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From: Brad Waddell

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

I have had many requests for the Live CD, T-Shirts and other items being
sold at the live concerts. Could someone please let me know the prices of
the items at the show, the CD in particular, so I can arrange something.
Contact me at:



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From: Deidre Corwyn

The House of Blues online is giving away tickets on Wednesday, August 8th
for the August 22nd show, and then again on Thursday, August 9th for the
August 23rd show. You must be 21 or over to enter and attend. These are for
the shows at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA.

Tickets are $35.00 otherwise.

You must be registered at the HOB site on-line in order to enter these
and search on Monkees.

Please note, I don’t work for the HOB, just letting folks know about this



From: “Sally Carpenter”

If you live in the Los Angeles area, Borders Books & Music of Sherman Oaks=

(14651 Ventura Blvd.) will host an exhibition and sale of Henry Diltz’s
photographs on August 10-12. Free admission. Hours are Fri-Sat 10 am-11
pm and Sunday 10 am-6 pm. Friday at 8 pm is a free slide presentation of
Henry’s work and the ad I read seemed to imply that Henry might be
there. This photo exhibition will travel to three other cities: has the tour schedule. For info call 1-800-778-9988.


From: “Al Bigley”

The new comic book shop order catalog PREVIEWS lists ANOTHER upcoming
Monkeemobile die-cast release! Go to your shop and order early and often!

See the ad at:

Al “Bad Brakes” Bigley


From: Ellen Barnhart

NPR radio quiz show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”
featured a segment on MTV in their “Not My Job”
portion of the show. The first question was about
Michael, and it can be heard here:
under Round 2, Not my Job. This link should be good
until next weekend.

*Monkeemaniac, Nezhead, etc.*
Official Secretary of SYMK

And don’t forget: Save the Texas Prairie Chicken!


From: Krnurse

Concert in Bensenville, Illinois

Monkees 8:30 P.M.
Fireworks immediately following last performance


TICKETS: $ 5.00 Residents of Bensenville
$10.00 Non-residents
$15.00 Day of performance

SALES: Monday, August 6, 2001

Ticketmaster 312-559-1212

Redmond RC 630-594-1190

Village Hall 700 West Irving Park Road
(Corner of Church Road and Irving Park Road)

ACCOMMODATIONS: DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau


From: Ellen Barnhart

I found this in the newest issue of Blues Review:

Blues Review Magazine, Issue # 70 Sept. 2001:
Reviews: Love, Janis: The Songs, The Letters, The Soul
of Janis Joplin Columbia/Legacy 85730

(Partial excerpt)
“But even if you’re familiar with the Joplin story,
listen anyway because Love, Janis also performs an odd
service for a tribute: It demythologizes the subject
matter. The highly personal nature of the letters
takes her off the pedestal and forces us to deal with
her as what she also was: a troubled young girl
trying to live up to her family’s expectations while
persuing her dreams. In other words, a human being.
Rock Goddess she may be, but listening to her giggle
about her kitten, complain about baby cousins and
swoon over The Monkees’ Peter Tork brings her down to
mortal size.”

*Monkeemaniac, Nezhead, etc.*
Official Secretary of SYMK

And don’t forget: Save the Texas Prairie Chicken!


From: “Coney Goil”

Concert in Knoxville, TN – July 6th, 2001

I hope this gets into the reviews, because I had such a wonderful
time!!! And, this was my first Monkees concert. I’m sorry if I’m a
little random and this is kinda long. First off, I’d like to say,
this was the most amazing, coolest, and exciting experience! The
Monkees were absolutely wonderful! I still can’t believe how great it
was. I traveled all the way from the coast of Mississippi to go to
the Knoxville, TN concert. Thank goodness my best friend lives in
North Georgia and she’s a huge Monkees fan too. We were going to go
to the Savannah, GA concert, but that one was canceled. That was the
third time I missed the Monkees! Then the Knoxville one popped out of
nowhere, so, were *had* to go. Thank the good Lord on High, we got to
Anyways, it was me, my best friend – Dot – and her dad. We got to the
theater 2 hours earlier and sat outside waiting for them to open the
doors. We were the first people there! We sang Monkees songs while
waiting and prayed that it’d be a good concert. Finally, the people
let us in after a zillion people were waiting outside. I had made a
poncho like Micky use to wear, but it was SO hot in the theater, I
couldn’t wear it! The theater was small, so, everyone got a good
seat. Our seats were 7 rows away from the stage on the right side by
the aisle. I got the aisle seat which was really good b/c I was
getting up for every song, to take pics near the stage.
Natural opened for them. Me and Dot thought, when the announcer came
over the speaker, that the Monkees were fixing to come out but they
tricked us. I got a bruise on my arm from Dot squeezing it from
excitement. Natural played like 6 songs. They were like ever other
boy band – they sucked. I can’t stand all these boy bands. The music
was WAY too loud. We had to stuff tissue in our ears. They’re songs
were unmemorable. They did however sing very well when they did the
quartet thing. I enjoyed that. And, the blonde dude named Patrick was
kinda cute.
Onto the best part, the Monkees! When they came out, everyone was
standing up and cheering. No one sat down till around the 2nd song. I
couldn’t even remember if they had sang “Clarksville” b/c there was
so much excitement going on.
Since Nez is my *fave* and he wasn’t there *growls at his
stubborness*, Peter is my temporary fave. I keep my eye on him most
all the night. Good thing I did to, b/c he acknowledged me a few
times! He hardly looked over to the left side of the theater, he was
always looking on the right side where I was. He keep making eye
contact with me! Davy even acknowledged me once or twice. I think I
got noticed so easily b/c 90% of the audience were older people and I
had a loud mouth 😛 Plus, I keep doing these outrageous hand
gestures during all the songs, sometimes even getting up to dance. I
probably annoyed the heck out of the people sitting behind me. Every
time I looked over at Dot, she was bouncing endlessly in her seat.
Peter talked a lot to the audience. Every time he’d talk, these girls
in the back would shout “I love you!”. But he ignored them. He was
saying something about Nez. Me and this other dude started yelling
something, but the dude stopped and I was screaming all by myself.
Peter went “Okay, okay!” Then he said Nez is welcome to join them any
time. I shouted, “He better be!” One time Peter was getting the
audience to scream by putting his hands in the air then bringing them
down a few times. I shouted, “Oh, come on! Do something better than
Peter was talking about how he hardly had any songs on the original
albums. I shouted, “You should of gotten more songs!!!” Then someone
shouted out “Yeah, Auntie Grizelda!” And Peter said, “It’s pretty bad
when people know what song I’m about to sing. LOL! It was wonderful
to watch Peter perform “Auntie Grizelda” in person. He danced around
the stage. That song is my “pick-me-up” song and I like doing my
`happy dance’ to it. Every time he sang a certain part, I got up in
the aisle to do my happy dance. Peter was doing a dance similar to
it! I loved how he did the “1=852 little counts *laughs like the
Count*=85″ Hehe, it was too cute!
Davy came out into the audience while he was getting everyone to sing
the Brady Bunch theme. He came out on the left side, but went through
the audience to get to the right side=85exactly next to me. While he
was going through the row, he fell on this guys lap! He said, “Do we
know each other from somewhere?” Then he came out of the row and
stood *right* next to me for a very long time while he sang “Girl”. I
got to shake his hand. He keep walking up and down the aisle, so,
ever time he’d walk pass me, I’d reach out to touch his shirt. This
one girl ran up behind him, touched his shoulder then started running
back to her seat. Davy turned around and ran after her! He tapped her
on the shoulder; she turned around, and was in shock. He gave her a
hug and she said “I just wanted to touch you.” It was too cool. I was
in shock that I got to shake Davy’s hand and that he stood by me for
so long.
Sadly to say, Micky wasn’t that very interesting to watch. I was on
his side of the stage. He never really interacted with the audience.
I didn’t really pay much mind to him. He sounded great though. All of
them sounded great!
I don’t care what people say, I like hearing Peter sing! I’m glad he
got a lot of songs in the concert. I loved that he sang “For Pete’s
Sake” and “Can You Dig it?” The highlight of the night was when he
sang “Higher and Higher”. Oh my goodness, I was almost in tears! It
was beautiful. I’m glad they put that song on the Live Concert album.
Oh, Peter also did a little riff of “Cripple Creek” before that song.
He is one of the coolest banjo players.
Their band was great too. If their band wouldn’t of been cool, the
Monkees probably wouldn’t of been that great. But, I love their band.
The black-haired lady is an amazing musician. The guitarist on the
right side (( I’m blanking what he plays or what his name is)) was
amazing too. The horn section dudes were a lot of fun to watch when
they were dancing. The drummer and keyboard player did this “All in
the Family” skit. I had read they did that, but I’m wondering if it’s
the same skit b/c Davy said they were messing around in the bus and
doing the impersonations in honor of Carroll O’Connor. I don’t know.
It was a hilarious skit though!
They moved onto to doing “That was Then, This is Now”. Micky said,
“Let’s take you back to the year 1986”. I shouted, “I was FOUR!” They
started singing. Peter came up beside Micky and scared him. Micky
cracked up laughing and couldn’t stop.
During “Steppin’ Stone”, Dot and I went up to the stage for a minute
to take pics, but I ran back to my seat. Then realized Dot was
calling me back up to the stage. Turns out, they were letting people
up to the stage to shake the Monkees’ hands after the last song. They
started playing “Pleasant Valley Sunday”. I was *right* there by the
stage behind the iron railing that held everyone back. Peter was in
the middle of the stage like 5 feet away from me. I completely forgot
to notice anything else and stared at Peter. I was still doing my
hand gestures and dancing. Peter keep looking straight at me, making
eye contact, and grinning. I was doing the little `wahoo’ finger
twirl from the Hillbillies ep, and Peter started doing it with me!
You would not believe how shocked I was. He looked straight at Dot
Finally the concert was over, me and Dot leaped to the stage
((literally, we had to hop over chairs and all 😛 )). I leaned as far
as I could on the stage, sticking my hand out, waiting for Peter to
come by. I got to shake his hand! He almost stepped on Dot’s hand
after shaking her hand. Micky came near me, but stopped shaking hands
with people after the person besides me. He had kind of an `oh, who
cares’ look on. Peter started playing chase with the band members. I
can’t remember what Davy was doing.
Dot and I tried scheming to get backstage, but nothing worked. It was
like squeezing blood from a stone. That’s how it was before the
concert too. The three of us traveled outside to the back of the
theater, waiting for the Monkees to come out. We waited an awful long
time for them too. I got a little sick from I guess exhaustion, but
sat down on the curb and was fine after calming down. We finally
heard screaming. A van drives by with Micky in it. Then this car
decked out in Monkees memorabilia ((the license plate was “PapaNez”!))
drove by. It was a cool sight; they must of been groupies.
Davy finally came out. He just walked up casually to the crowd we
were in across the street from the theater. He said, “Let’s keep this
quiet and I’ll get through everyone, okay?” The crowd gathered around
him. Me and Dot were *right* next to him for a good 5 minutes or so.
He gave us 3 autographs. When he was signing my ticket, I had to use
my hand as a table. He placed his hand over mine and signed my
ticket. His hand felt weird, but I didn’t care. I wish I could
remember how Peter’s hand felt. Dot’s dad started talking to Davy
asking things like, “Were you this nice when you were 20?” Davy
replied, “I guess I was. It’s part of what I do.” Oh, and we got our
pic taken with him too!
We leave Davy when we heard screaming. It was only the Natural dudes
coming out. The band members started coming out. I shouted “Great
job” to the black-headed lady who plays sax. We waited a while for
Peter to come out. Davy was still on the sidewalk talking to people.
But, everyone kinda disappeared after he left. We were the last
people to leave. Turns out, Peter was in the van with Micky. GRR,
that made me mad.
That was the end of the coolest night I ever had. I think the only
way the concert could of been better is if Nez was there and I could
of gotten a hug from Peter. Dot and I are going to write the Monkees
telling them thank you for such a wonderful concert. I hope I can see
them again! I’d get front row seats and backstage passes next time

Peace, Love, and the Cross,


From: Snowball6710192

I went and saw their concert at the Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall. I
have been afan of theirs since I was 8 years old. I am 17 now. After the
concert, we found out where they were staying and i met Davy and got his
autograph. My mom and I then went into a bar at the hotel to get a coke. We
looked down at one of the barstools and there set Micky. I got his autograp=
too. Davy’s daughter was with him. She is his press agent.


From: “Robin Bicoff”

I MET MICKY IN 1967 AND 1986, 1991 AND 2001


From: “Beth Babson”

Colo Springs Concert


Haven’t seen any notes on the 6/24/01 concert in Colorado Springs……it
was FANTASTIC!! I arrived at the Pikes Peak Center about an hour before
the concert and was surprised that the line was small! They finally let us=

in when it started to rain and of course I went right to the T-shirts! I
nearly bought one of everything and still can’t wait til I get time to
listen to the new concert CD. Natural came out and performed……the
audience was filled to near capacity and the empty seats I suspect were
actually sold….the crowd really got into this new group; although the
sound was a little loud for my ears the songs will catch on I think….and=

I did meet two of them outside (really nice young men!!) after the concert=

before Peter Tork came out and shook my hand along with about a dozen
others out of maybe 75-100 of us groupies!! Davy and Micky of course left=

by another door; I knew that as I saw them walk up and out away from the
stage door to the other door ages before Peter came out, but most of us
didn’t give up until more band members came out and then the two from
Natural-I talked to them about what else-I’m from Florida
originally….still can’t find their new CD in the early release where they=

told us to look for it but…..I just heard ‘Put your arms around me’
forgive me on memory lapse of the words/song title and the I’m a Believer
remake in Tinseltown Movie Theater on 8/2/01. So it is getting some exposu=

As for a song list I didn’t keep track (Sorry!-My mind was on getting up
early a few hours after the concert was over for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb=

practice the next morning-I’m not good at 2am alarm clocks after a Monkees=

concert; and auto racing is the only thing that could ever distract me from=

the Monkees!) but they did most of it along the same line as what has been=

posted of the other concerts song lists. This was the first time I’ve ever=

heard Davy do the Oliver Medley and I loved every minute of it. Peter was=

really cool with the red outfit! It was great to see him perform as
always. Wish I could write more but I could never do the concert
justice! It was energetic and I only wish I could see more of them this
year…..The only sad part is that the concert was performed in a hall
where the Colorado Springs Symphony performs so I assume everyone was too
used to the ‘formal’ manners or too timid to stand up and dance and enjoy
themselves until the encore! It’s the first time since the Davy and Micky=

Together Again tour at the Sands Casino in Vegas that I sat the whole
concert! Thanks, Beth Babson

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