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Monkees CD Raffle! Micky on Drew Carey Show! New Peter Tork

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A personal message from the editor, Brad Waddell:

Happy holidays to all Monkees fans!

As you probably know, I run the Monkees.Net web site and the Monkees.Net
Alert Newsletter for free, and I always try to come up with creative (and
mostly free) ways to pay for our web server, bandwidth and so forth. I hope
you will all support me with this one!


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1 Teen Idols T-Shirt
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1 Monkees CD-ROM with unreleased Monkees audio track
6 color candid photos of all 4 Monkees
taken at the 1995 Platinum Record ceremony held by Rhino Records
1 Monkees backstage pass from the 30th anniversary tour
1 Monkees Logo sticker
1 Paperback book: Love Letters to The Monkees
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Brad Waddell


From: Estrella Lee

A new episode of “The Drew Carey Show” titled
“Drew and the King” (a significant Elvis Presley
LP gets broken) will have Micky Dolenz making
an appearance as Metcalf. The episode will air
on December 19, Wensday on ABC. Check your
local listings to see what time your ABC coastal
feed shows the episode.



From: James Lee Stanley


peter tork and i have put together a little christmas cd that is not
commercially available. we are burning one offs of it as a christmas
special. they are $10 each, including first class mailing. if you want
a speedier post, then we charge $15 and we send it priority.

the cd contains peter’s christmas song (i remember christmas-written by his
brother nick), and let it begin with me, flowers, that’s what i want for
christmas and the lord’s prayer all written by me.

peter and i sing on his song, my sister pamala and i sing on flowers and i
do the other three.
peter and i are autographing and dating each cd.
please let everyone know.

checks or money orders only, payable to: james lee stanley

send to:

beachwood recordings
4872 topanga canyon blvd, ste 223
woodland hills, ca 91364

thanks for the time and space and we wish you a wonderful holiday season,

james lee stanley

Editors Note: If you use the C2it payment service above to use your credit
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From: “angela….”

Hi Brad!

I read the alert regarding the TV Land thing and shot
off a quick, courteous email to Postmaster Steve who
shot back a quick email wanting to know what the heck
I was talking about. I copied part of the original
alert and this was his response:

>>The other side of this is that you have
misunderstood the intention of the post. It is only
encouraging other Monkee fans to post to those boards.
It makes no mention of why we don’t have the Monkees
at present, and why we won’t have them for long or in
regular programming if and when we do have access to
the show. Those are internal business reasons which we
are not at liberty to discuss.>>

I’m not sure if anyone else has gotten a similar
response but I just wanted to share.



From: “Bonnie Verrico”


Here is all of the current information on Soe Suede Blues’ performance
at the benefit dinner/dance for the Westside Special Olympics. There
was a slight change the contact person and deadlines, so I wanted to
make sure everyone interested in attending this dance had the latest:

Saturday, December 22, 2001
7:30-9:00pm (entire event lasts from 6:30-9:15pm)
Westside Special Olympics
Santa Monica Senior Center
1450 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA
Phone 310-458-8300
Tickets: $3.00 for dance only. $10.00 for dinner & dance.
Deadline: If you are going to attend boththe dinner and dance, please
call and make reservations by Tuesday, December 18, 2001. The dinner
will begin at 6:30pm.


Don’t just sit there… check out
Shoe Suede Blues w/ Peter Tork!


From: “Bonnie Verrico”

Hi Everyone,

Today, Friday, December 7, 2002, Peter Tork received a Lifetime
Achievement Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council,
a 65-year old organization which awards people who have hit high
standards in Motion Pictures, Television, and the Performing Arts.
Peter received his award during a luncheon ceremony.

Also present during this ceremony were Michael Learned, who also
received an award, as did with Sharon Tate’s sister on Sharon’s
behalf, and Billy Barty’s daughter his behalf. Of special note to
Monkees fans – Rose Marie (Dick Van Dyke Show), who appeared several
times on The Monkees TV show also attended the lunch. Other special
guests included the remaining Andrew’s Sisters.

After the ceremony, Peter was briefly interviewed by interview by CA
Fox-11 TV.

I am expecting pictures of the affair and once I receive them, I will
post them at, the official fan website for Shoe Suede

I hope you will join me in congratulating Peter on receiving this
prestigious award and for giving fans many years of enjoyment!

Special thanks to Sandy Jacobson for her report of the ceremony.



From: “Leigh Angela”

Someone asked where I got this article from. I got it from
Pollstar. Here’s the link:


Monkees And Friends
Updated 02:41 PST Thu, Dec 06 2001

Whether you’re organizing tours or buying shows, it’s never too early to
start filling in that long summer calendar.

Concert producer David Fishof – the man behind Ringo Starr & His All Starr
Band, the British Rock Symphony, and other special tour packages – likes to
cook up new summer tours. His offering for 2002 combines two elements all
baby boomers can relate to: teen heart throbs and TV.

Well known for keeping TV pop stars The Monkees in the touring spotlight,
Fishof is taking the group a step further with a new tour.

“This summer, I felt I wanted to add something more for the audience, which
is 70-75 percent women,” he said. “So we’re adding The Osmonds and Barry
Williams – who, of course, is Greg Brady.”

The names are certainly familiar to anyone above a certain age who has ever
owned a television.

“I think we’ll cover the childhood of everyone from a certain generation,”
Fishof said. “The guys are all going to go out and market and promote the
tour. These performers have remained in the public eye for all these years.
They have never lost the connection with their fans.”

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to understand why Nickelodeon and TV
Land may get involved in the tour, while Nabisco is being courted as a
corporate sponsor.

The package is being billed as Monkee Mania and is designed for fairs and
amphitheatres. “You can charge a low ticket price and sell a lot of soda
and popcorn and let a lot of people relive their childhood,” Fishof said.

He’s looking to do 100 shows between mid-May and Labor Day.

“The groups will do things together; they’re going to interact. Davy
[Jones] is looking forward to doing the famous scene he did on “The Brady
Bunch” with Barry. We’re going to try to pick up some special guests along
the way. There’s a lot of potential there.”

Fishof said he isn’t trying to turn three acts whose fans are mostly
middle-aged women and their kids into the hottest commodity on the road; he
just wants to put on a good show.

“If you see this in your lineup of summer shows, it’s not Backstreet Boys
or Janet Jackson, but it’s a show that’s one of a kind, offers great value
for the dollar, and lets people revisit a great time in their lives. To me,
that’s what entertainment is – forgetting about all your problems for those
two-and-a-half hours. It’s good, clean fun and I think we need that right now.”

The artists will perform “nothing but the hits” as well as a couple of
patriotic numbers.

The Monkees warm up for the busy summer with a spring tour of major U.K.
arenas. After headlining at Wembley, the U.S. dates could seem like a step
down, but Fishof insists Jones and Mickey Dolenz don’t see it that way.

“These guys love to work. The love the show. They love to make the fans
happy and give them their money’s worth. That’s why the tour works.”


From: Robin McConnell

Hi Brad;
two notes from my recent trip to Disney World:
1) Delta airlines is featuring Natural this month on their radio channel 11
in a “teen idols”(boys who make us scream) theme, along with songs from
NSync, Backstreet boys, the Beatles, and “A Little Bit Me A Little Bit YOu”
and “Last Train to Clarksville” from the Monkees. They also play a Natural
video on their “Delta Horizons” video channel.
2) They have added some Rock and Roll Christmas music to the mix near the
Rock and Roller Coaster at MGM Studios, and while I waited for my husband and
daughters I was floored to hear “Christmas is My Time of Year” by Micky and
Robin McConnell


From: “Steven Bradley”

Monkees fans may wish to know about the following films, to be shown on UK
terrestrial TV over the Christmas-New Year holidays.
‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ (1995) features Davy (and Micky and Peter, very
briefly) and is shown on BBC2 on sunday 30 december at 19:35.
‘The Love Bug’ (1997) is described by TV guide ‘Radio Times’ as “good family
entertainment” and having a “bevy of sixties all-star cameos”, including, of
course, Micky. it will be shown on BBC1 on thursday 3 january at 13:45.


Message from Michael Nesmith’s Web Site:

From: Videoranch Foreman

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!

I’m sure you’ve all gotten just about all of your shopping over with by
now. Although there may be a few of you still wondering what to get that
one person that’s so hard to shop for…And for that person we’ve added a
new package for the holidays. You can get both the Timerider DVD and the
Soundtrack CD for $20.95. Click here to browse through our special holiday
selections! We’re working overtime to make sure all your orders arrive in
time for Christmas. Let us know if you have any special needs as far as
shipping goes, we try to be accommodating, especially for the holidays. We
know how important it is for your orders to get where they’re going on
time! You’ll want to place your order by December 14th to make sure it
arrives in time for Christmas. Of course, we can send gifts out via Federal
Express up until the 21rst and you’d still have time left over to wrap it!
Or you could just have us do the wrapping here.

We’ve added a new Live Help feature to Videoranch! We try to have someone
available for you from 9-5pm PST and extended hours during the holidays.
Click on one of the “Click Here for Live Help” buttons you see all over the
site and we’ll help you find what your looking for.

Don’t forget to check out our new Videoranch Record Store for other musical
gift ideas! You’ll find some great stuff there that’s not really that easy
to find.

Thanks for shopping at Videoranch.

Asst. to Bubba Crutch
8 Harris Court, Suite C1
Monterey, CA 93940
831-373-3103 fax
866-727-2639 toll free


From: “Sally Carpenter”

If you go to “Vanilla Sky” to hear “Porpoise Song”, it occurs in the second
half of the film when Tom Cruise is intimate (to put it delicately) with
his girlfriend. First we hear the song’s opening instrumental and a bit of
the verse, then it seques into “Jingle Bell Rock” and a lot of overlaid
noises. The chorus reappears, “The porpoise is laughing, good bye, good
bye” then fades into another song. Less than a minute of the song is
heard. My recommendation is to buy the soundtrack album and skip the film.


From: Charr

Today the Monkees were #3 on the Viewers Choice Top 100 Teen Idols on VH1!!!



From: 98rock

98 Rock (’s%20Home%20
Charity Auction and one of the item’s is a signed Monkee’s guitar. All
proceeds go to charity, so go check it out at the website!


From: Jan Barnes

Ran across this in “Patently female: from AZT to tv dinners: stories of
women inventors and their breakthrough ideas” Wiley, 2002
(one guess as to who/what it’s about):

p.13-14 Bette Nesmith Graham: Liquid Paper:
“There are some things a desk just can’t do without. A stapler, for
instance (invented by Charles Henry Gould in 1868), a paper clip (Johaan
Valer, 1900) or a bottle of Liquid Paper (Bette Nesmith Graham, 1951).
That Bette Nesmith was a single mom in postwar Texas, working as a
secretary when she created the correction fluid that would eventually earn
her $47.5 million (in 1976 dollars) is one of the great stories of
American enterprise. That her son would become a rock-and-roll superstar
just adds to the lore…” It goes on to tell the story of LP. There’s
even a photo of Bette and a very young Michael: ‘she’s pictured here, with
son Michael Nesmith, who later became famous as one of the members of
sixties’ pop group The Monkees. ([photo] Courtesy of Michael Nesmith)

It’s amazing where you find these tidbits, yes?

By the way, I probably won’t get a chance to post again till next year, so,
(((((((((((Hugs))))))))) to everyone.

Happy Always & Merry Everything!!!!!

–My penguin was not Peter Tork


From: LDinoto551

The new Monkees live CD is mentioned in the new issue of Goldmine with the
byrds on the cover. i just got it today.


From: Randi Waddell

A recent photo of Michael Nesmith in a tuxedo appears at this site:


From: “Julie Martin”

Hi Brad! I also attended the Dec. 1 Lupus benefit concert in Fayetteville,
ARK and here’s my review, if you’re interested!

Well, my feet are beginning to touch the ground again after one of the best
nights of my life! This was a fabulous concert. Barry Williams rocks! I was
pleasantly surprised at how talented he is. His vocals and comedy were
really good. He did a rap similar to Eminem’s “Slim Shady” singing “I’m not
Greg Brady…” and it was brilliant! He did a neat thing where he showed
Brady home movies while he sang….and I can’t remember the song…by
Queen…well, it was a nice tribute to Robert Reed. Deborah Gibson has a
beautiful voice and good dance moves. When they had some technical problems
with her taped music, she was really good at improvising. There was a
little boy making a fuss in the audience, and Deborah asked his mom to
bring “the kid” (who looked to be about a year old) to bring him up on
stage with her at the piano. She sang “Lost in Your Eyes” to him, and it
was precious! The Monkees were excellent as usual, and they seemed to
really have a good time. Davy still sounds great, looks great, he is SO
sweet, and I still enjoy those dance moves!! Micky has a wonderful voice,
and did a variety of music. Before the concert, the artists held a formal
promo photo session with VIPs arriving, and I was one of a handful of
regular folks invited to have a photo taken too!! It was awesome!! We went
into this room that had been set up with this photographer, and there stood
the group who would perform that night!! I shook hands and introduced
myself to all of them as I made my way toward Davy! Micky noticed the lapel
type button I was wearing, which I’ve had since my first Monkees concert in
1968. I was eight years old, and my mom took me. It’s a portrait of Davy
with his name. Micky said, “Oh, she’s a Davy fan, see the button!?” Davy
asked me about the button and I quickly explained. When I took my place
with the group, I accidentally ended up in front of Deborah G. and she
comments “Hello…I’m behind you!” I apologized thinking I had stepped on
her foot or something…and Davy takes my hands and says “here love, this
way” and we step to the side to make room!! I nearly passed out! LOL! I
plan to post the photo after it arrives on friend’s Monkees websites. Then,
after the concert, I approached the stage to request a set list, and Sandy
Gennaro, Monkees drummer, tossed me a drum stick!! (Who needs a set list
with a drum stick instead!!) Also had a nice chat in the lobby with one of
the back up guys, he was really nice. It was a 4 hr. concert and the civic
auditorium was nearly full to capacity…I’d guess probably 800 or so
people in attendance of all ages! Hubby and I drove 3 hrs from NE Oklahoma,
and I was wearing an OKLAHOMA t-shirt!

…12/6…from Davy’sOkieDancer……



From: “Sally Carpenter”

Tonight for my birthday I treated myself to Write Act Theatre’s (Hollywood
CA) production of Dicken’s “Bleak House.” Ami Dolenz played one of the
orphans, Ada Clare. I didn’t think I was a Dickens fan, but I thoroughly
enjoyed the production. When I called to make reservations, the box office
person asked how I heard of the show. I said, “you’ll laugh when I tell
you”, then said I read it on a Monkees fan email post. She did laugh, and
said “that’s a new one on me.” She said Micky came on opening night, and
Samantha came the next weekend.

After the show I asked an usher if I could meet Ami. I waited while Ami
changed clothes. First thing I noticed is that she’s very short and looks
very young! She was delightful and gracious. We mostly talked about the
Monkee shows. I told her something she didn’t know, that Micky fell down
during the Las Vegas Tuesday night show in April (at the beginning of
“Goin’ Down” he slipped and fell flat on his face. He got up, did the
song, and as he left the stage said, “I meant to do that.”). She
autographed my program (no, I’m not selling it on ebay). As she left, she
wished me a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

The program lists donors who have contributed to the theatre. Mickey (sic)
Dolenz is listed under “Muses ($50-$99).” The program also had an
advertisement for Ami’s Theatricks school. This is Ami’s acting biography
from the program:

“Ami Dolenz last appeared in Write Act Repertory’s original musical,
Angel’s Flight and in the workshop production of Bleak House. She is a
third-generation professional actress, preceded by her grandather, George
Dolenz (best known for the ’50’s show, The Count of Monte Cristo) and
father, Micky (of Circus Boy and The Monkees), and has convered a wide
spectrum of acting roels. Starting with her overall win in the acting
category of Junior Star Search in 1985, Ami continued in this vein and went
on to star in the movie, She’s Out Of Control (also starring Tony Danz) and
was featured in other films, including Can’t Buy Me Love (starring Patrick
Dempsey). Ami had contract roles on the television series, Ferris
Bueller’s Day Off, and for two years on General Hospital. Her acting
education includes attending Howard Fein’s acting classes and Zina
Provendie Actor’s Lab.”

Since Ami is a member of the theatre’s repertory company, she’ll be in
future roles for Write Act.

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