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Monkees Tenative Venues Announced

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From: “maggie mcmanus”

Monkee Business Fanzine Monkees News Update updated January 14, 2001
Although the Monkees continue to plan their solo tour schedules, they will
definitely be joining forces for a short three-week tour March 1 through
March 21.

Tentative dates are pencilled in for Clearwater, Orlando, and Ft.
Lauderdale, FL, Atlantic City, NJ, Uncasville, CT, Verona, NY, Westbury,
NY, and NC, GA, PA, and DE. Look for more details here as they are

(more dates are expected, please don’t panic west coast people!)

Davy, Micky, and Peter did a photo shoot recently for an
upcoming issue of “Vanity Fair” magazine, and their upcoming reunion has
already been profiled on “Entertainment Tonight”. The reunion tour will be
handled by David Fishof, who produced the guys’ 1986 tour. Fishof recently
became Davy Jones’ personal manager and wants to steer Davy’s career back
toward the stage and the musical theater—he also envisions the Monkees’
tour leading up to a stint on Broadway. Davy recently told MONKEE BUSINESS
FANZINE (Dec. 2000) that the limited run Broadway show would be called
“Monkeemania” and would star the Monkees—“even ‘Beatlemania’ didn’t have
the real Beatles,” Davy said. “Monkeemania” would resemble the 1987 tour,
with all the comedy skits and schtick, with guest stars, a different
celebrity playing Mr. Babbit every night, and the audience never knowing
who would show up on stage with the guys. “It could be Peter’s friend James
Lee Stanley or Micky’s sister or my band, all the familiar faces,” Davy
says. In all of these proposed projects, Davy told MBF, “Mike is always
welcome. He can do anything we can. He has done everything we’ve done.”


From: Sara
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I was just checking out and there is some Micky
interviews on it that Micky did. It’s at



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Hey yall! According to The Monkees on VH1 Behind The Music
will air Tues.
Jan.23 @ 3:00 pm (ET). Thanx-Tabitha


From: “maggie mcmanus”

In conjunction with tour promo, there’s an interview with Peter in the
Trenton Times today. Well, in fact, he made the COVER of the Friday
entertainment supplement. But if you’re not in the Trenton area, you can
get the story here:


Peter Tork ‘Once Again’ a musical force
Staff Writer
There are three musical sides to Peter Tork.
There’s his Monkees side, his folk troubadour side and his blues side.
Over the next few months, Tork will be hitting the stage in each of those
capacities. There’s another Monkees reunion tour scheduled for March,
immediately followed by a juiced-up touring effort by his band Shoe Suede
But it’s the folk troubadour side that brings Tork to Hightstown this
weekend with musical partner and best pal James Lee Stanley, who’s recorded
more than a dozen solo albums of his own. They arrive tomorrow as a duo at
the Grace Norton Rogers School Theater in Hightstown to celebrate the
release of their second duo album, “Once Again” (Beachwood) — further
cementing a relationship that began even before the Monkees.
“I don’t even want to say how long it’s been,” says Tork. “There are no
cars as old as our relationship. The Empire State Building is not as old as
our friendship.”
Actually President Kennedy was in office at the time it began, which Tork
says was 1962. Stanley’s Web site says 1963. Whatever. It was during an
open mike night at a club in Virginia Beach — three years (or was it two?)
prior to those first Monkees auditions — when both were East Coast folk
circuit regulars. The music partnership didn’t begin until much later, in
the mid-’90s.
“James has got tremendous musicality,” says Tork. “He’s very melodious and
has a great sense of arrangement. He writes extraordinarily well-crafted
songs — all of the time.
“There are two good reasons to work with him — musicality and
fearlessness. I don’t know that the fearlessness shows up in the music, per
se. But if he hadn’t been fearless, he’d be in a garage someplace singing
“He’s always been extraordinarily capable of work. He wakes up and he gets
things done,” Tork continues. “I’m a
get-up-and-read-the-paper-and-drink-coffee-and-watch-television kind of
guy. He’s a much more prolific writer than I am. He can write an album in a
week if he needs to. I have written only when I’ve really forced myself to
sit down and do it. If I’m not under some kind of gun, I almost never do
write anymore.”
Stanley contributes five originals to Tork’s three on “Once Again.” There
are also three covers, including an acoustic version of “Daydream Believer”
— making this the second time in a row that Tork has included a Monkees
song on one of his independent albums. “Stranger Things Have Happened,”
which Tork released in 1996, included “Take a Giant Step.”
Tork insists he does not intend to make this a trend on successive albums.
He just happens to think “Daydream Believer,” the last of the Monkees’
three No. 1 hits, is simply a great song.
In fact, tonight in Alexandria, Va., Tork and Stanley will be playing at
the World Folk Music Association’s Benefit Weekend tribute to “Daydream
Believer” composer John Stewart of the Kingston Trio.
“It’s such an anthem,” says Tork. “It’s one of the Monkees songs that I do
in my own personal shows (without Stanley), too.”
Much as he enjoys his duo work with Stanley, it’s Shoe Suede Blues that
really revs Tork’s motor.
“Blues is among the handful of kinds of music that have ever been
transportational to me,” he says. “It is among the handful that I have had
any aspiration of playing. But in recent years I just said the hell with
it, I’m going to do my best with it.
“I get to get off playing the blues. When I’m with my band, I get off every
single time. In rehearsal, in recording, in playing on stage — every
single time — there are at least some moments. The last time we played, it
happened for an hour solid.
“There’s some getting off on the duo, too — particularly the harmonies.
When James and I hit, the vocal blend is right. But not much blues trickles
in. James is not a fan of the blues.”
So where does that leave the Monkees in the world of Peter Tork?
Tork says he had a “wonderful time together” with Micky Dolenz and Davy
Jones just the other day for a Vanity Fair photo shoot anticipating the
reunion tour.
“So in terms of that pure clowning, there’s a place to get off with the
other Monkees,” says Tork. “Those are two world class funnymen I get to
work with. That stuff is wonderful.”
In case you haven’t noticed, Mike Nesmith was again not a part of the
equation. Once more, he has refused all offers to participate in a reunion.
“Mike is too busy saving the world . . .,” says Tork, “. . . or something.
“As I’ve said before, we may not make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and
there may be no place for us in the TV Hall of Fame. But if there is ever
such a place as a Hall of TV and pop music at once, then we may be the only
ones in it.”
Tork’s take on the recent Monkees VH-1 biopic is that it was good in terms
of his personal career and he was glad to have the name out there.
“And in terms of my personal vanity, I’m glad they chose a good-looking guy
to play me,” he says. “He actually copped my smile. He actually studied me
so closely, he managed to change to my smile for the part. He’s a very
serious actor. Very dedicated. I enjoyed immensely hanging out with him.
And I have every hope for an astounding career for him.”
More important than any of Tork’s musical collaborations is the milestone
he’ll be marking this month: 20 years of being clean and sober.
“It’s unbelievable,” he says. “The amazing thing is, every minute has been
another milestone. The 20 years is the odometer effect. Any time I look up
and think how long I’ve been clean and dry, I’m just astounded. It is such
a liberation. The whole thing about alcoholism is it’s an astounding,
complicated and devious type of disease.”
Tork will be on the road with Stanley when the actual anniversary date
passes, but a celebration awaits as soon as he gets back home.
“I’m going to have everybody over,” he says. “All my pals and bandmates and
associates and friends and fellow recoverers.”
Peter Tork and James Lee Stanley appear tomorrow at the Grace Norton Rogers
School Theater, 382 Stockton St., Hightstown. Show time is 8 p.m. Tickets
$15. (609) 259-5764.


Article mentioning Nez as a member of AFI:

Wednesday January 10 01:12 AM EST
AFI nods to makers of 10 pics
By Beth Laski
LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) — The creative teams behind 10
pictures — “Almost Famous,” “Before Night Falls,” “Best in Show,” “Erin
Brockovich,” “Gladiator,” “High Fidelity, “Requiem for a Dream,” “Traffic,”
“Wonder Boys” and “You Can Count on Me” — were cited Tuesday in the AFI
Movies of the Year awards, part of a new American Film Institute program
designed to honor excellence in the moving image.

The jurors for 2000, who were kept secret until their selections were
announced, met for the first time over two days, Jan. 5 and 6, at the St.
Regis hotel in Los Angeles, to make their selections.
The group was headed up by AFI board chairman and event chairman Tom
Pollock and included film critic David Ansen, film scholar Jeanine
Basinger, AFI trustee Bill Duke, film preservationist and historian James
Katz, film journalist and critic Rita Kempley, AFI trustee Michael Nesmith,
film scholar Thomas Schatz, AFI trustee Vivian Sobchack, film journalist
Anne Thompson, filmmaker Saul Zaentz and filmmaker Steven Zaillian.
Director John Schlesinger was scheduled to be a member of the jury, but was
unable to do so because of illness.

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