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Monkees qualify for Social Security!

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Happy Birthday to Mike and Davy!

Age before beauty : )

Singer Mike Nesmith of The Monkees, 64
December 30, 1942
Singer Davy Jones of the Monkees, 61
December 30, 1945

From: “Julie McArthur”

Davy will be performing at Stevenson High School Performing Arts Center in
Lincoinshire, Illinois. He will be there on January 20, 2007 at 7:30 pm.



From: “Aaron Handy III”

according to the News Blog
i Network will remove The Monkees (along with The
Partridge Family and Welcome Back Kotter) from its Friday schedule in
favor of ION Health Episodes and Growing Pains, as of January. It’s
unknown when these sitcoms will return.

So break out your copies of The Monkees Season 1 and 2 on DVD!


From: Laura

Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues just finished the public dates for
November. The organization is now getting back to the other work…the EP
and “Cambria Hotel” the full length CD…and possibly some other new

Peter and Richard just finished mixing the EP for UK release only. It will
be used as promo for the UK shows and some will be available for sale
during the first UK Tour.

The final master and artwork for “Cambria Hotel” should be done in the near

Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues will be in California for a bit in January
and then we go immediately to the UK at the end of January until mid
February. There might be one date in MA prior to our leaving for the UK.

There should also be a CD release event – not sure where or when yet – on
both coasts.

As soon as the CD is mastered and back from the replicators with the boxes
of finished product in hand – expect a large campaign for the record…and
possibly before they are back. You will know exactly where to get it and
where you can hear it. This is THE one. All of the fans are going to be

for Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues


From: “Aaron Handy III”

Today we celebrate the life of one of the most celebrated of The
Monkees TV series’ crewmembers.

Irivng I. Lippman, cinematographer for such gems as Circus Boy, The
Monkees, The Love Boat, and 20 Million Miles To Earth, has recently
passed away, not long after having celebrated his 100th birthday. Read
more on him via Fishbowl LA’s obituary @

Once more, to absent friends… <:-/>

From: snardvark

Videoranch 3D is now back online, request info for innvite and free
30day try out, at

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