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Monkees Tour Details – Possible Germany Date

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Monkee Business Fanzine Monkees News Update
updated July 19, 2001

The Monkees (Micky, Davy & Peter) have resumed
their 2001 reunion tour for the summer months. Below
is the concert schedule as we now know it. DATES ARE
SUBJECT TO CHANGE—please confirm with the individual
venue and please contact the venue for ticket information.
MBF will issue further updates as we receive them from
David Fishof Presents. In between, you can check,, and for updates.

July 19, Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA, 413-586-8686
July 20, Meadowbrook Farm Musical Arts Center, Gilford, NH.
July 21 (afternoon), Buffalo Bisons Park, Buffalo, NY,
July 21 (evening), Trump Marina, Atlantic City, NJ, 609-441-2000,
July 22, Wolf Trap Filene Center, Vienna, VA, 703-218-6500,
July 24, Regency Park Amphitheatre, Cary, NC, 919-834-4000
July 26, King Center, Melbourne, FL, 321-242-2219,
July 27, Barbara Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers, FL,
941-481-4849, 800-440-7469,
July 28, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota, FL,
941-953-3368, 800-826-9303,
August 3, **CANCELLED** Johnny Mercer Theatre,
Savannah, GA
August 16, Bank of America Center, Boise, ID, 208-424-2200
for info, 208-331-8497 for tickets
August 18, The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, 415-346-6000
August 19, Amphitheatre at California State University at
Bakersfield, Bakersfield, CA, e-mail for ticket info
August 24, Sun Theatre, Anaheim, CA, 714-712-2700 or
tickets at 714-740-2000,
September 7, Redmond Recreation Complex, Bensenville, IL,
September 8, Lone Star Park, Grand Prairie, TX, part of KLUV
radio’s Oldies Festival. Listen to KLUV 98.7 FM in
Dallas to find out where you can get your FREE
tickets to the Oldies Fesitval, or check their website If you want to attend the concert
but don’t live in the area (and won’t be around for
any of the ticket giveaways), you can send a long
SASE with a note stating how many tickets you
are requesting to: KLUV, 4131 N. Central Expressway,
Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75204. Also appearing at the
Oldies Festival are B.J. Thomas and Mary Wilson of
the Supremes.

Additional August and September dates are expected—stay tuned!

Natural has rejoined the tour as the Monkees’ “guest band” through
July. Their new website is Natural has
an exclusive promotional deal with Claire’s, the national chain of
accessories stores, Claire’s is selling their
new CD single, and Natural is making personal appearances at
Claire’s stores nationwide during the tour. In August, after separating
from the Monkees’ tour, Natural will embark on a back-to-school
promotional tour for Saks stores nationwide. Look for the July 2001
issue of “Pop Star!” magazine, which features Natural and includes
a one-page article on Natural’s experiences on the Monkees tour.

Tentative U.K. dates:
Oct. 20, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
Oct. 21, Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, SCOTLAND
Oct. 22, Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, ENGLAND
Oct. 23, Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, ENGLAND
Oct. 24, Telewest Arena, Newcastle, ENGLAND
Oct. 25, NEC, Birmingham, ENGLAND
Oct. 26, Wembley Arena, London, ENGLAND

Micky has several irons in the fire this year professionally—he directed a
movie in January and will be directing a pilot for the Disney Channel
later this year—but he still finds time to tour with the Monkees and
in his own solo rock’n’roll show of Monkees hits and rock classics, backed
by his band and his sister Coco on vocals:
August 25, Lincoln Park (Greyhound Dog Track), Lincoln, RI, free concert,
800-720-PARK, with Bobby Sherman & Peter Noone
Nov. 21-28, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, sailing Nov. 18 and Nov. 25
Jan. 13-20, Costa Victoria cruise ship, sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, FL,
with Peter Noone and Paul Revere & The Raiders

Peter Tork and his Shoe Suede Blues band will play the following dates:
August 9, Skagit County Fair, Mount Vernon, WA, 360-336-9453
August 10, Issaquah Full Scale Festival, Issaquah, WA, 425-392-6342
August 11, Centennial Theatre at McCosh Park, Moses Lake summer
concert series, Moses Lake, WA, 509-766-9240 or
August 12, Nisqually Red Wind Casino, Olympia, WA, 360-412-5000

Peter and James Lee Stanley will perform in Lewisville, NC, on
September 9, at Brew Ha-Ha’s. Tickets can be purchased at

Michael Nesmith is working on his movie, “Fried Pies”, a second novel, The
America Gene, and he has just moved his company Videoranch to Monterey,
Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing some of Nez’s films on DVD for the
first time—“Tapeheads” and his concert video “Live at the Britt” are already
available, and “Timerider” is expected in 2002.
Nez’s company Videoranch has reissued his “Live at the Palais” concert album
on CD, complete with bonus tracks.
Check out for details and updates.

Rhino Handmade’s newest project, released May 9 by mail order only, is a
collection of live concert recordings from the Monkees’ 1967 tour—
check it out now at
Last year, Rhino Handmade released a 3-CD set, “Headquarters
Sessions”, chronicling the making of the Monkees’ album “Headquarters”.
The compilation makes use of unreleased demos, backing tracks, studio chatter,
song fragments, and early versions of tracks.
On Feb. 13, 2001, Rhino retired the “Listen To The Band” Monkees 4-CD
boxed set and replaced it with “The Monkees Music Box”, an updated 4-CD
set which includes some unreleased alternate versions of Monkees
tunes from tapes which have surfaced since the release of the previous box
set. See for a detailed track listing.

Maggie McManus (
2770 South Broad Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08610-3622
Four issues per year, $14 per year.
Make check/money order payable to Maggie McManus.
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From: BB

this is the latest situation for Germany – there seems to be a definite
planning for a gig, as we phoned the promoter, and they said it was pretty
certain, although nothing’s been confirmed yet in any way (not even on the
promoter’s web site).

So, the tentative (very tentative if I may say so) date for Germany is

Sun Nov 4 2001 – CCH2, Hamburg – 8 p.m.

If anyone wants to contact us on this one, they can do so via our website:

Keep you informed on anything new.

All the best,


From: Kim

True Hollywood Story
The Monkees
A portrait of the cheeky Monkees (Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith,
and Peter Tork),
who rose meteorically to pop-music and TV-series fame during the
late-1960s. The program
features intriguing anecdotes as well as clips, stills and interviews,
including reflections from
Dolenz, Jones, and Tork.
Rating: TV-PG
Category: Biography
Show times
Monday, 30 9:00 PM EDT E!
Tuesday, 31 10:00 AM EDT E!


From: Michele

NBC Today Show Friday, Aug. 22: “Today’s Money” with Jean Chatzky. “Women’s
Fitness” with Kathy Kaehler. An outdoor concert performance with The Monkees.

(a repeat?)


From: “ginger fitts”

Monkees Gilford NH Show

Ok, I just got back from the Monkees show in Gilford NH…ok I am p***d
that they wouldn t let us take pics w/flash cameras…so much for 12.00
worth of film, but if anyone out there got some pic, please get in touch
with me at

But the show was fabulous! Gotta say the best I ve seen them do to date!
They came out and were glowing from the ovation they got!!!! Then they
proceeded to tear the house down, good trick considering we were outdoors.
Davy did comment on our big bugs, said one of them had a gun turret on it s
back! Which is close to the truth! What a kick when a girl came down to the
stage and handed Davy 15 cents, really! Davy smiled and said, “I love
America! They give you money!” Then he found a quarter, but when another
girl tried to give him a dollar, he gave her the 15 cents! Another girl
gave him a beinie baby horse, which he like and said, “Makes you wanna go
out and buy 49 of em!”

He told the Scooby Doo story about waking up at 2 AM in Japan to see his
episode of Scooby in Japanese! Was working the crowd.

Sad news though…NO LEATHER PANTS!!!!!! Micky let me down, he had black,
but not those hot leather ones, what I ve been dreaming of all week!!!!!!!
He should cut them up and sell those on EBAY, forget the towel!!!!

They did No Time, was glad to hear that, good job!!! Met up with lots of
Internet fans that saw my horrible Boston Review, but agreed with me, thank

Peter was just glowing!!!!!! He was loving every minute!!!!!!

Though I gotta tell you gang…that VIP tent was more like a POW camp!!!!!
They had double fencing around and just picnic tables around with stale
pretzels and 2.00 drinks, and that was for the soda…so much for the lady
from the local newspaper telling me they would visit the VIP tent!!!! Felt
like an inmate at the state pen!!

The local papers, Laconia, Concord and Manchester all ran stories on the
show Thursday night and will again tomorrow…gonna check with my local
paper and see if I can get some pics from them too!

Couldn t score a backstage pass to save my life!!!! Guess I m not cute
enough!!! oh well…

I can t complain great seats in the fourth row, despite the lack of leather
on stage, Damn that Micky Dolenz, he loves to tease us!!!!!

Well, this is my last show for awhile..I will be at the Teen Idols in
August in RI, but now I must face the horrible Monkee Withdrawl Syndrome,
my MWS! Again, great show and if you got pics, please, please please…I
need something for my scrapbook!!!!!






Hi this is Carrie Martin From Trenton New Jersey.
I When to see the Monkees at the PNC ART CENTER this last Thursday!
What a great show! Mickey, Davy, Peter really know how to give a concert.
I’ve been a Monkee fan since I was 6 years old, Its taking me 22 years to see
Their Opening act was Natural a group of young guys that I thought were
pretty good! But the crowd went wild when They the Monkees came out with
their famous
walk! They went right into it I was so impressed I can’t tell you! And the
energy where did they get all that energy? Davy didn’t stop only for about 5
min. My favorite Monkee is Mickey and he sound and looked great. I went to
the Concert with my husband we had right side terrace great area. We had a
great view the arena is a nice place to go see a summer concert nice a cool
all the stars where out.
Not including the guys. I couldn”t believe all the intruments that Peter
But my favorite moments is when they each did their own thing. Kind of like
having one on one time with us their fans.
When they did Daydream Believer with Natural that was great! The crowd when
everyone in the place were up dancing and singing in the isles. Great party
and night I well always remember.
This concert was a Dream Come True! I cried in the beginning when they came
on and then I started to cry again when everyone was up and dancing. What a
great show!
The guys mention the fact the they are minus one member can you guess who
that was? And Peter saying how he never sang lead on any of the songs and
Davy and Mickey all sighed.
I hope they come back to PNC ART CENTER again!
Carrie Martin


From: “Joycelyn Maw”

Micky and Natural at Shea stadium

The Monkees recently held some concerts at Westbury Music Fair in NY
on July 15 and 16. I went to both, and Micky sang the National
anthem in preparation for singing at Shea stadium on the 17th.
The big coincidence (Monkee magic?) is that I bought tickets a month
ago for that game.
I made this huge black and white poster for Micky – it read
“Micky Dolenz rocks Shea Stadium” A few people, I’m happy to say
mostly guys, asked about the poster and were pleasantly surprised to
learn that Micky was singing the anthem. The sound booth guys had
the “Greatest Hits” CD playing before and throughout the game, and
during the pre-game rain delay. I danced through the aisles in a
green poncho singing and dancing to every song, and even waved my
hands during “Daydream Believer”. When Micky finally stepped up to
sing, I started yelling his name, and holding up the sign. The sign
board people spelled his name wrong, and I started yelling – some guy
in the back (a non-believer, I bet) told me to stop complaining. No
matter. I videotaped his performance, which was great, as usual.
Then the Mets won, because Micky sang!
On a side note, I went to Shea again for another game the
next day. I was surprised to see that “Natural” was singing the
national anthem. I usually don’t like boy bands (ironic), but they
did really well.

Cheers! From the grooviest
Monkees fan born in 1979.
Peace, love, understanding,
and Punky Power – it’s all we


From: EvilChewbacca

My mom’s friend went to a Monkees concert…

On Saturday, June 09 in The Midland Theatre in Kansas City, MO. The theatre
itself is beautiful with floor to ceiling hand crafted sculptures and
carvings with red velvet chairs and stage curtains. They opened with “Take
the Last Train to Clarksville”. Davy has not really changed. He’s still
short. (Don’t think that’ll ever change. Ha-ha) He wore dark brown slacks
with a long sleeve white shirt to start. He later changed his shirt to a red
shirt over a red tank top. I think he had a little bit of a tummy on him but
he’s as cute as ever and did, what I call, the Davy shuffle all over the
stage all night. He was petty energetic for his age and was on stage
throughout more of the show than Peter or Micky. Davy cracked jokes
throughout the night and I’m pretty sure that he said, in the early years,
Hendrix was the opening act for the Monkeys. Ken and I were amazed. Micky
wore black leather pants all evening and starting with a black long sleeve
shirt, changing later. He got a little crazy at the end of Randy Scouse Git
beating the drums himself at the beginning and ending of the song. Micky
actually sat down and played the drums for one song but stood up playing
guitar the rest of the time. The most unusual one of all was Peter. Mainly
because of his looks. He definitely looked a little rough around the edges.
His sandy blonde hair was kind of sticking up and generally messy. He needed
a shave and had on the ugliest plaid slacks and what looked like shiny funky
tennishoes. Definitely not the Peter I remember. He only sang a couple of
songs solo, and I’m sorry, but I can’t remember what they were. I’m pretty
sure they played; Randy Scouse Git, Mary Mary, Daydream Believer, I Wanna be
Free, Cuddly Toy, I’ll be True to You, She, That was Then This is Now, Shades
of Gray, A Little Bit Me…, I’m a Believer, Pleasant Valley Sunday and
Valerie. Davy, Micky and Peter all sang a couple of their own songs, some
show tunes and misc. for filler. Two of my favorites that they didn’t sing
were Zor and Zam and Gonna Buy Me a Dog.-Patty

I’m going to the Monkees concert in Anaheim! It’s about time the Monkees come
here! I can’t wait. Whoo hoo!


From: “rhondagarran”

I live on Cape Cod and saw the Monkees at the Cape Cod Melody Tent on July
13, 2001. What a great show! The Melody Tent is a small venue, so every
seat is a great seat. The guys had so much energy and performed all of
their old songs just the way they sound on their recordings. We brought our
5 year old son and 2 year old daughter with us and they loved it!!
Unfortunately, we missed the free show at the Hatch Shell in Boston the
following evening, but we had so much fun at the Melody Tent that I didn’t
mind TOO much.


From: “Ann Marie Thomen”

Dear Brad,

I have been reading these letters submitted to you on the Monkee concerts
in your Monkee alert news. I was lucky enough to also see them at the
Westbury Music Fair July 15 with my 15 year old daughter and dear friend
Maryann. It was one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. Peter, Mickey and
Davy were awsome. It was everything they said it was and more.

One of the letters written to you touched my heart and I share the same
feelings. It was from Mary-Jean Valenzano. The show was just as wonderful
as she described. My daughter was also as thrilled as hers to see Peter,
Mickey and Davy. Our disapointment was the same as hers after the show when
they would only let the chosen few with backstage passes in to meet the
Monkees. You see my daughter has been ill for most of this year. She is
suffering from Anorexia. Our one happy thought was knowing we had tickets
to see the Monkees. She even put on a little weight to look good for them.
We somehow at the end of the show wondered near the stage entrance where
those with back stage passes were waiting. The Naturals were within her
reach maybe to shake a hand or two and we were told to leave. She was so
disapointed. My heart broke when I told her we had to leave. She had worked
so hard to put on that little bit of weight. We however had a wonderful
time because this was a magical night for us to actually see the Monkees.

I myself was lucky enough to Peter Tork With the SSB at “Da Funky Phish” in
Bayshore L.I. this past May (he, ofcourse, is my favorite). There it was a
different story. Peter came out after the show and signed autographs for
everyone. He was extremely friendly to all there. He made everyone feel
special. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and I even kissed him on
his cheek. He really is a nice person. My daughter could not be with me
that night because she was under age and was still a bit week from her illness.

If you could get this letter to Mary-Jean Valenzano, I’d like her to know
you do not need to be a big wig or even get a back stage pass. Just go see
Peter, Davy or Mickey if they are at a small establishment. She will have a
better chance that way to meet one of them. Back stage passes are won on
the radio and given to only important individuals at large establishments.
I wish her luck and hope her little girl get’s to meet the Monkees. My
daughter is still waiting patiently, we know it’s gonna happen. Keep the
faith Mary-Jean it will happen.

Ann T.

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