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From: Tiffany Spiecker

WKQL 96.9 *just* released info on the Monkees’ concert they’re promoting :=

it scheduled to be at the Florida Theatre (in Jacksonville) on Sunday,
March 4th. Tickets will be on sale soon, but you can win them before you
buy them through 96.9. Guess it’ll be officially released soon?



From: “Farrington, Melissa”

The Monkees will be playing the Lowell Auditorium in Massachusetts on March
9th. Tickets go on sale on Jan. 27 @ 11 a.m. It’s an All Ages show and
tickets are $41 and $31.


From: Sherri Nielson

Brad–I thought you’d like to know that four of the dates are now listed on
TicketMaster with their onsale dates staggered through the week.
Jacksonville, FL on the 4th is new and Pompano on the third isn’t listed.

Thanks for the work you do.



From: Corleen LaVare

Tickets for the Monkees concert in Verona NY at the
Turning Stone Casino go on sale at noon tomorrow
(1-23-01). From what I understand, seats near the
front will cost from $60 to $75.


From: Gina

A blurb on page 2 of the Sunday Orlando Sentinel (Jan 21st) said the three
Monkees are in town, rehearsing for the “Monkee Mania” show with a young
local band called Natural. The article, sans photo of Jones and Natural, c=
be accessed at HREF=3D”
Orlando Sentinel: News. If this link doesn’t work, try this address

If all else fail, go to and do a search under “Monkees”=



From: rkwong

The Jan. 21, 01 edition of the Chicago Tribune has an
article in their “Arts & Entertainment” section by rock critic
Greg Kot, in which he lists “some of rock’s landmark TV
moments,” including his top 10 important events. The Monkees
appear at #9 with the following blurb:

“1966:’The Monkees’ TV show debuts, an avant-garde situation-
comedy with pre-MTV style attitude, starring a pre-fab band
with no discernible talent but loads of charm. Could Milli
Vanilli be far behind?” A b&w shot of the guys playing “Randy
Scouse Git” is at the top of the page.

They can’t catch a break even in a big newspaper like this, can
they? Oh well. If you’re interested in letting Mr. Kot know
what he might be missing, his e-mail (according to the Tribune’s
website) is .


From: Brad Waddell

Maxim for Men magazine features a small photo of The Monkees on page 54 of=

the Feb 2001 issue in their story on how to create a boy band.


From: “Alicia C.”

Hello Monkee fans,
I see that Micky will be on the Disney channel Jan.24th on Wednesday, but,=

the time here in Tampa say’s 10:25pm till 12:00pm. So get your VCR’s ready=

for “The Love Bug”.
-Alicia Castellano


From: “Steven Bradley”

here is a review / transcript of micky’s second uk tv appearance in
consecutive weeks.


Micky on ‘I Love 1980’ BBC2 January 20th

Exactly a week after being seen on `The 100 Greatest No 1’s of all-time’,
UK viewers were treated to a second exclusive TV interview with a Monkee.
After last year’s series on the 70’s, this series concentrates on the
individual years in the following decade. The opening programme featured
1980, but many Band 6 readers may have missed this show, not expecting any=

Monkee involvement.

1980, though, was the year that a TV series called `Metal Mickey’ was
launched. Micky was successful in his application to Humphrey Barclay at
London Weekend Television, to not only direct but also produce the show.
Featuring a robot that had a mind of it’s own, the stories revolved around=

the robot and his family getting into a variety of adventures. The `1980′
show featured Micky – he was credited on screen as Mickey Dolenz! – singing=

the theme tune to the show and we saw the opening titles from `Metal
Mickey’. “But I don’t understand how one of the Monkees,” said puzzled TV
presenter Jamie Theakston, “could end up making a rather crap British
comedy series?”. Having relocated to England after his run in `The Point’,=

Micky had some success directing in TV where he felt he was not stereotyped=

as an ex-Monkee in the UK, the way he was in the US.

“The story goes that a gentleman named John Edwards built this robot, and”=

explained Micky adopting a comical robotic voice, “it talked like that, and=

you could make it talk, and do things, and say things, anything you wanted=

to..” he went on with his robot impression.

“It was unbelievable, when this thing came alive” Micky explained. “When
John went in the (control) booth, and all of a sudden Metal Mickey lit up”.=

Reverting to his metallic robot voice again, which the natural performer
clearly enjoyed, “Hello! how are you? I’m fine! hey, baby, how ya doin’?
baby, wanna boogie?” he joked.

A scene from the show is shown, directed by Micky of course, and we hear
from actor Gary Shail who played a character called Steve. “We all met up
in the foyer of London Weekend TV, with this robot. `This’ll never work!’
Micky Dolenz just said ‘don’t worry, it’ll work on the night!’ – he was
just so Hollywood”.
“It was the most amazing bit of puppeteering I’ve ever witnessed, to this
day” gushed an impressed Dole nz. “It was phenomenal”. More clips from the=

show are seen, with Micky reminiscing. “I’d say `OK Mickey, places!’ “
(robot voice) “Right, OK, I’m on my way!” the Monkee laughed, “and he’d
roll over there!” It was around this time that Micky began to work under
the name of Michael Dolenz – partly because, as he explained, “somebody
else would go `Micky?’ and both of us (robot and Monkee) would go `yeah?’ “=

The Metal Mickey segment then looked at the robot’s catch-phrase, “Boogie

“You know who was on `Metal Mickey’?” asked our man. “I bet you don’t know=

– Robbie Coltrane”. An unknown actor in 1980, Coltrane rose through the
ranks of comedy TV in the 80’s to a successful career in comedy, drama and=

films. Under the direction of Dolenz, Robbie played a big, gay hairdresser.=

“Don’t ever show that episode, he’ll kill me!” quipped Micky. Sure enough,=

the funny scene was duly shown. “The last I heard, he was in a garage
somewhere..” Micky offered as to the present plight of the once-famous robo=
Another item from 1980 featured in the programme was the dog-trainer
Barbara Woodhouse, who found international fame that year. “Walkies!
Walkies!” yelled Micky, quoting the lady’s famous dog-call. “Oh yes, of
course I remember Barbara Woodhouse”. Giving his own dog-training
instruction, Barbara-style, Micky assumed another daft voice to suggest
“you know, if it doesn’t want to walk, you just give it a slight jerk!” as=

he pretended to yank sharply on a dog’s lead.

=A9 Steve Bradley

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