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Monkees in TEXAS!! More monkees in California!

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From: Brad Waddell

New concert dates include Texas and more dates in California and Idaho
according to

Tue 07/24/01 Cary, NC Regency Park
Thu 08/16/01 Boise, ID Bank Of America Center
Sat 08/18/01 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
Sun 08/19/01 Bakersfield, CA California State University
Fri 08/24/01 Anaheim, CA Sun Theatre
Fri 09/07/01 Bensenville, IL Redmond Recreational Complex
Sat 09/08/01 Grand Prairie, TX Lone Star Park


From: mndream

Just wanted to share the great time I had at
the Monkees show at the PNC Bank Arts Ctr in New Jersey. A recent
aquaintance of mine, who sometimes works with the band, got me backstage
with him before, during, & after the show. Arriving hours before the
show, we walked directly down to the ampitheater onto the stage- to my
surprise, Peter was right there- greeted & shook hands with us (he was
‘very’ nice). I’ve been blessed with meeting him a number of times
before and it is ‘always’ a wonderful & incredibly ‘exciting’ experience
for me. I just love him! Then we just hung out on the stage while
guys were setting up. We talked to many band members & people. We sat
on the drum riser while ‘Natural’ did their soundcheck ( behind them-
while they were singing). I also got to touch Peter’s banjo (just a
quick light touch- I wouldn’t want to hurt it 🙂 )
We then went into a room where everyone, including band members, were
eating and we ate with them (I was too anxious I couldn’t really eat
much). Peter was there, then Micky
later on & others (no Davy). We hung out talking mostly with the
Monkees horn section & others & spoke to Natural members throughout the
night also. A couple of us wandered around backstage & also by the
dressing rooms a little. It was fun being there. Then showtime began
and Natural took the stage first-then the Monkees went on. No-one had
even seen Davy untill 5 min. before they had to go on. Then the 3 of
them came together, spoke to each other a bit, hugged, and did their
Monkee walk onto the stage and did one heck of a show, full of energy
(no acoustic set this time) and did some different things. A couple of
us got to watch from the wings of the stage-where they come on & off
(Peter’s side). It was so cool! A couple of times I ran out front by
the seats to take some pictures. Then after the show we got autographs
& met some of the other guys. There was suddenly so many people
backstage, there really wasn’t much time for much talk unfortunatly, but
I got Peter’s autograph (of which I have many already)-he’s so sweet, he
remembered me from earlier (and I think also from some of his other gigs
I’ve been to-SSB, 2MB, ‘Head’ viewing, etc.) which made me feel good
(he’s always been my favorite and he’s so sexy & cute), got Davy’s (whom
I’ve never met before), & got Micky’s (also, whom I’ve never met
before). I had them sign the ‘live’ cd which I heard and think is real
good. I met alot of people and it was great hanging out on stage as
the crowd started coming in. And it was really something watching from
the side of the stage looking out when the bands were performing, you
felt almost like you were on stage with them. It was great seeing what
goes on & how they get ready to go on. It’s a night I’ll always
remember 🙂 -only thing though, I didn’t get to take Peter home with
me. 🙁
Enjoy the shows!

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