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From: Brad Waddell

Coming soon: Rumors of a trip to Germany for The Monkees tour – and more
dates in California – stay tuned for details!



From: Kim

Davy and the Monkees on Laugh-In on the Trio network

The Trio website
the rest of the summer. The episode with Davy Jones will be on July 26 (a
Thursday) (three times) and the Monkees episode will be on August 10 (a
Friday) (also three times).

The times that the show repeats in one day are:
5 PM – 6 PM
8 PM – 9 PM
12 AM – 1 AM

(These are the one hour length episodes.)


From: Kim

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Dante’s Inferno
30 min.
Forced to date others, Sabrina and Harvey try to ease the pain by
double-dating—but Sabrina’s escort has never been in the mortal realm
before. Davy Jones has a cameo. Yenta: Teri Garr. Dante: Jason James Richte=

Rating: TV-G
Category: Comedy

Show times
Monday, 23 5:00 PM EDTUPN

As always, please check local listings for times and dates.


From: “Cindy Griffin”

Just received a call today (7/11) from the Northampton Box Office
concerning the
Thursday, July 19th concert at the Pines Theater in Florence, MA. The
concert has been moved to another venue, the Calvin Theater, located in
Northampton, MA. For those of you with tickets already, you may want to
call the box office at 1-800-THE-TICK or (413) 586-8686 to verify your new
seating (mine are basically in the same place). Also check out this websit=
for box office info and directions to the theater:


From: daydream7a

July 25th, at 8 central, the episode of the brady bunch, “getting
davy jones” will air on Nick at Night!


From: LAAC27023

Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley’s Blues and Folk Festival

The Lewisville Area Arts Council, Inc. presents
(Once Again)
Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley=E2=80=99s
Blues & Folk Festival Weekend

The Lewisville Area Arts Council, Inc. is pleased to announce the
establishment of a new celebrity endorsed festival weekend for Forsyth Co.,
NC. The event “Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley=E2=80=99s BLUES & FOLK Fes=
will be held in various locations in Forsyth County during the weekend of
September 8 and 9 2001.

The locations for the 2001 event are Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, and Brew =
Ha=E2=80=99s in Winston-Salem, NC.

The new festival will showcase blues and folk music. Tork and Stanley will =
involved in the entertainment line up for the 2001 festival and future
festivals in years to come. Tork and Stanley have emeritus board member
status with the Lewisville Area Arts Council, Inc. and will be vital in
bringing in headliner artists to the new annual event.

Tork and Stanley=E2=80=99s NEW CD release “Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley: =
AGAIN” features a cover photo taken at the 1999 Lewisville Lawn Party,
presented by the LAAC.
The photo was shot during the STARbricks ceremony in the Shallowford Square
for Tork and Stanley. The photo was taken at the exact moment that Tork and
Stanley heard Marilyn Ingram=E2=80=99s (ED of LAAC) announcement that the g=
uys were
being honored with bricks in the square. The funds for the bricks came fro=
over 30 of the United States, Canada and Brazil, thus paid for entirely by
Tork and Stanley fans. The LAAC considers it a rare honor that the cover of
the new CD features this photo.


Saturday, September 8
Clemmons, NC
2-10 PM
Gates open at 1:00 PM

James Lee Stanley, Acoustic Syndicate, Aura, Big Bump & the Stun Gunz,
Finnegan=E2=80=99s Gait, Ogburn Station Blues Band
Also: Food & Beverages – Budweiser Beer Garden – Exhibits and more!
Tickets are $8.00 in advance on-line at
$10.00 day of the show and include ONE entry into a drawing for TWO –
ROUND-TRIP tickets on
US AIR to New York!

Sunday, September 9, 2001
Brew Ha Ha=E2=80=99s
Winston-Salem, NC
Peter Tork, James Lee Stanley, Blues-A-Matic
Tickets are $12.00 in advance on-line at
$15.00 day of the show and include ONE entry into a drawing for a 2002
Festival weekend package including: hotel room for two nights, parking and
tickets to all festival events, $20.00 in food and /or beverage vouchers an=

For more information contact:
The Lewisville Area Arts Council, Inc.
G. Galloway Reynolds Center – Suite 207A
PO Box 472
Lewisville, NC 27023
Web –
Phone (336) 946-ARTS

Festival Weekend T-Shirts – Posters – Newspaper Inserts – AND a new tribute
publication on the Lewisville Lawn Party (1992 – 2001) will be available at
the events as well as CD=E2=80=99s by the various artists
Festival Weekend Travel Information:

Hotels: Check for information at after June 26
US AIR is a proud sponsor of Peter Tork & James Lee Stanley=E2=80=99s Blues=
& Folk
Festival Weekend

Posted by the Lewisville Area Arts Council, Inc.
with permission from the E.D.


From: “Lora Keyes”

I saw an ad in a store window (Claire’s) for a Natural cd and thought I
would take a look. After seeing them with the Monkees I was impressed and=

wanted to find out about the cd rom they were advertising hoping The
Monkees might be on it somewhere. They are not on the cd rom but are in a=

magazine called Pop Star which was sold at Claire’s. On page N4 of the
July 01 issue of the magazine it has a picture of The Monkees with Natural=

as well as mentions about the Monkees fans and about The Monkees stage
appearance. It was $5.99 here in Canada but $4.99 in the US. Really cute=

photo!! Take care!

Keep Monkeeing Around!
e-mail me for my Monkees list of stuff!


From: Estrella Lee and have added
Tuesday, July 24th to The Monkees summer tour
schedule. On that day, The Monkees are scheduled
around 8:30 p.m. to play at the Regency Park
Amphitheatre in Cary (7 miles west of Raleigh), North



From: Classicstephanie

Bakersfield, California Show

I am the one who has the block seats for the Bakersfield Show – and for a
little more information to enlighten everyone as to why I have these seats,
it is a courtesy, as I – through some wishful thinking, an email to Dave
Fishof AND a person who could back the show! — was able to make the right
contacts to have THE MONKEES perform at this benefit. So we can enable THE
FANS to have these great seats as opposed to those corporate honchos who wi=
purchase block seating for their company just so they can impress some clie=
with these tickets.

The reason why I will sell ONLY with the dinner included (a big question –
and note it is an Italian Buffet dinner – Gates open at 6PM, so plenty of
time before the first show at 8PM to relax and enjoy your meal!) is because
the children’s charity’s this will benefit – La Cresta
Foundation/H.E.A.R.T.S. Connection – benefits DIRECTLY from the sale of the=
dinners; and the CHILDREN AND THE MUSIC are the focus for this event. We d=
not want anyone to forget this.

So, if people wish to take advantage of this, they have the information
posted on the Monkees Alert list, they can email me should they have any
other questions; One note: PLEASE let everyone know I cannot supply backsta=
passes! I wish I could, but sorry! Also, as this is an open-air theater, I
highly doubt — though anything is possible! — that The Monkees will show =
at the buffet table to eat (another big question!)- security reasons, I am
sure you understand! Never say never though!!

And you know the best part of this? While it is the day before, my 41st
birthday is the 18th of August – with the show on the 19th, you can bet I
plan on getting birthday kisses from all the guys — hey, I have waited 35
years for this!!!

If you need any more information, please send me a note.

Best to you,
Stephanie Anne Dispoto


From: “Cathy McQuillin”

I have been reading about the concert posts, and it reminded me that I had=

written about my experiences at my first Monkees Concert and I though I
would share them with everyone. I also saw the Monkees in 1987 with my 2
teen aged daughters. To my surprise they loved it, but unfortunately I
didn’t sit down and write about the experience. Here it is, hope you like.

While the concert is still fresh in my memory I will write a few moments of=

it down. My girlfriend Lisa and I went to see the Monkees, the one concert=

I have wanted to see ever since I can remember. When I was little I
remember crying when my brother told me they had split up and I would never=

get to see them in concert. This was my chance! We listened to their first=

album on the way to Pine Knob and both of us were so excited to fulfill one=

of our dreams, one of my greatest fantasies. We were about 45 minutes
early, so we walked around and bought a t-shirt. Weird Al opened, and he
was really strange. We read the concert program while listening to Weird Al=

croon ‘Like a Surgeon’. Once he was done, Lisa and I started getting
excited again. When the curtains opened and the Monkees came out on their
bed to the first line of their theme song, I felt so good, a dream of mine=

was finally coming true. I knew their first or second song would be ‘Last
Train to Clarksville’ (Pine Knob is in Clarkston, MI) so I wasn’t surprised=

to hear it as their first song. They all had on white pants and the Monkee=

shirts (with double buttons) in red. I was so excited! As they sang their
way through song after song, I lost count of them all and can’t even
remember what they were, but I will list the ones I remember. “I’ll Be
True” “Here Comes Tomorrow” “Auntie Grezelda” “She” “That Was Then, This is=

Now” ” Heart and Soul” “I’m a Believer” “Not Your Stepping Stone” “Listen
to the Band” “Going Down” and lots more I can’t remember. During “Valerie”,=

Davy came out with a heavy metal outfit on in a silver and black tiger
pattern, complete with long black wig and g-string. It looked like
something someone from Ratt would wear. Davy and Petor got into a hilarious=

discussion about it and after Davy left the stage, Peter was saying how he=

didn’t know how someone would wear something like that, then he pulled off=

his Hawaiian shirt and he had a red and black tiger skin tank top on! Later=

Micky came out with a Spanish Seniorita outfit on, swearing someone had
made him do it. I don’t remember what song he sang, but the very next one
Davy came out in a Matador’s outfit singing “Hold on Girl”. It was such a
good concert, I wish I could remember every song they sang and in what
order, but it was enough that I was there. The Monkees TV show started in
September 1966, the very month I was born, and this September I will be 21=

so the concert was extra special for me. It seems I have loved the Monkees=

from the day I was born and I know I will always love all four of the guys.=

Seeing them proved to me that dreams can come true, even though they may
not be exactly what you want (i.e. Mike wasn’t at the concert), but they
can still bring a smile to the lips, happiness to the voice, and
indescribable joy to the heart.


From: “Alicia Jones”

Hey hey good peoples!

Last year on this very date (July 8, 2000), I SAW DAVY!!! Sit back, relax,=

and enjoy while I share with you one of the best times of my life!! 😀


Davy Jones and Chubby Checker performed at Six Flags Fiesta Texas at 6:30.
The concert took place at an area called Lone Star Lil’s.

It’s a nice sized open auditorium, with six sections…and, of course, the=

grassy area (where I was)…that’s the “general area”. All of the reserved=

tickets, obviously, were sold out. But I still had the best seat in
town…next to the stairs. I could see EVERYTHING!! 😉

The ushers opened the gate around 5:45 and checked our tickets (my sister
went with me). While she & I found the perfect spot on the grass, I looked=

to the right of the stage and saw a banner that said, “Davy Jones

They had some t-shirts with his picture (from the cover of his new
autobiography), as well as some Monkees Tour shirts…they sold for $25.
They also had copies of his book, some CDs (like “Don’t Go” and “Just For
the Record” volume set), and some Davy photos (for $5). While I was at the=

‘booth’, I had a chance to ask a lady if she knew whether/not Davy was
going to give any autographs. She said that she didn’t know, but that he
might make an announcement during the concert, so we would just have to
keep an ear out for it. In the meantime, I just made sure my camera was
ready with film and got some drinks.

Sure enough, 6:30 rolled around, and some rep from Fiesta Texas went over=

the ground rules…things like “Don’t stand in your seats, blocking others’=

view” (now, that was okay for where *I* was, mind you) and “No audio or
video recordings of the performance are allowed”…blah blah blah.

To my surprise, I thought that Chubby Checker was gonna come out
first…when the members of the band came out. Then they started playing
medleys of Monkee songs, like “Last Train to Clarksville” and “Pleasant
Valley Sunday”.

soooooooooooooooooooooooo good. He was wearing a long sleeved red shirt
and black pants. When he came out, the band was playing that Elvis “intro”=

while he waved to everybody, welcoming them to the show. Of course, I
jumped out of my seat and went bonkers!

Now, as far as the order of selections went, I lost track…even though I=

remember every one he did. It was like a “believer sandwich”–the very
first song he did was “I’m a Believer” and the very last song he did was
“Daydream Believer”. In between songs, he told some jokes and talked about=

different things like winning at the Lingfield Race Track (with his horse,=

Digpast). So many things were said and I just can’t remember ’em all…the=

whole experience was quite surreal…

(After he sang “I’m a Believer”, he was encouraging the audience to sing
out more. “Otherwise, I’ll put you in a Micky Dolenz lookalike contest…”=

THAT’S WHAT HE SAID!! I’m still trying to figure out what he meant by
that. While I’m on the subject, he DID mention other things regarding
Micky, Peter & Mike…but I can’t remember anything specific…other than=

he had the opportunity to see/hear from them recently and they seemed to be=

doing quite well.)

Yes, I took loads of pics…and most of them turned out GREAT! (Hopefully,=

I can get a scanner and show them to you…) About maybe five minutes into=

the concert, I noticed several people leaving their seats so they could
take pictures of Davy up close. The majority of them would go down the
middle aisle, and I was freaking out cuz I didn’t realize we could actually=

go towards the stage like that! I checked with a nearby usher to make sure=

that was really possible/permissible, and he said yes.

So HEY…I took advantage of every single moment and I finally got my
chance to take pix of him up close!! Well, the closest I could get was
about seven feet. Many security guards were there, but one was sitting
right in the middle…at the bottom of the stage area. Davy took note of
the ones that came towards the stage and waved/sang/posed to them. Great

Naturally, the guard in the middle sat at his post. At one point during a
song, Davy pointed at him and said something like, “Now this guy sure is
taking a lot of pictures!” The crowd goes into hysterics cuz the guard
didn’t realize Davy was talking to him (let alone, about him), until he
turned around to look at him. Then the guy blushed and laughed…it was coo=

These were the other Monkee songs he performed: “Valleri”, “A Little Bit
Me, A Little Bit You”, “What Am I Doing Hanging Round”, “(Look Out) Here
Comes Tomorrow”, “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone”. OH…and when he did “I
Wanna Be Free”, his stage presence was kinda like what we saw in the
“Monkees on Tour” eppy. At one point, though, he was actually lying on the=

stage like a centerfold…and OH MY GOD, he looked sooooooooooooooooo
yummy! I definitely snapped that one…and ran down the middle aisle again!=

(Before he did “What Am I Doing Hanging Round”, he mentioned Mike and
acknowledged his roots in Texas…San Antonio in particular. As expected,
the audience was going crazy when he got to the line, “I should be ridin’on=

that train to San Antone…”)

(And when he did “Daydream Believer”…towards the end, he had the audience=

sing the chorus while the band stopped playing. Everybody sounded great!)

He also reminisced on his broadway experiences…especially as the Artful
Dodger. And he did a medley of tunes from Oliver (like “Consider Yourself”=

and “I’ll Do Anything”) and wore a black hat during that piece. Then he
sang “I’ll Love You Forever”, and that’s when I was in heaven. Mind you, I=

was still able to get a great view of Davy where I was sitting, but my
sister was wise in bringing a pair of binoculars. I snatched them from her,=

and when I looked through them…I SWEAR y’all, it was like Davy & I were
face to face!! My eyes, needless to say, NEVER left his while I was
looking through the binoculars. He played a guitar during the song, and
several times it looked as though he was looking right at me while he was
singing it!!

Davy also talked about his childhood, with his father and sisters…and
especially his mother. He mentioned the strong musical background that his=

family had, and he went on to perform one of the songs that were played in=

the house: “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby”. If I remember correctly, he=

wore another hat (straw hat) during that song. At one point, he put on a
long silver-white coat and tinted glasses with some sideburns
attached…looking like Elvis!! *L* He did a lil bit of his moves as he
sang “Crazy Lil Thing Called Love”…and you know where *I* was! Yep, I ran=

down the center aisle again…

Before he went into “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone”, Davy introduced the
members of his band. He acknowledged them for their talents, and even
congratulated one of them for their birthday on Friday (I think). Then he
talked about the time they spent one night, drinking and watching “All in
the Family”. If I remember correctly, he mentioned an episode where Gloria=

(Archie & Edith Bunker’s daughter) had her baby upstairs in a bassinet, and=

the baby was crying. And Edith was trying to tend to the baby’s needs, as=

well as Archie’s…since he was growing impatient with hunger, ready for
supper. Anyway, Davy had the two guys from the band (the one on the
keyboard, and Sandy Gennaro the drummer) share their impersonations of
Archie & Edith. It cracked him up…and the audience was laughing, too.
They were really good!!

Now, you know I couldn’t forget about the Brady Bunch…he had the
audience sing the theme song. And I definitely remember standing at my
seat, waving my hands like I was conducting the song. DAVY SAW THIS AND HE=


/me swoons…

As a matter of fact, while I was in the center aisle taking pictures
(several feet away), I was able to get his attention. The first time, I
just waved at him…and he waved back with a great big smile. /me swoons

Another time I waved at him was during his Oliver tunes (with his black hat=

on), and he smiled as he pointed at me.

/me gets very dizzy…

When Davy sang “Daydream Believer”, I ran down there AGAIN front &
center…and stayed the whole time, along with some other folks. Towards
the end of the song, the center guard informed us that Davy was going to do=

autographs. So when Davy got through saying goodbye and wishing everyone
well, I made a mad dash to my sister and had her to take out my copy of his=

book!!! My sister kept it in her purse, since hers was bigger than mine. I=

was sooooooooo grateful that I brought that book with me… I started to
take off running to that table of Davy’s merchandise that my sister said,=

“Hey! Don’t you need a pen?” So I snatched that from her and made like a
roadrunner toward the right side of the stage.

Needless to say, there were several others anxiously waiting for him to
come out. (They brought all kinds of things for him to sign. Like, this one=

girl brought the Monkees first LP, and Davy signed the album cover.) And
security WAS ready. In fact, they kept telling us to make a single file
along the table. Otherwise, they said, Davy wasn’t going to come out. Of
course, I was already at the table when I went down there AND I DIDN’T MOVE=

AN INCH, since I was already where I was supposed to be. It took about ten=

minutes or so before Davy finally came from backstage to where we were. And=

I noticed he changed clothes. Well, actually he changed shirts…kind of
like the one that’s on the top of page 386 in his book. (For those of you=

that don’t have a copy YET, he was wearing a longsleeve heather gray shirt=

with some black & white stripes.) I noticed he already had a big black
permanent marker in his hand. (I also noticed that he didn’t have any rings=

on his fingers.) Fortunately, I was able to get a couple of some close-up=

shots while he was signing away.

(During this time, somebody was playing Sting’s “Ten Summoner’s Tales”
over the speakers…and the first song from that CD came on: “If I Ever
Lose My Faith In You”. I already have this (on cassette that I bought
years ago), but NOW it has new meaning…)

Security was reminding the people CONSTANTLY to stay in line, but
unfortunately, many of the fans weren’t very cooperative. One lady, for
example, was able to break through those who were waiting patiently in line=

and got alongside where Davy was…and without saying a word to him, she
just shoved a picture of him in his face for him to sign!! And when he did=

sign it, she snatched the picture and took off…not even saying “Thank
you” to him for his autograph!! I was totally pissed by that…AND SO WAS=

DAVY. He even got on some of the security guards for letting that happen. I=

don’t blame him, either…they deserved it.

Still miffed by that, Davy almost snapped at one of the fans when she asked=

if she could get a hug and/or kiss from him and take his picture. I don’t
fault him for that, either, cuz she was out of line…with the way she
approached him…practically in his face. He said no to her request by
saying, “…Cuz if I do that for you, then I’d have to do that for
everybody else here. And I don’t have time for that…” At that time, all
he did was just sign his name quickly, moving on to next item like some
kind of machine…

It took a while for Davy his breath and for the crowd to get settled. Once=

things became more manageable, he personalized the autographs, you know,
like “For Charlotte…” Believe it or not, I stood there in front of the
table…just a few inches from where Davy was (on the other side of the
table)…waiting patiently. I wanted to wait for the right time, you know,=

and remained orderly while he was signing other people’s stuff. THEN I

(BTW, “Fields of Gold” was playing in the background at this time…)

“Hi, Davy. I’m Alicia…” He took the copy of my book, smiling and said,

While he opened the front cover, I spelled it out, “A-l-i-c-i-a” Then I
told him, “I really enjoyed the show. You did a GREAT job…”

“Thank you,” he said while he was signing my book. He wrote:
with love
David Jones”

I thought he was through. But he paused and wrote again: “7-8-00”, the
date of the concert! Then I said, “I really appreciate this. Thank you so=


He gave me my book, and smiled at me while he nodded “You’re welcome.” We=

smiled at each other…OUR EYES MET for a few seconds after that, and then=

I walked away…holding on tightly to the book towards my sister. She
smiled while I gave her a thumbs up. I said, “I saw him and I got it! I’m
good to go…and now I can die a happy woman!”

…Then we left the concert area. I felt really bad that I didn’t stick
around to watch Chubby Checker perform (I COULD have, but really didn’t
want to at the time), but I was still able to hear him sing. He sounded
great! But as they say, “Hindsight is 20/20 vision”. One of my favorite
songs by him is “Limbo Rock”, and I wish had stuck around to hear him do
that one.
*sigh* Oh well…

All in all…ah, man…there are no words I could *possibly* say right now=

to describe how I felt last night. I mean, as I go back in my
mind…going through the events that took place…I keep saying “OH MY
GOD…” and begin to cry. I just thank God that all my dreams came
true…finally! I still found it hard to believe that he was in town.

About a week & a half before this came about, that’s when I was terribly
sick with an upper respiratory infection. When I got out of bed to check
my email, I read a posting on ‘monkeesalert’ that he was going to be at
Six Flags. I did a double-take when I saw “Fiesta Texas” right after
that…cuz that place is just about 30 minutes from where I live!! I was
like, “No way…It couldn’t be…”

And then, when I checked Six Flags’ website…as well as Davy’s Dream
Web…IT WAS TRUE!!! When I turned on the radio (to my favorite oldies
station, of course), I got confirmation when I heard them announcing the
event (playing “Valleri/Daydream Believer” and “The Twist” in the
background)!! Even though I was feeling miserable physically at the time, I=

got a rush… Hope & joy was coursing through my veins, and I was
determined to make it there…



Peace, luv & ev’rything else!! :o)*
~Alicia Jones aka DLB

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