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Monkees Plan To Tour Summer 2011 – Nesmith Interview

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Monkees Reunion Tour – now reportedly confirmed by 2 of the 3 monkees:

Musician Peter Tork, the guest speaker at Tulare County Adult Drug
Court Graduation, announced during a press conference at the Visalia
Convention Center prior to the graduation and commencement exercises
Thursday night, that there is a possibility of a Monkees reunion.

“If things go as planned, the Monkees =97 three of us =97 will be
performing again in 2011. No Michael Nesmith,” Tork said, and then
laughed as he continued. “It’s OK, we’ll do a better show without

Davy Jones was a vegetarian until about 10 years ago, when he started
eating fish.

Then, he enjoyed the food so much he started trying to catch them too.

“I’ll throw a line out tonight, and let you know what I get,” said
Jones, the ’60s teen idol from The Monkees television show and music
group. “If this was anywhere else in the world, they’d have food for
the next month.”

Jones was describing a pool of snook (a popular fish in South Florida)
that had gathered near his beachfront apartment in Hollywood, located
north of Miami. He excitedly talked about helping his neighbor collect
them with a net, and grabbing his “Lowe’s decorating bucket” to bring
them in.


From: Ian

Hello all

I just had the great pleasure of interviewing Michael Nesmith on the
phone for my show on Absolute Radio.

We chatted for about 20 minutes about country rock, Time Rider, and
him performing Some of Shelleys Blues as a birthday gift to a friend.
He also talked about a sitcom he was offered in the 70’s. I’d never
heard of this before.

the Nesmith interview will be playe out tonight 10th November on
AbSolute Radio between 11pm and 1am gmt. Will play a couple of tuNes
as well

the full 30 minute interview without music will be available as a Best
Bits podcast tomorrow on iTunes or that’s the
same link to listen live tonight.

Do email and call. Be happy to hear your thoughts 0330 123 1215



Direct Link:


From: Misty

While catching up on another show on blog talk radio, a picture of
Micky popped up w/ “lost interview from 1991.” Sorry if this is old
news, but it was new to me!

Misty Mossa


From: Shaun

Hollywood comes to Framingham! Movies, Super Heroes, Music, Wrestling
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special John Lennon Beatles tribute concert for their fans.

Featuring guitar great Rick Derringer of hit single “Hang on Sloopy”;
Billy J Kramer – Founder and lead singer of Billy J. Kramer and the
Dakotas; Gary Lewis– Founder of Gary Lewis and the Playboys and son of
comedian Jerry Lewis; Peter Tork of the Monkees and Shoe Suede Blues;
Frank Stallone with hit single from Staying Alive; Hilton Valentine of
the Animals; Ron Dante of the Archies hit “Sugar, Sugar” and All-Star
Concert Beatles tribute bands Beatle Tracks, The Mockers and Niki
Luparelli and the Gold Diggers. Loose Salute will feature the works of
Michael Nesmith along with their much anticipated CD release party!
Come Together to celebrate John Lennon’s 70th birthday & the greatest
rock band of all time – The Beatles! Showtime is 7:30PM to Midnight on
Saturday, November 20th at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel located at
1657 Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA 01701.

Admission for the concert is $39.00.

For more info log onto or call (508) 981
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Tork Drug Graduation Talk

As the crowd cheered for the graduates, Judge Roper introduced the
night’s commencement speaker =97 Peter Tork, of the 1960s-era The
Monkees, a pop-rock group with its own show that won two Emmy awards
and had several No. 1 hits.

Tork became heavily involved in alcohol and drug use but sought
treatment for addiction when he realized it was destroying his life.
He has been drug free for more than 29 years.
“Booze was my Jones, that’s the one that nabbed me,” Tork said. “Bo=
was my friend. The worries of the world sloughed off.”

One day Tork decided to start keeping a record of his drinking and
soon found himself drinking in excess of 12 beers a day.

“But I wasn’t an alcoholic. Because when I was in jail, I couldn’t
drink it and I was alright. When I was in the hospital, I couldn’t
have it, and it didn’t bother me,” Tork said.

The realization came one day while in New York when he found himself
with a beer in his hand and suddenly realizing he had a problem. He
talked to his wife and admitted to her that he had a problem and
needed help.

Tork praised the Drug Court system and other drug-recovery organizations.

“I could have died in agony or distress,” Tork said. “But this, this
is humbling. This stuff =97 Drug Court =97 this moment, standing in front
of you =97 this is the other side.”


Hey, hey it’s Micky Dolenz

With his wide grin, infectious laugh and animated personality, Micky
Dolenz will forever be known as the singing drummer of The Monkees ––
four young actor/musicians who parlayed a low–budget television sitcom
modeled after Marx Brothers film shorts into a career that has lasted

But Dolenz is so much more than an aging pop icon. This entertainment
renaissance man, survived both the rigors of being a child actor in
the 1950s and being a Monkee.

“I guess it’s my genes. I got started in all this very early in life.
I was playing Spanish guitar as a little kid and then I was doing my
own television series (NBC–TV’s “Circus Boy” from 1956 to 1958) by the
time I was 10,” he said. “Both my mother and father were in show


From: Vinny

Can you get the word out that DAVY JONES will be appearing at
Queensborough Performing Arts Center? (222-05 56th Avenue, Bayside, NY
11364) SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2010 at 8PM.For tickets and info: or 718-631-6311.
Vinny Ticali
Production Coordinator


Davy Jones (Monkees) Interview; Playhouse – Sunset Limited

The former Monkee is intelligent, astute and very amusing. He talks a
mile a minute. It’s hard to get a word in edge wise when you trying to
talk to him. But, it fully works for me. I found him to be refreshing
with his “I’ll make up my own mind with my career choices.” Davy
started out in show business when he was about 11 years old. That was
on Radio in England. From there it was non-stop for him. Before the
Monkee’s, he was an actor, singer and all around performer. He was the
original =91Artful Dodger’ in the Broadway production of =91Oliver.’

He makes you feel easy and relaxed being around him. There doesn’t
seem to be a phony bone in his body. He cracks jokes so fast that it
is hard to write everything down. But, I tried.


Hey, hey, he still sings The Monkees tunes

The job of teen idol is a precarious one, usually with the life span
of a dragonfly. Davy Jones is the exception. With abundant natural
gifts, he was an idol before The Monkees and he still qualifies,
decades later.
Jones has played to packed arenas around the world. But Bay Area fans
will have a chance to see him in the cozy environs of San Francisco’s
Rrazz Room, Friday through Sunday.

“It’s an intimate situation and, most times, when I’m performing, I
try to put it across in a simple way,” Jones told The Daily News. “I
sing some hits. Fortunately, there’s quite a few recognizable songs
that The Monkees sang. And we’ll do some other great songs that people
like to hear. We mix and match. And the music is complemented by all
the feelings the people have, the memories.

“We’ve got good musicians, six pieces. We’re all familiar with each
other’s musical ability and we thrive on it. So it’s kind of cool.”


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