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Nesmith Lifetime Achievement Award

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A possible Nez sighting this year:

Michael Nesmith — a Houston native, film producer and former member
of the Monkees — will receive the Warren Skaaren Lifetime Achievement


Singer Mike Nesmith of The Monkees is 67. Singer Davy Jones of The
Monkees is 64.


From: Drosenbe

Davy Jones On The Radio!

Davy Jones opens up to Dave about his private life, responds to recent
tabloid reports that his brand new 32 year old wife assaulted him,
slams TMZ calling it’s lawyer owner “gay”, dishes dirt on The Monkees,
trashes The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame and other bands that are actually
in The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame stating that they should be “ashamed”
of themselves for being apart of an organization that has denied entry
to so many other great rock bands, accuses bands like The Byrds, The
Beach Boys, and The Turtles for employing session musicians and not
having each band member perform on every single recording, pokes fun
at Paul Revere, Peter Noone, and other artists in the oldies touring
circuit that Davy performs live with revealing that he’s often put on
the bill last because he’s the one most likely to survive!


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