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*** Nesmith News On-Line ***

June 1997:

Michael has done interviews where he has stated that he is working on the screenplay for the upcoming Monkees movie. He is not expected to perform live in concert with the Monkees at all following his apperance on the UK tour. No Monkees albums are currently in the works, but Nez reports that he is working on a new solo album featuring a “latin country” sound.

His VideoRanch web site continues to get his attention, with a recent find of old LP’s of “The Prison” in the original box, cassette tapes of “Live At The Palais” and 45’s of “Rio”.

Of visual interest, Nez was seen for the first time since 1971 in public without a beard (clean shaven) on a UK talk show. In fact, on other UK talk shows he did before and after this one, he had grown it back. A video clip of this can be seen on The Monkees Home Page listed below. It is downloadable in QuickTime format.

May 1997:

Since deciding not to tour with the Summer Monkees shows in the USA, Michael has thrown himself fully into working on the web site marketing his own line of products. He has just announced availability of the entire set of Television Parts episodes, as well as coffee mugs and other items will soon be available on his web page for on-line ordering.

In addition, he has moved the Neftoon Zamora web page to Videoranch and added a new 7th Chapter. The final book form of this work with the remaining chapters will be available in December from St Martens Press.

New Neftoon page:

Michael Says: “There are six more chapters of Neftoon which will be published later this year. These seven are the only chapters which will be published at Videoranch for now. Of course the links which are here will not be published with the hard copy of the book, so it works out in a strange way.”

“As those of you know who have been following Neftoon from the first, this draft, which is nearly final, has changed dramatically from the first time I posted. I hope you enjoy the rest of it when it comes out. I deliver to the publisher (St.Martin’s Press) the end of June. It’ll be out in time for the
Holidays I’m told. Thanks for all the email and words of encouragement.”

This report brought to you by The Monkees Home Page:
and The Michael Nesmith Home Page: autoresponder created by Brad Waddell.

From ???@??? Fri Jun 13 21:37:55 1997
To: monkalert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Web Update: Michael Nesmith Clean Shaven!


The Monkees Home Page has been updated. Along with a bunch of new fan links and a new interesting article about original fans from the 60’s, we have several video clips of all 4 Monkees being interviewed in England on TV and for the first time ever in public since 1971 Michael Nesmith is clean shaven – no beard at all, no facial hair! Lots of fun, dial it up now at:



From ???@??? Sun Jun 15 13:54:20 1997
To: monkalert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Concert news


From: hpantuso

TicketMonster SUX!!! I spoke to them on Thursday and they said the
Philly tix were going on sale on Friday, 6/20. Well, they were wrong.
They went on sale yesterday (6/13). Thank you Little John for letting
me know!!! {{big hug}} So when I called today, the TM operator kept
telling me NO they weren’t on sale yet, but when she punched up a
request for tix, they came up. Unfortunately, there were no pit seats
left, but we got row B (the 2nd row after the pit).

Also, anyone wanting to go to Mt. Airy Lodge: you do NOT have to pay for
the weekend package. Regular tickets just for the show are available,
and went on sale today. You can call TM or order ’em on-line. It’s a
general admission type show, and I think the tix were $30.

this is an unconfirmed tour date, please verify it if you are in GA:

Monkees at Chastian Park in Atlanta Sept 20th.


From: John Moore

If you are going to the Philly show, tickets are NOW on sale, not on the
20th as reported by TicketMonster to others who called Thursday – I
ordered my tickets today.

TicketMonster: 215-336-2000 (where I got mine)
Mann Box Office: 215-878-7707 (they open an hour later, so I went TM)


$50 – “The Pit” (Orchestra Pit I assume) – only scattered seating, I tried
to get 3 together and they couldn’t do that.

$30 – I got 3 in the 2nd row of section A which is right behind the
orchestra pit and is still covered and close enough to be able to see pretty

$25 – Not sure, assume these are lawn seats (you sit on the grass, no
lawnchairs, if it rains you are in a mud bath)

This is a benefit for the Philadelphia Zoo and WOGL (local oldies station)
10th Anniversary party so I’d expect ‘OGL and the zoo to advertise it and
tickets to start selling quickly once that happens.

Still no info on what other acts may be there.

From: (Ramona L. Hicks)

I called the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL at the number that
is listed on the Home Page. It is a recording with no information about
the Guys and they erase all the messages left without listening to them
(It stated this in the message). It did give an 800 number that I know is
good at least for Florida and Alabama, but it is large ticket office
located in Birmingham and is only answered between the hours of 9 a.m.
and 6 p.m. CDT (btw, they had no info either). So I then called
information for Huntsville and asked if they had another number listed
and was given (205) 551-2383. I called, but unfortunately they are only
in the office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.CDT, so I’ll call back next week.

From ???@??? Sun Jun 15 13:54:42 1997
To: monkalert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Web Update: Michael Nesmith Clean Shaven!


The Monkees Home Page has been updated. Along with a bunch of new fan links and a new interesting article about original fans from the 60’s, we have several video clips of all 4 Monkees being interviewed in England on TV and for the first time ever in public since 1971 Michael Nesmith is clean shaven – no beard at all, no facial hair! Lots of fun, dial it up now at:



From ???@??? Wed Jun 18 13:42:36 1997
To: Monkees Alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: videoranch


Nez has started selling autographed original 1976 copies of the “Rio” 45 on – for $100!

I was amazed that, at $25 a pop, he was able to sell out the cassettes of
“Palais.” (I bought my used LP for only $6.95.) I guess he’ll sell out of
these too. Pretty good businessman, that nez!


From ???@??? Wed Jun 18 14:18:35 1997
To: Monkees Alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: videoranch


Nez has started selling autographed original 1976 copies of the “Rio” 45 on – for $100!

I was amazed that, at $25 a pop, he was able to sell out the cassettes of
“Palais.” (I bought my used LP for only $6.95.) I guess he’ll sell out of
these too. Pretty good businessman, that nez!


Here are some new tour dates from Pollstar. Too check it yourself you can go to:

San Francisco
Candlestick Park
Del Mar
Del Mar Fair
Cardinal Stadium
Palace Theatre
Star Plaza Theatre
Rosemont Theatre
9:30 Club
No. Shore Music Theatre
Westbury Music Fair
Hampton Beach
Hampton Beach Casino
So. Shore Music Circus
Cape Cod Melody Tent
Myrtle Beach
Palace Theater
Peace Center
Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Mid-South Fair
Bloomsburg Fair

From ???@??? Wed Jun 18 17:22:03 1997
To: Monkees Alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: New Release: Making of Justus Video


Rhino Brand New Release Today:

Justus – The Video

Join The Monkees for a half-hour of new videos from their recent reunion album “Justus.” Includes 6 songs (Admiral Mike, Circle Sky, Oh What A Night, Regional Girl, Run Away From Life, You and I) plus exclusive newly filmed behind the scenes footage!

R3 2352 Stereo $14.95

Order from Rhino Direct: 800-432-0200

Tell them you heard about it from the Monkees Internet Fan Club!

The video is reportedly already on back-order.


By Brad Waddell

This video is very well done. The song videos are different from the ones they did for the ABC TV special. The footage of the Billboard Live concert is great, and the backstage filler really is the guys being themselves. I thought they missed a great joke in Davy’s bribe routine by not doing a close-up of his eye or something so he could have gotten his money’s worth! Best moment – Mike mugging fir the camera during his solo, and Peters Pizza quandary. A must-see if you want to see what the 4 are like today.

From: npsandauer

Some comments about the Justus Video:


What was the deal with the nekkid chick at the end holding the cymbal? That
was a bit on the strange side, in my opinion. Coulda been one of Micky’s
chickies !

Most creative video – Run Away From Life…. beautifully cut in with scenes
from Head

The glasses bit: VERY funny… i can see Mike’s dry wit all over the skit.

Also funny: Davy’s bribe for the closeups !

Peter doesn’t eat pizza, but WHY doesn’t he eat tomatoes?? Somebody ask him
that, ok?

Saw a LOT of listers and personal friends in the audience section of video,
most predominately, in the Circle Sky video…

Howze about a viewing party on IRC when everyone gets it… or whoever *is*
gunna get it…. i HIGHLY recommend it….

– Griz

From ???@??? Thu Jun 19 16:09:22 1997
To: Monkees Alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: radio alert TOMRROW – SF CA


For the San Francisco Bay people, the Monkees will be in-studio guests on
KFRC-FM (99.7) on the Goss and Garrett show between 6-10am…. obviously to
promo their show at Candlestick that night… happy listening!!

The radio appearance will be TOMORROW (Friday) June 20…

From ???@??? Thu Jun 19 16:09:33 1997
To: Monkees Alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: concert update – NY


A few minutes ago, I called the Hammerstein
Ballroom in New York City to see if there was any information about the
August 21st concert, since it was still listed as “tentative” in the Monkee
Fanzine list of concert dates. Prior to this, all I got was a recorded
message with upcoming events, and no mention of the guys. However, today,
I got a real person! She told me that the concert is indeed on, and
tickets for this concert go on sale June 23. $45 for the floor, $38 for
the mezzanine.

From ???@??? Sat Jun 21 13:54:08 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees SF Show Reviews


From: npsandauer
Subject: Candlestick review

First off, the info about the KFRC radio thing was bogus… turned out a
REAL Monkey was in the studio… this was AFTER I called to confirm the
Monkees were gunna be there… there’s some real dorks at that station…
sorry to whomever got up early to hear that..

The Game:

Set List:
I’m A Believer
Little Bit Me…
That Was Then…
Girl I Knew Somewhere
For Pete’s Sake (gotta disagree with Wally… i loved the fact Peter sings this)
Goin’ Down
Nice To Be With You
I’ll be Back Upon My Feet
Higher and Higher
Circle Sky
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Daydream Believer
Auntie Grizelda
Steppin Stone
No Time

>All you listers who went to the show. How about some details.

>Any songs from “Justus”?

Absolutely none.. no references, nothing.

>Did Micky play guitar or drums?

Both.. he switched off.

>Did Davy play guitar?

Yes, on some of the songs.

>What new songs performed?


>Whats new for merchandise?

Exactly the same as last year… not as much even.. tour program, a tee
shirt, a key chain, a picture… that’s about it.

>Any new costumes?

Nope. Peter wore a GIANTS jersey… looked GREAT on him … Davy was
dressed in white shirt and pants.. Micky wore the same tee shirts as
Billboard Live (the galaxy one).

Misc Notes:

Peter played *some* of the drum and cymbal parts on I’ll Be Back Upon My Feet.

They had a power failure during Steppin’ Stone (couldn’t hear a thing, but
they played on) and finally came back for the last tune Goin’ Down…

All the guys had high energy for the show… crowd loved it…

BUT, it is basically the same exact show as last year… nothing new,
nothing exciting, nothing ground breaking… i would think LONG and HARD
about spending $40-$50 on multiple shows… *especially* if you’ve seen it
last year… just my opinion tho…

– Griz
Auntie Grizelda’s Homepage
for the BEST selection of Monkees audio/video

Subject: Monkees win – Giants lose


This was my first “Monkees oldies revue” show and, considering the forum,
it wasn’t too bad. I had a killer seat, about halfway down the first base
line in the fourth row. (my little secret – if you look and act like you
belong then no one will question you. The “I BELONG here” attitude {almost}
always works).

The announcer introduced them as “Davy, Peter and Mike” (what an
interesting show THAT would be) and the drove out to the stage in a purple
GTO. ( rad car, but no Monkeemobile). The stage was set up at the edge of
he outfield grass with rows of PA speakers in front. The sound was about
what I expected – wind blown and echoey, but pretty good in some parts. The
head mikes HAVE to go. They sound exactly like shit – tinny and too much
drop out from the radio frequencies.

The crowd was really enthusiasic. They should consider adding a REAL San
Francisco date to the tour. Tha lady I was sitting next to was with her
husband and kid and was kinda ambivalent at first, but when they showed a
close up of Davy on the Diamond Vision she let out a big sigh and said “Oh
my ghod, it’s DAVY” and let off a long suppressed teenage scream. Her kid
and hubby’s jaws dropped to the floor.

I liked the song selection. All the hits plus a bunch of others such as
Goin Down, Auntie Grizelda, For Pete’s Sake (for pete’s sake, let Micky
sing it!), The Girl I Knew Somewhere and Circle Sky. The sound on the main
speakers went out during Stepping Stone but they kept playing, although you
could barely hear it through the stage monitors. When it came back around
to the chorus the crowd sang it real loud and the boys all got a big thrill
from it.

There were some relly funny crowd shots shown on the big screen. My pesonal
favorite was “Petermaniac Paul” FREAKING OUT. It’s nice to have a few
thousand other people laughing at him too.

When they finished, they jumped back into the car and drove around the
field. They all jumped out just past home plate and ran the rest of the way

It was a fun show with great crowd reaction and I wish they would come back
and play for real.

By the way, the ball game was good too. The Giants cane back from a 7 run
deficit to tie it up in the bottom of the 9th inning on a Barry Bonds home
run, only to lose 11 to 7 because Dusty Baker didn’t pull the “throwin in
the dirt hack-ass soon to be selling used cars in Ames, Iowa Doug whats his
name pitcher” out of the game. A whole bunch of home runs and some great
catches wasted.

Too bad, cause San Diego whupped Colorado and we coulda picked up another game.

Oh well, thats baseball – anything can happen.



Modern society without organised religion
would be like a crazed maniac without a chainsaw


From ???@??? Sun Jun 22 22:49:06 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell


Monkees News from Monkee Business Fanzine
Updated: June 23, 1997

Monkees Concert Schedule Addition:
August 8, Crystal Grand Music Theatre, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 608-254-4545

cancelled: Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley at Milwaukee Summerfest
cancelled: Peter Tork solo show, July 3, in San Rafael
still tentative: Peter may or may not show up at James Lee Stanley’s July
12 solo show; James expects to have 2 backup musicians with him
still tentative: Monkees July 24 show in Huntsville, AL

We apologize for the delay in updating this section. We kept expecting
that a whole bunch of additional concert dates would be sent to us any day
and we figured we would update it then. The lack of additional concert
dates is as puzzling to us as it is to you.

Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Peter Tork celebrated the Monkees’ 30th
anniversary with a concert tour that ran throughout 1996. For 1997,
Michael Nesmith joined them for a spring concert tour of Great Britain and
While Monkees fans expected that Michael Nesmith would join the Monkees’
1997 U.S. tour, Monkees manager Ward Sylvester now tells us that there is
NO possibility that Nez will join the guys for ANY concerts this summer.
Nez tells us that “the producers of the movie have asked me to write the
screenplay and I would stay home and do that in order to get the film out,”
in the same way that Nez spent last summer working on the Monkees “Justus”
album. Ward says, “There are no plans or even discussions about further
live appearances to include him. I really can’t speculate on what might or
might not happen beyond that. What we thought last September is not what
what we think now, so who knows what we may think in 1998? Eventualities
eventually eventuate.”

Meanwhile, Davy, Micky, and Peter will go out on the road this summer with
their back-up band. Only a partial schedule has been announced thus far;
more dates will be posted as they are announced.

June 20 Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA (preceding San Francisco
Giants baseball game), 415-467-8000
July 4 Sunset Station, Las Vegas, NV, 702-547-7777
July 5 Del Mar Fair Grandstand, Del Mar, CA, 619-792-4252
July 19 Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, 602-267-9373
July 24 * Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, AL, 205-551-2345
July 25 Funfest, Dobyns Bennett Stadium, Kingsport, TN, 423-246-7552
July 26 Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY (in conjunction with a
Louisville Redbirds baseball game), 502-361-9121
July 27 Palace Theatre, Cleveland, OH, 216-771-4444
July 31 Michigan Festival, East Lansing, MI, 517-845-2080
Aug. 1 Star Plaza Theatre, Merrillville, IN, 219-769-6600
Aug. 2 Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, IL, 847-671-5100
Aug. 3 Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH, 513-721-8222
Aug. 6 Pine Knob Music Theatre, Detroit, MI, 810-377-0100
Aug. 8 Crystal Grand Music Theatre, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 608-254-4545
Aug. 9 State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, 612-339-7007
Aug. 16 Mt. Airy Lodge, Mt. Pocono, PA, 717-839-8811, 800-441-4410
Aug. 17 Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA, 215-878-7707
Aug. 21 Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Centre, NY, NY, 212-564-4882
Aug. 22 Thunder Ridge, Patterson, NY, 914-878-4100
Aug. 23 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, 202-393-0930
Aug. 24 North Shore Music Theatre, Beverly, MA, 508-922-8500
Aug. 26 Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY, 516-334-0800
Aug. 27 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH, 603-929-4100
Aug. 29 South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, MA, 617-383-1400
Aug. 30 Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis, MA, 509-775-9100
Sep. 13 Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA, 818-777-3931
Sep. 18 Palace Theatre at Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC, 803-448-4300
Sep. 19 Peace Center for Perf. Arts, Greenville, SC, 864-467-3000
Sep. 20 Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA, 404-249-6400
Sep. 22 Mid-South Fair, Main Stage, Memphis, TN, 901-274-8800
Sep. 24 Bloomsburg Fair, Bloomsburg, PA, 717-784-4949
* new and tentative; these dates may change for routing purposes.

Remember, these dates are for the THREE guys, not four.

Monkees Original TV Series
The Monkees’ original TV series returned to U.S. television April 21
with a Monkee Monday Marathon on cable network VH-1. The series is being
shown twice nightly, Mondays thru Thursdays, as well as Saturday mornings.
Look for commercials for the Monkees’ reunion album “JUSTUS” currently
airing on VH-1 as well.
The Monkees’ TV series will also begin airing on Nick at Nite’s Summer
Block Party, Monday nights from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm (Eastern time),
beginning July 7.
The series is currently on the air in Canada, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.

Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley Concerts
Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley are currently on the road with a concert
tour to promote their “Two Man Band” album.
June 19, Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX, 512-475-6515
June 21, Poor Davids, Dallas, TX, 214-821-9891
June 23, Mucky Duck, Houston, TX, 713-528-5999 (moved from June 20)
July 12, Fret House, Covina, CA, 818-339-7020 (this date is scheduled as
a James Lee Stanley solo date, but Peter MAY show up for it if
there is no conflicting Monkees date–stay tuned)

Peter and James tour merchandise includes a new “Two Man Band” tour shirt
($20 plus $2.50 shipping) and a poster ($10 shipping included, 11″ x 17″).
Quantities are limited. Order from: Beachwood Recordings, 4872 Topanga
Canyon Blvd. #223, Woodland Hills, CA 91364.

Maggie McManus
2770 South Broad Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08610-3622
Four issues per year, $12 per year.
Make check/money order payable to Maggie McManus.
When subscribing, please include your name, address, phone number, fax
number, e-mail address, age, and fave Monkee. If you were previously a
subscriber, please let us know that, as well.
The brand new June March 1997 issue is now available while supplies last.

Back issues also available:
March 1997, with coverage of Monkees ABC TV special and documentary, $3
Dec. 1996, with complete coverage of Monkees Billboard Live reunion gig, $3
Sep. 1996, with complete tour coverage and preview of Monkees’ reunion
album “Justus”, $3
(Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery on back issues.)

[NON-U.S. MONKEES FANS PLEASE NOTE: MBF subscriptions are $13 per year, $26
for 2 years to Canada, $17 per year, $34 for 2 years elsewhere; back issues
are $3.25 each to Canada, $4.25 each elsewhere. U.S. funds only by
International Money Order only please! IMOs payable to Maggie McManus.]

From ???@??? Mon Jun 23 10:50:03 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Micky’s Book


From: “White, Rob E.”

A&C Books has Micky’s book! Call 1-800-334-7165. It’s $5.49.

Robbie White


From: Nick Kelly

Monkee Mention in EW

and it wasn’t flattering……

There is an article in the new June 27 issue of Enetertainment Weekly entitled “Rock
Quarry”, which discussed movies about ’60s rock artists that are in development. When
trying to explain why these movies are being considered now, the last paragraph reads in
part “”there’s a segment of the audience that’s growing older and becoming tired of
movies aimed at 12-year-olds.” Wait- does that mean we won’t be seeing a big-budget
take on the Monkees?”

Now being a fan for a over 20 years, I guess I am used to this type of thing, but it
still irritates the h*ll out of me. That aside was totally uncalled for. And the funny
part is, the guys actually have a project in the script stage. Does Jann Wenner work at
EW now? Or is this a personnal vendeta against Nez for taking a stand after the Justus
review? I’m not sure, but they will be hearing from me. Their e-mail adress is :

I guess it’ll never end……


From ???@??? Mon Jun 23 14:12:22 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: SF Concert Review


From: (Glenn Sadin)

The opening to the Monkees’ 1997 US tour at Candlestick (3Com) Park in SF was a ball!

The Monkees entered the field in a red convertable 1966 Pontiac GTO
(similar to the Monkeemobile) to so-so applause from the crowd, most of
whom were there to see the Giants take on the Dodgers. They were introduced
as “Mike, Peter & Davy” (!!!).

The sound was fairly poor for most of the show, as can be expected at a
baseball stadium. There was a long delay of sound from the stage to the
stands – I heard a cymbal crash a full second after I saw the drummer hit
it. When the audience was clapping along to the beat, it must’ve been
confusing to the musicians, as it must’ve sounded off-beat to them.

There was a large projection screen behind third base, which showed
close-ups of the Monkees and their band, as well as some of the more
enthusiastic fans, including Petermaniac Paul (as Wally mentioned earlier)
spazzing out in his full glory. It was quite amusing to hear 35,000 people
laughing at his frantic gyrations! I may be mistaken, but I think I saw Amy
Dolenz up on the screen, too, so she may have been there as well.

Unlike the ’96 tour, Micky spent a good bit of the show behind the drum
kit, and the rest of the time he played guitar. They were also augmented by
another drummer, who I believe is new. The new drummer seemed to be
enjoying himself, and was playing a beautiful blue sparkletone Ludwig
“Ringo Starr” kit. Davy played a bit a rhythm guitar and Peter alternated
between keyboards, guitar and banjo, and played a bit of percussion during
“I’ll Be Back Upon My Feet.”

The audience’s reaction was fairly subdued during the first 30 minutes, but
once they launched into “Daydream Believer,” the crowd came alive, and sang
along. I saw a 40-something couple slow-dancing a few rows away. For the
rest of the concert, the Monkees really held the crowd’s attention, which
must not be easy in a huge stadium full of baseball fans.

During “Steppin’ Stone” (which sounded punkier than it has in recent past
tours), the stadium PA died, leaving the band barely audible from the
stands. The Monkees kept on playing, and the audience started clapping in
time to keep ’em going. When the sound came back there was a roar of

Despite the poor sound, I enjoyed this performance far more than last years
show in Los Angeles, which had far less energy. It was pretty cool to be
able to kick back at Candlestick sipping a few Sierra Nevada Pale Ales
while digging the Monkees!

Oh yeah, the ballgame was great, despite the fact that the Giant lost. (The
Monkees’ curse strikes again?) 🙁


*Email me to request my extensive list of rare Monkees tapes & videos.

*Read my article about Japanese pop from the ’60s!:

From ???@??? Mon Jun 23 15:45:47 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: News From Rhino/New Tour Dates


The Monkees’ original TV series is back on the air!

VH1 kicked it all off Monday, April 21, with a marathon of back-to-back episodes from
7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Until further notice, individual episodes are airing at 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday nights, with an encore broadcast a few hours later at 1 a.m. Check the
VH1 Online homepage for more info.

Meanwhile, Rhino Home Video’s just released The Monkees’ The Making Of Justus rockumentary. It features backstage antics and interviews along with choice clips from the TV series, plus new music videos for “Regional Girl,” “Oh, What A Night,” “Admiral Mike,” “Run Away From Life,” “You and I,” and “Circle Sky.”

And in July, The Monkees will be featured on the Nickelodeon cable channel as part of
Nick At Nite’s Summer Block Party. Beginning Monday, July 7 and continuing for eight weeks, six Monkees episodes will be seen on Nick At Nite each Monday night from 8:30-11:30 (time is Eastern; check your local listings).

In other Monkees news, Rhino’s releasing The Monkees Lunch Box, a limited-edition
collector’s package, August 12. It’s a metal lunch box with four-color printing on the outside;
inside you’ll find a special video featuring a group member speaking about a favorite episode, followed by that episode. There’s also a special Monkees jigsaw puzzle available nowhere else. A $55 value, this is tagged at $39.98 (suggested retail price).

And, by popular demand, Rhino’s bringing back the massive Monkees Video Box Set on
September 16 for a limited time only! You may recall the original run sold out almost immediately a couple of years ago, and this even smaller run is bound to do the same.

Shaped like a TV, the box is stuffed 21 VHS tapes containing all 58 episodes of the TV series, the series’ original pilot, and the rare 33 1/3 NBC special that aired but once, plus a 48-page booklet. Suggested retail for the whole deal: $399.98.

Bug your local video outlet for either of these two titles, or call RhinoDirect at

From ???@??? Mon Jun 23 21:07:53 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Davy at U2 Concert



This item is from the e-zine “Allstar Magazine”:


Davy Jones was a happy camper on Saturday (June 21) night at the U2
PopMart show at the L.A. Coliseum. The Monkee joined The Edge onstage
to perform “Daydream Believer,” which got the surprised crowd of nearly
100,000 gleefully singing along. A few moments after The Edge, who has
been playing “Daydream Believer” during the tour, began singing the
song, he stopped and said something to the effect of “I think I’ve been
busted” as Jones appeared onstage. That and the acoustic version of
“Staring at the Sun” were the highlights of the show…

(reprinted without permission, so please don’t tell anyone)

Also, I heard from someone who was actually in attendance
that it really *was* the highlight of the show, with people
singing along to all the words…..

Life is weird, I tell ya. When is Micky gonna start showin’
up at Sex Pistols concerts to sing “Steppin’ Stone”?


From ???@??? Tue Jun 24 10:15:38 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Micky’s Book


Addendum to our previous alert:

A&C Books has Micky’s book! Call 1-800-334-7165. It’s $5.49.

From: Meg Davis

It was listed in their ad in DISCOVERIES Record Collecting magazine that
came out last week.

Called the company and she said that unless you tell them what publication and what price they don’t give you the special rate–apparently their computers don’t access the specials or something. So anyone who is ordering should specify to save the bucks!!


From ???@??? Tue Jun 24 14:22:57 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees Convention Update


From: Cathy Hurley

I’ve been asked to post this information from Donna Bailey (Michael
Nesmith Fan Club President). I am not organizing this – so don’t email
me with questions – Thanks!

Attention Monkees Fans!!! Manchester Cowboy Productions presents:

at the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood, California
Sponsered by Jason Humphreys

in conjunction with the Sept 13th Monkees concert at the Universal
Ampitheater in Los Angeles, California

Event Dates: September 12, 13, 14 – 1997

Ticket prices purchased in advance: $30.00 for one day
$50.00 for the

Ticket prices at the door: $35.00 for one day
$60.00 for the weekend

Payable ONLY by money order made out to Manchester Cowboy Productions.

Send money orders to:
Manchester Cowboy Productions
13710 East Whittier Blvd.
Suite 202
Whittier, California 90605

For more information please call: 818-309-9778

Special Guests to be announced soon!

From ???@??? Wed Jun 25 15:02:36 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: VH1 Updates Episodes


Reported by: “Sara Welliver”

Well, I got response from VH1 today about the whole Monkees thing. Here’s
what they say:

Thanks for your note and your feedback. I realize that there have been
several nights when The Monkees has been prempted by other specials on
VH1. I understand your frustration and will share your comments with the
programming dept. I am happy to tell you that on Saturday, July 12 from
1:00-5:00 PM (EST) we’ll air 8 new epsiodes of The Monkees. I hope you
can tune in. Thanks for watching VH1.

From ???@??? Thu Jun 26 07:32:37 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Davy Jones in Video


Reported By: Robin-Pickles

We just got word the SORETHUMB will be shooting a video which will feature
Jones himself, appearing in a cameo. The shooting is scheduled for mid August
and will be shot on Long Island, NY.

Matt Jamison
ENDO Music

24-Concert Hotline: 516-587-THUMB

(this is the band with the song “I wanna be your Davy Jones”, for details see the Monkees Home Page – New section)