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Monkees on E! News Daily Today! – Show cancelled – NY Daily News Article

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From: Brad Waddell

From: Randi Waddell

On 5/5/01 e! News Daily aired a story about actress
June Fairchild, a homeless actress trying to make a
comeback. Shown were scenes of her as the girl who
jumps off a building into Mike’s arms in Head.

The U.K. magazine Mojo Collections has a 4 page
pictorial of Monkees memorabilia in it’s Spring 2001
issue. Also there is a full back cover ad promoting
the Monkees CD reissues.

The Summer 2001 issue of Grammy magazine has an
article about the 20th anniversary of MTV and features
quotes from Nez as well as a photo.


From: “Christine Schraml”

Hi Brad, I have been a member of this list for over a year now and I want
to thank you for what you are doing!

I am not happy to report that the June 16 tour date set for Mankato, MN (my
childhood home) has been cancelled. This news has appeared in the Mankato
Free Press and has been mentioned on a radio station. I called the ticket
office to verify and the reason given was scheduling problems.

Now I am trying to figure out the next closest concert to Minneapolis…



From: “seagal”

The concert for Mankato MN was cancelled due to ‘routing problems and poor
ticket sales’ according to their box-office.



From: “Tracy Brown”

I just got word that the Monkees show in Mankato, MN has been canceled! I
had front row (of course!) Thought I would pass this on to anyone who was
planning on going.




From: “maggie mcmanus”

Davy and daughter Jessica Jones are pictured in Monday’s New York Daily News
on the gossip pages. They were spotted when they attended a performance of
“The Rocky Horror Show” on Broadway last week.



From: “annie lee”

It’s a nice picture of David and Jessica and in yesterdays
NY Post there was another picture of David in one of the
columns then another picture of all three Monkees backstage after the Joplin
show on Broadway.


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