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Nesmith on a Quiz Show?

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From: The Videoranch Ranch Hands

Nez on NPR Quiz Show:

Here’s some unusual news – Nez will be a guest on the NPR quiz show “Wait=

Wait-Don’t Tell Me!” on Saturday, November 20th. He rarely agrees to
participate in anything like this, but he’s a big supporter of the local=

Monterey Peninsula NPR station, KAZU, who is hosting this live recording of=

the show, so he’s agreed to do this for them. Click here to find your loc=
NPR station for air times.

The Best of Michael Nesmith Songbook:

We received an early shipment of The Best of Michael Nesmith songbook and
shipped them out to those of you who placed your pre-orders early. The rest=

of the books will arrive tomorrow and we’ll begin shipping them Friday. T=
book turned out beautifully and the additional CD of 20 songs makes this a=

very special collection. This is the first ever sheet music collection of
songs written by Nez. This is sure to be a big holiday gift for Nez fans =
even those who are not musicians themselves will love having the lyrics and=

melodies of some of Nez’ greatest songs.

Order your copies today!

Album Downloads:

Our music downloads have become very popular over the last year. You can
now download an entire album with one click for $9.99! This makes it easier=

than having to download each song separately, if you want to buy the entire=

album. So far we have And the Hits Just Keep on Comin’, From A Radio Engi=
to the Photon Wing, Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma, Tropical Campfires,
and The Wichita Train Whistle Sings available. The rest of our albums will=

be downloadable as one file over the next couple of weeks. Visit the
Videoranch Products Page for a complete list of current downloads.

The Best of Michael Nesmith:

The Best of Michael Nesmith songbook has been flying off the shelf and
we’ve been getting lots of emails from happy customers who have received=

theirs already. This is the first ever sheet music collection of songs
written by Nez and was well worth the wait. It also contains a CD of the 20=

songs from the book, perfect for playing along or just listening to.

Nez on NPR Quiz Show:

Also, a reminder that Nez will be a guest the NPR quiz show “Wait
Wait-Don’t Tell Me!” on Saturday, November 20th. Check your local NPR
station for air times. Most NPR stations air the show at 11AM.
8 Harris Court, Suite C1
Monterey , CA 93940
Phone: 831-373-3100
Fax: 831-373-3103
Toll Free: 1-866-727-2639



Davy is going to diret a film called THE COWBOYZ! It’s a country band
version of the Monkees. Look for it Christmas in 2005!


From: bluemasque

“What Were They Thinking?”, by David Hofstede, lists “…The 100
Dumbest Events in Television History…”, by the author’s opinion.
Chapter 58, “Hey, Hey, We’re Redundant”, features the creation &
failure of the New Monkees tv show in 1987, Bob Rafelson and Steve
Blauner’s involvement, and how the revival of the original series,
album re-releases, and reunion tours led the producers to gamble on
a new series.

Davy Jones is also mentioned in a different chapter, stating that
Dark Shadows’ star Jonathan Frid (who was 43 at the time), was now
sharing the cover of Tiger Beat with Jones and Bobby Sheman.


From: “Jim”

Videoranch has recently offered for sale a songbook entitled “The
Best of Michael Nesmith”. My copy came in over the weekend, and here
is my review.


I have been writing to Videoranch for over two years requesting a
sheet music book of Nez songs. Last holiday season, they said that
the book would be ready for Xmas 2003 gift giving and Videoranch went
into negotiations with Hal Leonard, a major publisher of quality
sheet music and songbooks. The book was listed on the Hal Leonard
site for over 8 months as “Coming soon”. Well something must have
happened because the book is NOT a Hal Leonard book. It’s appears to
have been produced in house (see below).


The song selection is excellent. In fact when I requested a songbook
from Videoranch, I mentioned three songs in specific and I am happy
to report that all three are in the book (Harmony Constant, The
Crippled Lion, and Juliana).

There is FINALLY a published piece of sheet music that has Mary,
Mary, written the way that Micky Dolenz actually sang it in 1966.
Most sheet music interpretations of the song (in the More of the
Monkees songbook, and subsequent greatest hits books) have had the
proper guitar chords, but have had a much different tune than the one
on MOTM.

With one exception mentioned below, it appears that the sheet music
is transposed directly from the original recordings. That is, the
songs are in the same key as sung by Nez, and most have the
introductions and instrumental bridges. Always a plus when you’re
playing from a piece of sheet music.

The songbook also contains a CD from Videoranch featuring every song
in the book. Now most of us hard-core fans already have these songs,
but it is nice to have a “one stop” CD that follows the book. Also
if you are considering this book for a gift, this is an extra special
treat in case the recipient is not well versed in Nez’s solo career.


Two VERY MAJOR bads. The first is that the music is in “Fake book”
form. That is, you have a one note treble line and the guitar
chords. This is very disappointing as I was expecting full sheet
music. I don’t think that Hal Leonard would have published the book
like this (might have been a point that led to the Leonard

The second is the quality of the printing. It looks like someone did
this book on their Xerox machine and attached a color cover. The
book is not square bound, the spine is held together with two
staples, and the paper quality is about average.

Other “bads” that are not as disappointing. First, there are only 20
songs in the book. With Nez’s extensive solo career, I would have
preferred a book like a “Michael Nesmith Anthology” or “Michael
Nesmith Complete”. Add this to the fact that two of the songs are
fairly easy to obtain in other current sources (Listen to the Band
and Different Drum) and the cost per song, especially for a fake book
song, is very high.

Speaking of Listen to the Band, this is the one song that does not
appear to be a record transcribe. Now I realize that Nez sang it
differently on Loose Salute, but the sheet music treble line is
different from that version and the Monkees’ version.

Half of the book is music, the other half is lyrics. This is a waste
of paper, as the lyrics are also printed on the sheet music pages.
This really shocked me. These pages could have been used for more
sheet music (the reason you buy a songbook in the first place).


So there you are. For a hard-core Nez fan like myself, the goods and
the bads balance out. While disappointed, I am happy to have so many
good Nez songs to play on the piano.



From: Howard Pattow

Daydream Believer Update for 11-6-04

We’d like to thank everyone who came to see us at the Monkees
Convention. We had a blast playing for you guys and we look forward
to seeing you all again soon. There are photos from Saturday night’s
show in the Gallery!

We’ve got lots of surprises in store, so keep checking back on the site!


From: Katherine

Brad, the convention was okay. It wasn’t great, but it was still fun for
me. I wrote a review that is posted on my web page at Feel free to cut and paste to the alert
Newsletter. I think that the convention was what people made of it. I
enjoyed myself because I had low expectations. There was a poor turnout
and I felt badly for the performers who did an excellent job!

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