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Monkees UK tour rescheduled – Nez on Tour???

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From: Brad Waddell

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

From: “Bandsix”

Hi guys

Just got this in from David Fishof’s office. The Monkees October UK tour
has been rescheduled from October ’01 to March ’02.

All I have so far are the new dates. I’ll have to speak to the promoter’s=

agent today to see about the ticket arrangements. I have an idea they’ll
just say that tickets already bought will be honoured for the new dates or=

something – but hold fast on that point before considering whether the new=

dates are ok for you. I’ll send another email when I get definite news
(I’m typing this at 7am so can’t talk to anyone about it yet).

The guys say they’re disappointed about the whole thing but there wasn’t
really much choice under the circumstances.

Here’s the new dates:
Be in touch again soon.
“Magnolia Sue”
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: “Mandi”

My cybertwin Nezbabe and I wanted to post this update from
videoranch. Hope you haven’t received it from another source yet.


We ranch hands have been walking around in a daze since last weeks
terrible events. What world must we live in? We’ve stopped watching
the news, for the most part, and started listening to KPIG, as
they’ve been playing some comforting and relevant music=85Leon
Russell’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”, Slaid Cleaves` adaptation of
Woody Guthrie’s anthem “This Land Is Your Land” which he recorded
after the September 11 tragedies (you can download an MP3 of it at, stuff like that. Nez said he felt inspired to put on
Gordon Lightfoot’s “Ribbon of Darkness” after watching last week’s
events unfold. It’s a good’n.

Nez wrote something after the events first occurred and we’ve posted
it on the home page, We’ve gotten a lot of emails
from people who read it saying it helped them, so you might check it

We’re working away here at the Ranch as best we can:

Nez is working on his new album and it still seems like it’s going to
come out around March next year. We hear some rumblings of the
possibility of him playing some live dates next year as well.

We’ve updated all our MP3s at the Videoranch Download store with
higher quality 128kps files. If you listen to MP3s using small
computer speakers you won’t notice a difference, but if you listen to
them with a high-end set of speakers, you’ll immediately notice a
difference. We’ve also added a bunch of new songs for you to
download. You’ll find a section devoted to the diptychs and triptychs
Nez created over the years. Rio/Casablanca Moonlight is my favorite.
Rio gets all the glory, but I have to tell you, I think Casablanca
Moonlight may be one of the most beautiful pieces of music Nez has
ever recorded. Just go to the home page and click on
Download MP3s. Keep in mind these are fairly large files. If you need
help, you know how to reach us.

We’re thinking about Wichita Train Whistle for the holidays=85

Thanks for all your support of Nez’ work.

Sincerely yours,
Navajo (Trail) Slim
Assistant to Bubba Crutch, Videoranch Foreman


Oh, let’s hope this is true! PLEASE!

Peace, love and hope for a better tomorrow

the Nezhead twins, Mandi and Nezbabe

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The interesting thing is, this item may be a collectors item and may not be=

available for long since it features the three Monkees, when in fact, only=

2 will appear – you may want to quickly order this item before it is
changed or removed because of this. You need to enter “monkees” in the
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for $10.49.



From: Deidre

Invisible Mom 2
95 min.
A 12-year-old orphan (Justin Berfield) is accepted into a loving family=

headed by a mother
(Dee Wallace Stone) with a talent for vanishing into thin air. Karl:
Barry Livingston. Olivia:
Mary Woronov. Bernard: Micky Dolenz.

Cast: Dee Wallace Stone, Justin Berfield, Barry Livingston, Mary
Woronov, Micky Dolenz
Rating: PG
Content: Violence
Category: Movie, Comedy
Director: Fred Olen Ray
Release Year: 1999

Thursday, October 4
6:00 AM EDT


From: Classicstephanie

Shoe Suede Blues Benefit performance for Beyond Baroque Childcare:

November 3, 2001
8:30PM to 12 Midnight
The Church in Ocean Park
235 Hill Street, Santa Monica, California.

Tickets are $7 in advance and $9 at the door. Children under 12 are $5. The
dance is a benefit for the Beyond Baroque Sunday meeting’s childcare progra=
Phone: 562-997-9245

I can guarantee a GREAT TIME for a wonderful cause! We are setting up a car
pool list from Kern/Tulare County (or nearby – just let me know!) or if you
just want to make arrangements to meet, or are in need of directions, pleas=
send me a note:

Stephanie Anne

“When at the edge of the unknown, FAITH provides the wings to fly.”


From: MrsJonesStarr

i wrote this 3 weeks ago at the monkees concert in san diego at the civic

Amanda and I saw the Monkees last night (as some of you may know) in San
Diego at the Civic Center. We won tickets off of out beloved Kjqy 94.1. The
task was to name the 6 Monkees songs they played from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM. T=
songs were: last train to clarksville, Valleri, I’m a believer, A little bi=
me-A little bit you, Look out (here comes tomorrow),and i fogot the last on=
:0 We arrived early, the people there were geuinely mellow. They played the
Beatles (lol) “Abbey Road” which I thought was cool. I have the album and w=
singing along “Bang, bang Maxwell’s Silver Hammer..” We were affraid the
people would think we were phycho fans-which we are not. We were afraid tha=
there would be pyscho fans. The audience of people were so nice! Girls, boy=
teens, old fans from the 60’s, and people who simply enjoyed most of their
tunes. Their band came out and played a medley of Monkees songs. Amanda and=
were exstactic. The radio personalities of Kjqy introduced the Monkees and
they came out doing the Monkee walk. They opened with “The Monkees Theme” a=
“Last train to Clarskville.” As you may know-Davy was on the stage the most=
Peter was extremely energectic, Micky was darling and Davy was handsome and
told some funny jokes. For example: Davy: “People come up to me all the tim=
and say ‘do you know who you are?'” and “There’s always 3 little words that
creep up on me…Marsha…Marsha…Marsha. A lot of people ask if we, you
know did the nasty. And no we didn’t but I have to say I felt really bad
about it after the book came out. Of course we didn’t but every one was doi=
it then.” Micky appologized for being sick (awe) and the audience went
“AWWWEEE!!” Davy sang “Girl” and when I heard it I ran up there to be besid=
him, Amanda followed.The guards didn’t seem to care so much, some people di=
complain about us…but you know what? In the words of Micky Dolenz:From
Micky to all those people who don’t believe the Monkees could play their ow=
music and become a real band!”And to all of those who criticized, condemned=
berated, lambasted,denounced, defamed, defiled, or otherwise desecrated the
Monkees…Go fuck yourselves.”-Micky Dolenz 1993 (I’m A Believer: My Life O=
Monkees, Music and Madness)Davy reached down and held my hand while singing
“Girl” I thought I would melt, he also held Amanda’s! My knees started
shaking! They did so badly that I had to lean against the stage! My knees
still hurt. I smelled like men’s cologe (Davy’s ahhh!) his hands were nice
and warm. He was all sweaty but he smelled good. We met some lovely people,
young and old, and we will never forget it. Here is the songs they did, as
far as I can remember (these aren’t in order):

Can you dig it?
Long title
Last train to clarskville
I’m a believer
She hangs out
Higher and higher
Listen to the band
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Goin Down
The Porspoise song
The girl I knew somewhere
An broadway song by Davy
A broadway song by Micky
A piece of music by Sabastin Bach on the piana-Peter
That was then, this is now
A little bit me, a little bit you

And some others I’m sure I forgot

~ Amanda and I both bought a Monkees summer tour 2001 t-shirt for $30.00.
Amanda also bought a nice recent picture of them. I touched all the monkees
hand!!! AHH! Davy’s a few times, but I must say davy smelled soo good! And
they all had soft hands! Peter was “humping” his guitar with his tounge
sticking out…right in front of Amanda. She said she saw him do it before,
but that’s the first time I saw him do that. Woo-hoo! We ended up staying u=
front for the ending part of the concert, everyone got up too. The Monkees
did there bow (down the center, to the left and right). They did the Monkee
walk off the stage while waving goodbye. We darted off to find out where th=
signing was. First the band sFirst the band said they were going to do it,
than they said the guys were too tired. Oh well.If you get the apportunity,
deffinetly see the Monkees! I’ve been a fan for a while, they play so
well-great quality, they make you laugh and the wave and wink and adore the=




From: “Janice O’Keefe”

Just wanted to comment on the Monkees concert at the
Hatch Shell in Boston in July, 2001. The show was great!
Mickey Dolenz sounds as good as ever and the other guys
sound fabulous, too. You all are under-rated! Thanks for a very enjoyable=


J. O’Ke

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