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From: Brad Waddell

Welcome to the Monkees.Net Alert Newsletter!

Your host of this newsletter and the Monkees.Net web site (Brad) will be a
guest on BBC radio the morning of September 12, the 35th anniversary of the
Monkees TV show. If you are in the UK, please listen for me and tape it for
me if you are able, I’d be interested to know how it sounds. They will be
playing Monkees music as well as talking about the band. Tune in!

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From: “Steven Bradley”

Three Monkees songs are included on a new compilation, “Are You Ready For
The Country”, a 2-CD set released by Warners on September 17th. The 45
tracks tell the story of the evolution of country-rock and include ‘Good
Clean Fun’, ‘Oklahoma Backroom Dancer’ and ‘Nine Times Blue’. There is an
impressive range of other names traditionally associated with country rock,
but with ‘The Monkees’ being amongst the first names listed on the front
Compiled by UK music writer Peter Doggett, it takes it’s title from his book
of the same name. It features two chapters about the Monkees/ Mike Nesmith’s
contributions to the genre, taken from Doggett’s interviews with Mike. The
writer reported that he found Mike to be the most interesting and
informative person of the many he interviewed while researching the project.


From: Deidre

Peter on “Boy Meets World”
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Boy Meets World
Career Day
30 min.
Shawn feels like a fifth wheel in Cory’s house after his mother drives off
with the family’s mobile home and his father leaves to track her down.
Chet: Blake Clark. Jedediah: Peter Tork. Katherine: Darlene Vogel. Jason:
Jason Marsden. Cory: Ben Savage.

Cast: Peter Tork, Jason Marsden, Will Estes, Blake Clark, William Russ,
Anthony Tyler Quinn, Darlene Vogel, Will Friedle, William Daniels, Betsy
Randle, Ben Savage, Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel
Category: Comedy

Show times
Friday, 21 6:30 PM EDTDISNEY


From: Brad Waddell

Friday September 7 7:39 PM ET

Veteran Saxophonist Migliori Dead in Calif. at 70

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (Reuters) – Jazz saxophonist Jay Migliori, who
performed with Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa and Frank Sinatra
as well as the Grammy-winning group Supersax, has died at age 70, the Los
Angeles Times reported on Friday.

Migliori, who lived in the Southern California city of Mission Viejo, died
of colon cancer, the paper reported. He underwent cancer surgery six years
ago. However, until just six weeks ago, he continued performing in
nightclubs and other venues five nights a week.

As a studio musician, Migliori played on more than 4,000 commercial
recordings including singles and albums by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Glen
Campbell, the Beach Boys, Tito Puente, Neil Diamond, the Manhattan
Transfer, the Monkees, Ray Charles and Celine Dion.


From: “Leger, Twana

Hey Brad,

I have loved the monkees since 1967 and I love them as much now as then,
I saw them as a little kid back in the 60’s and followed them around in
the Big 80″s tour. met them and got my picture with them and have them
framed. I went to see them in this tour in Tunica Ms which was a great
show. I was front row, right in front of Mickey (who I love so much he
is my favorite.) and then I just came home from Dallas this week-end
and saw them at the Lone star stadium without Peter. Let me tell you It
was a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat concert. The electricity was so great
and their performance was so good.
They just get better and better. If you could have seen the crowd
response and participation it was astronomical. It really made me
proud. The fan’s really didn’t care about Peter. Keep on going Mickey,
I love you and will never tire of you.
I wish that I could follow them around like I did in 86′ but work wont
allow it. both their concerts were great and they still have the
stamina they did in the 60’s.

Bossier City, LA


From: davewildes

David, Micky, Mike and Peter
1966 for me – I have the albums – One Song Book copy write 1966 (wish it
was signed by all of you and I believe in miracles) and I still have my
“Official Monkees Membership Card”.
You gave us during that time some Great Music, Great entertainment not
to mention to a 12 year old girl back then you all were just
gorgeous! You are even more appealing, dramatic, gorgeous, and it’s
great that you have continued in the MUSIC.
I live in Oklahoma and saw your performance at the Oldies Fest in Texas
(Mother Nature was at her best, lighting and storms a brewin, but you
gave your all David and Micky). Great support group, your band and the
roadies. Micky your voice is “electric”, David, your like “static
cling baby!”
Too bad about Peter. I respect his desire to “go his own way”, but I
think he will miss his “Family”. Mike, I am excited for you in every
endeavor you decide to do.
Thank you for your love of the MUSIC, your creative natures and your
willingness to continue to contribute to the generations. You will be
forever in the hearts of many and especially mine for all the wonderful
memories and the lightheartedness that you have given to me. New
Stuff, Old Stuff, bring it on and never stop! Love you all. Micky,
David, keep going, make it work, fill our brains and souls with the
Sincerely, Odalie, an
Original Monkee Fan From



From: “Denise H.”

To Whom It May Concern:

This may sound cold to some people, but the concert I saw in Grand Prairie,
Texas was an incredibly entertaining show. Davy and Mickey are spectacular
performers and I didn’t miss Peter or Mike a bit. I was way up at the
front and fell in love with the two guys all over again. I think I was
accidentally flashing them. My chest was hanging out and I didn’t even
realize it. REALLY! Just an accident. I swear! 🙂

Best wishes for a continued successful tour! I’m getting the word out that
you guys totally rock, even if it is just the two of you!

Denise Hawes, Lewisville, Texas — “Neecy” on the message boards.


From: Debbie Ford

Hi Brad,

I was at the Grand Prairie Concert last night and I must say (even though I
am a huge fan of Peter’s) David & Micky put on a super show – amid lots of
lightning. I think they cut their set short by a few songs, but managed to
get off the stage just before the rain started. I would have quit much
earlier if it had been me up there because there was some fierce lighting
about! Crowd was estimated at 36,000 according to one of the DJ’s for the
radio station that sponsored the show.

All of the last weeks events aside, you can’t argue with the fact that
David & Micky are dynamite performers. I didn’t know if I would enjoy the
show as much without Peter, but, of course, I did. I missed his solo sets
and the kidding around, but the songs were great and David & Micky were
energetic and sounded terrific!

Arlington, TX


From: “Teresa Gibson”

I just wanted to let everyone know about the concert last night in Grand
Prairie, TX at the Lone Star Race Track. It was the KLUV Oldies Fest; the
first acts were Crawfish, B. J. Thomas, and Mary Wilson. The Monkees
(actually “The Stars of the Monkees”–Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz) were
scheduled to perform from 10:30 to midnight, but a storm was moving in from
the west, so they only played for just under an hour. 17 songs, the concert
felt rushed; songs were started on top of each other (one would end and
another would immediately begin). Not much banter; Davy did tell the Brady
Bunch history and kissing the tv screen bits; Micky did the Beatles party
bit before Randy Scouse Git. Their performances were tight,
well-choreographed and planned. It was unfortunate that during “Listen to
the Band,” Micky’s mike drowned out David (who actually sang lead on this
song). I really enjoyed “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” and “She Hangs Out” the
most. I was disappointed that they didn’t do “Pleasant Valley Sunday.”
Otherwise, I’m very glad to have been able to see them this year, and so
glad I could get the souvenirs. Thank you so much, Micky and David for
coming to Texas. We love you all down here. Please return. You know that
Texas crowds ALWAYS appreciate performers. (60,000 strong last night)

Teresa Gibson


From: Dale Carter

I was at the Texas concert. Just wanted to say to Davey and Mickey.


DJ Carter
Irving, Texas


From: FairyOfTheLocket

the bensenville concert friday night was soooooooooo groovy!! sandy gave me
a drum stick, jerry gave me and christi each a water bottle, got waves from
aviva, david, sandy and jerry… grabbed micky’s and davy’s hands… (i tried
to untie davy’s shoe so i could take his shoe lace but he double knotted that
sucker). well anyway, i’m not gonna write the whole long review, but i will
say that the concert was awesome even w/o peter there. i really didn’t wanna
have fun, but you just can’t help it! i was in micky’s “living room”! hehe
the only thing that was disappointing is that the battery in my video camera
died after “i’ll love you forever” and the second one just made the screen
flash. on top of that, the battery in my camera died after only 13 or so
pictures. =/ so, if anyone recorded the whole concert (audio or video) or
got really good pics, let me know!!

peace, love, and monkees forever


From: Christi York

I had the opportunity to attend the Bensenville,
Illinois show on September 7. This was the first show
without Peter. The guys were introduced as “The Stars
of The Monkees” There was no mention of Peter not
being there. The show was pretty much like all the
others except, of course, no Peter. Instead of
filling in where Peter had songs, they just left them
out making the show 1 hour and 30 minutes long. the
guys were at top form. Micky was hitting all the
notes on Since I Fell making it hard to realize he
had been sick recently. They really seemed like
nothing was wrong, dancing all over and joking like
usual. I know that there were a lot of the people
there that had no idea that Peter wasn’t going to be
there but everyone had a great time! I heard someone
say they had sold 5,000 tickets but I am not sure that
there actually were that many people there. All in
all, it was a great show! It was my 5th and last this
year and even though Peter was absent, I am glad I
went! What a way to end the year!

Peace Gleeb and Blue Dork Sticks


From: Katherine

Bensonville concert report/set list

The two kees, the micky and Davy show, the Dolenz and Jones show. I had a
wonderful time.

The set list is as follows:

The musical medley
Last Train to Clarksville
Lookout, here comes tomorrow
For Pete’s Sake
The Girl I knew Somewhere
Randy Scouse Skit
Mary, Mary
Circle Sky
I wanna be Free
I’ll love You Forever
Goin’ Down
A Little bit me, a little bit you
She Hangs Out
Since I Fell for You
Consider yourself (Oliver Medley)
That was then/this is now
Porpose Song
Listen to the band
Daydream believer
I’m a believer
Steppin’ stone
Pleasant Valley Sunday

Bensenville concert was in a park. The ground was wet and it was lawn
seating/bring your own blanket or chair. A local chick, 16 years old, opened
for the band. Before she was done, people were shouting out, “are you done
yet?” She was good, but, just not very popular that night. She kept saying
she wanted us to scream. She got polite applause.

Then, the Monkees were introduced with the Stars of the show Davy Jones and
Micky Dolenz. Nothing was said about Peter. They just started singing.
Micky did the joke “We’ve been flying all around the country and boy are my
arms tired”. Many people brought flowers and things, especially for Davy. I
gave Micky and Davy the gift bags. Someone gave Davy a t-shirt they made.
Davy said thanks for all the gifts and then made a joke about if we kept this
up he would have to buy a new suitcase. Micky did the same joke after Randy
Scouse Skit as he has in all the other concerts. The colors, the colors.
Davy shakes him and Micky says “where am I?” Davy tells him he is in
Bensenville. Micky says “Bensenville? How did all these people get in my
living room?” Davy asks if he can get Micky anything and Micky replies
“Prozac and Gin”. They skipped the Archie Bunker skit. When they were
going to sing For Pete’s sake, Davy announced the song and said it was sung
during the second series of the tv show and it’s called For Pete’s Sake
and…why not? It seemed strange that they would play his song. Davy didn’t
pretend to play the Saxophone this time. All and all, it was a good
concert. The energy wasn’t has high as the spring concerts or the Boston
concert. Micky and Davy were sweating the entire time. It must have been
hot under the lights. Micky made the ebay joke with the towel, pretending to
throw it and then saying, oh, no, this isn’t ending up on ebay. The drummer
at the end gave away his sticks. I saw Micky’s girlfriend there. She
doesn’t know me, but I know who she is now. She is only 26 years old! Tell
me who isn’t jealous? Well, enough said about that. I had a wonderful time,
the band was great. I think that the people in the UK have a good show to
look forward to seeing. All in all they played about 90 minutes.



From: “Christi Salmon”

From the Grand Prairie K*LUV Oldies Fest:
I thought that this was an extremely wonderful and fun concert. Micky and
Davy put on a great show. Sadly, they did have to cut it short because of
the storm blowing in and it was an outdoor concert. My favorite parts were
when Davy did the “Davy Dance” and when Micky played “Randy Scouse Git”.
The DJs said that at one count, there were over 30,000 people there, so it
was VERY crowded, but I think it was well worth seeing Micky and Davy.
A Monkees fan forever,
Christi Salmon

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