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More Summer Dates – New “Nesmith” CD

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From: Brad Waddell

From: Mary Mary

According to my local newspaper, the Monkees will be doing a show July 8 in
Sarasota, FL (my hometown!!) at the Van Wezel Hall! Can’t wait to hear it
“officially” announced, but I thought I’d go ahead and pass on this early
tidbit! Thanks! If anyone lives near this area and might go, please email
me and let me know!

Mary Mary


From: “Shane Worden”

Hey Brad,

There is a new listing for the Monkees on Pollstar this evening:

07/22/01 Vienna, VA Wolf Trap Filene Ctr.

Sunday, July 22 at 8:00 PM
Filene Center

The Monkees
Tickets for this performance go on sale
Sunday, April 22 at 12:00 noon.
Ticket Price: $27 in-house | $17 lawn

Take care!



From: Cathy Hurley Zimmer

Jason Nesmith’s solo EP debut – “Nomedia” is now on sale on Videoranch’s
website (under the “Tunes” section):

Track Listing:
1. I See You
2. Still in Love
3. Change
4. Can You Hear Me?
5. My Best Friend

There are MP3 samples of the songs on the site, and they sound great!


From: “Davy’s Dream Web”

Davy’s Dream Web –

Just Released!! Davy has a book signing tentatively scheduled at Epcot
Center, Disney World, outside the American Adventure Theater between the
hours of noon and 2 pm. His autobiography and book on tape will be
available for sale. It’s Sunday, April 29th.



From: “Kellie Arrowood”

I don’t know if you will have time to post this but I am going to send it
anyway. The Cartoon Network will be airing the Scooby Doo episode with
Davy Jones on Tuesday April 17, at @ 2am EST. The title is Haunted
Horseman of Hagglethorn Hall in case you miss it and want to find when it
will be aired later on the Cartoon Network. Davy sings a short song during
the chase scene.

Kellie Arrowood


From: Susan Andriano

Hi, Brad!

I just wanted to let you know I found archival Monkees pictures on
a site called You can look up the Monkees as a group, or
look up individual names. It seems to have a lot of pictures from Henry
Diltz. Have fun! Sue


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

This just in…

The members of Shoe Suede Blues will stop by the Guitar
Center at 321-C Speen St in Natick, MA for a brief in-store
Meet & Greet on Monday, April 23 from 7:00-9:00pm. The
Guitar Center, located in the Cloverleaf Market, will have a
small stage set up in their store for the guys to play a few
numbers before meeting fans for autograhs and pictures. For
more information, please call Dean at the Guitar Center,
phone 508-655-6525. Hope to see you there!


Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
Spring Tour! April 20-May 6, 2001


From: “Kellie Arrowood”

I found some information about the movie Shrek. It may be interesting to
some people. You can access the website at When you enter
the site there will be a screen come up with the shrek sitting and
different colored bugs around him. If you click on the bright yellow bug
just above his head you can get information about the soundtrack. There
are two different versions of “I’m a Believer”. One is done by Smash Mouth
it is track #2. The second version is by Eddie Murphy, it is track
#12. If you have realplayer you can download snipetts of the
songs. According to the website, the soundtrack comes out on May 15. I’m
not sure when the movie comes out but I do know my local theater is already
advertising the movie for May 18.

Thanks for reading
Kellie Arrowood


From: Rose Eckhoff

Ok you all here’s the info I promised!!!!

Davy Fan’s Get-Together Details:

Where to Meet: GARDENS THEATER @ EPCOT (in front of stage
area where Davy’s performing)
What Time: 1:00 PM
Date: APRIL 28, 2001 (SATURDAY)

We’ll all go to lunch together somewhere closeby. (Lunch on your own). And
no, I don’t know if Davy will be there. I’ve sent him a note but you all
know how busy he is!!! Please remember I don’t know him personally. I’m a
fan just like you all are!

I’m looking for ways to get in touch with everyone if I need to!

Thanks!!! Rose Eckhoff


From: “”

Monkees in Tunica, MS

It was great to see the Monkees again!!! The last time
I saw all three of them was in 1989. The ride to
Tunica was worth the long hours to get there!! I was
looking forward to seeing them again, and meeting
other fans as well. Saturday afternoon I got to meet
and get Micky’s autograph. He was nice and signed
several autographs as well.

That night the show was sooo fabulous!!! It was like
they have never been apart or aged. The show was in a
casino, so the age was 21 to get in. At 8pm, the guys
came on stage and everyone went wild!!! They sang
songs that I grew up knowing, and singing along with
them was the best! I looked around and saw other fans
doing the same thing. The band backing up the Monkees
were fabulous as well and great people to meet!!!!
The concert lasted for two and a half hours straight!!
It was ALL Monkees, Natural didn’t play this concert
at all!!!

(ed: they were not old enough to get in the casino! 🙂

After the concert, we got to meet Peter and get our
picture taken with him. I got him to autogragh the
poster of the Monkees from the casino too. One of my
best friends got him to sign a b/w picture for me too.
I had gotten Micky to sign that earlier.

I’m an orginial Monkees’ fan and proud of it!!! Thanks
Davy, Peter, and Micky for making this fan’s dreams
come true!!!

Peace & Luv!

Davy Jones’ Locker
(officially authorized by Davy Jones)
(and an official member of


From: “ewebwoman”

Phoenix Concert

My fiance’ and I flew to the Monkees Phoenix show from Los Angeles on April
6th. The show was great. My fiance’ took 5 rolls of pictures – not all
turned out but there are some good ones. We always seemed to be on the
wrong side of the revolving stage and Davy rarely stood still long enough
to focus on. The show was incredible. I never got a chance to see the
Monkees ’67, ’87 or ’97 concerts (I’ve been a fan since the beginning) so
this was a real treat. The next night we saw Shoe Suede Blues back home in
Santa Monica, California. I love their music and we danced for hours. I
tried to get Peter to sign the monkey I bought at the concert but he was
busy and brushed me off. It kinda hurt my feelings at first but I wasn’t
going to let it spoil the great time we were having or the memories from
the concert the previous night. I’ve seen Shoe Suede Blues several times
before and Peter had always been very nice and gracious to his fans,
signing autographs and posing for photographs. He was still sick and must
have been tired – I know I was from the traveling and I only went for one
night. Anyway, great concert! I’m looking forward to seeing them again
this summer.



From: MRogue

I attended the March 25th show at the Star Plaza Theatre in Indiana.
Although I took pictures, they turned out of a lesser quality than I would
like (160 lens notwithstanding).
Did anyone get closer/better pictures at that show?? I am especially
interested in decent shots of Micky and Davy, since we were so far left that
the only person I was able to get any possible shots of was Peter. (Although
I would appreciate some decent pictures of him as well!)
If you took any good shots, please contact me at Thanks!!

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