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Monkees On UK & US TV! New Nez DVD!

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This alert is being sent out for a second time due to some members
not receiving the first. If you did receive the first message,
please discard this alert. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Brad & Anthony


From: Anthony

–The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site Mailing List=97-

**Solo Tours / On TV**
As we go through this slow Monkees news time, don’t forget to check
out the guys on their current solo tours! Davy & his band have dates
scheduled through most of 2003, and Micky Dolenz will spend the next
five or so months on the road with the cast of “AIDA.” Peter Tork’s
band, Shoe Suede Blues, have a few dates lined up for this spring
and summer with more on the way, while Michael Nesmith has been
staying in southern California working on his latest projects. Visit
the tour dates page for more info on all of these tours. Micky, Davy
& Peter’s mid-90s appearance on the “Rave On” episode of “Boy Meets
World” will air on April 8 at 5pm & April 9 at 12am EST on the
Disney Channel. Micky Dolenz’s “Mom, Can I Keep Her?” is scheduled
for more airings on April 10 at 9:15am EST on SHOe & SHOHD and at
12:15pm on SHOw.

For more of this newsletter, visit The Monkeesrule43 Fan Site at – An official Monkees site”> – An official Monkees site
that is your one stop on the web for Monkees news, bios, history,
mailing list, rare MP3s & more!


From: “Videoranch Foreman”


We just received a large shipment of the New Elephant Parts DVD.
It’s got new audio and the video quality is greatly improved.

Nez’ new audio commentary is really interesting and fun. Click here
to listen to the first minute or so of it.

Elephant Parts on DVD is $16.98. Click here to purchase a copy and
view samples of the video.

Have a great day!

The Staff at Videoranch


From: “tacoclark”

Timeless Music recently released new 3-CD hits compilations, by many
different artists. These are typically sold at Sam’s Club and
Costco. I have not seen them at any “regular” stores.

On their website, they list the following set, as “new.” I’m
guessing that means it was released early this year. I’ve not yet
seen it in stores.

The Monkees
36 All-Time Favorites
3 CD Set:

Disc One
1. (Theme From) The Monkees
2. Last Train To Clarksville
3. Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day
4. Papa Gene’s Blues
5. When Love Comes Knockin’ (At Your Door)
6. I Wanna Be Free
7. Take A Giant Step
8. Sweet Young Thing
9. She
10. Your Auntie Grizelda
11. Mary, Mary
12. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

Disc Two
1. I’m A Believer
2. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
3. Forget That Girl
4. You Just May Be The One
5. Shades Of Gray
6. Sunny Girlfriend
7. Early Morning Blues And Greens
8. Cuddly Toy
9. Words
10. Listen To The Band
11. What Am I Doing Hanging Around?
12. Daydream Believer

Disc Three
1. Valleri
2. Porpoise Song (Theme From Head)
3. Daddy’s Song
4. She Hangs Out
5. Saturday’s Child
6. Tapioca Tundra
7. Salesman
8. Star Collector
9. You Told Me
10. For Pete’s Sake
11. Dream World
12. Goin’ Down


From: “Abigail Maddison”


Got a copy of the Region 2 DVD of Heart & Soul released in the UK by
fabulous films. The copy I got is very, very basic. The packaging is
kind of cheap looking with well out of date information on the back
over reunions, what posessed them to use a 1997 reunion photo on the
back is beyond me, no extras of any shape as far as I could see. The
only reason I can see for buying the item would be if you don’t
already have a copy or for the fact it’s less likely to degrade like
video tape.
on Ebay already.


From: “Abigail Maddison”


For all the fans in the British Isles who feel we get super jipped
by nothing Monkees to view or hear this is what you can find on TV
for the week beginning 29th March 2003:

29th March – 4th April Sky Box Office & Front Row – through out the
days Vanilla Sky Porpoise Song is in there and is there for a very
good reason according to Cameron Crowe!

29th March Sky One – 7.30pm The Simpsons fear Of Flying, has the
wonderful Monkees conversation.

29th March Sky Movies Premier – 11.30am & 5.55pm Shrek version of
I’m A Believer

1st April BBC2 – 6.20pm TOTPs 2 Beatles Special mentions in Radio
Times Day In The Life will be shown which could mean spotting Mike
as the film of this has him in, who knows we might get double our
money if they also show Come Together.

2nd April Sky Movies Cinema 2 – 7am & 3pm Head

4th April CH4 – 1.30am South Park Chickenpox has I’m A Believer
played during a sequence

4th April Sky Movies Premier – 10am & 8pm Shrek

Also things to look out for on UK TV both terrestrial and cable/

CH4 – Bewitched getting another run Boyce & Hart featured and you
saw a few Monkee pix in the background

Granada Plus & CH5 – Columbo especially the 70’s versions lots of
one time Monkees guests can be spotted and Jim Frawley also directed
at least one show

Granada Plus – Man From UNCLE again lots of one time Monkees guests
appear on this show and Jim did an appearance too

Disney Channel – Home Improvement Tim in one eppi sang The Monkees
Theme, also Boy Meets World for 3 eppis featuring Monkees of various
sorts either in parts or directing

VH-1 – apart from the obvious that either they might get promos
shown or Mike gets shown [it’s been known to happen] there’s also
chances to see covers of their songs also Behind The Music Monkees,
Pop Up Video [Daydream is on one and Lionel Ritchies All Night Long
mentioned Mike] there are other documentaries which may mention or
feature a song like the Run DMC thing=85=85

E! – rather new to the Uk this channel might just give us the
Monkees True Hollywood Story

Sky One – Star Trek Deep Space Nine for James Lee Stanley spotting

BBC2 – TOTPs 2 you never know if we’ll get them or a cover of a song
or a mention of them

Living – Crossing Over With John Edward Micky and Donna were
the =91star’ reading on a recent US show perhaps we’ll strike lucky
and get it over here sometime

ITV2 – Sally Jessy Raphael Davy appeared on a show and it may come
up here it’s way beyond the Monkees 87 appearance date wise but a
long way off davy so worth checking I guess

Uk Gold & Uk Gold 2 – Neighbours, at one point there was a street
sale and one of the characters refused to give up her More Of The
Monkees LP. It was about 96/ 97 time and there was a mention of them
touring and seemed to hint at a storyline that could have budded
from it, as it was The Monkees pulled their Oz dates so nothing came
of it=85=85=85

Nickelodeon & ITV1 – Sabrina The Teenage Witch always seems to be
run in a round robin davy appeared on one of the shows

Trouble -Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place at least 2 eppis have the
character Pete singing Pleasant Valley Sunday when very happy, Saved
By The Bell The New Class Ami Dolenz was in a few eppis of this show

ITV1 & Nicktoons – Hey Arnold! Watch out for Davy’s appearance

Nicktoons – Ahhh Real Monsters Micky did voice over work so I believe

Boomerang & BBC1 – Scooby Doo could catch the Davy and Micky ones if
lucky also there’s a eppi which has the Davy song featured but him
not in it.

So lots of things you can sit in to watch just incase shame we don’t
get a fair representation every week over in the UK. But at least we
get something.


From: “Nez4Ever1230”

The latest issue of In Touch Weekly Magazine (the March 24, 2003
issue) features 2 Monkee related items. In the photo feature
entitled TV Land Awards REUNION Golden Oldies Shine there is a
fantastic large photo of David with his girlfriend and his daughters
at the top of page 11. Other celebrities such as Shirley Jones and
David Cassidy of The Partridge Family, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler
Moore of The DIck Van Dyke Show and Don Adams and Barbara Feldon of
Get Smart are shown in the feature as well. It is on pages 10 and
11. Also in the regular feature the In Touch Weekly Crossword Puzzle
Down Clue # 10 features Micky’s daughter Ami as the answer. Also,
The TV Land Awards (on which David is a presenter) are scheduled to
be rebroadcast on Sunday afternoon March 23, 2003 at 12 Noon on TV
Land. In my opinion, David, Michael, Peter & Micky are # 1 always!
Thank you.


From: “Woolhat”

Davy is mentioned in ‘The Hollywood Reporter” for March 18-24, 2003
on page 10. Under the caption ‘To all the stars who helped make the
first TV Land Awards shine…’ Congrats Davy!!

Just Monkee’n Around

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