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Do you want the Monkees to play a concert in your area bad enough? Here’s how our group of fans connected by the Internet got their own show:

publication: _Amusement Business_, Sep. 22, 1997
(national trade paper out of Nashville, TN)
column: Been There, Done That by Linda Dechard (a regular column, I

first paragraph: “John Graham, the manager of Erwin Center, Austin,
booked a concert solely as a result of fan-generated e-mail. As he tells
the story, members of the Monkees fan club sent him a message asking if
would book the group. He e-mailed back and asked if they would buy
and, more importantly, “can you possibly bring 20 people with you? I was
getting e-mail about a show we didn’t have booked!” They e-mailed the
affirmative, so he booked it. The Monkees ar now on sale in Austin—the
industry’s first (I think) fan-generated e-mail booking—and it’s doing

From ???@??? Tue Nov 04 10:42:42 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: New Monkees Album Released Today

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New Monkees album release today:

Monkees Talk Downunder
Category Spoken

NEW BUY IT CD $10.99 Expected Release Date: November 04, 1997.

Available at:

From ???@??? Tue Nov 04 16:53:45 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees Song in Commercial

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Just days after the Monkees concert in Phoenix at the State Fair, a commercial for Channel 12 news is being aired, and the instrumental background music is “You and I” from Justus, which was the only Justus song featured in the concert. Clearly people can still be converted by concert performances!

From ???@??? Tue Nov 04 23:43:42 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Missing Part of Monkees Article – Guitar World

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Regarding the missing chunk in the Monkees article in “Guitar World” (Dec.
1997), I called GW today and they’ve e-mailed me the remaining piece. Here
it is:

Here’s the missing chunk that should be between 208 and 209

. . . counterculture chic. They just couldn’t.
The Monkees’ reaction to psychedelia was, typically, a mixed one. Jones,
for the most part, wasn’t very impressed: “I never went to Woodstock or to
the Monterey Pop Festival especially. Because I thought it would be all
stoned out hippies, smoking dope and free love. And I didn’t want to be
showing my willie in the middle of a field.”
Tork was the Monkee who got the deepest into hippiedom, embracing pacifism,
spirituality and other standard hippie belief systems. His early friendship
with the members of the Buffalo Springfield put him in good standing with
the hip Sunset Strip social scene. He was friendly with Cass Elliot of the
Mamas and Papas (someone else he knew from the old Greenwich Village folk
scene) and with Janis Joplin. “I have fond memories of jamming with [Byrds
leader] Jim [Roger] McGuinn,” he says, “and just hanging out with Crosby
and Stills. Jim Morrison came to my house drunk as a lord one night and
was leering at all the women through the kitchen window outside. ‘Hey,
baybee.’ “
Ambivalent and internally divided as ever, the Monkees began work on their
first (and only) feature film, Head, in 1968. It has since become something
of a cult classic. A true curio of cinematic history, the obliquely plotted
movie occupies a genre niche all its own: a queasy mixture of Sixties art
film, Beatles-eque romp and “acidploitation” freak out a la Peter Fonda’s
The Trip. Rafelson and Schneider were at the helm once again. But their
co-producer/co-writer on Head was none other than Jack Nicholson,
Rafelson’s friend, who was then just at the start of his stellar film career.
“We all went up to Ojai [a small, arty town an hour out of L.A.] and sat
around for a weekend just talking into a tape recorder for hours and
hours,” Dolenz recalls: “Just rapping and going off into strange places.
Jack took the tapes away and out of that, basically came the movie Head,
which I’m very proud of.”
Head is basically the Monkees’ attempt to make a heavy Sixties statement,
their opportunity to delve into all the controversial themes they’d been
forbidden to touch on their TV show: the Vietnam War, the vicious cycles of
corporate media and capitalist society in generally–all that lovely hippie
shit. The film is also laced with a self-mocking sense of humor. Although
they attribute much of this vein to Rafelson’s dark sensibility, Head is
essentially the Monkees attempting to join the counterculture by denouncing
themselves as “plastic.” In what is arguably the film’s best cameo, Frank
Zappa leads a cow across a soundstage while advising Davy Jones to work on
his singing. To this day, Jones seems to harbor a certain resentment about
the scene: “That was completely Bob Rafelson–Mr. Cynic–and Bert
Schneider–Mr. Whacko. They have me do this little song and dance and then,
in a sense, dampen my flame by having Frank Zappa standing there saying.
‘Well, that was very white, man. Mooooooo. Not very good, was it?’ But
Frank was okay. We had him on another program. Frank was full of the fun of
the fair. He knew what it was all about. It wasn’t a personal putdown. He
understood what we did.”
The way Tork and Dolenz remember it, The Monkees weren’t snubbed by their
fellow musicians. That was more of a media pursuit. Like Tork, Dolenz
socialized with the hippest rock stars of the day, including the Beatles
and Hendrix. “The Beatles never had a harsh word to say,” Tork recalls.
“Janis Joplin never bad-mouthed us. When Jimi Hendrix was asked directly
about all that, he said, ‘Well, Peter and Mickey are sweet guys.’ The
people who bad-mouthed us were people who were not sure if they had careers
of their own.”
“And the press,” adds Dolenz. “Rolling Stone still hates us, to this day.”
By 1968, the Monkees were feeling the musical consequences of starting out
as a fictitious garage band, rather than a real one. There was no common
vision. They hadn’t originally banded together out of a shared love for a
particular style of music, the way most

. . . then, when you get to the end of p. 209, jump ahead to the postcript
on page 221.

Sorry about the mix-up. –GW


Hope that helps everyone out.



From: Hooloovoo

Looking for: Claire Walton and Desi!
Claire: There’s a problem with your photo order!
Desi: I need and address to send stuff to!

If anyone knows these two could you please have them contact me ASAP?

thanks and sorry to the rest for the instrusion 🙂


From ???@??? Wed Nov 05 15:33:02 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees Laserdisc

password 4dmp&m

Attention: Monkees laserdisc aficionados!

The Monkees “33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee” is being released on laserdisc
in Japan on Nov. 25. In English with Japanese subtitles. Here in the U.S.
it can be ordered through Laser Exchange (508-927-0400) for $65 plus
shipping (10% discount if you pre-order before Nov. 15).
Laser Exchange also says they have in stock one of the very rare laserdisc
box sets of Monkees TV episodes that came out in Japan a few years ago.
Price is $600 (that’s not a super-inflated price, that’s about what it was
when it first came out)….for more info on the box set’s contents call
Laser Exchange.
Tell ’em Maggie sent you!


From ???@??? Wed Nov 05 23:33:17 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees Tour Action

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Following up on our reporting of the successful lobbying by Austin fans to get their own Monkees show in an area where they were turned down, the Purple Flower Gang group has created a write in campaign to lobby for shows in different areas. The web page to get the information at is:

From ???@??? Wed Nov 05 23:44:45 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees in Viz

password 4dmp&m

There’s a magazine over here in the UK called Viz and the latest
issue has a bit about Micky in it. I should explain that it’s an
obnoxious publication full of stupid juvenile stuff and lots of foul,
rude jokes – however from what I’ve heard the Micky bit is actually
very funny. It’s really a skit on the public reaction to Princess
Diana’s death – here’s what my friend mailed me regarding it –
(Ermm…she’s on MonkeesAlert so maybe she’s already mentioned it)

>Which reminds me, the Viz tribute is basically a kind of spoof of
>the hysteria and reactions to Princess Di’s death, revolving around
>Micky Dolenz, “the man they called the people’s Monkee”. It’s a
>very good laugh, referring to thousands of people, many of whom
>never really liked the Monkees, queueing up outside the gates of the
>tv studio it was filmed in, to show support for the band’s drummer
>and to add to “a carpet of bananas stretching as far as the eye
>could see”. It also calls for London to be renamed
>Mickey-Dolenz-town. And it urges readers to sign the
>”Mickeydolences book” that has been opened at the tv station where
>he produced Metal Mickey in the early 1980s. Mirroring the public’s
>distaste at the Royal Family’s lack of reaction after Di’s death,
>the comic berates Nez, Davy and Peter for being out of touch with
>public opinion by remaining silent about the whole situation.
>It’s actually really well done – it has this whole tribute thing
>going on without ever suggesting he’d actually died; in fact it even
>says that one of the first people to pay tribute was Micky himself
>as he was so moved by the overwhelming response to him, altho it is
>especially funny considering the “Micky is Dead” FAQ. It may sound
>in rather bad taste, but so long as you accept it’s a joke about the
>reaction rather than the death itself, it’s really very funny
>indeed. It’s definitely worth a look, though. Not in the least bit
>unpleasant, although I make no such claims about the rest of the
>comic’s contents!

See ya!


Nobody ever lends fish to a penguin with a sense of humour!
email :
BrandX (sixties fanzine) Page :

From ???@??? Fri Nov 07 15:49:26 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Nesmith mention in book

password 4dmp&m

A new book by David Kleiler, “You stand there: making music videos” (three
Rivers Press) just came across my desk, and has a nice little Nez mention:

Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith may be best known as the Monkee in the wool cap, but his
contributions to the music world stretch far beyond his stint as one of
“America’s Beatles” In 1979, the singer/songwriter/entrepreneur
approached Warner AMEX Satellite Entertainment Company (WASEC) with a
proposal to launch a music video network. Great idea! He had already
created one of the splashiest early videos (he called them “popclips”) for
his song ‘Rio.’ But Nesmith bowed out of the deal when he couldn’t
convince corporate bigwigs the videos should fulfill an artistic rather
than a promotional purpose. A shrugging WASEC would go on to create MTV
without him. Nonetheless, Nesmith is considered by most to be the father
of music video.


From ???@??? Wed Nov 12 02:33:16 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Tommy Tedesco obit

password 4dmp&m

OBIT: Session guitarist Tommy Tedesco died of lung cancer yesterday at his home in Northridge, California. He was 67. His chops can be heard on such classics as “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers, and Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night.” He also played with the Beach Boys, Frank Zappa and the Partridge Family.

He was also a player on the Michael Nesmith album “The Wichita Train Whistle Sings”

From ???@??? Fri Nov 14 11:05:23 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Davy Jones Radio Interview, Love Bug, Christmas Album, Calendar, Sorethumb, Hellecasters

password 4dmp&m

Monkees and Davy Jones fans in the Baltimore/Washington area:

The radio station MIX 106.5 will be replaying an interview they did with
Davy a couple of years ago on the JoJo and Kenny in the Morning Show,
Monday (11/17) between 6:30 and 9:00am.


It’s WAY too much fun!
visit the Nancy Boy Home Page:
Nancy Boy – LIVE in New York City, November 18th!!


Micky Dolenz appears in a Disney remake of “The Love Bug” (filmed a while back) which finally airs November 30th on ABC.


Hercules Promotions announces orders are now being taken for David’s
Christmas Album. The album was previously out of print; however, the master
has been located and is being reproduced currently. The reproduction should
be complete by Dec. 1st. This album features David singing such Christmas
favorites as “Winter Wonderland”, “Silver Bells” and “White Christmas”. This
gem is only available in CD and is $18.00 plus $3.00 s&h. Orders are now
being taking through Hercules Promotions, PO Box 9539, Metairie, LA 70055.

For all the latest on David’s merchandise and appearances, check out “Every
Step of the Way..” at

Thanks, Kimberly 🙂


The 1998 Monkees calendars should be sent out before the end of November.

Limited edition of 600

$15 postage paid to:

Gary Strobl
P.O. Box 2492
Toluca Lake, CA 91610


This is a band called Sorethumb and their music video featuring an apperance by David Jones:

The Purple Flower Gang would like to share the following information as of
Nov. 13, 1997:

Tell all the monkees fans that our new video “I Want To Be Your Davy Jones”
will be available for the holidays for only $10 (this includes shipping/handling).

To place an order, send check or moner order only (made out to ENDO Music)

ENDO Music
PO Box 83-D
Lindenhurst, New York 11757-0083

In support of the Monkees and in the spirit of sharing:
The PFG On-Line Staff

Purple Flower Gang Fan Club:
FOUR issues of our club newsletter “Monkeeshines” per year
Membership dues are $10.00 (US and Canada) and $15.00
elsewhere. Money orders are perferred.
Make all checks payable to:
Cindy Bryant –
And send them to:
The Purple Flower Gang
1803 Lucas Street
Muscatine, Iowa 52761


The Hellecasters first two albums were released by Michael Nesmith, so here is an update on them:

From: “Cowan, Jim B.”
Subject: Hellecasters

I don’t want to come across as an advertisement on the Internet, but
there have been many many questions from some of you about how to
acquire the new album by the Hellecasters as well as the earlier two
albums. The band greatly appreciates your support and there probably
would not have been a second or third records if all of you had not
shown it.

Well, the Hellecasters new album, Hell III–New Axes to Grind is finally
available. Everyday there are more stores starting to carry it.

If you have not picked up your copy yet, and many thanks to those of you
who have, please allow me to give you some information you may need when
you visit your local music store because they may not yet be carrying

The Hellcasters are on Pharaoh Records.
Return of the Hellecasters–PHCD 7001
Escape From Hollywood–PHCD 7002
Hell III–New Axes to Grind–PHCD 7003

Your local music store can order the Hellecasters from their local
one-stop, Bayside or MS Dist. If they are a chain store like
Blockbuster, Sam Goody, Wherehouse, Camelot, Record Town, Best Buy, etc,
the store should be able to order from their company headquarters.

In the Europe the Hellecasters are distributed by Topic/Direct in the UK
and Bertus in the Netherlands.

You can always buy direct from MPK Music Sales in California.
MPK Music Sales
530 New Los Angeles Ave. # 115-247
Moorpark CA 93021

Thanks again everyone. We hope to see you wherever you call home.

All the best and stay in touch!

Manager Jim
Credit cards are welcome over the phone/fax or e-mail. Checks and money
orders may be sent to the above address. CDs are $15.98 plus $3.00 for
shipping. Shipping charges are higher for those international customers.

From ???@??? Sat Nov 15 16:23:27 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees Documentary Review in Entertainment Weekly

password 4dmp&m

From: Cathy Hurley

The Monkees Documentary got a favorable mini-review in Entertainment
Weekly. (can you imagine!)

November 21, 1997 issue, page 142.

some quotes from the review:

“In fact, nonfans might even gain new respect for the group that got its
start by palying a rock group on TV.”


“Who knew the Monkees were so cool?”



From ???@??? Tue Nov 25 10:33:21 1997
To: alert
From: Brad Waddell
Subject: Monkees Head in theatre

password 4dmp&m

“Head” showing in LA

For LA area fans:

“Head” is playing on a double bill with “The Trip” from 11/24-11/26 at
the New Beverly Cinema located at 7165 Beverly (West of La Brea).
Admission is $5.00, and “Head” runs at 7:30, “The Trip” at 9:15.
Theater number is 213-938-4038.