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Monkees on Tonight! AMC

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Tonight a special “Hollywood Rocks The Movies” will be on AMC channel, hosted by Ringo Starr, will feature Monkees clips from Head, at 7:pm Pacific time.

Also American Movie Classic’s (AMC) is showing “Head” on Tuesday, July 4th @ 4:45a.m. and 2:00p.m. (both times pacific.)


From: “Band 6”

MOMS OUTTA SIGHT starring Micky is being shown on Sky Moviemax  again in July in the UK – The US title of this fim is Invisible Mum 2


July 10th  Monday.  12 noon  followed  at  4.45am  in the morning.

July 22nd  Saturday  6.30am


Kirk & Sue


Rhino artist’s “The Knack” got a song in the Monkees Movie “Daydream Believers” movie in the party held by The Beatles. It was “(All in the) All In All” from their latest album “Zoom”.


From: Laura

Just a reminder, VH1 will be repeating their two Monkees specials:

Sunday, July 2

10:00 PM  VH1 Original Movies:

Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story 

Early Monday Morning (July, 3) /Late Sunday Night  (July 2)

12:00 AM  The Monkees: Behind the Music # 119 


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