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Monkees Fan Convention in Las Vegas now includes Davy Jones

April 3, 2011 by  
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Hello Everyone,

We have officially received the NEWS the first 600 people who buy their
Monkees Convention 2004 $70.00 convention tickets will have the price of
Davy’s Concert ticket included in the convention ticket price, and will
have an assigned seat on a first come first served basis by postmark of
ticket order!!!!

Please spread the news as fast as you can….I know this Monkee
Grapevine works wonders when we need it too…and we’re counting on all
of you Monkee Friends to pass it on…..Please help us help YOU!!!!!!!!

Other wise, if you’re NOT amongst the first 600 people you will be out
of luck on seeing the DAVY JONES CONCERT all together.

As the remaining 200 tickets are owned and used by the hotel and WILL
NOT BE SOLD seperately!!!

Please DON’T DELAY be sure and send your money and make your room
reservations TODAY!!!!!!

The Monkees Convention Staff…….

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