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Monkees Tour Begins! – Monkees on Regis & CBS Early Show!

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From: Brad Waddell

Sorry for the delay in getting some of these alerts, had to take care of my
wife who had some urgent surgery done.

The first of the Monkees shows for the summer tour was last night in Ohio –
don’t forget to send in your reviews and show stories!

On with the show!


The June 5 Globe magazine features many photos of The Monkees and an
interview with Davy Jones.


From: daydream7a

On Tuesday, May 29th, the Monkees will appear on ABC’s Regis and
Kelly at 8 am est and 9am cst.

ON Wednesday, may 30th, the Monkees will appear on CBS’s early show
at 7am est, 8 am cst.


From: “Tarr, Melisa”

June 30 in Pittsburgh should say
Allegheny County Fair instead of IC LIght Amphitheatre

the web address is:

Thank you.


From: valleri

Just so you know, the June 30th Pittsburgh date has been moved to the South
Park fairgrounds, or the Allegheny County Fair. There are no advance ticket
sales. The concert is free excepting the admission price of $7. =)

hop over to GLEEB
ask me about the peter tork harp special!
“go veggie!” – linda mccartney


From: Kathy Coleman

Papa Nez: A Loose Salute to the work of Michael Nesmith

If you like Michael Nesmith’s work, do yourself a favor and buy this CD.

In the hands of these Americana singers and groups, Michael’s music is
rediscovered and given new life. In particular, Buddy Woodward shines with
“You Told Me,” and I was very pleased with the laid-back sound of Frog
Holler’s version of “Different Drum.” I was pleased (and surprised) that
even such truly obscure tracks as “St. Matthew” are represented here; the
project spans from early Monkees’ cuts like “Papa Gene’s Blues” all the way
to “Magic” from “Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma.” If I found anything to
dislike, it was just that they could only fit 19 of Michael’s songs on
here, and two of them are songs Michael recorded but didn’t write (“Texas
Morning” and “Prairie Lullaby”).

I definitely recommend this CD to any and all Michael fans. It’s well
worth the listen!

Available at:


From: Bernita Myers

There seems to be some confusion about the Pittsburgh Monkee concert. It is
listed as:

“June 30, IC Light Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA, 412-232-6200”

I talked to someone at the IC Light Ampitheater and they said that
The Monkees were supposed to be there, but that it was changed. Now the
Monkees are supposed to be will be at the Allegheny County Fair. The number
for tickets is 412-232-1537

On Friday this article was in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Monkees and more animals at county fair
Friday, May 18, 2001
Scott Mervis, Post-Gazette Weekend Editor

The Allegheny County Fair will do its best this summer to make us
believers. And they’re bringing in the Monkees to help their cause.

After a 25-year hiatus, the Allegheny County Fair will return for a second
year, opening June 26 and running through July 1 at South Park.

Along with carnival rides, children’s activities, agricultural
competitions, arts and crafts and educational demonstrations, there will be
a wide mix of entertainment, from the Davy Jones and the boys to the Paul
Bunyan Lumberback Show.

The entertainment lineup features the Allegheny All-Star Band (June 26);
Chubby Checker (June 27); The Commodores (June 28); Air Supply (June 29);
the Monkees (June 30); and Blackhawk (July 1).

Appearing June 26 to 28 will be The Toyota Hollywood Stunt Show will
provide thrills in the first half of the week, with the lumberjacks riding
out the weekend.

Last year, Fair 2000 drew an estimated 50,000 people to the fairgrounds.
The new county fair board, now established as a nonprofit, is hoping to
get those numbers up to the 500,000 they drew in the heyday of 1960s and
early ’70s.

The fair is looking for commercial vendors, nonprofit exhibits and
participants for the community stage. They should call 412-355-0722. Those
wishing to volunteer should call 412-243-3247.

Further details are available at

The website run by David Fishof still has the IC Light Ampitheatre listed.



From: Melhi

The June 2001 issue of “Discoveries” magazine for record and CD collectors
has an interesting article about Rhino Handmade. (Page 42)

VCR alert:

Showtime will air “Hendrix,” an unauthorized biopic on June 10, 12:30 AM
Eastern and Pacific. The synopisis of the movie includes a mention of
Jimi’s stint as opening act for the Monkees, so it is very likely that this
will be portrayed in the film. The synopis can be read at:

Leon Ichaso

Vivica A. Fox
Wood Harris
Billy Zane
Christopher Bolton
Jim Corbett
Nigel Graham
Kevin Hanchard
Dorian Harewood
Kristen J. Holden-Reid
Mark Holmes
Ann Marin
Michee Mee
Christian Potenza
Christopher Ralph

Celebrity photo exhibit:
“Gary Lee Boas: Starstruck” at London’s Photographers’ Gallery

Showing includes a wide variety of incredible celebrity photos, including
photos of Monkee Davy Jones. His work has also been published in a book,
called Starstruck. You can read more about Boas’ photos at:

The Monkees Mailing List and Resource Site
Featuring the complete Monkees FAQ collection!


From: “freedom012”

It’s Sandy,

FYI… I just received notification from Pollstar that the Melbourne
concert Date has been changed to July 26 instead of July 29. That
explains why I couldn’t get an answer from the King Center. I did call
there today, and they DID confirm the date of the 26th. See you there


From: Melissa Neal

Madonna, Clapton, Presley cars featured at museum

(Launch) – The limousine from Madonna’s “Music” video, Eric Clapton’s 1966
Cadillac DeVille and Elvis Presley’s 1971 DeTamaso Pantera are among the
cars to be
showcased at “The Cars and Guitars of Rock and Roll,” opening on June 15 at
the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Set to commemorate 50 years
of rock and
roll, the show includes 30 cars, 50 custom guitars, historical jukeboxes
and other music-related artifacts. Other famous automobiles to be featured
include Brian
Setzer’s 1957 custom Dodge, Rod Stewart’s 1983 Ferrari convertible, the
Monkees’ Monkeemobile, Cher’s 1956 custom Ford truck and Janis Joplin’s
psychedelic Porsche.
The show kicks off with the annual “Cars and Stars Gala” on June 14 at the
museum. The event is hosted by Jay Leno and ZZ Top’s Billy F. Gibbons,
whose own famed
CadZZilla also appears in the exhibit. “The Cars and Guitars
of Rock and Roll” runs through Dec. 31.


Yankees 12, Indians 5
By TOM WITHERS, AP Sports Writer
CLEVELAND (AP) – Roger Clemens moved into fifth place on the career
strikeout list and Chuck Knoblauch and Derek Jeter each reached base five
times, leading the New York Yankees to a 12-5 romp Saturday over the
Cleveland Indians.
Notes: The Monkees, in town for a concert appearance, each threw out a
ceremonial first pitch. Davy Jones bounced his offering. Peter Tork threw
three balls at once and Mickey Dolenz tossed his backwards. It was
reminiscent of some of the Indians’ pitching staffs of the 1970s. …


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

I received this press release for one of the events Shoe
Suede Blues will be performing in on August 10th & thought
I’d share it with all of you:

The weekend-long Issaquah Music Festival, Friday-Sunday,
August 10-12, presents continuous musical acts of local and
national renown on the Issaquah community center green in
the heart of old downtown Issaquah. The festival includes
two outdoor stages and a large rock-n-roll exhibit featuring
famous and rare memorabilia.

The sunny, spacious venue will play host to the blues and
rock of Peter Tork and his group Shoe Suede Blues, the
reggae beat of the African Knights, and the world music of
MerKaBa. Also appearing are, Little Green Men, the Mark
DuFresne Band, The Whole Bolivian Army, Alice Stuart, The
Edisons and many more including other national acts still to
be announced.

The rock-n-roll exhibit will feature an array of
instruments, equipment, gold albums and memorabilia inside
the community center. Included in the display are original
drum sets and guitars used by such groups and artists as
Ringo Starr, Nokie Edwards, The Temptations, Cheap Trick,
Bad Company, Heart, Hal Blaine, YES, Queensryche, Kiss, The
Ventures, The Who and more. Of special note will be the
display of the actual drum set used by Alan White with John
Lennon for the recording of the Imagine album. Also
showing will be rare video clips from the early days of the
rock-n-roll era.

Bring beach chairs and a blanket to relax all day with the
diverse assortment of musical groups, dancing, rock-n-roll
history, food and refreshments and a few selected commercial
vendors. A $5 donation per day includes entry to both
performance stages and to the rock-n-roll exhibit.

A complete schedule of the entertaiment line-up will be made
available shortly.

The event is hosted by Issaquah Parks and Recreation and
organized by Issaquah Friends of the Concerts.

For more information or to help as a volunteer, call
425-392-6342 or E mail,


Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues
Check them out… (Band Site) (Fan Club Site) (Peter’s Site)

From: LStrangR

Hello everyone!

I just came from a really FUNNY musical called THE PENNIES. It’s like what
The Rutles were to The Beatles. It is playing at Brookdale Community
College in Lincroft, NJ(monmouth county) off exit 109 of the GSParkway. My
face hurts from smiling, I’m not exaggerating! If you wanna go and wanna be
surprised skip to the bottom where I include the address and times and dates.

The premise was that since the Monkees was so popular, CBS decided to rip
off the idea and cast for a show called The Pennies. The parallels are
unmistakable and histerical, though there are many differences too. For
example, the Micky-esque character, “Jeff”, was a child actor in “Cubby, The
Jungle Boy” and wasn’t a skinny guy. He got called “chubby, the jungle boy”
a lot and loved to do a bad James Cagney. The Mike-like guy’s name was Art
and he portrayed the only guy who had talent, and a powerful lawyer uncl, who
made sure that he got all the B-sides. He had major side burns and they kept
calling him “Hair”…he hated it but they wouldn’t change it…..he wished he
was bald……guess what happened 30 years later 🙂 The Peter-like guy was
“Glenn” and he was actually dumber than the character and always quite
stoned. The Davy-like character was “Eddy” and they found him doing off-off
Broadway. He had the accent and ego down pat. He did it all for the nookie.

They had the Monkee uniforms and the pics of them that donned the stage
were like the 2-colour separation shots of the guys on the “Listen To the
Band” box-set.

The bulk of the play took place recounting the story in ’67 with flashes
of the guys recounting stuff in ’97. There were only 2 others in the cast
who were unbelievable-bouncing from character to character with ease. The
woman who played their ’97 manager was the narrator, the crazy girl in the
audience, to every other female in the musical. The other guy played
everyone from the Kirchner-like character to Elton John (I kid you not).

The music was undeniably like the monkees but different. I could pick
out the “last train” song (Lincoln Center), the “I’m a Believer” song (An
Angel Eyes), the “Daydream Believer” song (He Rides for Her)……number is this again? ” “17!” “Oh, it’s cause I’m the cute one, I
know”>>….the “Valerie” song(Adrienne), the “Auntie Grizelda”song, (Mrs.
Murphy) complete with silly sound effects……and their theme, (Heads up,
We’re the Pennies)…dime>>>>>. So funny-ESPECIALLY I would think to people who really get the
whole thing (like you out there). At this show there was a range of 5 yr.
olds to many many seniors. Even the seniors seemed to enjoy themselves,
though I wouldn’t think they would necessarily get all the inside jokes, jabs
and musical/visual paradies. Personally, I don’t think it’s great for little
kids because there was some bad language here and there.

The writers certainly did their homework! Man! I want to talk about it
more, but I don’t want to spoil it for those who might actually see it. If
you go, don’t be too sensitive about all the pokes and jabs-it is all in
great fun…..Just a little more….

Then of course there is the reunion in ’97 spurred on by a remake of the
“Steppin’ Stone”-like song, “You Reap What You Sew” by the
Britney/Christina-esque Trinity..Of course, “Hair’ had reservations about it
and had a vision of Mike Nesmith appear to him (wool-hat and all) when he was
drunk and desperate on the Brooklyn Bridge….oh boy! The “reunion” show was
like a little concert….Glenn the Peter guy had the Peter-sticky-up-hair and
red jacket and did his research well. Well, if you wanna hear more email me
privately and I’ll tell ya. If you are in the area, I know I’m going once
more. It is playing June 1, 2, 8, 9 at 8pm and 3pm matinees on June 2, 9.
Prices- $22 gen public ($15 for seniors) for 8pm shows and $10 matinees. For
More info, call box-office at 732-224-2411. They even have CD’s for sale at
$15 a pop. I went by myself but my enthusiasm got my husband’s interest up
so I think I can get him to go with me probably on June 9 for another
matinee. Red Bank, the nearest town, is a cool little city and you would
have a great time hanging out there before and/or after the show if you
wanted to. Oh, and the show was just under 2 hours I believe. Thanks and
good night!



From: Kim

Video Killed the Radio Star
60 min.
Part 1 of four. The British music video explosion and the development of
MTV is chronicled.
Interviews include Michael Nesmith, Bruce Gowers, Russell Mulcahy, Adam
Ant, Kevin
Godley, Holly Johnson and Dave Stewart.

Category: Documentary
Release Year: 2000
Show times:
Date: Friday, June 8
Time: 1:00 PM EDT
Channel: VH1

Boy Meets World:
Career Day
30 min.
Shawn feels like a fifth wheel in Cory’s house after his mother drives
off with the family’s
mobile home and his father leaves to track her down. Chet: Blake Clark.
Jedediah: Peter Tork.
Katherine: Darlene Vogel. Jason: Jason Marsden. Cory: Ben Savage.

Show times:
Date: Monday, June 4
Time: 5:30 PM EDT
Channel: Disney

My Two Dads:
Fallen Idol
30 min.
Joey’s rock-star friend (Davy Jones of the Monkees) returns, out of
ideas for a follow-up to
his smash album. Dennis: Peter Noone (of Herman’s Hermits). Nicole:
Staci Keanan. Judge
Wilbur: Florence Stanley.

Category: Comedy
Show times:
Date: Monday, June 4
Time: 8:30 AM EDT
Channel: the USA network

Before They Were Rock Stars
30 min.
The early years of recording artists such as Lauryn Hill, Trisha
Yearwood, Natalie Merchant,
Vanessa L. Williams, Collective Soul, the Go-Go’s and Davy Jones, as
well as Taylor Dayne,
Debbie Gibson and Sheena Easton.
Rating: TV-PG
Category: Biography
Show times:
Date: Monday, May 28
Time: 11:30 PM EDT
Channel: VH1

(from and–as always, please check your local listings)


From: “Steven Bradley”

a new, british, 60’s compilation cd features ‘no-one needs my love today’ by
samantha juste. making her name as a presenter on ‘top of the pops’,
samantha then married a monkee and became samantha dolenz.

the song is on ‘the best of strike records’, which compiles an assortment of
tracks from the ‘strike’ , ‘millwick’ and ‘go’ record labels, the latter
being the one that released sammy’s disc.

the album is on the RPM label, catalogue number RPM221, and is available

(Not available in US, this link is to in England)

To purchase Monkees CD’s, Videos and Collectable rare items, visit

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