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Things have piled up while we were forced offline by a yahoogroups bug and
a move to another state! But on to the news!


From: cin1967

These were up at ….

21 Aug Wed Disney’s California Adventure Park Anaheim, CA
22 Aug Thu Disney’s California Adventure Park Anaheim, CA
23 Aug Fri Disney’s California Adventure Park Anaheim, CA
30 Aug Fri Sam’s Town Live Las Vegas, NV



From: “Linda Gordon”

Disney’s California Adventure is having a summer concert series.
The concerts are included in the price of admission.
The series starts in July with the Beach Boys and ends August
21 to 23 with the Monkees. You can go to, then work your way to
DCA and the special events for a complete schedule.


From: carlisle

hey everyone! i just received information for a new gig:

25 September, Wednesday
The Pound
Pier 96, San Francisco
phone: 415-273-1169
Tickets: $12

And here’s the rest of the schedule, as it stands:

4 July, Thursday
July 4th Celebration
Middletown, CT
Free to the Public
Details TBA
5 July, Friday
Area 22
22 Broadway
Newport, RI 02840
Tickets: $10 advance/$15 door
Tickets are also available at Strawberry’s Music
This is a 21+ show.
6 July, Saturday
Sit ‘N Bull Pub
163 Main St
Maynard, MA
1 show (2 if the first sells out)
Phone: (978) 897-4663
Tickets $18.00
24 August, Saturday
Temple, PA
29 August, Thursday
The Double Door Inn
218 E Independence Blvd
Charlotte, NC
Tickets: $15.00
30 August, Friday
Alley Katz
10 Walnut Alley
Richmond, Virginia
Phone: 804-643-2816
Tickets $10 – $12
31 August, Saturday
Outback Lodge
917 Preston Ave
Charlottesville, VA
Tickets: $10 advance/$12 door
1 September, Sunday
Greenbelt Labor Day Festival
More Info TBA
(this is the link from last year’s festival – as soon as they are set
up for this year, the new information will be posted)

5 September, Thursday
The Stephen Talkhouse
161 Main Street
Amagansett, NY
phone: 631-267-3117

6 September, Friday
Historic Pattenburg House
512 Rt. 614
Pattenburg, NJ
phone: 908-735-2547
Tickets: $20 adv/$25 door

7 September, Saturday
Yorktown Grange Fair
Grange Fair Grounds
Moseman Road
Yorktown Heights, NY
phone: 914-962-3900

8 September, Sunday
Ramapo Valley Brewery
122 Orange Avenue
Suffern NY 10901
phone: 845-369-7827
Tickets: $15.00

Hope to see you there!



This was from the Thursday, June 20th edition of Variety in Army Archard’s

While “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ( news – web sites)” heads to its
final primetime airings (Thursday night and June 27), the “live”
“Millionaire” shows continue to pack ’em in at Disneyland’s California
Adventure and Disney World in Florida with six shows daily and (smaller)
prizes for the eager contestants. And the demographics at Disneyland’s
California Adventure will prove another point starting July 13 with the
“Rockin’ the Bay” show for which a special stage is being constructed to
platform these acts in two-day sessions: the Beach Boys, Monkees,
Temptations, Herman’s Hermits, Blood Sweat & Tears, Commodores, Starship,
Fifth Dimension, Four Tops.

Looks like the guys will be coming back to California this summer. The
last time the guys played Disneyland was in 1977 as part of DJB&H. On one
night, Peter made a surprise appearance.

Jeff Gehringer


From: “Aaron Handy III”

Weekend repeats of The Monkees TV series on TV Land Kitschen continue
on through July. Here is a list of showtimes:

July 6
1:30A (EST)
11″Monkees A La Carte”
July 7
1:30A (EST)
12″I’ve Got A Little Song Here”
July 13
1:30A (EST)
13″One Man Shy”
(a.k.a. “Peter And The Debutante”)
July 14
1:30A (EST)
14″Dance, Monkee, Dance”
July 20
1:30A (EST)
15″Too Many Girls”
(a.k.a. “Davy And Fern”)
July 21
1:30A (EST)
16″The Son Of A Gypsy”
July 27
1:30A (EST)
17″The Case Of The Missing Monkee”
July 28
1:30A (EST)
18″I Was A Teenage Monster”

I will be updating the TV Land Kitschen Monkees chart on the front of
my Monkees Film & TV Vault to reflect the July 2002 showtimes sometime
this weekend or next week. Mark your calendars and fire up those VCRs!


Aaron Handy III
The Aaron Handy III TV Web Shrine


From: Deidre

My Two Dads
30 min.
Joey’s rock-star friend (Davy Jones of the Monkees) returns, out of ideas
for a follow-up to his smash album. Dennis: Peter Noone (of Herman’s
Hermits). Nicole: Staci Keanan. Judge Wilbur: Florence Stanley.

Category: Comedy
Show times
Date Time Channel
Thursday, 11 4:00 AM EDT on the USA Network


From: carlisle

Brad –

The date you listed in your newsletter from me was not the one I had sent,
since that show was already past. the New date that I had given you was for
25 September.




Where are all the Monkee updates???…

The Monkees are pictured in the latest Entertainment Weekly magazine
(#660/661 June 28/July 5, 2002)… It is on the last page, under the weekly
TIME CAPSULE article. It is dated for June 29, 1967… “IN MUSIC,
Headquarters, by the Monkees (left…which is a nice group photo from the
60’s), is No.1 on a Billboard LP chart that includes the No.8 debut of a
little album called Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”


From: “anissafemme”

Hey! Just got back from my weekend excursion to Cleveland, so I
thought I’d share some details of the show with everyone.

First, my friends Cin, Mich, and Jenell picked me up and we drove
down to the East Flats (the bar section of Cleveland, right on the
Cuyahoga River). We ate a very nice dinner on the water, then lined
up outside the Odeon about 7ish. There were about 15 people ahead
of us in line, including Bubba the Stomping Hillybilly (no I’m not
kidding — he was a wrestler with the WWF in the 80s) and his wife.
Both of them were very nice, and talking with them helped us pass
the time in the heat till they opened the doors at 8 pm.

Of our group, Cin got in the door first, and as soon as she cleared,
she took off for the stage. They had a waist high barrier about a
foot from the lip, but Cin was right there! The rest of us were
right behind her, with excellent views of Aviva and the rest of the
band. Soon, the people packed in, and then, about 5 till 9, the
band came out to play a couple of warmup tunes (I Saw Her Standing
There and something else). Then it was right into the Monkees theme
(no Barry), and there were the guys! Up close and personal!

Now, I won’t go into a lot of details, just hit a couple
highlights. I will say the show was fantastic. We had some “props”
with us. One was a sign saying German, so that we made sure Micky
sang the Monkees theme in German. When they got to that point of
the show, Davy started out by asking Micky to sing it in French,
which he did. Davy then appeared to be thinking on the next one,
and our group yelled German and held up our sign, Davy squinted a
little, then read the sign and said. “Yeah, what about German?”
While he was doing that, I caught Aviva’s eye, and she mouthed what
looked like “You guys know everything!” (We had been shouting out
things, plus had another sign saying “1967” in case Micky forgot the
year of the Beatles party)

The second highlight involved a sign Cin and I had been planning
since the Kings Island show. At Kings Island, I saw these flowered
leis in the gift shop and bought a couple. We had a sign that
said, “Micky: Wanna Get Laid?” (Yes, know it’s a different spelling,
but…). Cin held the sign up and I held the lei. Micky finally
came over, and read the sign, then smirked. He reached down and
grabbed the lei AND the sign from us! He then held up the sign to
the audience as well as the lei. “Story of my life!” he said, right
before he wrapped the lei around Aviva’s microphone and handed Cin
back our sign. Just a gut feeling, but I think Mick knows us
now. 😉 We’ll see in Windsor, I guess.

That’s about it, unless my cohorts think of anything else. We had a



From: MacAddictfan

Wonderful concert! Thankyou for coming to Pittsburgh.
Sorrry it was so hot! Had to leave early because of physical problems
however even in pain wouldn’t have missed you dear sweet fellows.
Pulled van close to amphitheather and heard Steppinstone and I’m a
Believer. Thankyou
Why didn’t anyone sell photos or C,D.s?

All the best,


From: “Turnaround”

Hi Everyone

Some quick news!!!!

This weekend the girls and I went to a Girl Scout Event in Wheeling WV,
and to Pittsburgh PA, to see the Monkees!!!!

They were great, the girls (6 & 9 years old) loved it!!! This was their
second time in two years.

They were late getting to the stage, we were about 6 rows back, nice people
all around us,
and it was very HOT. Thanks guys for doing a great job in the heat.

This was the first time I stayed after a concert (waiting 45 min) to try to
meet him. My luck this time paid off, the girls met him (through a fence,
that’s ok) he signed our hats thanks to April’s idea.
So Kool!!!! Thanks

I kept mentioning the “We Miss Milwaukee” stamp I always put on his mail, I
just wonder if he remembers that at all (my card did make it on stage, he
stepped on it a few times before picking it up) my card to him in Columbus
OH, last year was the best I had ever made.
Driving home I was thinking about how stupid I probably sounded, all the
usual phrases we know he hears all the time but, oh well, I guess I just
don’t know what to say when I finally get to meet a person that has meant
so much to me for so long. If anyone knows what to say, let me know.

It was a great show!!!!

Davy Jones
I’m A Believer!!!!!

Love Always,



From: “Sally Carpenter”

Peter and James Lee Stanley performed recently at the smaller lounge in The
Knitting Factory, a Hollywood club. Other musicians performed two songs
each as part of a two-hour “Paul McCartney 60th Birthday Fete.” The first
people in line were six of us die hard fans, so naturally we grabbed the
front row tables right up against the tiny stage. About 35 minutes after
the show began, I saw Peter enter through the lounge door behind us. I
whispered to the woman sitting by me, “Look behind you.” She saw Peter and
got SO excited. Half way through the show James came on stage and played a
mean “I Saw Her Standing There” on acoustic guitar. Then Peter came on
stage and the front row screamed like crazy. Peter wore a purple
turtleneck shirt, black belt (buckle on the left, as usual), blue jeans and
black jogging shoes. His hair was combed down flat, not spiky, and he had
facial hair–a moustache and tiny stubble beard on his chin. He also wore
his glasses. The MC adjusted a microphone on a stand and the mike hit
Peter’s guitar. Peter jumped back as if he had been hit in the
face. Peter patiently tuned his 12 string guitar and I said, “We’ll
wait.” He played a rocking “Lady Madonna” that, and I can say this without
bias, put all the other musicians to shame. At one point in the song
Peter asked the audience to sing along, then he pointed at me and said,
“Not you!” (I assume he was joking). Then Peter and James launched into
the good nature joking that long time friends do. James remarked how the
overhead lights would “burn what few hair follicles I have left.” Peter
replied, “you should try playing theatre in the round.” James: “my bald
spots would blind the audience.” Peter introduced the next song with
“We’ve had 632 rehearsals and I missed every one.” They both strummed the
opening chord to “A Hard Day’s Night” and away they flew. As they left
the stage, Peter’s guitar “took a bow.” We cheered so enthusiastically
that the MC gave the front row a dirty look and told us they would only
play two songs. Peter left, but James stayed to sing in the finale with
the other musicians. He spotted me from the stage and waved! After the
show, I told James he should put those songs on CD and James said he would
like to do an all-Beatles CD. The wife of one of the other musicians asked
me if I was a Monkees fan and I said, “how could you tell?” A good time
was had by all.


From: “Bruce John”

Hi, Brad,
Just returned from seeing Davy and Micky in the Filmore in San Francisco,
CA. There were several hundred there, and we were able to see the stage
clearly. Barry Williams opened, he sings okay but I was never into Brady
Bunch so I didn’t get alot of what he said. The guys came on about 10:15pm
and the show was about an hour and a half. It was a great show. Since Im
a big Peter fan, I wasn’t sure how I would like it without him, but they
did great! (I still missed Peter, though). The highlight of the show was
when Micky’s sister, Coco, who lives in the area, came on stage and sang
“Different Drum”, and then she and Micky sang “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”,
saying it was the first song their mother taught them to sing
together. The rest of the show was great, also. I never get tired of
Micky singing “Goin’ Down”, and when he did the light opera rendition of
“Some Enchanged Evening” the whole building echoed with his great voice!

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