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Monkees Featured in Globe Magazine

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From: Nez4Ever1230

The November 29, 2004 issue of the weekly publication Globe Magazine
features a special section on the 1960s entitled Back To The Sixties in
which the guys are featured. The 13 page section covers 1960 through 1969
and features top entertainment stories from each year and the Top 5 Songs
of each year. The guys are featured in the 1967 section which is located on
page 41. They had song # 5 of the year which was I’m A Believer. They are
mentioned in the title of the section as well which is Women’s lib is born
and the Monkees go ape on the music scene. This portion of the feature
discusses the beginnings of women’s liberation and the fashions and trends
of the entire decade. The guys are mentioned as being smashing successes on
both television and the record charts. There is also an extremely awesome
large photo of the guys from the What Am I Doin’ Hangin’ Round video from
The Monkees Marooned episode of the series featured at the bottom of the
page. The feature begins on page 33 and runs through page 45. In my
opinion, David, Michael, Peter
and Micky are #1 always & forever!!

Thank you,



Fron: Brad

The ever quotable Davy Jones had this to say in the November 29th edition
of Ireland Online:

Monkee reunion only a daydream, says Jones

29/11/2004 – 18:13:34

Sixties charttoppers The Monkees will never reunite, because they dislike
each other too much, according to former band member Davy Jones.

The British singer insists tension that existed within the band has
continued since they split, and he struggles to get on with his former
pals, particularly Mickey Dolenz and Pete Tork.

Jones, aged 58, said: “If we’d met under other circumstances, we’d like
each other. It will be our 40th anniversary in 18 months’ time. You can
never say never, but I feel that way right now.

“I’ll never work with Mickey, I’ll never work with Pete again, because I
don’t need to. They’re rude and unaccommodating to fans. They don’t have
the same style as I have.”

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