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Monkees on Cover of TV Guide Crosswords

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From: Brad

The Monkees are featured in a color photo on the cover of TV Guide
Crosswords in the current November Issue.


From: Peggy and Jill

Hello Everyone:

Please note the update at our Monkees Haunting Halloween Weekend Concert
Series 2004

ATTENTION BEATLE FANS-NOW performing on Oct. 30th from 9:00 PM until
Midnight the Hottest, most CHARISMATIC Beatles tribute-HARD DAYS NIGHT!!!!

If you love the Beatles, and who doesn’t, you’ll want to be here for an
exciting and SPECTACULAR Beatles Tribute!

We NOW have included more current information regarding REFUNDS from the
Oct. 2nd scheduled event for those of you unable to attend the current
Monkees Haunting Halloween!

You won’t want to miss out on all the RARE AND VINTAGE Memorabilia ever made
available of Monkees Merchandise!!

The Monkees 38th Anniversary Finale Convention Weekend 2004
Organizers and Coordinators

Peggy and Jill
check out all the latest information:


From: Zulmira

The first “Monkees Day”, a beneficent party whose objective is paying
homage to The Monkees while helping people in need, was held in Sao
Paulo, Brazil, on September 11, 2004.

Money and packages of imperishable goods were collected and forwarded to
the “ABC Group”, a local beneficent institution that takes care of elderly
people, families and mothers-to-be lacking assistance.

We had a cheerful festival of monkee sounds and images,
including some rare and precious material.
Live music was provided by the first Monkees tribute band in Brazil: the
Vintage Monkees. People attending the event were able to take part in a
Talent Contest. There was also a distribution of gifts (beautiful
Monkees items) and some other surprises (like an enormous, delicious,
creamy chocolate cake).
A brief but sincere and respectful act in honor of the September 11 victims
was carried out.

We hope this idea will be embraced by other groups of Monkees fans, so that
the “Monkees Day” becomes an international annual event.
There is a great amount of benefit we can do in favor of the unprotected
while celebrating the joy of having the Monkee magic in our lives. Thank you!

International Association of The Monkees Fans


From: James Lee Stanley

Acoustic Guitars and Rolling Stones songs

All Wood and Stones, a vocal and acoustic guitar album like no other
— 11 Classic Rolling Stones songs sung and played by John Batdorf and
James Lee Stanley; with special guests Laurence Juber (Paul
McCartney&Wings), Paul Barrere (Little Feat), Timothy B Schmit
(Eagles), Ken Lyon (Lemonheads), Scott Breadman (Rippingtons, Lindsay
Buckingham) and Peter Tork (Monkees).
Fans of the Stones, Crosby Stills & Nash, Buffalo Springfield, Rubber
Soul, the Eagles, or classic Beachboys harmonies are in for a real
treat. Check it out…play clips from the cd at”>

Can you imagine what the Rolling Stones songs would have sounded like
if Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were California boys with acoustic
guitars? Would Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday, or Last Time been as
powerful if they had been played on acoustic guitars and filled with
vocal harmonies?


So were James Lee Stanley and John Batdorf, purveyors of acoustic rock
music for decades.
They took 11 Rolling Stones classics and turned them into something
totally unheard of.
You don ‘t have to live in California or play acoustic guitar to be
enchanted by “All Wood and Stones” An amazing collection of Rolling
Stones tunes played on acoustic guitars and ladened with joyous vocal

All Wood and Stones – a unique sounding album of classic Rolling Stones songs.

You ‘ve probably heard all the Rolling Stones songs covered by
numerous bands both live and on CD. Perhaps you own Stone Country,
the compilation of country artists doing Rolling Stones covers
albums. Fun music to listen to, and great records,aren ‘t they?

But All Wood and Stones takes a closer look at all of these classic
Rolling Stones songs in a way that has never been done before. The
angle is so different that you ‘d better prepare yourself for a big
surprise, a positively shocking one.

All Wood and Stones takes you on a trip. It acts like a time
machine. In a single moment you
will find yourself hearing the Rolling Stones songs if they had come
from a different world. Familiar and completely brand new.

Painted Black / Ruby Tuesday / Satisfaction / Under My Thumb / Let’s
Spend the Night Together / Mother’s Little Helper / Backstreet Girl /
Last Time / Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby? / 19th Nervous Breakdown
/ As Tears Go By to hear clips of all of the songs”> to hear clips of all of the songs

thanks for reading this far and i promise, you’re gonna love this one
james lee

New CD Release:
Official Website:
Merchandise Stores: =>

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