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Monkees San Diego Date Cancelled

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From: Brad Waddell

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From: “Robert Call”

Monkees concert in San Diego Tonight (August 25th) Canceled

Hi Brad,
I spoke to ticketmaster this morning and was told that the Monkees concert
in San Diego WAS canceled tonight(probably due to Micky’s illness). The
good news (if there is any) is that it will be rescheduled but they won’t
have any information on it until at least Monday morning. I will keep you



From: “John Jorgenson”

John Jorgenson UK Tour Fall 2001

Dear Nez fans,
Last time I toured the UK with my band in Nov 2000,I was pleasantly
suprised when several Nesmith fans attended my London show
due to my association with Nez (having played on Tropical Campfires,Britt
Festival,The Garden CDs plus many live shows,not to mention the Hellecasters
first 2 CDs coming out on Nez’s labels!).
I am once again touring the UK in Sept,and will be including a killer
version of “You Just May Be The One” that I recorded for the “Papa Nez”
tribute CD. Here are the dates and venues…

9/3 The Office,South Shields
9/4 The Bain Inn,Perth Scotland
9/5 The Musician Leicester
9/6 The Springhead,Hull
9/7 Jackson’s,Carlisle
9/9 The Greys,Brighton
9/11 The Polish Club,Bristol
9/12 LIPA,Liverpool
9/13 The Maze,Nottingham

I hope to see many of you there!
Cheers,John Jorgenson

Review: The Monkees at the Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco
by Jim Harrington
LiveDaily contributing writer,

SAN FRANCISCO–It was a bit ironic. Originally brought together to milk the
Beatles’ success in a goofy TV show, the Monkees have spent four decades
trying to establish themselves as the real deal in the eyes of rock and
roll’s Cool Police.
Here they were on Saturday night (8/18) at San Francisco’s Fillmore
Auditorium–the temple of rock history and ’60s Cool–and yet, years after
Janis and Jimi and Jerry, the Monkees still couldn’t fit in. And the harder
they tried, the more ridiculous the results.
For starters, the band tried overly hard to establish its party-animal
credentials. Before playing a lackluster version of “Randy Scouse Git,”
Mickey Dolenz explained how he had written that song after a night of
partying with the Beatles.
“I don’t remember much about that party,” he said. “But I do remember the
song–I hope!”
As the song finished, Dolenz pretended to have a Fillmore-style flashback,
during which he looked at bandmates Peter Tork and Davy Jones in confusion
before placing them as members of the Monkees.
“I use to watch you guys when I was a little kid,” he said between shrieks.
“Where’s the guy with the hat whose mother invented liquid paper?”
Even without prickly ex-Monkee Michael Nesmith–the guy with the hat–the
Monkees showed next to no chemistry, which is surprising for a band that
has been around for 36 years. Occasionally, the trio would follow each
other around the stage in little circles, turning their backs to the crowd
in unison, but that was about it. Most troubling, there was no sense that
the band members actually liked each other. And they each seemed a bit
uncomfortable when the spotlight would focus on another member.
The absolute worst moment of the evening occurred toward the end of the
show, when each of the three Monkees took lengthy moments to explore and
explain their musical and personal backgrounds.
Excuse me? And these former TV actors thought this would be interesting
because why? These self-centered excursions were simply awful, and even
Tork realized that–he apologized to the crowd and promised that it would
all be over soon.
That moment of clarity notwithstanding, Tork seemed utterly out of touch
with reality during the show. He had a major chip on his shoulder, and was
dead set to have his time at the microphone. Of course, Tork was rarely
utilized as a vocalist during the golden Monkees days and for good
reason–the guy couldn’t carry a tune if it had a handle. He did a
forgettable version of “Your Auntie Grizelda” and a decent job on the
Jackie Wilson classic “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher.” But
his cover of rock standard “Lucille” was a monstrosity.
The Monkees withheld most of the bubble gum hits until the very end.
(Considering the band’s lengthy history, its back catalog contains a
pitifully small amount of worthwhile material.) The encore brought a great
triple-bill of “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”
and “I’m a Believer.”
But it was too little, too late. On what should have been a triumphant
night, the Monkees instead proved that they make better lunchbox models
than rock stars.
published: 20-Aug-2001


From: (larry bruhn)

My name is Debbie Bruhn and my brother, Ron, and I caught them for the
first time ever at the Fillmore in San Francisco last Saturday Night,
August 18th.

I’m still mesmorized by them. I thought I was dreaming the whole thing.
They’re more fabulous than I my wildest dreams. My brother and I had
been following their career for years. My brother has all their albums,
we loved their TV show, and even went to Suncoast Video Store and bought
their Lunchbox w/ a copy of a video featuring episodes from their show.
I’ll tell ya’, THEY STILL ROCK MAN,, …..


From: Melissa Shipman

I don’t want to fill up the email with an incredible amount of details of my
Monkee adventure last night but here it is…

Showed up as the doors opened at the House of Blues here in good ole Los
Angeles only to see maybe 50 people in the whole place which was exactly
what I was hoping to see. we ended up being about 3 people from the stage
so we had a perfect place to see and hear. This guy named Bob Schnieder
opened up for them. They were incredibly talented but NOT exactly what some
of the older fans had in mind when they showed up for the show. People got
into them by the end but after the 45 minute set their retreat was welcomed
by all who were about to bust out in a revival of “We want the Monkees. We
want Davy”. They guys came on and sang everything from Goin Down to Long
Title. You know the normal .. they each had their own non Monkees solo…
Not too much schtick other than Davy’s favorite part where Sandy and the
keyboardist do their best Archie and Edith impressions for the crowd.
Amusing for sure. They guys played a good hour and a half and it was BY FAR
the BEST, tightest (music wise) Monkees show that I have ever seen. Period.

Come in to the MONKEES FAN CLUB on Yahoo to talk about the tour and share
your pics with other concert going fans!

Monkee Love!
Melissa AKA Supergal from the Monkees days back in Dallas 🙂


From: “Sara Tamblin”

Bakersfield show

I was at the Bakersfield show with one of my friends from work who has also
been a fan since the 1970’s. We get to Cal State earlier than we expected,
since we left before 2:00 and got there around 3pm. But as we get there,
we found a perfect parking space…let me tell you no one else was there
yet, meaning we are the first ones there (besides the crew, and the people
doing the food). As we are walking around, the sound check was going on so
we heard that for a while and trying to find out where we line up at…as
we get to where the line starts a reporter sees us and goes something like
“Hey, do you guys want to be interviewed….we were expecting like 100
people” and my friend and I go “Yeah!!” so we were sent in and got
interviewed for Channel 17 news Bakersfield. Let me tell you, I was
nervous…but thrilled to do that, I mentioned my site and more. I was
more thrilled on what happened last year to me (in May).
Afterwards, we were thinking to go back into town to get another concert
poster but we decided to stick around and hear more of the sound
check…one of them was “Last Train To Clarksville”. Between 4:00-5:00
the crowd came….and it got bigger and bigger. My friend and I were the
first ones in line during that ordeal…as we were talking about work on
what is happening there (as jokes), I was holding my Headquarters LP and
Micky’s book…another reporter noticed that & came over to us and asked us
are we looking forward til tonight and we said yes, another “Who is your
favorite Monkee” and we screamed out “Micky!” Not long later we got to go
in. I went strait to the merchandise (wished I stuck around longer to meet
one of my online ‘sisters’) and bought everything there. I already had
the shirt that a friend got me.
The opening act wasn’t too bad…but when the Monkees came out. All the
songs were great, I feel like I was the only one flashing off Micky’s book
that night (my dad told me to do a sign of my site Sara’s Dolenz Tribute
days before.). During the show, I kept moving to take pictures (sadly my
flash was bad and some came out good). Also, I was one of the fortunate
ones who got to shake hands with Davy and a bit help him over the chairs
during “Girl” (My father thinks I will like Davy from that…nope, Micky
is my main favorite).
All in all what a great show…would like to see the guys again. Thanks
again for everything guys…you have made a believer out of me for 15 years
(since I was 7…I’m 22 now) and will always. Hope to see you guys again
real soon doing solo stuff or group. You guys are true idols to me who
will always remain in my heart.


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