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Monkees on TV – New opening act

April 3, 2011 by  
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From: “Amanda Laws”

Micky can be seen in the movie “Mom, Can I Keep Her?”
on the 23rd, 27th, and 31st of March, on Showtime E

Davy Jones can be seen on The Brady Bunch: Getting Davy Jones
on Saturday March 30th and Sunday March 31st on TV Land

Davy will also be a one of several stars, that guest starred on the Scooby
Doo cartoon show, to present Scooby the life time achievement award on
Cartoon Networks “First 13th Annual Fancy Anvil Awards”

Also, I saw Davy on The TVGuide Channel last night talking about Time
Life’s 60s CD collection.

Peter Tork will be on Boy Meets world, Thursday March 28, on Disney

Check your local listings for times and channel number

The Monkeegirl –


From: “”

Last Train to Parksville

Hey guys,

I know it’s short notice, but there are still a few seats left:

The E&N Railway has been running passenger service on Vancouver Island, off
the west coast of BC, for over a century. On April 15, the service makes
its last run before being shutdown. About halfway between its southern
terminus, Victoria, the captial of BC, and its northern terminus, Courtney,
is the city of Parksville.

You have your only opportunity (
to Parksville. It leaves Victoria station 8:15 a.m. I’ll be there!

Cameron Smith, ed.

The Salt Spring News
Salt Spring’s Daily News Source

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From: “Bandsix”

Hi Brad

I haven’t heard anything about Barry Williams doing the UK dates. The only
thing they mentioned on TV yesterday was that Murmurs of Irma are supporting
them – and of course we’re running on the original tickets we got before the
change from October to March and they only say “Plus Special Guests”.

FYI, Murmurs of Irma are the band that David mentioned on Sally Jesse last
week. They are based in Portsmouth – near where David’s English daughters
live – and he and daughter Jessica are co-managing the band. They’re a
6-piece outfit and might be going to the US with David and Micky after the
UK tour. Check out for more.

“Magnolia Sue”
Band 6 – The Monkees Official UK Fan Club


From: “Kathy & Russ”



From: “Ann Marie Thomen”

Hi Brad,

I was lucky enough to see Peter Tork with The Suede Blues at The Downtown
in Farmingdale, NY on March 14th. I would like to let everyone know just
how fantastic it was. Peter looked better than ever! He was full of energy
and bursting with pure talent. He looked so seductive in his black velvet
pants and silk multicolored shirt. Tadg, Richard, Michael, and John were
hot. They were all cookin up there on stage.

Peter sang 3 Monkee songs. My favorite was “I’m a believer”. He sang it
with a special charm all his own. The band performed “Saved By The blues”
(the title song to their new C.D.)and Peter sang lead. It touches your very
soul. Tadg belted out “Cab Driver”. He puts his heart and soul into that
harmonica. He got down on his knees and really sang the blues. I just loved
their version of “Hound Dog”. Makes you wanna houl! Tadg seductively sang
“Kiss and Tell”. Richard sang “Big Boss Man”. Then Peter sang my absolute
favorite,”Dress Sexy For Me”. He totally blew me away, Especially when he
looked right at me cause I was wearing a Blue Sued Blues T-Shirt
autographed by the band. He gave me the biggest smile that only Peter can
give. Oh my God, my heart must have skipped a few beats. He was cleary
having the time of his life on that stage with the rest of the band. A
woman in the audience threw a bra up on the stage.

The band took a brief break during the show and came back for more. They
never tired or let up. They just kept singing the blues, song after
song.”Slender Tender and Tall”, “Wine-Texas BBQ”, and nobody sings the
blues like Peter when he sings “Come On In My Kitchen”. Oh yeah, I’m saved
by the blues! If anyone get’s a chance give yourself a big treat and see
the “Shoe Suede Blues”. I picked up their new CD there. It was sold to me
by the cutest group of girls called the “Blues Kitties”. Hey girls you
stole the show with that little dance routine. They even got me to sign up
with the Shoe Sued Blues Fan Club. I have not done that sort of thing since
my teen-age days. Tadg also had a CD of his own on sale.

After the show, the band signed autographs. I finally got a chance to speak
to Peter. We had a beautiful conversation, one I shall remember all my
life. He was kind enough to even sign a very special and meaningful
autograph for my daughter who could not be their as she was under the age
for night clubs. It made her so happy when I got home. Tadg, Richard,
Michael, and John also signed autographs. That drummer, John is a rip, he
asked me if I was wearing the T-shirt when he singed it. I simply told him,
” I don’t KISS AND TELL, but always DRESS SEXY For Peter”. After the
autographs, Peter agreed to take pictures with everyone. It was truly a
dream come true. I never thought I’d get a picture with him. My son made me
up a fake one for my birthday, but this is real. We gave each other the
biggest hug and the girl snapped our picture. He also took a picture with
my friend Mary Ann. I have never seen her so happy. It’s amazing how this
special man can touch so many lives with his smile. My daughter was shocked
when I showed her his special autograph just for her. It meant the world to
her for him to take the time to do that.

I will support Peter in what ever does in his career. I hope that everyone
will feel this way. He is truly passionate about the blues and it shows. I
have never seen him so happy and having a great time with all his fans. I’m
hooked on the Shoe Suede Blues and you will be too. You just can’t help it.

Ann T.

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