The League of the Old Men.

Roth was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and moved to New York, where he
began studying acting with Lee Strasberg.

Roth was the only person to do a scene with Marilyn Monroe at The Actors
Studio, where Strasberg taught.

Us Monkee fans recognize Mr. Roth in his role of Howard Needleman in
Episode No. 23 of The Monkees, “Captain Crocodile”. Sad to hear him go…

Aaron Handy III
The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine


From: “Mike Mullins”

This note is about a week late, but better late than never! Thanks for a
great show in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada on Wednesday, July 10th! We really
enjoyed the show, and appreciate the fact that you were in out area!

Mike & Nancy Mullins, Port Huron, Michigan(right across the river from Sarnia!)

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