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More Monkees on the west coast!

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From: Brad Waddell

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From: Kim

Two new dates at

August 25 at San Diego Civic Center Auditorium (California)
August 26 at Las Vegas House of Blues (Nevada)

(the site is still showing the cancelled date for Savannah)


Treasure Island
The R.L. Stevenson classic about buried treasure. Voices: Richard Dawson,
Larry Storch,
Davy Jones, Dallas McKeon.
Rating: NR
Category: Movie, Cartoons & Animation
Release Year: 1980
Show times Date Time Channel Friday, 27 2:35 AM EDT TMC


From: “Steven Bradley”

The new issue of Quarterly magazine ‘Mojo Collections’ has two Monkees

the Summer issue, described as being ‘for vinyl junkies, rarity freaks and
cult connoiseurs’ has a feature on the e-bay online auction house on page 9.
the colour picture includes the Monkees glove puppet. the writer of the
article states that his “Monkees search threw up a mad 437 lots: LP’s, box
sets, signatures, toys, annuals and a weird hand puppet by Mattel from 1967
currently standing at $24.” the article goes on to explain how the site

just over on page 10 is a brief article about the connections between
country and rock music. Peter Doggett, author of ‘Are You Ready For The
Country’, cites the juxtaposition of Jerry Lee Lewis, The Monkees and Gram
Parsons as evidence of the breadth of country music. “the monkees?” asks the
article – Doggett explains; “People don’t realise Mike Nesmith made country
rock records before Gram Parsons did. He’s (Nes) one of the great unsung
heroes of the genre, partly because he inspired nobody – he was simply too
weird” (note; this is meant as a compliment ! (-: )

from Steve Bradley


From: “Sarah Ito”

Wondering where the person heard about the Today show thing…it was in
1997 on Aug 22 that they were on. Besides, Aug 22 is a Thurday, not Friday.


From: Estrella Lee

The episode of 7th Heaven titled “No Sex, Some Drugs,
and a Little Rock & Roll” will re-run on August 1,
Wensday on the WB network. As part of the episode’s
theme, members of Eric Camden’s (Stephen Collins) old
high school band (which is played by Peter Tork, David
Eisley, and Keith Allison) come for a visit, but Eric
is very nervous about hanging out with them though he
has not talked to his bandmates in years. Check your
local listings for time(s) and channel(s).



From: “Steven Bradley”

The Monkees are mentioned twice in the new issue of UK music magazine “Q”
(August issue with U2 on the cover). On pages 22/23 there is a feature on
Monkeys in music, all about artistes with any connection to apes or monkeys.
The cartoon illustration features 4 chimpanzees in Monkees shirts, one of
them also wearing a green bobble-hat!

On page 151 in the concert news, the forthcoming UK tours is briefly
previewed. There is a small colour picture of all 4 Monkees on stage during
the ’97 UK tour. The text mentions that just 3 Monkees are on the current
tour, and gives the dates and venues of the concerts.

from Steven Bradley


From: “Rosemary Grimbly”

This is a message for UK list members or anyone who can receive VH1 (UK &
Ireland) on satellite/cable/digital.

I’ve just noticed that ‘Behind The Music: The Monkees’ is scheduled to air
on Sunday 12 August at 10pm BST.



From: rrfingerhead

I heard that the DJBH album was released on CD in Japan, of course it
could be a boot, so far, I havn’t found any news. But if there is
something on it, maybe you can add that bit of info (if it’s legit)
to the newsgroup or webpage.

Also The Grapes of Wrath, a great independent Canadian band,
covered “The Porpoise Song” on their CD “Field Trip” released in
2000. Maybe you can add that bit too to the alert list or webpage as
well. Thanks.


From: Kim

My Two Dads
30 min.
Joey’s rock-star friend (Davy Jones) thinks Joey is spending too much time
under the
influence—of Michael (Paul Reiser). Greg Evigan, Staci Keanan. Rebecca:
Kellie Martin.
Nina: Alitzah Weiner. Klawicki: Dick Butkus.
Category: Comedy
Show times
Friday, 10 8:30 AM EDT USA


From: “Sarah Ito”

For anyone who missed it, Davy will be on Brady Bunch again Aug 4th at 10:30
pm on Nick.

I loved the pop video version. 32 times his name was said? Is that right?
Wow, the writer of that epi must have been his PR person! lol Talk about
plugging a star…


From: Dolly64353

I went to the show in Atlantic City on July 21. They were late getting to
the place, plus we got there an hour early due to time mixups that many other
people had too it wasn’t just me. But other than that i think that this was
my favorite show yet. i’ve been to 3 one in 89 when i was 5, and one in
March. The crowd seemed more responcive in this show than in the one in
march, and the guys seemed like they might actually be enjoying themselves.
It was awesome!!
I hope this isn’t the last time they tour, they’re still the best!!


From: “Karen Cavero”

Thank you for all the great review on the monkees concerts I was there 2x
once in March and the other day July 15 at Westbury Music Fair this concert
was better than the one in March they were real energetic and clowning
around just like they should it was just great and we had pretty good seats
also Do you know if they will be making a video of the concert or another
cd I bought the one and some people on the internet have other songs and I
am unable to dowload if you hear anything please let me know. Thank you
Karen Cavero


From: “Chad M. Obert”

Hi Brad!
I have long wanted to post since I have been to three shows this year-
Verona, State College & Buffalo. The shows were so wonderful as I have
seen most reviews are & a lot of people got to meet the guys. My experience
at Buffalo was almost as good as meeting them. My friend Thyra & I trekked
to Buffalo from Rochester( I traveledfrom N.E. PA).I saw the Radio Station
94.4 I believe & asked if they were doing any PR- after showing them our
special monkee shirts & signs they asked us if we wanted to go on the field
with the Monkees-ahahahahhaha! We were so excited & did not know what to
expect. The show was to begin right after the game & I knew they had to be
in AC that night. The guys arrived by golf cart & we were unbelievably
close & I felt they were really playing for us more than the crowd. Lots
of smiles & eye contact-only thing is we had to wear Buffalo Bisons shirts
over our own so they never saw our shirts, but I am sure they felt the love
from the fans as there were about 25 of us out there. We had to run out &
wave to the crowd & were on TV. The show was very abrupt they only did the
more popular songs and very little banter. I think they would have done
more & at least met us- I thought this was going to be it finally, but they
had to catch a plane. They rode around on the golf cart & left- we all
were like NNNOOOO!!!! At this point we were all so hot & drained from
dancing & screaming- It was still wonderful though- I am so glad I got to
the other shows – I got the CD- still nothing could replace being there-
the joy of my life this year has been these experiences- Thank You Monkees
& thanx to my Verona pals for the advice. What do you call someone who
travels around tosee the Monkees-forgive me for not knowing, but there is
no stopping me now-(for the most part)
Kimberly K-Kalikogurl


From: “Kelly Lidji”

Hi, it’s Kelly from Baltimore again. I attended the show at Trump Marina
in Atlantic City on Saturday. My friend Nicki and I had a wild time to say
the least. Since there were numbered seats we didn’t have to arrive hours
and hours early. (We were 3 hours early anyway, which for us, feels
late.) We had time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. At a
stoplight on the way Nicki happeded to look out the widow to see an older
man sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. He was wearing a large green
wool hat. So Nicki says “Look! Mike is coming to the show!” I guess you
had to be there, but it was so funny we could hardly breathe. It was sort
of like spotting Elvis at the mall.
In the Trump Marina we each quickly blew $10 in the quarter slots. And had
dinner. During all this time we kept running into all kinds of people we
knew from other shows. It’s always like this. We are like one big
family. Monkee fans are the best people!
Since the Monkees had already done a show in NY that day, there were some
transportation difficulties and the show started 1/2 hour late. Natural
was not with them this time, and they are getting ready to leave to start
their own tour. I hope it’s a big success because the are a very sweet
and talented group of guys.
The Monkee show finally started, and it was wonderful of course. I don’t
know how they did 2 such energetic shows in one day. We did get a
shortened show. They cut a lot of songs.
It’s interesting to note that they announced over and over again that you
couldn’t take pictures but as soon as the lights were out the flashbulbs
started and never stopped.
Each of the guys individual songs were better than ever. I still haven’t
been to a show were Davy does his Oliver medley. Darn. I must admit my
favorite part of the whole show is when Peter plays Bach.
All you can do is stand there with your mouth hanging open. Absolutley
amazing. His musical talent is incoprehensible.
Right after the show was over we spoke to Eric Biondo the trumpet
player. His is so adorable you just want to pick him up and take him home.
We went to The Deck, which is a bar on the water at the Trump Marina to
wait for our friend Linda. A few minutes later I thought I spotted her
coming down the stairs so we hurried off to catch her. Going up the
spiral-type stairs I was ahead of Nicki and coming around a corner who do I
almost run right into? Mickey and his girlfriend, of course. I managed
only to smile nicely and go on my way. Nicki calmly and nicely said
hello. She had it more together. At least I didn’t fall down.
After finding Linda we hung out at the Deck for a few minutes and decided
to go home. Nicki suggested going one more time to the upstairs bar just
for the heck of it. Smart girl. We get up there and there is Eric again.
So, we were talking to him and finally noticed Davy, practically right next
to him. We didn’t want to crowd him so we just stood around and talked to
Eric, Dan, and Sandy Gennaro. We spent some time with Dave Alexander, too.
He’s so nice.
About this time Nicki notices that her new Monkee Cd that she had just
bought, along with the show picture were gone. Stolen. Needless to say
she was heartbroken. $25 dollars worth of memories, gone.
We walked past Davy talking to his “bodyguard” and Davy asked her what was
wrong. So she told him and he looked so concerned and said “I don’t have
one on me right now. I’ll send one to you.” We stand there with our jaws
on the floor as the “bodyguard” takes her name and address to send it
to. Can you belive it? What a sweet man. (She is very happy that it was
stolen now!) So, she is waiting for her package from Davy to come in the
mail. Excellent. He then posed for a picture with us even though he
wasn’t supposed to be signing or taking picutures.
It really seems that every time we see a show, be it the Monkees or Shoe
Suede Blues, it just gets better and better.
To all of those who have not bought the new live CD. BUY IT NOW! It is
To anyone who wants to hear more or see any of the great pictures from the
three Monkee shows I went to this year or any of the Shoe Suede Blues show
I’ve been to, e-mail me at
To all those Monkee fans out there that I haven’t yet met, who get it,
enjoy them. You are my people!


From: “gene martin”

Hi All,
Deborah from Clearwater Florida here. I went to Myrtle Beach House of
Blues on July 5th and must say the guys were in the best form ever. The
set list is the same as all the others I have seen posted and they had the
energy of 21 year olds up on that stage. My personal thrill that night was
being able to get Peter’s autograph. A girl behind me got a backstage pass
and took this pic that I have of the four of them from the sixties
backstage and Peter signed it and remembered seeing it also. I was pretty
close to the stage and I was on his side. I wish I could have done it
myself in person but I wasn’t lucky enough to recieve a pass. It was my
second Monkees concert this year, and I will be going to Sarasota next week
to see them again. I will be bring that same picture with me cause I still
lack Micky’s signature on it. Peace and gleeb,


From: sheilabn

My heart is still fluttering. The show last night at Wolf Trap (outside
D.C.) was spectacular. The guys were in top form, indeed! Yes, Peter
wore his gorgeous red coat; and showed his multi-faceted talent
brilliantly. Yes, Micky wore his sexy leather pants; and shared his
tremendous voice. He also shared his sweaty towel with the audience (!)
Yes, David was in prime showmanship. YES! YES! YES! I met them
afterward (actually, just David and Peter- Micky had family visiting) –
and the guys could not have been nicer. They looked and sounded GREAT!!!
Nice haircuts, guys. The weather cooperated and it looked like a
sold-out crowd. A word about the D.C. fans – on the whole – thumbs
down… WAY DOWN! I have never met a more aloof (read antisocial) crowd.
In N.Y., they were MUCH nicer and better mannered (against the
stereotype, I guess). A word to the wise….please don’t knock
Bostonians until you witness D.C. firsthand. My vast experience with
Bostonians is extremely positive. My vast experience with D.C. – let’s
just say, thumbs down, WAY DOWN! Many thanks. And peace to all.
Monkee Fan Always


From: “Erica Davies”

I went to the Gilford, NH concert last night with my mom and three friends,
Jen, Martie and Shannon. We had 5th row seats. I was lucky enough to meet
Allie. Ginger was sitting right in front of me, so I got to meet her too.
I wore my tie-dyed bootleg t-shirt. I also brought dork necklaces with me.
I wore one in my hair and used part of one for a bracelet. I aslo used one
for a necklace. I think my friends and I were the only people wearing them.
I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera in. We could only bring in
disposables. Thankfully, Jen had one. We were told that regular cameras
would make good pictures that could be sold online.
One of the teachers from my old high school works at Meadowbrook Farms in
the summer. I asked him how to get backstage passes. He didn’t know,
saying that it’s different for every concert.
Shannon, Martie, Jen and I went to buy merchandise. I bought one of the
brown Monkeys, to go along with the white one I bought in Portland. While
Shannon and I were waiting for Jen and Martie to buy drinks, we were
interviewed by someone from the Laconia Watch. I have been told that this
doesn’t exists.
Natural came on at 8 and sang 6 songs. The Monkees came on at 8:50. Wayne
started to play the Jeopardy theme song, while waiting for everyone to
finish getting ready for the overture. We were lucky enough to get the
long version of the overture!! I think it was after “Look Out Here Comes
Tomorrow,” when I went up to the stage (which is a little shorter than I
am) and gave the guys some roses. I gave Peter pale yellow roses. He
said, “My favorite flavor,” before eating one, and spitting the petals out
at me. If I had been thinking, I would have picked some up. I gave Davy
pink roses.
I think he thanked me, but I can’t really remember. I gave Micky light
purple roses. He said, “Thank you darlin!” Peter left his roses on his
keyboard for a good portion of the concert. If anyone took a picture of me
giving them their roses, could you please let me know if I could get a
copy. We took pictures, but I don’t know how well they came out. Please
e-mail me at, if you have a copy that I could have.
After “Randy Scouse Git,” Micky started to ask where the fourth Monkee was,
the one whose mother invented white out. The answer of course was, “He’s
During “Auntie Grizelda,” Peter said “she doesn’t like my butt.” I yelled,
“I like your butt!” I’m not too sure if he heard me or not.
During “Free/Forever,” Davy made a comment about how large the flies were.
He told the back-up band to help him out if he started to fly away. A lady
named Patty was there. She was in Oliver! with Davy, so he dedicated the
Oliver! Medley to her. He also told us about being woken up in Japan,
hearing the episode of Scooby-Doo that he was. It was in dubbed in
Japanese, so he was pretending to speak Japanese. All he could understand,
was Davy Jones and Scooby-Doo.
During the encore, I went up to the stage to dance/jump. Sorry to those of
you whose feet I landed on.
After the concert, I stuck around, hoping to get a copy of the set list. I
was jumping up and down, hoping to get someone’s attention. My mom tried
to boost me up, but I ended up scrapping my knee. Thankfully it didn’t
bleed, but I now have a killer bruise. My mom then suggested that I get a
chair to stand on. A lady was trying to get a copy too. A female roadie
recognized me and gave me a copy. She said that I got it because I had
been following them around for a while now. I’m not sure which concert she
recognized me from. It must have been Portland, because I didn’t spend too
much time near the stage in Boston. I doubt she remembered me from Lowell,
but maybe she did. A few minutes later, another roadie gave me a second
copy. I gave it to Jen, because she stole Davy’s towel for me back in
March. We were able to have Eric and Sam sign them!
Overall, the Monkees preformed for almost 2hrs!! Here’s the set list:
Lookout Here Comes
Pete’s Sake
Girl I Knew
Randy Scouse
Mary Mary
Goin’ Down
Can You Dig It
Higher and Higher
Little Bit Me
Bach Invention
No Time
Long Title
She Hangs Out
Since I Fell
Is You Is (it was changed to Oliver! at the last minute)
That Was Then
Daydream Believer
I’m A Believer
Steppin’ Stone
By the time we left, I my abdomen hurt very bad from all the
screaming/cheering and singing that I did during the concert. I did a lot
random cat calls through out the entire concert. I screamed/cheered at the
top of my lungs and until I ran out of breath. Then, I would catch my
breath and start all over again. I don’t know how I could talk after the
Unfortunately, this will be my last Monkees concert for this tour. That is
unless, Martie’s sister lives near Cary, NC, or if they go to MS.

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